Free public Sonoma ventrilo server is now available

August 05, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

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Free public Sonoma ventrilo server is now available


The People’s Army of Sonoma (PAS) is providing a free public Ventrilo server for Sonoma players.
Whether you want to log in with your friends and talk while you play UO, or login to find others that might want to go hunting with you, or login to talk with other Sonoma players during EM events or other organized events, feel free to use this server.


If multiple groups are in the Ventrilo server, they are free to jump into separate channels so they don’t have to talk over other groups.


This server is hosted 24/7 by a separate Ventrilo hosting company. PAS pays for the server, and players that want to use the server just need to download the free client, add the settings for the server, and login and start talking with others that may be online.


Our goals in providing this free Ventrilo server are to encourage Sonoma players to participate more in EM and other events, and to provide an opportunity for players to talk to others while they play (especially those that may not be in a guild that provides a Ventrilo server for their members).


If you are interested, please visit the PAS website at:


That link provides you with information on how to connect to the Ventrilo server. We also have a public forum at the PAS website that allows folks to register and post comments or questions.


Please use appropriate language when using this server, and report any violations to KingDavid (KD) of PAS at icq 655-169-564. PAS members will also try to stop in every so often to see if anyone needs help with anything.


If you have any questions, feel free to icq KD at 655-169-564.


KingDavid PAS
Founder and Guildmaster

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