(Player Event) The 2012 Miss Siege Contest!

November 17, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

This was a lot of fun the last time it was run, and I am certain that this time will be just as fun!  From the Siege Board, posted by Hoffs:

This is the sign-up thread for an event which is to be held on Saturday 15th December at 3pm Eastern [8pm UK]. Registration will remain open for a couple of weeks. Details of event location, etc., will come later.

Yes ladies, once again it is time to sharpen those nails, spread the malicious gossip about your neighbours, and polish up those lovely poisoned apples; December will see the 2012 running of the Miss Siege beauty pageant where we look to find the most desirable lady on the shard. Those who enter will be assessed in four different areas and she who finishes with the highest score will be crowned Miss Siege 2012. And just as last year, we will be bringing in independent judges from outside the shard with a mixture of 2d and EC clients.

The contestants will be judged in the following categories, although should there be a high number of entries it may become necessary to have elimination after the first one or two rounds:

Evening wear – Like all ladies, those on Siege will want to look as glamorous as possible when needed. Here the contestants will be judged on overall appearance in their finest clothing including coordination of colours and accessories.

Talent show – One cannot rely solely on looks to survive here on Siege; every lady must be able to earn a living in some other way. Each contestant will be given two to three minutes [time to be decided once entry list is finalized] to demonstrate some talent, be it dancing, telling jokes, poetry, animal training, feats of magic, or whatever. Judges will be looking at the overall competence and originality of the display.

Combat wear – Every lady on Siege must be able to defend herself when needed. Here the judges will be looking for those that can appear both fearsome and glamorous at the same time; Beauty and the Beast indeed.

Personality – If all else fails, a lady can always try charming her way out of a sticky situation. Every contestant will be asked questions by the judges. Scores will be based on clarity of speech (that is spelling & punctuation, with allowances made if English is not a first language), humour and cheesiness of answers!
Prizes for the event will once again be furnished by our main sponsor Max Painfactor, Sosaria’s largest cosmetics company, but sadly there is no New Magincia plot to give away this year. An appeal has been made to the Gods to provide commemorative clothing for those that take part, but these will probably not be forthcoming.

Entry Requirements: Characters must pre-register to enter. To do so, please post here with your character name and your current title (the area, place or institution that you will be representing). Acceptable titles are your guild (e.g. Miss Arrr, Miss NEW2); a player or NPC town which you live near, frequent or have some connection to (e.g. Miss Vesper, Miss Barter Town); or an area/dungeon/island that you live near, frequent or have some affinity for (e.g. Miss Despise, Miss Twisted Weald, Miss Marble Island). Gilfane members may also use their House name (e.g. Miss Silvanus, Miss Vernia). Titles must be unique, so you may not choose one which has already been taken.

Good luck!

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