[EM Event] Zalindera Returns!

May 21, 2013 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Zalindera Returns!

We all gathered at the counselors hall to see the return of Elesil Daelwon.

She came to visit us to tell about her adventures.

Its been a long time since we last seen her, the last time was when she defeated the Dark Angel.

But before she could start her stories Zoltan of the Guards of Trinsic stormed into the building.

Zoltanand Elesil

You could see the panic in his eyes when he told us that hundreds of spiders where at the moongate in Trinsic.

Elesil asked him if he have not been drinking cause he was the only want that seen them.

Zoltan was sure about what he was told and asked again to join him to the moongate.

Elesil agreed to check it out and we agreed to help them out.

When we arrived at the moongate everything was calm.

There was no sign of any spider.

Just when we thought it was a joke we heard the sound of thousands of legs.

And only shortly after we where surrounded by spiders and scorpions.


There seem to be no end to them!

We kept fighting until they stopped coming.

Zoltan was right!

We had to check the town of Trinsic.

At the towns gate another guard appeared.

He told Zoltan the town was overrun by hundreds of spiders and they all headed to the town hall.

We ran to the town hall but found no spiders.

But inside one the rooms we found Sybille the scribe.


She looked confused and shaken up from what happened.

She told us that several spiders came into the room.

Some spiders where more strange then others.

The seemed to be looking for something.

After a bit they took out a book and left.

It was a chronicle of trinsic , something that happened twelve years ago.

The story about Zalindera and her followers that attacked Trinsic!

Sybille ask Zoltan and Elesil to return the book to her.

She saw them run to the west.

Zoltan and Elesil headed westwards  from the Trinsic town gate and found some tracks of the spiders.

They headed to a mountain south of Destard.

When they found a narrow passage to a cave they saw many spider webs in the area.

When they moved in the passage more spiders attacked us from every side.

And coming from out of the cave , even more and bigger and deadlier spiders , joined the fight.


These spiders seem to look very strange.

On the outside they looked like real spiders but on the inside they look like mechanical creatures!

Did someone build them??

We had to fight so many of them, the corpses where scattered everywhere!

Sybille and Zoltan told several time to search for the book!

After every spider was slain everyone searched and searched the corpses.

It seem hopeless but then Elesil yelled that she had found the Chronicle!


It is clear this is a very important document.

Important for the spiders to try to steal it.

So they decided that this document should be handed to EM Borbarad so he can publish this document for everyone to read.

(The Historical Record of Trinsic)

It will be important for everyone to read this chronicle to know what happened twelve years ago.

One thing is sure ….

Zalindera has returned!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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