A Siege Perilous Poem by Kattasrophe

May 15, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News, Taverns & Tales

The Family of Siege Perilous are told we are misfits,
but that is what makes us absolutely perfect.
We can make someone mad in the blink of an eye,
Or Touch someone’s heart and make them cry,
We are the ones that like to battle,
With the sound of armor beginning to rattle,
Explosion pots, bandaids, fighting, and hiding surrounds our world,
Like a beautiful, but not completely perfect pearl,
You will find that even the worst of us have a silver lining,
But you will find this place ever divining,
Don’t be afraid to enter our world,
We will come to welcome you quicker than you can do a twirl,
Come out of your hiding places, Be Brave,
Come and visit the Family of Siege Perilous today,
You might change people’s hearts and be able to save,
Trading your thoughts with special care,
Share your knowledge that is rare,
You might find this is where you were ment to be,
Free, wild, and forever happy.
You better make it snappy because we are waiting,
We are creating a close knit community,
So do take the opportunity,
Welcome to Siege Perilous you will hear us call,
Like a thundering heard of animals crashing through a wall.
Be strong and stand up to the plate,
Do you have what it takes?

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