Governor Elects Convene As Tempers Flare In Castle Blackthorn!

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     The end of the current election period has brought to Britannia the newly courted Governors of the lands held under the rule of the crown. His majesty hosted the council in thier chambers this past week to convene on the status of the cities as well as any upcoming plans in the works. Those in attendance were incumbents Lady Phoenix of Trinsc, Lord Vic II of Minoc, Lord Tehan of Yew, Lord Gareth of New Magencia and Lady Lauren of Moonglow. Newly elected offcials joining the council were Lady Tina of Skara Brae, Lord Murdock of Britain,  and Scabby of Jhelom. Vesper’s Lady Ivy was not present.


ScreenHunter_25 Dec. 22 21.03


    The King would call upon each as cities discussed thier plans for various improvements and goals set forth for the upcoming months. Notable remarks were made as several cities still await construction of offices for elected officials.  Pleas for additional manpower for desired projects were duely noted by his majesty.  Peace reigns across the lands as no reports of violence were said to have taken place in recent weeks.  It didn’t take long as civility would soon be tested as Governor Phoenix ended her report with complaints of excrement ruining her boots from the nights pet parade earlier in the city limits exclaiming the Governor of Britian would soon recieve the invoice for thier replacement. The events host Niva the Savage in attendance, angrily exited the session while screaming she would Not stand for such insult! That was only the appetizer for the nights fireworks to come.


ScreenHunter_42 Dec. 22 21.25


    Pitmuck Islands leader Ozog Giantfart, whom we were informed has been appointed the city of Jhelom’s “Deputy Mayor” began to lose control of his tongue ranting in his indigenious dialect towards the King and in henderance to the nights proceedings. After being warned on several occasions the King would quickly reach his patiences limit with the Goblin.  Guards were called as the King lashed out to the Goblin threatening him and his people as Giantfart was drug from the halls of Castle Blackthorn.  Barely regaining his demeanor from this the King would soon turn his attention to Vic II from Minoc as he requested to relenquish his remaining time to a citizen of his represented lands. This citizen affiliated with a group known as “Minoc First” would be granted the floor to which she would stand in silence. Angering the King,  he reminded those who would seek succession or faulter in the will of the Crown would be suffer the consequences as he saw fit wether it was Minoc, Pitmuck Island or any land other than Nu’jelm and Buccaneers Den, the only lands not under the rule of the crown.  With that the King ended the nights ongoings.

    No word as of yet out of Pitmuck to the expulsion of it’s leader. What is this “Minoc First” group about?  More to know on these interesting happenings among the lands.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Holiday Treachery Thwarted!

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   With Christmas upon us,  we are all resting easy as jolly old Santa recieved the aid of availble adventurers to save the Christmas magic this week.  The call from the King himself rang out as word spread that a treacherous duo of elves had stolen the holiday magic in the hopes to dash  Santas annual run.


ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 21 19.01


 ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 21 19.03


ScreenHunter_08 Dec. 21 19.05



     The brazen elf DimDum appeared in the throne room and proclaimed we had all been bad and no gifts would reach our trees this year! His majesty quickly ordered us to ride at all costs to reclaim the magic baubles. A long and winding maze was soon to follow, only by solving the riddles were adventurers able to track the slippery pair to the ice isles of the north pole. There atop the peaks and cliffs a plateau was located with a protected pile of gifts lay as our goal. Huge orcish snow beasts began to descend from thier perch with thier sights set on us…..


ScreenHunter_11 Dec. 21 19.06


ScreenHunter_16 Dec. 21 19.21


ScreenHunter_18 Dec. 21 19.22


ScreenHunter_19 Dec. 21 19.24


ScreenHunter_21 Dec. 21 19.25


    Thunderous battle ensued as flashes of might and magic lit the night sky as the elves plans began to unravel. The snow creatures were soon fallen as the pair DimDum and DumDim were bested by the combined efforts of the nights heroes.  The Christmas holiday saved,  combatants garned a commemorative sash to mark the nights victory and rumors of magic jewels recovered in the snow are abound. Well done Chesapeake.

Ancient Treasures Day 9 – Part 1

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Lake Austin Shard

I found Dahlia at the Royal Spies headquarters. Distracted, she keep looking around as it waiting for someone. As she greeted me, a royal courier arrived. Looking around, the courier hesitated as if thinking it would be best to come back later. However Dahlia motioned for her to come forward. “Mistress, I have word. It is about that… ” she said as she handed Dahlia a sealed letter. “Mistress,”  the courier said bowed low then turned and quickly left the room.  Looking over Dahlia’s shoulder, I tried to see who’s seal was on the letter. But Dahlia moved away, as she read the letter. ” Hmm… So it does exist…”, Dahlia said to her self.  Still trying to see what was on the letter, I asked ” Is it news of the treasure my lady?”  Shaking her head, Dahlia replied “No, something else. I should send word to Corian later.” Turning back to me, she asked for my notes about Sherry the mouse.” Rereading the last line, she looked up, Sherry has been found?” “Yes, my lady. She has been found hiding the the kitchen at Blackthorn Castle. ” Folding and unfolding the courier’s message, she seemed to come to a decision. “I want you to go check on Sherry and see that she is okay. I need to go inform Corian about this development.”



I found Sherry the Mouse nervously hiding under a table. Getting down on my knees I asked her if she was okay. “Y-yes, now.” she answered.  I wondered what could have scared her so. “Did you see something Sherry?” I asked. She began shivering. I carefully I picked her up. “Twas terrible, the way they came into the Vaults. Tis a secret, but they are gone and others have forgotten. Yes, a lot of strange things, I canst say what they all are.” Sherry replied lost in thought.  Concerned about what might have been taken, I asked “Do you know what was taken?” Sherry the Mouse had stopped shivering, ” Uh-huh! Therein, things that Nystul, and Clainin, and others left.” Frowning I thought to myself. Items from court wizards are best left lost in the Vaults. ” Did they take anything else?”  “Yes,” She replied. “Lots of other things, tall things, odd things.” When I asked Sherry if she could describe the items, she looked away, as if not sure she should. I had to find out if she knew who broke in. “Sherry, Can you tell us who broke in? ” Sherry the Mouse started up towards my sleeve. “Twas a ‘tall man, with several Juka, and other humans. They passed through the walls.” Sherry cowered in my sleeve, ” They slipped through the stone like ghost.” Surprised I asked,” They came through the walls like ghost? Are you sure.” ” Oh yes!” Sherry said peeking out . ” They slipped through stone, right through. Like ghost, and one saw me and tried to grab my tail! ” Sherry squeaked with indignity. I could see that Sherry was tired and still on edge. Carefully I put her down. Quickly she ran into a mouse hole. Looking up I saw that Dahlia had joined me. She was also distrubed by what Sherry had told me. “We should probably let her rest, she should be safe enough in Blackthorn’s Castle. I am curious, to what exactly she knows about the contents of those Vaults. Sherry was  hesistant to speak of them . If the court wizards stored things in there, who knows what other dangerous items are there.”  We began to discuss what Sherry had told us. Dahlia was worried that someone could walk through walls. I suggested that maybe a wizard or perhaps a secret passage.  She changed the subject as we started toward Britain Hall.  ”

I have word Merrick was spotted, Finneas is keeping tabs on him. We should head to the Britain Sewers entrance and speak with Finneas.”  Yuck,  I thought to myself. It would be too much to expect that he had bathed since I last talked to him. But when we found him, he stank as much as ever.  Dahila didn’t seem to notice, she was focused on finding Merrick.  Aksing Finneas about Merrick, he became upset. “That one is a wily one. Taught me most of what I know. Sure I can find him, that isn’t the question. It is ugly business, I want no thanks for it. Now be on your way. ” No matter how Dahlia pressed for more information, Finneas ignored her. Walking away, I again questioned the wisdom of trusting him. Looking at me, Dahlia explained ” I don’t blame Finneas for being upset. But we can trust him. Tolivar did take him away from his life as a peasant.  Finneas… is odd. He seems relatively happy just tracking people, so we’ve allowed him to do it. But he’s also viciously “Britannian.” If he thinks Tolivar is up to something bad, he won’t protect him. Especially if it is bad for Britannia. You should head to Trinsic, West Trinsic Bank. See if you can find Merrick and slow him down. I would go, but I’m afraid that would spook him. Please find him.”


September Calendar – Updated EM and Player Events

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lake austin shard


Here is a calendar of both the EM events and player events.  Please remember that Augustus’s Event times may change due to real life.  If you or your guild is holding an event and would like it to be added, either send me a pm or tell me in game.

Sept. 12:  Friday Hunt, suggestions include Stygian Dragon, Doom, or other champs/peerless

Sept. 13:  Event: Town Council Meeting – Location: Castle Blackthorn Council Chamber -Time: 8pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Description: Meet King Blackthorn in Castle Blackthorn, to discuss matters of importance. Governors and all interested citizens welcome to attend and bring matters before the King.

Sept 19:  , Friday Hunt – to be decided- All suggestions are welcome.

Sept. 20:  due to power outage moved to Sept. 26

Sept 25:  Read the exciting conclusion and join us for UO’s 17 Anniversary.  It will be alive, in-game event on TC1 September 25th 2014 at 7pm ET! Meet Richard “Lord British” Garriot and Starr “King Blackthorn” Long at Castle Blackthorn to celebrate Ultima Online’s 17th Anniversary!  For those unable to attend, it will be shown on  youtube .  Hope to see you there.

Sept. 26:  * moved from 9-20  Event: Shadows – Location: Gate inside Luna Bank (follow the note on the other side) – Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Description: Agaris has been tasked with something that needs to be kept quiet, a gate will be left in Luna Bank. From there you will find a note that will lead you to where he is

Sept. 27:  What Merrick knows. – Location: Somewhere in the Lost Lands (Gate from Luna Bank) -Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Description: Remember what Whitebeard said about spies. Find out what from Merrick what he knows about the Ancient Treasure, and then learn from him what he did not reveal to the Captain Corian and King Blackthorn.


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Calling all blacksmiths, tailors, and other crafters.  The Royal Guard needs you for uniform and weapon construction of all types.  If you are interested in helping with this please meet with the Sergeant Major at the new guardhouse  Sunday August 10th @ 7:30pm CST. You can get to the new guardhouse by double clicking the statue just as you enter Castle Britian.  Look for the Royal Guard Recruiter standing next to it.


August 08, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News


  • 03 August – Informal guard meeting at the new guard house for guard decoration @7:30pm CST
  • 10 August – Guard Meeting for all crafters who want to join the royal guard. New guardhouse 7:30pm CST
  • 14 August – Kings Meeting. Governors meeting with King Blackthorn to discuss issues plaguing the realm. 8:00pm CST council chambers in Castle Blackthorn.
  • 19 August – guard promotions/inspections followed by training at the void pool. @8:00pm CST Castle Blackthorn courtyard
  • 22 August – Vaeg Attacks – more to follow
  • 24 August – Darts at the reward hall darts/archery arena. 7:30pm CST
  • 29 August – Chicken Fight Night. Battle chicken lizard fighting at the new arena. This is a felecca event. 7:30pm CST
  • 31 August – Meet @ Greet @7:30pm CST Em Hall Brit

*This schedule may change slightly with the Vaeg event and one more may or may not be added*

For the month of August we will hold a fishing contest for the Black Marlin. Fish MUST BE caught in August, display the owners name and weight, caught on Lake Superior, and be able to be mounted. The winners fish will grace the reward hall. The goal is to display one of each of the shards top catches. Please submit entries at the mailbox just to the west of the EM Hall in Britian

:spider:**Added note by your friendly LS Reporter and Corporal. Guards are asked to wear their dress armor for King’s Meeting and Guard Meetings.
I suggest setting a bag aside just for dress armor. Have your fighting armor bagged or set in your bag to auto undress and dress. ;)

The Search for the Lucky Ducks!

May 01, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


   EM Drosselmeyer gathered any and all who would venture out to the Chesapeake Fairgrounds last eve to play a most interesting game of hide and seek. It seemed as if the majestic golden bird along side the robed one had lost it’s offspring in various locations about the realm.


ScreenHunter_10 Apr. 30 21.02


ScreenHunter_13 Apr. 30 21.42


   Those who took challenge sped off to seek out and note the location of any and all ducklings they could find in the lands. 45 minutes were aloud as the top three seekers would place and have thier respective feat rewarded by having the newly disovered blaze birds guard thier homes. The mad dash was on! Travelers were everywhere and then some spanning the globe in search of the missing offspring. Those smart enough to follow the instructions were given hints to the pattern of whereabouts in the events chat channel. Two good hints were given that they were not in Felucca, and that they seemed to gravitate to important areas within a location.


ScreenHunter_15 Apr. 30 21.49


   The bell for times end would soon ring as the ensemble raced to return to the fairgrounds lake to register thier finds. In the end, Ivy took first place with 15, Ashlynn second with 9, and a Beautiful Maiden for whose name I can not remember from the KFC guild took home 3rd. My polaroid slayer spellbook did not capture your namesake! The challenge was not over however! There was an announcement of 25 total ducklings to be found and The robed one promised the mother duck as a household guardian to the first to send via email all 25 locations! Better Get Searching!



ScreenHunter_16 Apr. 30 21.51



Kings Meeting March 31st

April 01, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News


It was that time again, time for the governor’s to get together and meet with the king. Upon arrival there didn’t seem like there were many in attendance. Soon the people began to filter in while following the king. It was interesting to say the least as the Dwarven governor and Britains newest governor who happened to be a orc exchanged words. They clearly were gonna have trouble getting along. Soon the king called the meeting to order. Starting with a few announcements then followed by each governor having a chance to talk about their cities needs and wants.

The meeting came to a conclusion as a emmisary of zento was inquiring about the guards still being stationed near winter spur.

you can see a video of the meeting here

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[EM Announcement] Atlantic Event Schedule for April 2014!

April 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Atlantic Event Schedule for April 2014

(In Addition to the events listed here, many/several unannounced mini-events will also be taking place throughout Sosaria, these are flavor events to bring background fiction to the listed events as well as provide a constant stream of happenings in the lands. They will ONLY be announced via the town criers and are done on an ‘EM has some free time available’ basis. Don’t Panic.)


Saturday April 5th @ 6pm East (Balthazar Event)
“Horse Race in Nujelm”

Tuesday April 8th @ 1pm East (Taweret Event)
“On the Run!” – Crux Ansata Event

Wednesday April 16th @ 8pm East (Bennu Event)
“The Find” *See Notes Below!

Saturday April 19th @ 6pm East (Balthazar Event)
“Knowledge & Scavenger Hunt”

Tuesday April 22nd @ Midnight East (Taweret Event)
“The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen!”

Thursday April 24th @ 8pm East (Bennu Event)
“The Long Goodbye”

Sunday April 27th @ 8pm EST – Conseil du Roi


Notes for ‘the Find’ will follow soon.

[EM Announcement] Atlantic’s March 2014 Event Schedule

March 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Will update with Balthazar’s scheduled events soon.

Atlantic’s March 2014 Event Schedule

Thursday March 6th @ 1pm EST – Blackthorn Castle Courtyard – Crux Ansata Event
“Rogue Elements” – A Rogue Group of Kingsguard try and occupy Trinsic and must be dealt with.

Friday March 14th @ 8pm EST – Blackthorn Castle Courtyard
“A Fairies Tail” – Sheon drops a hint as to things to come.

Monday March 24th @ 8pm EST – Blood Dungeon Ilshnear at the Wisp Inside. – Blood Chosen Event
“Elements” – Are the Blood Chosen simply pawns of the Xorinite?

Thursday March 27th @ 1pm EST – Blackthorn Castle Courtyard – Crux Ansata Event
“Death from Above” – The Invasion of Vesper

Sunday March 30th @ 8pm EST – Conseil du Roi