Ancient Treasures Day 9 Part 2

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Lake Austin shard

I found Merrick deep in conversation with Tolivar. I quietly moved closer to hear what was being said. ” Tolivar…You can’t do this, Tolivar!” Merrick shouted at him. The shouting drew a curious crowd. This made it ever easier to get closer. Tolivar Fence looked at the crowd in anger. “You know who protected the cities of Britannia, before Blackthorn magically returned? We did, Merrick. Now they have Vos in chains in Yew, to put on public Trial.” he paused, ” A public Trial for all the lives he saved, and the people he protected. They brand me an enemy of Britannia. Are you aware? Blackthorn himself, has Corian ‘working on it.’  Me, who protected it as well as I could absentia a King. No thanks, in the shadows, like a good spy. What about you Merrick, what have they done for you? ” he asked in anger.” Merrick shook his head, ” It isn’t about me, Tolivar. None of this is, it isn’t even about Britannia. All you want is what you stumbled across. What I denied you.”

“Maybe at first, Merrick. Until they branded me a traitor, ‘crimes’ that saved Britannian citizens. All these, good citizens around me. They made it about this, they made it about us. I even helped them get rid of the Traversis. I will not lie down like a good little dog. just disappear.” Tolivar replied turning red in anger.

“You were always good at not being noticed. No one even knew you became the Spymaster, when the original died. After what happened to him… when he went to see his daughter… you’d think we would learn better. All you have to do is call off the attacks, and walk away Tolivar. They won’t ever find you.” Merrick said trying to calm Tolivar.

” Ever the loyal little lad, Merrick. If only I had left you on that pirate ship. You interfered before, but not this time friend. You’ll all be far too busy defending your cities to look for little ol’ me. Even now while you sit here listening to me prattle. I’ll make sure of it. If only they knew, what we did for Britannia, Merrick. But they’ll find out what we can do to it.” Tolivar Fence began laughing ” Perhaps, you should go stop Minoc from burning to the ground.” Still laughing Tolivar disappeared.

Merrick disturbed by what Tolivar said, looked at me. ” What? Minoc, burning? Quick gather the Royal Guards. Quickly.” I didn’t need encouragement. I was already hurrying  to Britian even using magic which I didn’t trust.

orcs in minco


When we arrived back at Minco, we found the outer buildings burning. The city guard was losing to a band of Orcs lead by the orc chiefs Varfu and Lurzuk the Strong.  Seeing us Merrick shouted, “Clear them out, don’t let them into the city!”  After a long battle with many deaths on both sides, we captured the few orcs left. Searching the bodies of the chiefs Merrick found another crude Orchish map. I wondered if these orcs were part of the band we had run into before.  Merrick studied the map, trying to decipher what it said. “It seems to show the orcs are stationed near the…SE End of Covetous along a dirt path.  Hurry we must stop them!”  Without looking to see if we followed, he stepped through a gate.  Arriving, we surprised the orcs.  Catching from behind, we made short the battle.

moutain battle

 I went to talk to Merrick expecting him to be happy or at least relieved. Instead he was muttering in sadness,  “Is it my fault? I thought he had changed…This is my fault, I should have warned Dahlia.  Instead of trying to…He placed his hand on his forehead. ” Tolivar isn’t entirely wrong, Vos will likely be executed, unless someone can persuade judge otherwise. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, a little.  I don’t suppose if they decide to put me in Yew prison as well, you would throw me a spare key? he asked me hopefully. Before answering, I thought carefully. “I will not help you escape, but I will speak to Captain Corian and Dahlia.”  That seemed to reassure him. ” Good, because I’m about to go face some pretty nasty music. ‘m going to turn myself into Corian, and perhaps work it out, if not. Well, if I get a chance, perhaps I’ll tell you what started this. I’m off to face the music, or so it goes. I told Tolivar, you either stay invisible as a Spymaster, or end up dead, Ahem, if I don’t get a second chance. The archery contests… you had to know how terrible an idea, that was.” Merrick stopped grinning. ” Yet you still came. Cheers. Tell Dahlia, I’m turning myself in. If Corian throws me in a cell, tell her she can see me there. Before I change my mind… you should go see Dahlia in Britain Hall” *Kal Ort Por* and he was gone.

Ancient Treasures Day 9 – Part 1

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Lake Austin Shard

I found Dahlia at the Royal Spies headquarters. Distracted, she keep looking around as it waiting for someone. As she greeted me, a royal courier arrived. Looking around, the courier hesitated as if thinking it would be best to come back later. However Dahlia motioned for her to come forward. “Mistress, I have word. It is about that… ” she said as she handed Dahlia a sealed letter. “Mistress,”  the courier said bowed low then turned and quickly left the room.  Looking over Dahlia’s shoulder, I tried to see who’s seal was on the letter. But Dahlia moved away, as she read the letter. ” Hmm… So it does exist…”, Dahlia said to her self.  Still trying to see what was on the letter, I asked ” Is it news of the treasure my lady?”  Shaking her head, Dahlia replied “No, something else. I should send word to Corian later.” Turning back to me, she asked for my notes about Sherry the mouse.” Rereading the last line, she looked up, Sherry has been found?” “Yes, my lady. She has been found hiding the the kitchen at Blackthorn Castle. ” Folding and unfolding the courier’s message, she seemed to come to a decision. “I want you to go check on Sherry and see that she is okay. I need to go inform Corian about this development.”



I found Sherry the Mouse nervously hiding under a table. Getting down on my knees I asked her if she was okay. “Y-yes, now.” she answered.  I wondered what could have scared her so. “Did you see something Sherry?” I asked. She began shivering. I carefully I picked her up. “Twas terrible, the way they came into the Vaults. Tis a secret, but they are gone and others have forgotten. Yes, a lot of strange things, I canst say what they all are.” Sherry replied lost in thought.  Concerned about what might have been taken, I asked “Do you know what was taken?” Sherry the Mouse had stopped shivering, ” Uh-huh! Therein, things that Nystul, and Clainin, and others left.” Frowning I thought to myself. Items from court wizards are best left lost in the Vaults. ” Did they take anything else?”  “Yes,” She replied. “Lots of other things, tall things, odd things.” When I asked Sherry if she could describe the items, she looked away, as if not sure she should. I had to find out if she knew who broke in. “Sherry, Can you tell us who broke in? ” Sherry the Mouse started up towards my sleeve. “Twas a ‘tall man, with several Juka, and other humans. They passed through the walls.” Sherry cowered in my sleeve, ” They slipped through the stone like ghost.” Surprised I asked,” They came through the walls like ghost? Are you sure.” ” Oh yes!” Sherry said peeking out . ” They slipped through stone, right through. Like ghost, and one saw me and tried to grab my tail! ” Sherry squeaked with indignity. I could see that Sherry was tired and still on edge. Carefully I put her down. Quickly she ran into a mouse hole. Looking up I saw that Dahlia had joined me. She was also distrubed by what Sherry had told me. “We should probably let her rest, she should be safe enough in Blackthorn’s Castle. I am curious, to what exactly she knows about the contents of those Vaults. Sherry was  hesistant to speak of them . If the court wizards stored things in there, who knows what other dangerous items are there.”  We began to discuss what Sherry had told us. Dahlia was worried that someone could walk through walls. I suggested that maybe a wizard or perhaps a secret passage.  She changed the subject as we started toward Britain Hall.  ”

I have word Merrick was spotted, Finneas is keeping tabs on him. We should head to the Britain Sewers entrance and speak with Finneas.”  Yuck,  I thought to myself. It would be too much to expect that he had bathed since I last talked to him. But when we found him, he stank as much as ever.  Dahila didn’t seem to notice, she was focused on finding Merrick.  Aksing Finneas about Merrick, he became upset. “That one is a wily one. Taught me most of what I know. Sure I can find him, that isn’t the question. It is ugly business, I want no thanks for it. Now be on your way. ” No matter how Dahlia pressed for more information, Finneas ignored her. Walking away, I again questioned the wisdom of trusting him. Looking at me, Dahlia explained ” I don’t blame Finneas for being upset. But we can trust him. Tolivar did take him away from his life as a peasant.  Finneas… is odd. He seems relatively happy just tracking people, so we’ve allowed him to do it. But he’s also viciously “Britannian.” If he thinks Tolivar is up to something bad, he won’t protect him. Especially if it is bad for Britannia. You should head to Trinsic, West Trinsic Bank. See if you can find Merrick and slow him down. I would go, but I’m afraid that would spook him. Please find him.”