Holiday Treachery Thwarted!

December 23, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


   With Christmas upon us,  we are all resting easy as jolly old Santa recieved the aid of availble adventurers to save the Christmas magic this week.  The call from the King himself rang out as word spread that a treacherous duo of elves had stolen the holiday magic in the hopes to dash  Santas annual run.


ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 21 19.01


 ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 21 19.03


ScreenHunter_08 Dec. 21 19.05



     The brazen elf DimDum appeared in the throne room and proclaimed we had all been bad and no gifts would reach our trees this year! His majesty quickly ordered us to ride at all costs to reclaim the magic baubles. A long and winding maze was soon to follow, only by solving the riddles were adventurers able to track the slippery pair to the ice isles of the north pole. There atop the peaks and cliffs a plateau was located with a protected pile of gifts lay as our goal. Huge orcish snow beasts began to descend from thier perch with thier sights set on us…..


ScreenHunter_11 Dec. 21 19.06


ScreenHunter_16 Dec. 21 19.21


ScreenHunter_18 Dec. 21 19.22


ScreenHunter_19 Dec. 21 19.24


ScreenHunter_21 Dec. 21 19.25


    Thunderous battle ensued as flashes of might and magic lit the night sky as the elves plans began to unravel. The snow creatures were soon fallen as the pair DimDum and DumDim were bested by the combined efforts of the nights heroes.  The Christmas holiday saved,  combatants garned a commemorative sash to mark the nights victory and rumors of magic jewels recovered in the snow are abound. Well done Chesapeake.

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