[News] The Week-end Madness: Edition Number: XIII

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The Week-end Madness

Edition Number: XIII

Last Friday we return to Bedlam to fight a few rounds against Grizzle.


Afterwards we defeated the champion of Bedlam.

On Saturday we tried to break our record at the void pool.


Now and then things can go a little bit grey…. but it was a lot of fun!

Sunday Trinsic was attacked by thousands of spiders.


We had to recover a stolen book and we succeeded….

But i think, this is just the beginning! 

Several new rumors reached us:

Elesil Daelwon had gathered the heroes on Sunday in the Counselors Hall to Britain to tell her travel stories of the past few months. She was very angry that
a guardsman from Trinsic interrupted her. Therefore for the rest of the evening she was in a bad mood.

The library of the Town Hall in Trinsic needs to be renovated after approx. 40 heroes with their animals were squeezed into the room.

Jigsaw, the god of madness, was been seen several times in Trinsic near the altar of Zalindera. He seemed to study the altar in detail.

Elesil Daelwon is a secret ally of Zalindera. She has quickly taken the book, which was found after the battle at Zalindera’s cave, so no one could read it. The book will never be published.

A dragon has accidentally burned down half the library in Trinsic. The scribe Sybill therefore suffered a nervous breakdown after she returned to the Town Hall.

The Guard is preparing a bill that entering a building of the city with a dragon is strictly prohibited.

Alrik Ploetzbogen, priest of Zalindera, has placed an order in Skara Brae to produce 500 copies of the bible of Zalindera.

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