What does it mean to be Governor?

August 23, 2014 By: Bryelle Vaughn Category: Taverns & Tales

Veterans of Ultima Online talk. I was introduced to the game because of that fact and in 2009 a friend and veteran of the game was discussing with me what could improve the experience for players and their characters. Town loyalty, she said. “Make it so that shopping in one specific town or helping that town out, makes a difference.” Now, this isn’t exactly how it came to pass and, while I think she deserves a multitude of credit for thinking of this before the designers did, she will never get the credit she sorely should. Flash forward to the present and town loyalty is a real thing. Instead of being rewarded for shopping though, we get rewarded for ingots and lumber. We get rewarded in loyalty when we do Champ Spawns. And it’s this loyalty, that allows us to vote in the Governor Elections. In this link, you can find all the how to’s of becoming one. Our own Frarc covers the ins and outs of this process quite eloquently.  But be be advised of the following:

The high point and the end all be all of the loyalty is the Governorship. Governor’s control the town and, subsequently, the trade deals. Now, let me be frank.. I know no one who actually sets their armor by what the trade deal is that week. To do so is kind of an idiotic thing as the trade deals change every seven days. But, it does go with the territory. Fine. Wonderful. This calls into play exactly what should a Governor’s job be? And I answer. An ideal governor should care about the people who use the town. This means you ask their opinions and you listen. This does not mean ask their opinion and then do whatever it is you want to do anyway. A Governor should hold hunts and tasks that will appeal to what their citizens enjoy. And truthfully, choose something that you can invite other towns too. That isn’t a must, but people tend to help each other if you occasionally extend an olive branch.

Do you need to come from an rp background to be a Governor? No. You do not. However, you do need to be willing to attempt it. And what’s more, you need to be willing to do so with all citizens. You cannot conveniently ignore people you don’t like, not in the role. If you want to ignore go back to playing a normal citizen who has no responsibilites. Interaction as a Governor, is a must. You need to be seen. You need to be heard. And you need to have a thick skin. I cannot emphasize this enough. Let’s face it folks, Politics in any shape is dirty. It gets put in an online game and it’s going to be the same as high school. Yes, we are suppose to be adults. We also need to be held accountable for our actions. So, if you play a politician who accepts bribes, expect to be called on it. If you play a murdering Governor, expect to be called on it. And if you play an innocent idiot who wants power. Well, expect to be called on that too. Governor’s need a backbone and the ability to stand up for what is in the best interest of their citizens. If you cannot deal with people handling whatever you put in front of them, the title of Governor and possibly this game, is really not for you.

Do you need to have time free to be a Governor? Yes! We all have real lives, well.. not all, but most of us. So being out of the fray for a bit, as long as an explanation and representative in our stead is there, is fine. But if you cannot afford to take time to see your citizens and to attend the meetings which are normally scheduled well in advance, then do not sign up for this position. Eventually, that too will come back to bite you.

Otherwise, this should be a rewarding experience. Being Governor is your chance to help others, to support the community and to bring folks back to the towns we all grew to love. Governor means that you ask for improvements, like a stove if the kitchen is missing one. And you deal with criminals, if your city has them. All cities have them in role play, for the record. The position of Governor means helping the injured, the homeless, and the crafters. If all of that bores you, again this position is not for you.

The role of Governor was supposed to mean that yes, you have the King’s ear. You are also an elected official of the people. This is not to be taken for granted. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is replaceable in this game. And at the end of the day.. that is really what this is, a game. So when you get irritated, agitated, annoyed or your panties in a twist: Turn it off and walk away.


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