(Player Event) GSF Summer forum auction – 5th to 9th May

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Please go here to bid on these auctions and good luck!!


This is a standard forum auction for lot numbers 101-227 of the GSF Summer ’14 auction, which is aiming to raise money for our town treasuries.

Standard auction protocol applies and I reserve the right to disregard bids if they don’t appear to be made in good faith, etc, etc.

Some lots carry a (unspecified) reserve price and will not be sold if that is not met. Just make reasonable offers!

To make a bid, simply post the item number and the amount in this thread. Bid raises must be a reasonable increase over the previous high bid in order to be valid. In general, use the following guideline:

up to 200k: increments of 10k
200k – 500k: increments of 25k
500k – 1 million: increments of 50k
1 – 2 million: increments of 100k
2 – 5 million: increments of 250k
5 – 10 million: increments of 500k
over 10 million: increments of 1 million

The auction will run until the end of Saturday 9th August. For a bid to be valid, it must be timestamped no later than 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time [03:59 GMT] AND in the final two hours must meet at least the minimum bid increments listed above.

Wining lots may be collected at the live auction on Sunday, or by other arrangement.

Good luck!!

Lot listings

Unless otherwise stated, lots give 5% of sale price to Town Fund, 95% to seller.
Lots marked [Town Fund] indicates that 100% of sale price goes to the Town Fund.
Lots marked [individual town] give 5% of sale price to Town Fund, 95% to specified town.
Names shown are the person that donated the item.

Current high bids shown in red, up to post #2.

#101 Priority seating at the live auction on Saturday [500k Frost, 500k Frost]

The two highest bidders for this will be entitled to sit at the thrones in Gilfane Arena during the live auction, or nominate someone in their place. [Town Fund]

#102 Armour of Fortune (cursed) [Town Fund – Morgan Ironfist]
#103 Corgul’s Handbook of the Undead
#104 Elder detective of the Royal Guard [replica] Int +3
#105 Embroidered oak leaf cloak [replica]
#106 Gauntlets of Virtue Bane
#107 Gypsy headdress (Vesper Museum replica)
#108 Jade Armband (Abyssal Infernal special)
#109 Mark of Travesty (ninja/stealth)
#110 Ornament of the Magician (cursed)
#111 3 x Pendant of the Magi
#112 2 x Protector of the Battle Mage [Town Fund – Marie Cailin]
#113 5 x Robe of the Equinox (all wearable by humans)
#114 Royal Guard survival knife [replica] [Town Fund – Morgan Ironfist]
#115 Scrapper’s Compendium (Eval +11)
#116 Scrapper’s Compendium (MR +1)
#117 Shadow Dancer leggins (cursed) [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#118 Soul Seeker [Town Fund – Victim]
#119 Swords of Prosperity [Town Fund – Becca]
#120 Talisman of the Fey (cu sidhe form)

Assorted Deco
#121 2 x Blessed Statue [Town Fund – Kelmo]
#122 2 x Candelabra of Souls
#123 Carvable pumpkin & jack o’lantern carving kit [Town Fund – Fogsbane]
#124 Cupid statue
#125 Dragon head deed
#126 Dread Horn tainted mushroom (far right one in link image)
#127 2 x Fountain of Life
#128 Four assorted large pieces of blackrock
#129 Four creeping vines (one of each type in both facings) [Town Fund – Victim]
#130 Horse barding deed [Town Fund – York]
#131 Large aquarium (East)
#132 Raised Garden Bed
#133 Ringmail armour tunic (Experimental Room reward)
#134 Rubble easel
#135 Rubble pier
#136 2 x Ruined banner (Experimental Room reward) [blockable object, two stories tall]
#137 Sherry the Mouse statue
#138 6 x Ship’s strongbox [Town Fund – Sam]
#139 Set of four Dread Horn tainted mushrooms (one of each type)
#140 Silver Sapling deed
#141 Soulforge deed
#142 Spider Web deed
#143 Stygian Dragon head [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#144 5 x Tragic remains of Travesty
#145 12 x Twilight Lanterns (six orange, six black)
#146 Two flowstones (Experimental Room rewards)
#147 Two rubble spiked wooden wall pieces

Holiday gifts
#148 6th anniversary bag plus cake, fireworks wand with 499 charges, Evocare bell
#149 A pile of snow [Town Fund – York]
#150 Flowerpot [December ’99]
#151 Four holiday statues (Dupre [purple], Jaana [red], Joye [green], Minax [yellow])
#152 Holiday gift ticket 2010 [Town Fund – Victim]
#153 Mailbox [Town Fund – Becca]
#154 Mannequin deed [Town Fund – Becca]
#155 Six holiday snow globes (Heartwood, Hythloth, Shrines of Chaos, Honesty, Humility, Valor)
#156 Six mini house deeds (Brick, Large house w/patio, Small brick, Small stone workshop, Two-story stone & plaster, Wooden)
#157 Two Christmas dragons

Primeval Lich Deco
#158 A mummified corpse [Town Fund – Becca]
#159 Demon skull [Town Fund – Morgan Ironfist]
#160 Eight-piece rack set
#161 Iron Maiden
#162 Primeval Lich executioner’s axe deed
#163 Totem (Lever Puzzle/Puzzle Board reward)
#164 Two fallen branches and two brambles

#165 10 Corruption [Town Fund – Victim]
#166 100 Crystals of Shame [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#167 5000 Empty bottles
#168 12000 Enhanced bandages [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#169 30000 Logs
#170 10 Putrefaction [Town Fund – Victim]
#171 10 Scourge [Town Fund – Victim]

#172 115 Mysticism scroll [Town Fund – Gilfane Treasury]
#173 120 Evaluate Intelligence scroll [Town Fund – Gilfane Treasury]
#174 120 Resisting Spells scroll [Town Fund – Gilfane Treasury]
#175 +25 Stat scroll [New Magincia – Morgan Ironfist]
#176 +25 Stat scroll
#177 Forensics SoA [Town Fund – York]
#178 Peacemaking SoA [Town Fund – York]
#179 1.5 (total) Anatomy SoTs [Town Fund – York]

Stealables [artifact rarity]
#180 4 x Bamboo stool [6]
#181 Blade of the Righteous [10]
#182 Blanket of Darkness [8] [Town Fund – York]
#183 Figurehead, ship’s bell & stern anchor of BMV Ararat
#184 Pushme pullyu [8]
#185 Saddle [9]
#186 Three Dojo stealables (Flowers[7]/fish sculpture[8]/monk sculpture[9])

Talismans [normal bonus/exceptional bonus]
#187 Blacksmithing 25/25
#188 Carpentry 28/20
#189 Cooking 26/26
#190 Fletching 28/21
#191 Inscription 29/12
#192 Masonry 25/15
#193 Tailoring 26/25
#194 Tinkering 27/22
#195 Vermin slayer
#196 Hygieia’s Amulet (+10% alchemy bonus)

#197 Ancestral Gravestone token
#198 Character Transfer token (unusuable on Siege; can be exchanged for Seventh Age token) [Town Fund – Gilfane Treasury]
#199 Crystal token [Town Fund – Aislin]
#200 Earring of Protection token
#201 2 x Eighth Anniversary token [Town Fund – Gilfane Treasury]
#202 Evil Furniture token [Town Fund – Becca]
#203 Heritage token [New Magincia – Morgan Ironfist]
#204 Heritage token
#205 Legacy token [New Magincia – Frost]
#206 Race Change token [Town Fund – Becca]
#207 2 x Seventh Anniversary token [Town Fund – Gilfane Treasury]
#208 Shadow token [Town Fund – Aislin]
#209 Stygian Abyss Statuette token [Town Fund – Becca]
#210 2 x Twelfth Anniversary gift ticket [Town Fund – Becca]

Veteran rewards [year] (can be used by anyone)
#211 Black dye tub [1st]
#212 Leather dye tub [2nd]
#213 Ethereal Ridgeback [4th]
#214 Dead for a Stone Ankh [5th] [Town Fund – Becca]
#215 Ethereal Swamp Dragon [5th]

#216 A Vollem held in a crystal
#217 An imprisoned dog (Travesty drop)
#218 Bag or runic hammers (6 copper, 1 bronze, 3 golden) [Town Fund – Kelmo]
#219 Collection of ten different “newbie” clothes (blessed, dyeable, rapid decay if dropped)
#220 Endless decanter of water
#221 Five artifacts bearing the crest of Minax (turn-in quality)
#222 5 x Forged pardon
#223 Four old slayer bows (Dragon slaying, Earth shatter, Spider’s death, Vacuum)
#224 Hitching post [replica] (15 uses remaining, rechargeable number-2) + two hitching ropes [New Magincia – Sir AJ]
#225 Hunter Green pigment (1 use)
#226 Pet Bonding Potion
#227 Three-tiered cake recipe scroll [Town Fund – Fogsbane]

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