Wish You Were Here

May 17, 2013 By: Odin Of Europa Category: Europa News

We met at the EM Museum to say a farewell to Emile and thank him for all the great events over the years.

You see:  Mim Foxglove [RAA]
You see:  EM Adris
You see:  Beastette [$C$]
You see:  Splinter [PWR*]
You see:  Tip-Toe
Hex: =)
Hex: evening
EM Adris: Evening
You see:  Aurelius
Mim Foxglove: good evening
Hex: =)
Hex: hi
Aurelius: Evening
EM Adris: Evening!
You see:  Sir Bigstuff
Mim Foxglove: runebook with no access
Mim Foxglove: ??
EM Adris: Hmm
EM Adris: Thanks very kind Aurelius
EM Adris: Ill place a few out
EM Adris: *smiles*
EM Adris: I suspect they will go quickly!
Aurelius: Probably …
Mim Foxglove: aww
Mim Foxglove: sad day this
EM Adris: It is yes
Aurelius: Aye, he’ll be missed… and Adris will have to deal with us on his own!
Hex: poor Adris
EM Adris: *grin*
Hex: what u done to deserve that??
EM Adris: Hehe
EM Adris: let me get some books
EM Adris: Going to use Arons nice idea
EM Adris: So we can leave messages in a book and Ill lock it down somewhere permanent
Hex: =)
EM Adris: Hmm
You see:  Lady Morgana Countess of Moonglow
EM Adris: Ive been locked out the mail box
EM Adris: *grin*
Moira: Good evening all
You see:  Lady Moira Duchess of Skara Brae
You see:  Nova
Hex: evening =)
Mim Foxglove: oh dear
Morgana: Evening
Morgana: :)
Aurelius: That’s awkward…
Moira: *smiles*
Mim Foxglove: hello Morgana
Morgana: hi :)
Aurelius: Evening Morgana
EM Adris: Ill make some more food
EM Adris: *smiles*
You see:  ARAGORN [*CD*]
Aurelius: Need a lot if we’re feeding the dragon too …
You see:  Lord Aron Swordmaster Earl of Yew
EM Adris: We could volunteer a corpse
Hex: i volunteer Aron
Hex: ^^
EM Adris: Sounds good
Aron Swordmaster: Oi!
ARAGORN: hehe hi guys :)
EM Adris: Let me get the Scalis..
Aurelius: Dead people when an EM is here? surely not ….
EM Adris: *grin*
Morgana: hi :)
Hex: evening =)
Moira: evening
EM Adris: Evening
Aurelius: You’d need a bigger garden pond for that.
EM Adris: Probably
Aron Swordmaster: Execute Hex, and I’ll dye in protest… that he’s not executed fast enough!
Aron Swordmaster: die even
Aurelius: Dye would do …
Aron Swordmaster: (has dye on the brain, staring at plants too long)
Hex: thats ok, as long as it aint pink
EM Adris: So Aron your books are locked in the mailbox
EM Adris: I have yet to gain access to it since Emile left..
Aron Swordmaster: Well poop… be right back then!
Aron Swordmaster: Kal Ort Por
EM Adris: Oh I was wondering if you had copies
EM Adris: *smiles*
Aurelius: He’ll have copies …
Aurelius: Knowing him, probably more than one …
You see:  AnAn
You see:  GUNDAM
You see:  Ayara-Bee Countess of Moonglow
Hex: =)
Mim Foxglove: =)
Hex: Ayara!
Ayara-Bee: hi
You see:  Lord Bill Brakespeare Duke of Britain
Hex: lo =)
Moira: hi
Hex: hows u? long time no see
Ayara-Bee: its been awhile yes
Aurelius: Too long ….
You see:  Iljian the Healer
You see:  Lord John II Earl of Moonglow
Hex: quick, tie her to the table so she can’t leave us!
John II: yay! a party!
You see:  Europa
Iljian: Evening
You see:  Lord Sparrow Duke of Moonglow
Hex: evening
John II: *glares at chicken
Aurelius: glad you could join us, even if for a short stay …
Bill Brakespeare: yum!
Ayara-Bee: :)
EM Adris: Thanks for coming
Ayara-Bee: glad to be here
EM Adris: And to all of you too, it means a lot
Ayara-Bee: thanks
John II: thanks for having us
EM Adris: I guess I shall start
Hex: evening Sparrow =)
Sparrow: evening
EM Adris: A tough thing to do
ARAGORN: Emile was a great friend of CD its the least I can do Adris :)
EM Adris: *grins*
EM Adris: Thank youy Aron
EM Adris: So
Aron Swordmaster: Had to gate people from the hall, the gate is gone now
Morgana: want a cornetto ?
EM Adris: Oh one minute  then
John II: oh, cornette
Aron Swordmaster: *nom nom*
Aurelius: Surely garpes, Morg …
Aurelius: or even grapes..
Aurelius: One day, I’ll be able to type….
Aron Swordmaster: Red Aye ale for everyone! Made of grapes!
EM Adris: So I want to thank Aron first
Morgana: *Claps*
EM Adris: He came up with a nice idea of making a book of memories for Emile
Hex: *claps*
Aron Swordmaster: Come back Aragorn! It’s not that bad an idea!
EM Adris: *grin*
EM Adris: We’ll lock down the book of memories somewhere permanent
Aron Swordmaster: Maybe his memories are in a chest back home…
EM Adris: If you want to add to it, just pop it in a blank book and post it to the mailbox
EM Adris: And Ill get them added
EM Adris: I know for a fact he will be reading it
EM Adris: *smiles*
EM Adris: Emile really was a great EM
Aron Swordmaster: *raises a toast to EMs past and present*
EM Adris: Im sure many of you will remember his hallway of death with water..
EM Adris: That was fun..
Hex: hehe
Sparrow: *Smiles*
Aron Swordmaster: *takes back that toast*
Morgana: *Gulp*
Aurelius: ‘fun’ … yes …..
Mim Foxglove: heheh
Aron Swordmaster: I remember that hallway
Morgana: yes 😀
EM Adris: Hehe
EM Adris: Well maybe not fun fun.
EM Adris: But memorable!
Morgana: Indeed !
Mim Foxglove: aye..
Hex: if fun and deadly mean the same thing, then yeh
Moira: yep
Hex: ^^
Aron Swordmaster: Many thrown mice died that day to bring us that information
EM Adris: Personally I think my favourite event of his was the Father Grant arc
EM Adris: Especially the finale under Empath Abbey
Hex: Serpentwyne?
EM Adris: Yes
EM Adris: *nods*
Hex: yes
You see:  Hunter
You see:  The hand rearer [*CD*]
You see:  XaiSa
EM Adris: Trying to think of another memorable one
Hex: was the house explosion one of Emiles?
You see:  Lady Meredth Baronetess of Britain
EM Adris: It could have been
ARAGORN: figured id bring something for the occasion
EM Adris: Now
You see:  Anderson of Europa
Aurelius: Too many ….. far too many …
EM Adris: Im hearing we have a bit of a special guest on the way
You see:  Spirit of Emile
Aron Swordmaster: I think that was the first I saw when I came back to the game; the house by the lake?
Ayara-Bee: the one-eyed Pete story arv was fun
Moira: The Grand Palio *whistles*
Ayara-Bee: arc*
Mim Foxglove: loook
Spirit of Emile: *Smiles*
Aurelius: a ghostie …
EM Adris: *smiles*
Morgana: Ohhh
Sparrow: An Corp
Ayara-Bee: ooo
AnAn: It’s on me!
Tip-Toe: Wow!
EM Adris: Good evening ghost.
You see:  Niara Patience Citizen of Britain
Sparrow: hmmm
Spirit of Emile: I heard you were having a meeting
Aron Swordmaster: He’s making Guardian Slashers in heaven now…
Spirit of Emile: An account of me nonetheless
Spirit of Emile: *Smiles a ghostly smile*
Meredth:  :)
Hex: =)
Aron Swordmaster: We were just honoring you, Spirit
Spirit of Emile: Thanks a lot guys :)
EM Adris: Its good to see you
Mim Foxglove: hope someone take pics..
EM Adris: You really will be missed Emile
Morgana: True :
Morgana: :/
EM Adris: We’ll have a toast in your honour!
Spirit of Emile: I will miss you guys as well.
EM Adris: I see free booze.
Spirit of Emile: But as you can see
Spirit of Emile: At least I will be with you in spirit :)
Ayara-Bee: :)
Mim Foxglove: *sniff*
Aron Swordmaster: And the lore, you have left us many notable characters
EM Adris: *nods*
Aurelius: You’ll certainly never be forgotten…
Aron Swordmaster: We were just talking of Father Grant, I think his cathedral will, when complete, also be a Cathedral Of Layne not just Love
Spirit of Emile: Yes, my favourite part Aron!
XaiSa: !
EM Adris: Thats a nice thought Aron
Spirit of Emile: I’d love to see that one day
Spirit of Emile: I was always bad at cleaning up though
Iljian: Fortunately.
EM Adris: Im afraid Im not much better at cleaning Emile
Spirit of Emile: So there’s bound to be plenty of little memories littered around Britannia
EM Adris: What was your favourite event Emile?
ARAGORN: emile thank you for helping us in CD with our scavenger hunts emile
Spirit of Emile: Oh, wow that is a tough question Adris
Spirit of Emile: I only ran like…. a hundred or so
Morgana: *Smiles*
Spirit of Emile: Hm, on reflection….
Aron Swordmaster: dont be shy now 😉 Leave us with more inspiration
Spirit of Emile: Probably closer to two-hundred
Spirit of Emile: Well…
Spirit of Emile: One of the more recent events I was really proud of
Spirit of Emile: Were Blackthorn and Dupre’s Dreams
EM Adris: Blackthorn was a great introduction
Spirit of Emile: I put a LOT of work in to those
Spirit of Emile: And I think the result showed :)
Iljian: It showed, too.
Aurelius: It showed too!
Mim Foxglove: *aplauds*
EM Adris: *nods*
Spirit of Emile: So, yea that is one I will always remember
ARAGORN: i loved the events that featured Queen Dawn by far some of ur best work
EM Adris: *nods*
Aurelius: Aye, you made some of the global stuff actually interesting …
Spirit of Emile: Heh, you mean like Dawn’s Dream?
Spirit of Emile: While we’re on the subject of dreams….
Aurelius: Compered to other shards where it was sometimes dull…
Aron Swordmaster: Aye, the ones where there were new environments really took advantage of the EMs powers, it’s like having teeny little mini expansions free
EM Adris: Heh that was one of my favourites
EM Adris: Took a while for people to figure out how to ‘sleep’ hehe
Ayara-Bee: hehe
Spirit of Emile: Oh yes, the pool!
Spirit of Emile: I took it upon myself to teleport all of you around that time….
Spirit of Emile: 50-ish players
Spirit of Emile: That took a while 😀
John II: yummy
Spirit of Emile: There were no fancy mechanics involved at all that time. Just old fashioned handwork
Meredth: k
Mim Foxglove: *smiles*
EM Adris: Things havent changed!
Aron Swordmaster: Apparently you’ve been an inspiration to the whole EM program…
EM Adris: *grins*
Spirit of Emile: Hmmm, another favourite of mine were the Serpentwyne events
Iljian: Yay
Hex: Petes treasure, with the clues
The hand rearer: more alcohol
Spirit of Emile: Which, were inspired by Iljian actually :)
EM Adris: *claps*
Iljian: Meh. Liar. All yourth.
Spirit of Emile: It was you who put me on that track though, if I remember correctly
Aurelius: Iljian’s just dodging the claims for insurance money ….
Aurelius: and being too modest …
ARAGORN: loved the serpentwyne events
Spirit of Emile: And another memory that I count as a highlight
Spirit of Emile: The night GRD chased Casca out of Britain
ARAGORN: should of made more barrels :/ *glances over at the near empty kegs*
Hex: the mini events where we worked things out on our own from the fiction
Spirit of Emile: Not just GRD though
Hex: finding the infected elf camps
Spirit of Emile: There were over 100 players there that night
John II: I have one stored somewhere .. be right back
Spirit of Emile: And Casca was supposed to be in power, for another 2 months or so
Spirit of Emile: But of course there was no way we would ignore a player initiative like that
Ayara-Bee: :)
Spirit of Emile: So Europa was the first to evict Casca
EM Adris: *grin*
EM Adris: Good old GRD..
Aurelius: That’s why so many things were fun… interplay between you and us…
Spirit of Emile: Oh, yes Aurelius
ARAGORN: wehen was it decided to kill Queen Dawn?
Spirit of Emile: That was the most fun part
Aurelius: Even when we messed up your plans
Aurelius: *Smiles*
Spirit of Emile: Haha, and that you did Aurelius
Spirit of Emile: Especially during the first arc I did with Sarakan
Spirit of Emile: The Black Gate arc, does anybody remeber that?
Hex: Mericles?
Iljian: Aye
Aurelius: Yep….
Spirit of Emile: That was the first arc involving Mericles
Aron Swordmaster: When the GRD houses finally fell, Wanda et all managed to save most of their lore, I have it now for safekeeping. Mericles, the man who just wouldn’t die
Iljian: The daft wizard who got caught by a pile of garbage.
Spirit of Emile: Sarakan and I only had a very vague idea of where that plot was going to go
Spirit of Emile: We litterally wrote it as we went along
Spirit of Emile: And almost every week, there would be a re-write
Spirit of Emile: Cause of something one of you guys had said
Spirit of Emile: And idea on how to solve a problem or something else
You see:  A Dark Stranger
Iljian: Some of that flexibility seems to have gone missing since then…?
Spirit of Emile: *Nods* Yes, policies had to change over time sadly
EM Adris: Id have to agree that it has
John II: sorry, that’s all I could find
Iljian: Which is a shame.
John II: I found two bottles of this though
Spirit of Emile: I agree Iljian… but what can you do…
John II: an chicken and ribs
Iljian: Leave, apparently. *sighs*
Spirit of Emile: *Grins*
Aurelius: We’ll just have to make Adris work harder and change all his plans too…
EM Adris: *grin*
Spirit of Emile: Adris wil do a great job I’m sure :)
Spirit of Emile: You know…..
Spirit of Emile: When he joined the program
Spirit of Emile: I tested him on his knowledge
Spirit of Emile: Before he got his robe
Spirit of Emile: *Grins*
EM Adris: I remember it well
EM Adris: Two years ago next week actually
Spirit of Emile: He was one of the best candidates I tested
Ayara-Bee: :)
Aron Swordmaster: How many players can you kill in 5 minutes, that sort of question I expect
Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
EM Adris: 5 minutes is a very long time
Spirit of Emile: Close enough
EM Adris: *grin*
Hex: how many ways to kill players?
Aurelius: “Should any player survive an EM event, yes or no”…
Spirit of Emile: Yea, I remember the times I killed you ALL in like a second….
EM Adris: I think death by drowning has to get an award..
Spirit of Emile: The infected miner?
EM Adris: That was fun
Spirit of Emile: Anybody remember him?
Iljian: Aye
Hex: in Brit?
ARAGORN: if they do they didnt try hard enough hehe
Aurelius: ‘Rescue the miners’ ….. it began …
Spirit of Emile: That was a bit of a shock to us as well 😀
Aron Swordmaster: Rescue yourselves from the miners is how it ended
ARAGORN: ive gotta get going *stands up unsteadily*
Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
Aurelius: Became ‘rescue us from the miners’…
ARAGORN: rl wont leave me alone today
Aron Swordmaster: Think I still have screenshots of that one somewhere
Ayara-Bee: me too
Aron Swordmaster: Well, it was content like that which leaves this the only MMO I still play
ARAGORN: *holds up a bottle* to emile..thanks for all your service here :)
Aurelius: Post them on the forums ….
Spirit of Emile: That was a nice pile of corpses
EM Adris: Thank yuo for coming Aragorn
Aurelius: I usually fail to get pictures in colour…
Iljian: Best goldsink ever invented.
Spirit of Emile: Thanks for coming Aragorn
Aron Swordmaster: Started here, tried WoW, EQ2, Lineage 2, EvE… too many to recall, but the EMs here are one reason I never really needed more than UO
EM Adris: Aw
Spirit of Emile: Glad I could be a part in that Aron
Spirit of Emile: The EM program really is something unique to UO I think
EM Adris: *nods*
John II: good cassis that is … quite old
Aron Swordmaster: Now you’re off the clock as it were… will you try Shadow of the Avatar, or is that it for rp for a while?
Spirit of Emile: I’m taking a little time off yes.
Aurelius: Or even come back and just play UO …
Spirit of Emile: But I’m sure I’ll get back to it in due time
Aurelius: Give Adris chance to kill you as well as us ….
EM Adris: Its so hard to do EMing and play the game
Moira: lol
EM Adris: Im sure you will love having so much time Emile
Spirit of Emile: Oh yes :)
Aron Swordmaster: You should make trial accounts emile, and come demand EM items from Adris!
Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
EM Adris: Pfft
Spirit of Emile: I’ll just haunt him!
John II: It’s on me!
Aron Swordmaster: Wow!
Aron Swordmaster: I can see it now, lines of “Emile (Young)” saying “call this stuff?! Mah stuff iz betta”
EM Adris: Emile.. Giving items?!
Mim Foxglove: hehehe
Spirit of Emile: *Grins* Me? Never
Aurelius: He gave out plenty of death robes…
Aron Swordmaster: Be fair, I think he did give the only item that flamestrikes it’s user
Aurelius: Something he seems to have taught Adris, too …
EM Adris: Aye I have one of those Aron
EM Adris: Very nice
Spirit of Emile: That was actually as Sarakan item….
Aurelius: Emile’s version would flamestrike you and then explode too…
EM Adris: Heh
Bill Brakespeare: and do damage
Aurelius: Just to make sure it got you…
Spirit of Emile: I think the ‘coolest’ item I ever gave out was the Serpentwyne Recipe Runebook
Hex: surround u with water
Aron Swordmaster: *shrugs* I dont think anyone here ever really kept count, you were all part of the creative team for those who came for the experience. 😉
John II: probably shouts insults afterwards .. just to spice it up
Iljian: They are great.
Aurelius: That Serpentwyne book is special..
Aron Swordmaster: Aye, it’s probably my favourite too, as I can use it to host runes to elsewhere too for those who look inside
EM Adris: You yelled at me for trying to get two of those Emile..
EM Adris: *sticks tongue out*
Spirit of Emile: *Grins* That does sound like me
Aron Swordmaster: I love that we got to leave flowers at the grave too; they aren’t named, but we did that
Spirit of Emile: Which grave? There were many
Aurelius: And Dawn’s garden …. was that one of yours? the idea, that is…
Aurelius: Not Dawns”’ memory going …
Aurelius: Hannah’s …
Ayara-Bee: Hannahs
Sparrow: hannahs lover
Spirit of Emile: I did make Dawn’s grave yes
Spirit of Emile: Hannah’s garden was designed by Flame if I remember correctly
Spirit of Emile: We did a contest for it
EM Adris: *nods*
Sparrow: and one in brit castle gardens
Ayara-Bee: yes
Aron Swordmaster: The one in Lost Lands is the one I’m thinking of, but Dawns Grave was lovely too
Aurelius: Aye, she won the ‘design’, but someone ran the ‘competition’…
EM Adris: It was a great idea
Spirit of Emile: Sarakan and I ran those events together
EM Adris: We should decorate more empty areas of the map
Iljian: Hannah and her lover were a horribly, horribly sad story… and great, too.
Spirit of Emile: Not sure who came up with it tbh
Aurelius: Then you both did!
Aron Swordmaster: I still carry a rune for the graves, it’s marked for the Brotherhood
Spirit of Emile: That was a long time ago :)
Sparrow: Clainin
Sparrow: another grave
Spirit of Emile: Heh, yup
Spirit of Emile: We killed off quite a few characters over the years
EM Adris: But Fynn and Skaros continue on…
EM Adris: *grin*
Aurelius: Characters… players… occasionally servers…
Spirit of Emile: And don’t forget Clegg
EM Adris: Oh aye
John II: got me a book from the library for later *G*
Spirit of Emile: *Sings*
EM Adris: Well he could have a terrible boating accident and vanish. People would buy that.
Spirit of Emile: Colonel Clegg…. had a wooden leg!
Aurelius: ‘and his wooden leg’….
Spirit of Emile: He won it in the war
Spirit of Emile: In 1944….
Spirit of Emile: That’s a little Pink Floyd :)
Aurelius: Another of your ‘musical references’…
Ayara-Bee: hehe
Spirit of Emile: Oh, you got that Aurelius?
Aron Swordmaster: So we have to eat our meat to get our pudding drop today? oh dear
Aurelius: I did….
Ayara-Bee: i remember when i first saw the record with Emile Layne
Spirit of Emile: Good good :)
Ayara-Bee: i was just helllloooo
Spirit of Emile: Ha!
Aurelius: and the inspiration for Emile Layne…
Ayara-Bee: they stole our EMs name
Ayara-Bee: lol
Spirit of Emile: I didn’t think many people got that one
Aron Swordmaster: *feels silly* I thought it was your actual name in real life
Ayara-Bee: my fiance has that record
Ayara-Bee: 😀
Aurelius: Emily, and Arnold…
Spirit of Emile: But it’s a contraction
Spirit of Emile: Of See Emily Play
Spirit of Emile: And Arnold Layne
Spirit of Emile: Very old Pink Floyd songs
Spirit of Emile: And Colonel Clegg was of course Corporal Clegg
Spirit of Emile: That last one wasn’t so clever…
Bill Brakespeare: You’re showing your age Emile…
EM Adris: So the reason your quitting is you ran out of Pink Floyd references to use?
Spirit of Emile: Oh, and of course Fynn Barrett
Aron Swordmaster: Damn it, I’ve been encouraging Prog Rock all these years, I feel so ashamed
Spirit of Emile: Is from the writer Fynn
Spirit of Emile: And the Sid Barrett
Spirit of Emile: There have been loads of music references Aron
Spirit of Emile: Sarakan was also a fan of that
Aurelius: Storyline titles and episodes too …
Spirit of Emile: Yup
Aron Swordmaster: Well there we have it… even now you have new things to offer
Aron Swordmaster: I completely missed all of that
Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
Spirit of Emile: You’re going to have to dig through the archives now
Aron Swordmaster: But! Have you read the well wishes? There’s a fair few who aren’t here tonight who wrote their farewells for you
Spirit of Emile: I actually can’t… I”m a spirit
EM Adris: *grin*
EM Adris: Cant eat any cake either..
Spirit of Emile: But I will :)
Mim Foxglove: aww
Spirit of Emile: Save a little nostalgia for later
Spirit of Emile: Ok guys, I think that about covers it
EM Adris: *smiles*
Spirit of Emile: Thank you all for coming
Spirit of Emile: Not just tonight
Spirit of Emile: But aaaaaaaaaaaallllll those other nights!
Hex: =)
Mim Foxglove: So sood you could show up Emile, nice surprice
Morgana: :)
Hex: was fun
Aurelius: Good luck with everything you do next … it’s been a lot of fun!
Moira: *smiles*
Spirit of Emile: It wouldn’t have been any fun without you!
Spirit of Emile: And remember….
Spirit of Emile: I’ll be haunting you for the rest of your days!
Iljian: Visit us again at some time.
EM Adris: Its been a pleasure working with you Emile
Aron Swordmaster: We should all blow ourselves up in a 21 player explosion salute
Moira: argh
Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
Bill Brakespeare: Best of luck, Emile!
John II: Corp Por
Mim Foxglove: oooOOOoo
The hand rearer: Corp Por
John II: Corp Por
Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
The hand rearer: Corp Por
Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
Iljian: Someone cast an exorcism!
The hand rearer: In Vas Mani
The hand rearer: In Vas Mani
Aron Swordmaster: (sniffle)
John II: Vas Ort Grav
John II: Vas Ort Grav
EM Adris: Ah well
John II: In Vas Por
Sparrow: end of an era
EM Adris: Indeed
John II: In Vas Por
Morgana: In Vas Por
Sparrow: a new one begins
Morgana: In Vas Por
John II: Vas Ort Grav
Iljian: I think I am speaking for all here when I say a heartfelt: crap.
Bill Brakespeare: mmm
John II: Flam Kal Des Ylem
Mim Foxglove: Thanks Adris for hosting this



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