The Time Lord III Final

October 09, 2013 By: Odin Of Europa Category: Europa News

We waited for the Time Lord again to help him find his final stolen item.
Good evening, I am glad to see so many brave people here.
Today we need to get my last stolen item back, and to get hold on the Master Thief!
If all goes well, all things should be back to normal.

Before we go, I want to thank you all! You all did a great job, to fight the evil and to bring back my items.
I hope with this final fight all will have a good end.
Today it will be again very dangerous and I hope you are all well armed!

I will keep it short today, as I cant open us a moongate and so we need to walk… So please follow me and stay together!

We followed The Time Lord to the bank in west Britain.

Please take the moongate to Ilshenar / Humility and wait there for me!

From the Humility moongate, he led us south, eventually into Ki-rin Passage.

Please stay together and follow me!
We are coming closer!
Lets wait for all here
Now we need to be really careful, any moment we could get attacked!

Suddenly, great monsters known as Protector of the Mirror attacked!

After a long battle, moving further into the passage, The Time Lord led us into an area where dragon kin dwell to find another great beast .. A Mirror of the Time Lord!

The fight was hard, but our great warriors soon brought it down!

A few lucky fighters were rewarded for their efforts in the battle.

That was a good fight! We won! I knew you guys could handle this!

But… Did any of you see the Master Thief!?
I was hoping that he will be here… hmm…
Finally he escaped…
I hope that he learned his lesson as I did…
I need to be much more careful and take care about my Items…
They are too powerful to let them go to someones hand…

As I am done here on your world, I will travel now to another realm…
I was to long here, and a lot of work is waiting for me.
Farewell and I wish you all a nice and long live!

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