Trouble at Destard – Recap of the 05/30 EM Balthazar Event

June 01, 2014 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News

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It all started with an announcement via the Herald System, there was something happening at Destard. That is generally enough to send shivers down a lot of spines when you take into consideration the type of inhabitants it holds, but the rallying nature of the news held a greater sense of urgency than normal. Some adventures decided to survey the area prior to the designated time to rally and were greeted by Underworld Sentries, Spies and a Guardian who enjoyed talking trash.

Underworld Spies and Guardian

Once word spread about the dire situation the number of those willing to fight swelled quickly. A quick meeting let us all know what we were facing. The Dragons now have a leader who has his own rallying cry. What is his cry? How is he uniting all the Dragon Clans against the different races of Britannia? “No longer will we be relegated to the Underground World. We will kill everything on 2 legs and take over the above ground world. We will move against the Humans, Elves and Gargoyles!” This news did make more than a few at the meeting begin crawling around on all fours in attempts to avoid the slaughter, but it only enraged the majority of the crowd. “To arms!” rang out. “To Destard” and “Leave no Dragon alive!” could be heard as countless Britannians jumped through the gates, not knowing if they would ever lay eyes on their loved ones again, but fully aware the fight had to be fought… and won.

When we arrived the Underworld followers attacked immediately. There was massive death off the bat. The bodies littered the ground, but they were dragon corpses. The bodies of Underworld Spies, Guardians and Servants of the Underworld covered the grass. The crowd began to get a smug air about them as more and more fell. They were confident, maybe even a little bit too confident. That borderline arrogance was short lived however. Once the Lord of the Underworld made his appearance the corpses which covered the ground began to be of fallen comrades. Fire engulfed everything in sight and cries of death echoed off the nearby mountain so loudly that it muffled the sounds of battle. Somehow, some way, the Underworld Lord was beaten back and the battle was won. When you looked into the faces of those in the crowd you could see the look of satisfaction, the look of pride in a job well done, but you could also catch a glimpse of the look that indicates most everyone knew this was not the end… just the beginning.

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