Meet the Candidates: Inkboy of Minoc

December 08, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

Many of you should be aware of Inkboy’s bid to replace the controversial governor of Minoc through his many events the past few weeks. His long history with the city of Minoc has encouraged him to run in order to help build the city back up and place it firmly in the center of the community. Throughout our talk his enthusiasm for both the community and elections shone brightly. He wished his competition well in the elections and has planned a party in celebration, regardless of who wins the bid for governor. When asked why he chose to build in Malas instead of Minoc he replied that while he had some plots in Minoc, and plans to acquire more, Luna offered both the space and the population needed in order to begin the process of familiarization, claiming that “Without the Governor’s seat my efforts within Minoc are as limited as my space is there, at the moment.”

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