Ancient Treasures: Day 3 part 1

June 19, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News


I ran into Merrick at the stables in Luna.  He told me a strange story.   “A few days ago I meet a man named Ishim.  He wanted to hire me to guard his father from a group of assassins.  He had heard, that I was the type to not ask questions. Possibly Tavian told him.  Being a royal spy, I was hesitant to accept his offer.  He offered to pay me any thing and show me a handful of jewels .  That peeked my curiosity so  I accepted the task.  Ishim was able to describe the colors the assassins wore and warned me that they were hired by wealthy men to take care of problems. ”  Merrick paused then frowning he continued his tale.  “At last they attacked.  I found it strange that they did not sneak in.  Realizing something wasn’t right, I tried to put down my weapons.  Alas they attacked and I had to kill them all.”  I sensed that Merrick was holding something back.  He continued “After killing the assassins,  I found the father dying.



the story grows



I asked why he was telling me all of this.  He responded that he needed me to go to Skara Brae and talk to Aevar  Tyon. Perhaps he had more information about what he had learned.  I was puzzled why he didn’t go himself.  He told me, “if I was able to pay him what I owed.  We would no doubt be best of friends.   However since I can’t, I need you to go and see if he will make a deal with us.  Be careful and don’t offer him anything.  Tell him the Alchemist remembers.  That should be enough for a small bit of information.”




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