Legends Welcomes EM Mayu

November 19, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Legends was eager to welcome their new EM who is stepping in after the sudden departure of EM Helios. A large crowed had gathered inside the Event Moderators Hall and suddenly EM Miko appeared with his new side kick EM Mayu.

The two EMs look to have many similarities with one glaringly different feature….EM Mayu is a female and the first of her kind on Legends. In a playful discussion between the EMs and players the new EM explained several ideas they hope to implement on Legends. The current story arc involving the sea dragons and dueling cities will continue shortly and the EMs have promised that several new branches of events will spiral off the current story line. Players will have opportunities to contribute during the events and more importantly, they will also have opportunities to contribute on their own time when the events are not active. The EMs also explained that their website, http://legends.uoem.net/, has been revamped and it looks really nice, please visit when you get the chance. It should serve as a good spot to find information on the EMs and their events. The crowed responded pleasantly when EM Mays addressed Miko’s stinginess and promised for a more steady flow of rewards to the players who participate in the events. Welcome EM Mayu!! may your journey through Legends be long and prosperous!

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