Meet the Candidates: Gillian Gryphon of Skara Brae

December 08, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

From humble beginnings cooking and cleaning at the Shattered Skull this Britain born Ranger of Spiritwood has high hopes of filling the governor’s seat in Skara Brae. She would be taking over from Corinna, the Keeper of the Rangers of Spiritwood, who filled the seat after the sudden resignation of Governor Ouija just before the end of last term. It is hoped that having a Ranger in the seat will help facilitate communication between the city and it’s Britannian Royal Guard regiment. When asked about her plans for the city Gillian stated that she had many events planned including the famous archery tournament, tavern nights, and a special Yule time effort to feed the hungry. For those not aware Gillian is married to the current governor of Trinsic. When asked if that presented a potential conflict she stated firmly “We’ve had a lot of practice having to (keep it seperate). At the end of the day, he doesn’t decide what happens here. And I don’t decide anything about Trinsic.”

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