Governor Murdock Redbone Hosts Britain’s 50/50 Event!

January 11, 2015 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


        This week the city of Britain and it’s Governor Murdock Redbone held a fund raising venture with a twist as patrons gathered to aid the city in its trade endevours. The mission was simple, complete as many trade requests as possible in thiry minutes time.


ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 08 19.58



        As if shot from a cannon, citizens were off traveling to the city docks to meet with the trade minister. Gathering mission after mission, Thier hard work was rewarded as a grand total of 48 trade requests were met as the Governor praised everyone involved for thier efforts!


      ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 08 19.59


         After a brief speech we were wisked via moongate to the east side of town to the local tavern as many ales were had by all as the Governor lamented on the great turnout and effort everyone had put forth. Once done, the Governor rewarded his citizens with a game of chance as those who participated rolled the dice to see who would garner the nights prizes. The top roller was Lord Nanoc of Dragons Watch with a 19 followed closely by Lady Dark Rayne and Lord OC. IN the end all the spoils were gratuitously donated to the city coffers! Thank You Governor Redbone for a grand event!

     ScreenHunter_16 Jan. 08 21.11

Governor Elects Convene As Tempers Flare In Castle Blackthorn!

December 23, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


     The end of the current election period has brought to Britannia the newly courted Governors of the lands held under the rule of the crown. His majesty hosted the council in thier chambers this past week to convene on the status of the cities as well as any upcoming plans in the works. Those in attendance were incumbents Lady Phoenix of Trinsc, Lord Vic II of Minoc, Lord Tehan of Yew, Lord Gareth of New Magencia and Lady Lauren of Moonglow. Newly elected offcials joining the council were Lady Tina of Skara Brae, Lord Murdock of Britain,  and Scabby of Jhelom. Vesper’s Lady Ivy was not present.


ScreenHunter_25 Dec. 22 21.03


    The King would call upon each as cities discussed thier plans for various improvements and goals set forth for the upcoming months. Notable remarks were made as several cities still await construction of offices for elected officials.  Pleas for additional manpower for desired projects were duely noted by his majesty.  Peace reigns across the lands as no reports of violence were said to have taken place in recent weeks.  It didn’t take long as civility would soon be tested as Governor Phoenix ended her report with complaints of excrement ruining her boots from the nights pet parade earlier in the city limits exclaiming the Governor of Britian would soon recieve the invoice for thier replacement. The events host Niva the Savage in attendance, angrily exited the session while screaming she would Not stand for such insult! That was only the appetizer for the nights fireworks to come.


ScreenHunter_42 Dec. 22 21.25


    Pitmuck Islands leader Ozog Giantfart, whom we were informed has been appointed the city of Jhelom’s “Deputy Mayor” began to lose control of his tongue ranting in his indigenious dialect towards the King and in henderance to the nights proceedings. After being warned on several occasions the King would quickly reach his patiences limit with the Goblin.  Guards were called as the King lashed out to the Goblin threatening him and his people as Giantfart was drug from the halls of Castle Blackthorn.  Barely regaining his demeanor from this the King would soon turn his attention to Vic II from Minoc as he requested to relenquish his remaining time to a citizen of his represented lands. This citizen affiliated with a group known as “Minoc First” would be granted the floor to which she would stand in silence. Angering the King,  he reminded those who would seek succession or faulter in the will of the Crown would be suffer the consequences as he saw fit wether it was Minoc, Pitmuck Island or any land other than Nu’jelm and Buccaneers Den, the only lands not under the rule of the crown.  With that the King ended the nights ongoings.

    No word as of yet out of Pitmuck to the expulsion of it’s leader. What is this “Minoc First” group about?  More to know on these interesting happenings among the lands.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Governors Election Near Complete!

December 14, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

   The current election cycle for the Governship of the major cities of the realm draws near its conclusion as today is the final day to cast your votes. The week long event takes place at each cities respective stone located near it’s main vault. Votes will be tallied at sun up tommorrow and winners declared. Citizens need be respected in thier cities in order to vote. Donation of materials is seemingly the popular method of garnering such title.

  The Paxlair Statehood continues to flourish in past and present elections and stand to win the seats of every city with most incumbents running unopposed and those that are opposed are done so by another statehood representative. The lone exception is the city of New Magencia where incumbent Lord Gareth remains firmly in the lead.  Sovereignty indeed still has a place in Sosaria.  The most current up to date exit polls as of noon est show the following standings in all the major elections:


Britain :                  Tinky Footz (Pitmuck) 53.8%

                                         Murdoc Redbone (DWxC) 46.1%

Jhelom:                    Scabby (PItmuck) 100%

Minoc:                       Victor II (NCC) 100%

Moonglow:             Lauren (DWxC) 100%

New Magencia:  Gareth (EVI) 72.2%

                                          Squirt (Pitmuck) 27.7%

Skara Brae:           Tina (L&L)  73.6%

                                          Gunga Din (Pax SotA) 26.3%

Trinsic:                     Phoenix (DWxC) 100%

Vesper:                      Ivy (NCC) 100%

Yew:                             Tehan (DWxC) 100%


   With the closing of the election period Governors will preside over thier respective cities for the coming months. With time running short and pride on the line these elections will surely go down to the wire. Reports come as eyewitnesses claim votes are purchased and corruption thrives as citizens of far away lands are aplenty skewing the voting process tipping the scales in the favor of those whose vote they have pledged.  The game of thrones is indeed underway here on Chesapeake!




What does it mean to be Governor?

August 23, 2014 By: Bryelle Vaughn Category: Taverns & Tales

Veterans of Ultima Online talk. I was introduced to the game because of that fact and in 2009 a friend and veteran of the game was discussing with me what could improve the experience for players and their characters. Town loyalty, she said. “Make it so that shopping in one specific town or helping that town out, makes a difference.” Now, this isn’t exactly how it came to pass and, while I think she deserves a multitude of credit for thinking of this before the designers did, she will never get the credit she sorely should. Flash forward to the present and town loyalty is a real thing. Instead of being rewarded for shopping though, we get rewarded for ingots and lumber. We get rewarded in loyalty when we do Champ Spawns. And it’s this loyalty, that allows us to vote in the Governor Elections. In this link, you can find all the how to’s of becoming one. Our own Frarc covers the ins and outs of this process quite eloquently.  But be be advised of the following:

The high point and the end all be all of the loyalty is the Governorship. Governor’s control the town and, subsequently, the trade deals. Now, let me be frank.. I know no one who actually sets their armor by what the trade deal is that week. To do so is kind of an idiotic thing as the trade deals change every seven days. But, it does go with the territory. Fine. Wonderful. This calls into play exactly what should a Governor’s job be? And I answer. An ideal governor should care about the people who use the town. This means you ask their opinions and you listen. This does not mean ask their opinion and then do whatever it is you want to do anyway. A Governor should hold hunts and tasks that will appeal to what their citizens enjoy. And truthfully, choose something that you can invite other towns too. That isn’t a must, but people tend to help each other if you occasionally extend an olive branch.

Do you need to come from an rp background to be a Governor? No. You do not. However, you do need to be willing to attempt it. And what’s more, you need to be willing to do so with all citizens. You cannot conveniently ignore people you don’t like, not in the role. If you want to ignore go back to playing a normal citizen who has no responsibilites. Interaction as a Governor, is a must. You need to be seen. You need to be heard. And you need to have a thick skin. I cannot emphasize this enough. Let’s face it folks, Politics in any shape is dirty. It gets put in an online game and it’s going to be the same as high school. Yes, we are suppose to be adults. We also need to be held accountable for our actions. So, if you play a politician who accepts bribes, expect to be called on it. If you play a murdering Governor, expect to be called on it. And if you play an innocent idiot who wants power. Well, expect to be called on that too. Governor’s need a backbone and the ability to stand up for what is in the best interest of their citizens. If you cannot deal with people handling whatever you put in front of them, the title of Governor and possibly this game, is really not for you.

Do you need to have time free to be a Governor? Yes! We all have real lives, well.. not all, but most of us. So being out of the fray for a bit, as long as an explanation and representative in our stead is there, is fine. But if you cannot afford to take time to see your citizens and to attend the meetings which are normally scheduled well in advance, then do not sign up for this position. Eventually, that too will come back to bite you.

Otherwise, this should be a rewarding experience. Being Governor is your chance to help others, to support the community and to bring folks back to the towns we all grew to love. Governor means that you ask for improvements, like a stove if the kitchen is missing one. And you deal with criminals, if your city has them. All cities have them in role play, for the record. The position of Governor means helping the injured, the homeless, and the crafters. If all of that bores you, again this position is not for you.

The role of Governor was supposed to mean that yes, you have the King’s ear. You are also an elected official of the people. This is not to be taken for granted. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is replaceable in this game. And at the end of the day.. that is really what this is, a game. So when you get irritated, agitated, annoyed or your panties in a twist: Turn it off and walk away.


Meet Lord Markus, Governor of New Magincia

August 20, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

governor of new maginica

I found Governor Markus in Skara Brae just as he was donating $2,000,000 to help the other city treasuries.    Though he was busy, I was able to interview him.


“Thank for allowing me to interview, as I know you are very busy with your duties.”

“I am always willing to help a citizen of Britianna, ” he replied.”

“My first question is, what city are you governor of and what makes it unique?

“I am the governor of New Magincia.  What makes my city unique is the presence of a vendor bazar.

“My next question is related to the last ones.  “What makes New Magincia special to you?”

“Since I am a merchant, the fact that New Magincia is a city of commerce, it makes it a perfect fit.  I own a well stocked pet vendor.  I enjoy providing needed pets to the citizens of Britannia.” he told me with pride.

“What is you vision for New Magincia?”

He thought for a minute. “My vision is to make New Magincia thrive again with vendors and trade.  There is a great opportunity here since we rebuilt the city.”

“Has your city entered into a trade agreement with any of the trades or cities?”

“Yes, at this time we have the Merchant guild.  We have not made a trade agreement with a city yet.”

“Now for some more personal questions. I promise none of them will be embarrassing.” I said with a wink.

“As I trust you, I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.  But I will hold you to your promise.”

“How long have you been a citizen of Britianna and what city was the first one you lived in?”

” I am one of the older settlers as I  arrived in these land 16 years ago.  I think my first home was in Skara Brae.  Being so old it is hard to remember that far back.” he said with a smile.

“You are not old.”  Smiling back  I asked, “What was you job before becoming Governor?”

“I have had many different jobs.  Since I am a vendor, I tame the animals I have for sell.  I also gather resources for the crafters in my family.  But my favorite job has been helping the new and returning settlers to our lands.”

“Wow, you do work hard.  When you do have time to relax, what do you like to do?”

“I love doing a variety of things. One day you might find me hunting or looking for treasure.  Another day I might be crafting or building skills.  Right now I am becoming a stronger tamer. I am also in the guild TF though another member of the family is thinking of joining another guild.”

“One last question, is there any thing you wish to tell this citizens of Britannia?”

“I live in these lands because I enjoy having so many things to do.  If you get bored of one activity, there are more that you can do.  Community is important. Here you can find support to develop and grow.  You can build a guild with friends and towns or cities with them.  Anyways, I took the  office of Governor to try to help and give back to the community.  To give assistance to new and returning citizens and to communicate with other concerned people who would like to see our lands grow. To develop opportunities to attract more people to migrate to our lands. ” He explained. “Now I must return to my duties.

“Governor Markus, thank you so much for your time to share with the citizens of New  Magincia and Britannia.” I said as I bowed. “Be safe in your travels.

Returning my bow, Governor Markus recalled away.










The winners are:

June 19, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

The elections are over and our winning governors are :

Jhelom                    Garion

Minoc                      Convi

Moonglow             Nathael Monroe

New Magincia      Markus

Skara Brae            Rowan

Trinsic                  Jahajx Jov

At this time Britain, Vesper, and Yew are still in need for governors.  Present your request at the next town council.

Coming soon interviews with each governor.

June, 14th Town Council with King Blackthorn

June 12, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News


The town’s of Minoc and New Maginica still require a Governor.  Any interested parties please be present at the next Town Council meeting, which will occur:


Event: Town Council Meeting

Date: 6-14

Time: 8pm CST (9EST)

Place: Castle Blackthorn

Elections for Governors

May 28, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Reminder that it is election time.  Starting June 1st, you will be able to go to the town stones and nominate yourself.  To do this click on the stone to get the election menu, write in your name and confirm your nomination.  After that you need to find a citizen to second your nomination.  Last step is the actual election.   All cities are now considered open.

What does a governor do:  the main job of the governor is to set trade deals.  As these as expensive (2 mil. for 1 week), all banners and titles bought will now go to the city treasury.  You can donate to the city of your choice even if you are not a citizen.  Give the Herald the money.  They are trust worthy.   Governors can also grant titles and hold events.

How long is my term as  Governor:   The terms are now 180 days (6 months).  This is to allow Governors more time to  develop events to fund the treasury and for fun.

Special note: the bulletin boards will now allow postings by the Governors to update their citizens

New Governors Appointed

May 16, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Impatiently King Blackthorn looked again at the long list of Cities without Governors.  For too long the cities of Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Yesper and Yew had been without leadership.  Considering the  advise of  Governors Nails Warstein of Britian and Garion of Jhelom , he decided a meeting of the council was in order.

current Goveners


As the King’s bard, I was sent to fair Luna.  “Hear ye, Hear ye, by order of the King, all citizens who desire a governorship are to appear at  Saturday’s  Council meeting.  The news was greeted with cheers.  For to long the cities have been without leadership.  Four members of the crowd, were pushed forward.  These are our new governors the crowd shouted.  The four looked about, nervously, humbled by the cheers and support of the crowd.   Is this your wish, I asked citizens;  Grea, Rasersar Wej, Sad Panda and Veronica Mars. ” Aye” the four said together.  Then by request of the king, present your petitions at the council meeting.  All who have recommendations are also to appear.

Quickly I hurried to tell the King the good news.  Laughing, he said, “I knew with a  bit of prodding worthy candidates  would be nominated.

At last Saturday arrived. King Blackthorn welcomed the four candidates.  “Is it your wish to become governors of our fair cities?”     “Yes your Highness.”



“Before I hear your petitions, I need to know which cities are without leadership.”  He turned to Rowan, his scribe, to ask for the information.

open cities

Each of the candidate’s gave reason why they should be a governor.  One after another they swore fealty to  their chosen city, to serve both the people  and the King.  Upon listening to each, the King consulted with the current governors.  Turning back to the candidates, “I have made my decision.  I accept your request to become governors of your cities.”   Before the council a gate appeared.  One after another the council and candidates entered.

We arrived at the fair city of Moonglow first.  There the city’s mages welcomed and accepted  Rasesar Wej  as their  Governor.




From there the gate took us to Skara Brae. Having previously served as governor, Rowan was warmly welcomed back by the rangers.


At the city of Trinsic, whose citizens had recently suffered many battles,  Veronica Mars was warmly welcomed.  At last order would be restored.


             The city of islands, Vesper, was the next stop.  Sad Panda sighed with pleasure to be home again surrounded by the peaceful waters.


Last to the abbey of Yew.  The quiet monks  nodded knowingly  as they accepted Grea to be their governor.  She assured them that both humans and elves would be treated fairly.


That evening by the fire, I played a song  about fair cities and the deeds of their citizens and governors.  The King seemed to be drifting off into sleep.  Speaking quietly as if to his self, at last the land has a chance for peace.  But what of our two cities still left.  Will Minoc and New Magincia also find a governor among their citizens.   Suddenly he frowned, why did he have a feeling of dread? Governors are human, with failings.  What will the future hold?

(Player Event) Shard Public Auction – Update 1

April 23, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News

Provisional Sale List (23rd April)

Standard items (5% commission to Town Fund, remainder to seller)
120 mysticism scroll
120 focus scroll
120 taming scroll
120 throwing scroll
120 tactics scroll
120 veterinary scroll
120 parrying scroll
120 necromancy scroll
120 anatomy scroll
120 fencing scroll

25 stat scroll x 2
+5 Exodus stat scroll

Black dye tub [1st year reward]
Leather dye tub [2nd year reward]
White leather dye tub

Hygieia’s Amulet [replica] (+10% alchemy bonus)
Barbed runic sewing kit
Clothing bless deed

Primeval Lich eight piece rack set
Primeval Lich executioner’s axe deed
Primeval Lich glowing red corp rune

Soulstone fragment token x2
Race change token
15th anniversary gift ticket

Deed to a guildstone – NEWMAN PROVISIONERS [TNP]
Academic Bookcases x 2

Adeptly drawn treasure maps (Fel) x20

Town Fund donations (100% of sale price to Town Fund)
120 magery scroll [donated by Gilfane treasury]

Furniture dye tub [1st year reward] [donated by Shakespeare]
Dark gray robe [4th year reward] [donated by Kattasrophe]
Deed for a stone ankh (5th year reward) [donated by Shakespeare]
Ethereal Polar Bear (9th year reward) [donated by Kelmo]

Charger Of The Fallen [donated by Shakespeare]
Rechargeable teleporter set [donated by Baby Doll]

Bloody sash (transforms you into werewolf at night) [donated by Shakespeare]
Blessed black sandals [donated by Kattasrophe]

Blessed event spellbook [DCI-5, SDI-21, FCR-1, LMC-4] [donated by Shakespeare]
Blessed Lucky Necklace [donated by Becca]
Swords of Prosperity [donated by Becca]
Staff of Pyros [donated by City of New Magincia]
Most Knowledge Person [replica] (HP +3 robe) [donated by City of New Magincia]
Jackal’s Collar (cursed) [donated by Kattasrophe]

Mailbox [donated by Sara Dale]
Holiday flowerpot [donated by Sara Dale]
Rose of Trinsic x 3 [donated by Shakespeare]
10th anniversary sculpture [donated by Shakespeare]
Mounted Dread Horn [donated by Shakespeare]
White grandfather clock [donated by Shakespeare]
Grizzled skull collection [donated by Shakespeare]
Globe of Sosaria [donated by Becca]
Mummified corpse (Primeval Lich special) [donated by Becca]
Slime statue [donated by Kattasrophe]
Grass tile [donated by Kattasrophe]
Snow tile x 2 [donated by Kattasrophe]

Pigments of Tokuno (Rum Red, 50 charges) [donated by Kattasrophe]

Heritage token [donated by City of New Magincia]
Ladder deed [donated by Sara Dale]
Fountain of Life [donated by Sara Dale]
Set of nine virtue tiles [donated by Mish O Sha]

Anchor, Figurehead, Ship’s Bell of BMV Ararat [donated by Sara Dale]
Orc ship deed [donated by Frost]

Deed for 20k arrows [donated by Bucko]
Deed for 10k enhanced bandages [donated by Sara Dale]
Deed for 15k plain leather [donated by Sara Dale]
Deed for 10k spined leather [donated by Sara Dale]
Deed for 30k plain logs [donated by Sara Dale]

Individual town donations (5% of sale price to Town Fund, remainder to specific town/cause)
120 ninjitsu scroll (Skara Brae) [donated by Gilfane treasury]
Tome of Lost Knowledge (Skara Brae) [donated by Becca]
Heritage Tokens x 2 (Skara Brae) [donated by Becca]

Ethereal Tiger (15th year Vet reward) (Trinsic) [donated by Kelmo]

120 archery scroll (New Magincia) [donated by Othello]​