[EM Announcement] Atlantic Event Schedule for May 2014!

May 15, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Taweret and I are still working out some schedule issues, hence the delay. This will be added to as we come to terms with the schedule.


Atlantic Event Schedule for May 2014!

Thursday May 15th @ 8pm East – Meet at Castle Blackthorn Courtyard
“The Red Devil Blues, a Crux Ansata Adventure”

May 26th 2014 @ 8pm East – Meet at Castle Blackthorn Courtyard
“The Flood, a Crux Ansata Adventure”

May 27th 2014 @8pm East – TBA
“Something Alien, A Crux Ansata Adventure”


[EM Announcement] Atlantic Event Schedule for April 2014!

April 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Atlantic Event Schedule for April 2014

(In Addition to the events listed here, many/several unannounced mini-events will also be taking place throughout Sosaria, these are flavor events to bring background fiction to the listed events as well as provide a constant stream of happenings in the lands. They will ONLY be announced via the town criers and are done on an ‘EM has some free time available’ basis. Don’t Panic.)


Saturday April 5th @ 6pm East (Balthazar Event)
“Horse Race in Nujelm”

Tuesday April 8th @ 1pm East (Taweret Event)
“On the Run!” – Crux Ansata Event

Wednesday April 16th @ 8pm East (Bennu Event)
“The Find” *See Notes Below!

Saturday April 19th @ 6pm East (Balthazar Event)
“Knowledge & Scavenger Hunt”

Tuesday April 22nd @ Midnight East (Taweret Event)
“The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen!”

Thursday April 24th @ 8pm East (Bennu Event)
“The Long Goodbye”

Sunday April 27th @ 8pm EST – Conseil du Roi


Notes for ‘the Find’ will follow soon.

[NEWS] Kings Meeting Minutes 23Feb2014

March 05, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

[19:01:09] [Joseph Frostmore]: *quirks a brow at the sudden appearance of the Kingsguard*
[19:02:42] [Istari]: ah here he comes
[19:02:49] [Tala]: My lord
[19:02:52] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:03:04] [King Blackthorn]: Please… sit.
[19:03:17] [Tatiana Thorn]: *sits on her stool*
[19:03:17] [Ronnie Van Zant]: King is getting cupided
[19:03:20] [Evil Eve]: well well the King is here
[19:03:26] [King Blackthorn]: Good evening everyone.
[19:03:28] [Evil Eve]: hello
[19:03:32] [Tatiana Thorn]: good evening sire
[19:03:33] [Lew]: *nods head*
[19:03:35] [Queen Arya]: Hail sire
[19:03:46] [King Blackthorn]: We are going to try and make things quick this evening, however we do have business to attend to
[19:03:52] [King Blackthorn]: So let’s get to it, shall we?
[19:03:59] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:04:25] [King Blackthorn]: First up, is the Banner Towns.
[19:04:35] [Tala]: *analyzing any threats to the king*
[19:05:01] [Lew]: *looks around*
[19:05:02] [King Blackthorn]: As many of you have likely seen I have written down a few particulars…
[19:05:21] [King Blackthorn]: So that we can discuss the issue in greater detail.
[19:06:07] [King Blackthorn]: Secondly is the matter of the Occupation of the Falling Waters Fortress.
[19:06:48] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Tazar has shown himself, through his actions to be unwilling to compromise and…
[19:06:56] [King Blackthorn]: Made himself a traitor to his native lands.
[19:07:19] [King Blackthorn]: As such, his lands are occupied by Kingsguard, until this council can come to rectify the situation.
[19:07:48] [King Blackthorn]: While I acted unilaterally on this matter, how long the troops stay in place is up to this council.
[19:08:08] [Tala]: DEATH TO THE FALSE KING!
[19:08:11] [King Blackthorn]: However, I believe that Lord Tazar should be made to answer for the murder of Yosef.
[19:08:23] [Evil Eve]: oh myu
[19:08:29] [A Goddess]: *blinks*
[19:08:35] [Joseph Frostmore]: *looks shocked*
[19:08:43] [Evil Eve]: he went poof
[19:08:44] [aulbrey]: uhhh
[19:08:48] [Lew]: *glances at the empty chair*
[19:08:51] [Queen Arya]: can we lock the doors please
[19:08:55] [Shinigami]: heh just like the coward he is
[19:08:56] [Queen Arya]: can we lock the doors please
[19:08:58] [Evil Eve]: mayb tarzan got him
[19:08:58] [Istari]: got zapped
[19:09:05] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[19:09:10] [Lew]: what just happened sire
[19:09:23] [King Blackthorn]: Tala has found herself suitibly occupied.
[19:09:31] [King Blackthorn]: *shakes his head*
[19:09:52] [The Necromaster]: Sir Blackthorn. As representative of the Necromancers in Umbra, I must protest your actions in our lands.
[19:10:04] [Corinthian]: There’s a dead huy over here
[19:10:08] [King Blackthorn]: *looks across the table*
[19:10:09] [The Necromaster]: You have no authority there and your invasion of our lands is seen as an act of war.
[19:10:16] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my word
[19:10:28] [Queen’s Emissary]: I must also protest.
[19:10:38] [King Blackthorn]: The act of war was comitted by Lord Tazar, Necromaster, and honestly, I refuse to let Malas…
[19:10:39] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my goodness
[19:10:47] [King Blackthorn]: Become a hiding place for traitors and brigands.
[19:10:48] [Corinthian]: * pushes bidy under carpet*
[19:10:48] [Queen’s Emissary]: Our Emissary to Falling Waters Fortress was brutally slaughtered by your guards.
[19:11:06] [Queen’s Emissary]: we also view this as an act of war and a violation of diplomatic immunity.
[19:11:24] [King Blackthorn]: The city is under siege, approaching it is foolish.
[19:11:36] [The Necromaster]: Then you reject our soverienty?
[19:11:38] [Tatiana Thorn]: *shakes head*
[19:11:49] [Lew]: *looks back at Galathan*
[19:11:57] [Galathan]: *loks to Lew*
[19:11:59] [King Blackthorn]: Necromaster, I reject the idea of letting a man murder a Governor then flee into Malas for…
[19:12:01] [Lew]: did you bring any asprin?
[19:12:02] [King Blackthorn]: Safety.
[19:12:05] [Galathan]: *nods*
[19:12:09] [Galathan]: *hands him so*
[19:12:13] [Galathan]: *some*
[19:12:25] [Lew]: *takes pills*
[19:12:27] [The Necromaster]: And yet we have reports of your own pardoning of a known mass murderer?
[19:12:39] [The Necromaster]: I must question your actions and honor, Sir.
[19:12:43] [Ivory Skyfire]: now i know why i avoid politics
[19:12:45] [Queen Arya]: I could use a drink*
[19:12:51] [Sinful Obsession]: *Nods*
[19:12:51] [King Blackthorn]: Then you listen to one sides reports of a man who seeks to hide in his fortress.
[19:12:57] [King Blackthorn]: And spin lies which benefit himself.
[19:13:20] [The Necromaster]: Nay. I listen to the people of Trinsic.
[19:13:35] [The Necromaster]: and others in Britannia
[19:13:39] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Lew, speaks for the people of Trinsic.
[19:13:54] [King Blackthorn]: Governor, have you anything to add, since this man says he speaks for you?
[19:14:04] [Beldin Brightaxe]: While Ah donnae speak fer Minoc anymair,
[19:14:07] [Lew]: to what sire
[19:14:08] [The Necromaster]: I make no claim to speak for Lord Lew.
[19:14:15] [The Necromaster]: Please do not twist my words.
[19:14:17] [Lew]: to the Murder of citizens of Trinsic by Solus?
[19:14:21] [Lew]: or to the words spoken here
[19:14:23] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah must insist tha’ justice be doon in thae murder ae Governor Yosef
[19:14:29] [The Necromaster]: You made the alim that I listen to Lord Tazar and that is not true.
[19:14:30] [King Blackthorn]: More to the words spoke here, but speak your peace.
[19:14:32] [Lanfear]: Bann that Person
[19:14:34] [The Necromaster]: I listen to the people.
[19:14:50] [Lew]: *is quizzled*
[19:15:06] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Beldin, please, step forward and represent your city once more.
[19:15:11] [Tatiana Thorn]: *frets and chews her bottom lip*
[19:15:17] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[19:15:50] [King Blackthorn]: Necromaster, put yourself in my seat, how would you see me respond to a man who murdered a…
[19:15:51] [Ghajulgaah]: I didnt get to say anything to adhere did I
[19:15:51] [Evil Eve]: it want come up let it be
[19:15:53] [King Blackthorn]: Governor?
[19:15:54] [Maelwyn]: Figures
[19:16:02] [Maelwyn]: a dwarf for Minoc…
[19:16:14] [The Necromaster]: I would look further to the cause of the act.
[19:16:34] [The Necromaster]: cause and effect are key
[19:16:39] [King Blackthorn]: So you would allow, a man to murder a governor, flee into Malas, and not in any way face
[19:16:42] [King Blackthorn]: Justice or recourse?
[19:16:46] [The Necromaster]: what led to such actions?
[19:16:53] [The Necromaster]: Justice? *laughs*
[19:17:00] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Where be thae manlin’ sae accused?
[19:17:00] [The Necromaster]: this is a mockery of Justice.
[19:17:06] [Beldin Brightaxe]: kin he nae speak fer hisself?
[19:17:19] [King Blackthorn]: *shakes his head*
[19:17:20] [The Necromaster]: You are killing innocents in Malas and you allowed Solus to do the same.
[19:17:33] [Beth Gilbert]: Depends on the reason for the murder..
[19:17:37] [Beth Gilbert]: * smiles*
[19:17:40] [King Blackthorn]: *shakes his head*
[19:17:43] [The Necromaster]: I shall return to my people and let them know of your “Justice”
[19:17:47] [Lanfear]: there is no reason for Murder
[19:18:04] [King Blackthorn]: Tell your people to stay away and not attempt to interfear in the siege.
[19:18:08] [King Blackthorn]: And there wont be a problem.
[19:18:13] [Sinful Obsession]: Miss Ivory
[19:18:16] [Joseph Frostmore]: *nods*
[19:18:17] [Sinful Obsession]: would you like a chair?
[19:18:20] [Ivory Skyfire]: oh hello
[19:18:23] [Ivory Skyfire]: if there is one free
[19:18:31] [King Blackthorn]: *sighs*
[19:18:34] [Queen’s Emissary]: and what of our Diplomat who went to the Fortress to sue for peace?
[19:18:35] [Evil Eve]: *giggles*
[19:18:40] [King Blackthorn]: And to think, I predicted an uneventful evening.
[19:18:42] [Sinful Obsession]: this way
[19:18:44] [Queen’s Emissary]: slaughtered as are other innocents.
[19:18:49] [Queen’s Emissary]: *sighs*
[19:18:59] [Ivory Skyfire]: *feels chair*
[19:18:59] [Lew]: has there been such at this council sire
[19:18:59] [Queen’s Emissary]: I too see the Justice of Blackthorn.
[19:19:03] [King Blackthorn]: Do you have a name Emissary?
[19:19:04] [Ivory Skyfire]: thank you
[19:19:19] [Smoke]: please remove your weapon
[19:19:20] [Lanfear]: Have a seat Young one
[19:19:24] [Queen’s Emissary]: We who serve the Queen have no name.
[19:19:28] [Sinful Obsession]: umm
[19:19:32] [Ghajulgaah]: pardon
[19:19:32] [Sinful Obsession]: she is Blind
[19:19:34] [Queen’s Emissary]: We give up our selves for her.
[19:19:36] [King Blackthorn]: Very well, then I shall say this.
[19:19:39] [Smoke]: sorry
[19:19:39] [Sinful Obsession]: that is her walking stick
[19:19:49] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh
[19:19:50] [Sinful Obsession]: *shakes head*
[19:19:51] [King Blackthorn]: Britannia has no claim to Malas, nor does your Queen.
[19:19:53] [Tatiana Thorn]: he was talking to me?
[19:20:10] [Shinigami]: yet it still invades malas despite having no claim?
[19:20:11] [Queen’s Emissary]: We see your desire is not for peace.
[19:20:13] [Ivory Skyfire]: oh thank you, i didnt realize it was seen as a weapon
[19:20:21] [Ivory Skyfire]: *folds staff up and tucks it in her pack*
[19:20:25] [Sinful Obsession]: Your fine Miss Ivory
[19:20:28] [Queen’s Emissary]: We went to negotiate for peace and are instead killed
[19:20:30] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Tazar is a Criminal, not a monarch.
[19:20:48] [Katalin]: He is in lands not ruled by the King
[19:20:48] [King Blackthorn]: His fortress is under siege because he is to be arrested.
[19:20:57] [Beldin Brightaxe]: From thae actions ae a rebel ter tha crown
[19:21:00] [Lew]: My Liege, why are we in Malas when there seem to be Briggands in Brit?
[19:21:10] [King Blackthorn]: He lacks the authority to seek peace.
[19:21:20] [King Blackthorn]: A criminal often begs for mercy.
[19:21:21] [Queen’s Emissary]: asit appears are you sir to murder innocents.
[19:21:26] [King Blackthorn]: But they must first be caught.
[19:21:40] [Tatiana Thorn]: *chews on her lip*
[19:21:40] [Queen’s Emissary]: I too shall return to my Queen with words of your “justice”.
[19:21:45] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Solus is no longer Governor.
[19:21:49] [King Blackthorn]: Nor will he be again.
[19:21:56] [Lew]: *claps*
[19:21:57] [Evil Eve]: *giggles*
[19:22:00] [Galathan]: *cheers*
[19:22:04] [Evil Eve]: woohoo
[19:22:05] [Ghajulgaah]: spits on the ground*
[19:22:08] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Why would thae Queen send an emmisary there?
[19:22:29] [King Blackthorn]: The gargoyles are seemingly interested in this fight.
[19:22:31] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *shrugs*
[19:22:35] [King Blackthorn]: Although I do not understand why.
[19:22:39] [Evil Eve]: she may be hiding who you seek
[19:22:56] [King Blackthorn]: Tazar is a criminal, not a monarch.
[19:22:57] [Lew]: It seems everone is interested
[19:23:09] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed Governor, indeed.
[19:23:28] [King Blackthorn]: As I said, I leave the occupation of Falling Waters in the hands of this council.
[19:23:36] [King Blackthorn]: A simple majority.
[19:23:51] [King Blackthorn]: It was one of your own that was murdered here.
[19:24:00] [Tatiana Thorn]: *raises hand tentatively*
[19:24:01] [Ghajulgaah]: *cleans spit*
[19:24:06] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Lady Thorn*
[19:24:11] [Tatiana Thorn]: sire?
[19:24:14] [Lew]: *looks to Tatiana*
[19:24:20] [King Blackthorn]: Speak good Lady. Please.
[19:24:21] [Tatiana Thorn]: isnt malas part of another realm?
[19:24:27] [Tatiana Thorn]: i mean
[19:24:33] [Tatiana Thorn]: dont you rule here
[19:24:33] [King Blackthorn]: Malas is a wild land, lawless frontier.
[19:24:39] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh
[19:24:41] [Beth Gilbert]: I beg to differ.
[19:24:43] [Queen Arya]: coughs*
[19:24:45] [Beth Gilbert]: It is not lawless..
[19:24:54] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles slightly*
[19:24:54] [Tatiana Thorn]: okay
[19:25:04] [King Blackthorn]: I mean that it is not represented by a single body.
[19:25:11] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:25:12] [Queen Arya]: smiles*
[19:25:16] [Tatiana Thorn]: yes sire, i understand
[19:25:17] [King Blackthorn]: There are many strongholds, warlords, and townships.
[19:25:31] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:25:44] [King Blackthorn]: Truth be told, I long for Sanctus.
[19:25:44] [Tatiana Thorn]: aye i have been to sanctus manytimes
[19:26:03] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Paladins an’ Necromancers
[19:26:07] [King Blackthorn]: At least then I would have recourse to communicate with a governmental body.
[19:26:11] [Galathan]: *looks at the king*
[19:26:18] [Ivory Skyfire]: oh my
[19:26:30] [Ivory Skyfire]: my town is hardly lawless
[19:26:34] [Ivory Skyfire]: it is quite peaceful
[19:26:49] [Lew]: *looks back at Ivory*
[19:26:58] [Sinful Obsession]: Miss Ivory is here
[19:27:00] [King Blackthorn]: Come, lets us continue on a more productive track.
[19:27:02] [Sinful Obsession]: to talk abotu Sanctus
[19:27:07] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[19:27:12] [King Blackthorn]: Corinthian, do you come to speak for Yew this evening?
[19:28:30] [Corinthian]: Aye, sir
[19:28:38] [King Blackthorn]: The floor of this chamber is yours sir.
[19:28:50] [Corinthian]: Your majesty, council members and citizens of Britannia. This is a moment of great import for all of us!
[19:29:03] [Corinthian]: The synthesis of individual genius and industrious collaboration has brought forth 3 miraculous masterpieces of intoxication.
[19:29:16] [Tatiana Thorn]: *blinks*
[19:29:17] [Corinthian]: Thanks to the timely donation of the many puppies and kittens provided by Solus, we had an adequate amount of test subjects
[19:29:18] [King Blackthorn]: *raises an eyebrow*
[19:29:30] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my
[19:29:31] [Corinthian]: to ensure the safety of the product to the general public.
[19:29:35] [Queen Arya]: looks up big words8
[19:29:35] [A Goddess]: *stares*
[19:29:43] [Corinthian]: The sole survivor, which we have named Rasputin, will be depicted on all future labels.
[19:29:44] [Lew]: *scratches head*
[19:29:46] [Ghajulgaah]: Mur rum!
[19:29:54] [Corinthian]: -{ Shows twitching kitten }-
[19:30:00] [woody]: wow
[19:30:01] [Tatiana Thorn]: good lord
[19:30:09] [King Blackthorn]: *rubs his temples*
[19:30:11] [Corinthian]: The first product is a hearty but pretentious draught.
[19:30:13] [Ghajulgaah]: kitty! *claps hands*
[19:30:15] [Beth Gilbert]: * busts out laughing*
[19:30:16] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah always knew them elflings were bad folk…
[19:30:21] [Andrasta]: oh my god
[19:30:22] [Corinthian]: For those who feel that the name rather than the quality of what they drink defines them , we give you, Rebel Rum.
[19:30:29] [Lew]: you tested on puppies and kittens!!!!!
[19:30:48] [King Blackthorn]: Maybe Solus changed his name to Biggering…
[19:30:51] [King Blackthorn]: *whispers*
[19:30:52] [Ivory Skyfire]: *narrows her eyes*
[19:30:55] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Jist whit Brittania needs….
[19:30:57] [Corinthian]: Secondly, specially tailored to the more discerning palate, a libation we hope to have his majesty formally endorse,
[19:31:03] [Beldin Brightaxe]: A rum named fer rebels
[19:31:16] [Corinthian]: perhaps even dub in a small ceremony as his official distillation of choice in the interest of increased sales.
[19:31:28] [Worf Son of Mog]: 4got stuck on my cursor
[19:31:32] [Corinthian]: We present Royal Ripple.
[19:31:32] [Ivory Skyfire]: *whispers.. animals*
[19:31:51] [Corinthian]: And finally the drink for every man, woman and occassion;
[19:31:56] [Ghajulgaah]: *glares in lost void at kegs*
[19:32:01] [King Blackthorn]: I do not think I will be putting my name next to anything endorsed by Solus…
[19:32:02] [Corinthian]: whether it be a single nightcap with that special someone before joining them in the sack,
[19:32:09] [King Blackthorn]: Or tested on kittens and puppies.
[19:32:15] [Corinthian]: or many rounds joining a group of friends under the table for the evening.
[19:32:22] [Ivory Skyfire]: *nods in agreement with the king*
[19:32:26] [Corinthian]: We have selected a name as easy for numbed lips to pronounce after the 30th drink as it was for the first. We call it Booze!
[19:32:27] [Khaleesi]: *nods* distastful indeed
[19:32:42] [Corinthian]: Enjoy the free samples.
[19:32:42] [aulbrey]: yesss
[19:32:44] [Ghajulgaah]: hmmm *twingles fingers*
[19:32:45] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Is this a council meetin’?
[19:32:45] [aulbrey]: errr umm
[19:32:49] [aulbrey]: *listens*
[19:32:51] [Queen Arya]: um claps* glad thats over
[19:32:59] [King Blackthorn]: Seems so brother dwarf… seems so.
[19:32:59] [Tatiana Thorn]: *looks a bit puzzled*
[19:32:59] [Beldin Brightaxe]: or a stage fer endorsin’ new products?
[19:33:00] [Aradan]: King, is this how you handle all of your meetings?
[19:33:01] [King Blackthorn]: *sighs*
[19:33:02] [woody]: *perk*
[19:33:03] [Corinthian]: Thank you for your time, your majesty
[19:33:18] [Evil Eve]: wired
[19:33:22] [Evil Eve]: *giggles*
[19:33:35] [King Blackthorn]: Someone wake Sunwolf, I fear Yew has fallen to the drink.
[19:33:38] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Whit thae fook be goin’ on in Yew nowadays?
[19:33:40] [woody]: thanks mu lord
[19:33:56] [Evil Eve]: hehe
[19:33:57] [Istari]: Wow!
[19:34:04] [Lew]: Sire, I will visit yew this night, Im in need of a drink
[19:34:14] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Khaleesi, please bring your usual grace and charm to this council…
[19:34:20] [King Blackthorn]: It is sorely needed this evening.
[19:34:20] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah’d like ter join yer Lew !
[19:34:25] [Khaleesi]: *chuckles*
[19:34:54] [woody]: *burp* good stuff
[19:35:03] [Khaleesi]: We had a town meeting recently that resulted in a poll…for this ..Rebellion
[19:35:18] [Khaleesi]: Vesper’s stance will be to stay within its historical lure
[19:35:26] [Khaleesi]: and be a stance for neutrality..
[19:35:30] [Aradan]: King and governors… when you are ready to focus on the needs of the people of this land, I shall return.
[19:35:41] [Aradan]: For now, you have lost my faith in running anything.
[19:35:58] [Khaleesi]: We have many in our land who are loyal to you, my king
[19:36:01] [Khaleesi]: and those that are not
[19:36:03] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Bah !@
[19:36:16] [Beldin Brightaxe]: tha’ were a lousy toss !
[19:36:17] [King Blackthorn]: Fair enough, Lady Khaleesi. However I wish others could appriciate the gravity of Tazar’s crime.
[19:36:18] [Khaleesi]: I wish to sponsor a haven for all
[19:36:26] [Raven]: oh some beer
[19:36:33] [Beldin Brightaxe]: one less elfling…
[19:36:35] [Khaleesi]: *nods*
[19:36:46] [Evil Eve]: so what do you want to do with him
[19:36:46] [King Blackthorn]: Does Vesper have anything else for us this evening?
[19:36:52] [Khaleesi]: Aye I do
[19:36:55] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:36:58] [Lew]: did anyone bring a sobriety spell?
[19:37:00] [Khaleesi]: May i call upon Lord Frostmore, Sire
[19:37:17] [Raven]: ill just leave these here
[19:37:20] [Khaleesi]: He wishes to bring something to your attention
[19:37:31] [Raven]: you may want it back
[19:37:32] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:37:42] [Lew]: *gasps*
[19:37:53] [woody]: wow
[19:37:54] [Queen Arya]: sure wish the doors could be locked*
[19:38:02] [Ivory Skyfire]: *shakes head trying to follow*
[19:38:03] [Joseph Frostmore]: *neels momentarily*
[19:38:08] [J D]: *takes helmet*
[19:38:10] [King Blackthorn]: Guards, could we remove the heads please.
[19:38:18] [Joseph Frostmore]: Youre grace it is an honor thank you
[19:38:29] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Lord Frostmore*
[19:38:32] [Evil Eve]: shh so he can talk
[19:38:37] [Joseph Frostmore]: I would like to report on the sickness that befell our town
[19:38:43] [Joseph Frostmore]: Fortunately,
[19:38:56] [Joseph Frostmore]: Due to ojur gracious benefactor
[19:39:01] [Joseph Frostmore]: Dante Darkheart
[19:39:11] [Joseph Frostmore]: We we able to develop a cure
[19:39:20] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh very good
[19:39:21] [King Blackthorn]: That is most assuridly good news.
[19:39:28] [Joseph Frostmore]: And have collected enoug ingredients for the population
[19:39:29] [Akera]: :)
[19:39:40] [Joseph Frostmore]: Secondly
[19:39:50] [King Blackthorn]: Is there anything the Crown can do to assist Vesper in this?
[19:39:58] [Joseph Frostmore]: I wish to address the matter of these goblins
[19:40:05] [Beth Gilbert]: * busts out laughing once more..*
[19:40:08] [Joseph Frostmore]: They were blamed at first for the sickness
[19:40:20] [Joseph Frostmore]: And they have overrun our beekeepers shop
[19:40:29] [Khaleesi]: *nods looking between Lord Frostmore and the King*
[19:40:33] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *growls at the mention of goblins*
[19:40:40] [Joseph Frostmore]: THey made the place filthy and he has lost much business
[19:40:42] [King Blackthorn]: Quite an Immigration of Goblins I hear.
[19:40:50] [woody]: *burp* good stuff
[19:40:52] [Joseph Frostmore]: Indeed your Grace
[19:41:09] [Joseph Frostmore]: Vesper requests they be removed non violently
[19:41:16] [Worf Son of Mog]: *puts an ale in armor for later after meeting*
[19:41:22] [King Blackthorn]: Ah, but removed to where?
[19:41:37] [<13931919>aulbrey]: i like these kind of meetings
[19:41:42] [Joseph Frostmore]: Some[place more suitable to their natural habitats
[19:41:44] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah’ll move ’em
[19:41:46] [Queen Arya]: poor Ozog
[19:41:50] [Khaleesi]: *looks to Lord Frostmore*
[19:41:52] [King Blackthorn]: Have you spoken with them? Asked them to return home?
[19:41:59] [Beldin Brightaxe]: bar it wonnae be….
[19:42:01] [Ivory Skyfire]: *leans forward to listen*
[19:42:06] [Joseph Frostmore]: They have not been very responsive
[19:42:08] [Andrasta]: They are welcome in Zento
[19:42:15] [King Blackthorn]: I see.
[19:42:16] [Queen Arya]: same with Toad Town
[19:42:28] [Joseph Frostmore]: We do not wish to see harm come to them
[19:42:33] [Queen Arya]: I can speak to Ozog
[19:42:40] [Joseph Frostmore]: For they have not physically harmed any of us.
[19:42:51] [King Blackthorn]: Maybe Lord Frostmore, you could offer them greener pastures.
[19:43:01] [King Blackthorn]: I think they are attracted to the climate in Vesper.
[19:43:06] [Khaleesi]: Aye and they are welcome to visit anytime
[19:43:08] [King Blackthorn]: Tis quite mild this time of year.
[19:43:19] [Khaleesi]: *smirks*
[19:43:29] [King Blackthorn]: But I understand the concern.
[19:43:43] [King Blackthorn]: I shall see what can be done to gently encourage them to return to their home.
[19:43:44] [Ivory Skyfire]: i dont think goblins and pixies get along…
[19:43:50] [Khaleesi]: Perhasp the orchard behind your castle
[19:43:50] [Sinful Obsession]: There is greener behind the castle here
[19:43:50] [King Blackthorn]: Surely the beekeper is nearly out of honey?
[19:43:53] [Joseph Frostmore]: THank you your Grace
[19:43:54] [Khaleesi]: *looks behind her*
[19:44:04] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles slightly at Khaleesi*
[19:44:18] [Istari]: Johathan no spells allowed here just look for a healer
[19:44:22] [Joseph Frostmore]: *bows*
[19:44:27] [Khaleesi]: *looks down smoothing the folds of her skirt*
[19:44:34] [Joseph Frostmore]: Thank you for this audience tonight your Grace
[19:44:39] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed sir.
[19:44:42] [Lew]: *smiles*
[19:44:55] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Khaleesi, anything else?
[19:45:18] [Khaleesi]: Are we voting on the fortress this eve?
[19:45:26] [King Blackthorn]: If one of you brings it to a vote.
[19:45:52] [Khaleesi]: *nods* We do have missing governor’s
[19:45:55] [King Blackthorn]: However, this evening I will speak for both Britain and the Crown.
[19:46:10] [King Blackthorn]: I think the matter should be voted upon this evening.
[19:46:15] [Khaleesi]: Understood.. Perhaps at the end..
[19:46:19] [King Blackthorn]: To see where the council stands.
[19:46:21] [King Blackthorn]: If nothing else.
[19:46:24] [Khaleesi]: I’d like to mull it over some..
[19:46:37] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:46:51] [King Blackthorn]: *turns to Lady Thorn*
[19:47:03] [King Blackthorn]: Good Lady of Skara Brae… the floor is yours.
[19:47:09] [Tatiana Thorn]: yes sir
[19:47:17] [Tatiana Thorn]: well i dont realy have much to report
[19:47:17] [Tatiana Thorn]: but
[19:47:23] [Tatiana Thorn]: i really dont like the idea
[19:47:27] [Tatiana Thorn]: of occupying
[19:47:32] [Tatiana Thorn]: another land
[19:47:58] [Tatiana Thorn]: just sort of my thoughts………
[19:48:23] [King Blackthorn]: I understand the concern good Lady.
[19:48:36] [Tatiana Thorn]: he could be arrested
[19:48:41] [Tatiana Thorn]: if ever he shows here again………
[19:48:44] [King Blackthorn]: I do not like it either, however I cannot allow Lord Tazar license to murder Governors…
[19:48:57] [King Blackthorn]: Or assassinate the King because he lacks the courage to stand for himself politically.
[19:48:58] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods in understanding*
[19:49:04] [Lew]: *looks to his right*
[19:49:24] [Tatiana Thorn]: we continue to travel about offering wares to the folk
[19:50:02] [Tatiana Thorn]: that is about all i have to say sire
[19:50:06] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:50:07] [Worf Son of Mog]: plz disarm sir
[19:50:18] [King Blackthorn]: Lady of Moonglow, have you anything for us this eve?
[19:50:26] [Daphnie]: unfortunately i do not..
[19:50:39] [Ivory Skyfire]: *smiles at tatiana*
[19:50:48] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[19:50:52] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Lew.
[19:50:55] [Corinthian]: She needs a drink
[19:50:57] [King Blackthorn]: How fares Trinsic?
[19:51:09] [Lew]: Trinsic is well sire
[19:51:19] [Lew]: we competed our quarterly fishing contest
[19:51:29] [Lew]: however I cannot at this time hand you the winning fish
[19:51:36] [King Blackthorn]: Always a popular thing.
[19:51:37] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:51:38] [Lew]: as there was a problem at the taxedirmist
[19:52:01] [Lew]: so I will have to meet you at a later date
[19:52:06] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[19:52:15] [Lew]: to the matter at hand
[19:52:22] [Lew]: and i have qute the headache from it to be honest sire
[19:52:35] [Lew]: As Governor I am no more important than the people I serve
[19:52:36] [King Blackthorn]: Then we make an aching pair.
[19:52:40] [King Blackthorn]: *rubs his forehead*
[19:52:50] [Corinthian]: Remember that no fishing trip is complete without booze
[19:52:50] [Lew]: so when I hear talk of murder I think to my people
[19:53:14] [Lew]: Trinsic is and always has been a servant of sosaria
[19:53:16] [Lew]: and its king
[19:53:22] [Lew]: whomever that may be
[19:53:37] [Lew]: but to that end, we stand to protect this land not others
[19:53:50] [Lew]: I have heard reports of Briggands in Brit at this very moment
[19:54:17] [Ivory Skyfire]: i myself was attacked and my poor pet paid the price
[19:54:18] [Lew]: to this end I believe it important to bring the guard back to the city and deal with the chaos that was caused by solus
[19:54:30] [Queen Arya]: 8that can happened when the governors are not around to protect its citizens*
[19:54:44] [Lew]: excuse me?
[19:54:53] [Jonathan]: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
[19:54:59] [King Blackthorn]: I believe she was speaking ill of Solus…
[19:54:59] [woody]: get em
[19:55:04] [Queen Arya]: aye
[19:55:05] [Lew]: do you have something to add my lady?
[19:55:07] [King Blackthorn]: Which seems right and proper.
[19:55:20] [Lew]: ok, im sorry I am a bit on edge at the moment
[19:55:30] [King Blackthorn]: I think we all are Governor.
[19:55:41] [King Blackthorn]: Tensions are high.
[19:55:51] [Lew]: if we were ot vote, that my vote would be to recall the guard and deal with problems here
[19:55:56] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an thae drink be runnin’ freely…
[19:55:59] [Lew]: but keep the warrent issued for Tazar
[19:56:18] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:56:29] [Lew]: other than that, I have no other business for council tonight
[19:56:36] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[19:56:45] [King Blackthorn]: I shall speak for Britain this evening.
[19:56:52] [A Goddess]: gee thanks for the recognition for winning the lighthouse competition lew.. lol
[19:56:54] [Lew]: finally a voice of reason in Brit
[19:57:01] [King Blackthorn]: And be the first to condemn the actions of the obviously insane Governor Solus.
[19:57:11] [aulbrey]: *taps keg and chugs*

[19:57:15] [Evil Eve]: *claps*
[19:57:22] [King Blackthorn]: While his actions have always been harsh, this final act of his…
[19:57:33] [aulbrey]: *looks around*
[19:57:35] [King Blackthorn]: Has solidified his intentions…
[19:57:37] [aulbrey]: uhh
[19:57:41] [Lew]: *enjoys the show*
[19:57:43] [King Blackthorn]: I think for all of us.
[19:57:45] [aulbrey]: damn wind elementals
[19:57:49] [Evil Eve]: *claps*
[19:58:08] [<4019355>Khaleesi]: *chuckles*
[19:58:18] [King Blackthorn]: The peasants of the city have erected banners in support of the Crown.
[19:58:34] [King Blackthorn]: While several of the nobility continue to stand with Solus.
[19:58:50] [King Blackthorn]: No doubt due to the one bilion cold sitting in the coffers.
[19:58:55] [King Blackthorn]: *coughs*
[19:58:57] [King Blackthorn]: Billion.
[19:58:59] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my word
[19:59:19] [Lew]: funds you should use to rebuild the city
[19:59:22] [King Blackthorn]: As such, the election for Britain should be an interesting one come next term.
[19:59:29] [King Blackthorn]: I agree Lord Lew, I agree.
[19:59:31] [Lew]: or transfer to trinsic to pay reperations
[20:00:00] [King Blackthorn]: The dock district of Britain should be considered unsafe.
[20:00:03] [Jonathan]: is the gold even real?
[20:00:08] [Pink Panther]: Who cares for Fool’s Gold?
[20:00:10] [King Blackthorn]: As it seems to be a hotbed of illegal activity currently.
[20:00:24] [King Blackthorn]: Due to the actions of Solus and the percieved uncertain situation in Britain.
[20:00:27] [aulbrey]: *rubs head*
[20:00:53] [King Blackthorn]: Repairs are on going, and should be completed soon.
[20:01:03] [King Blackthorn]: *sighs*
[20:01:04] [Tatiana Thorn]: *shakes head thinking*
[20:01:21] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Beldin, you have the honor of speaking for the departed Governor Yosef.
[20:01:29] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[20:01:30] [King Blackthorn]: The floor is yours sir.
[20:01:38] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah donnae hub mooch ter say
[20:01:47] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Since Ah were nae prepared fer this
[20:01:51] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:02:02] [Beldin Brightaxe]: bar Ah must insist on justice fer Yosef
[20:02:09] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An if Ah may,
[20:02:22] [Beldin Brightaxe]: ask fer some sort ae shrine fer thae lad…
[20:02:27] [Tatiana Thorn]: *shakes head at all the drinking*
[20:02:42] [King Blackthorn]: He did serve the city well, Yosef did.
[20:02:47] [Beldin Brightaxe]: He were a fine miner
[20:02:50] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ governor
[20:02:51] [Khaleesi]: *nods* and is missed
[20:02:56] [Evil Eve]: so could none rez him
[20:03:22] [Beldin Brightaxe]: On an unrelated topic…
[20:03:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah were in Britain terday
[20:03:35] [Beldin Brightaxe]: by thae bank
[20:03:51] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An’ notice a Lesser Draconic Orb?
[20:04:31] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Does anyone know thae meanin’ ae such a thing?
[20:04:44] [King Blackthorn]: Something dropped by some adventurer I would gather.
[20:05:13] [Tatiana Thorn]: that would seem a logical guess
[20:05:13] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[20:05:24] [Evil Eve]: its a key to fight a boss
[20:05:39] [Khaleesi]: *nods* I beleive they are found in the abyss under fire island, sir
[20:05:45] [Evil Eve]: yes
[20:05:45] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Andraste, How fares New Magincia?
[20:05:56] [Andrasta]: Greetings My Liege
[20:06:04] [Andrasta]: New Magincia fares well
[20:06:17] [Andrasta]: She is happy at peace
[20:06:22] [King Blackthorn]: Any news on the mysterious house being built there?
[20:06:23] [Andrasta]: Trade Flows with no troubles
[20:06:38] [Andrasta]: Nothing has been revealed to me Sire
[20:06:54] [King Blackthorn]: Hmm. My digging into the matter revealed nothing as well.
[20:07:02] [King Blackthorn]: I will let you know should I hear anything.
[20:07:03] [Andrasta]: That is a shame
[20:07:09] [Andrasta]: my thanks
[20:07:10] [aulbrey]: Oops.
[20:07:12] [Andrasta]: however
[20:07:23] [Andrasta]: Going forth
[20:07:23] [aulbrey]: i so didnt do that
[20:07:29] [Andrasta]: I will have a new address
[20:07:34] [aulbrey]: *wipes mouth*
[20:07:40] [Worf Son of Mog]: *glares over at clock on wall*
[20:07:41] [Andrasta]: it has been my honor to serve this council for three terms
[20:07:58] [Andrasta]: after this meeting I retire to the shores of Zento
[20:08:04] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:08:05] [Andrasta]: to my beloved Blue Crane
[20:08:12] [Tatiana Thorn]: *smiles warmly*
[20:08:18] [King Blackthorn]: A peaceful land for retirement, you have certainly earned a rest.
[20:08:28] [Andrasta]: i read your missive with interest
[20:08:37] [Andrasta]: and hope that it is sincere
[20:08:44] [King Blackthorn]: Of course.
[20:08:54] [Andrasta]: i have one question regarding it
[20:08:57] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:09:08] [Andrasta]: Will the Banner Towns join your table?
[20:09:19] [Tatiana Thorn]: *glances over to ribbit*
[20:09:30] [Khaleesi]: *slides a carrot under her chair*
[20:09:35] [King Blackthorn]: As a part of each and every meeting, as the governors here are, no.
[20:09:37] [Ivory Skyfire]: *lifts an eyebrow*
[20:09:42] [Akera]: ahh :)
[20:09:43] [King Blackthorn]: However, should they wish to speak or be heard.
[20:09:50] [King Blackthorn]: They will be afforded the opportunity.
[20:09:53] [Andrasta]: I see
[20:10:18] [Ivory Skyfire]: would that place us under the king’s rule?
[20:10:19] [Akera]: slides a drink under table for rabbit
[20:10:31] [Andrasta]: So no equal representation for the Banner Towns
[20:10:43] [aulbrey]: Oops.
[20:10:49] [Shinigami]: but they are still expected to obey and support the king or be invaded
[20:10:51] [aulbrey]: uhh
[20:10:51] [King Blackthorn]: In the case of the Blue Crane, you would still be represented by the Kingdom of Tokuno.
[20:10:58] [aulbrey]: i know i didnt do it that time either
[20:11:01] [aulbrey]: *nods*
[20:11:04] [deckard]: *hands istari and clean rag*
[20:11:10] [A Ribbit]: *sits on Tatis lap*
[20:11:30] [Tatiana Thorn]: *scratches Ribbi’s ears*
[20:11:36] [King Blackthorn]: To be honsest, I think this council and I have our hands full with Britannia.
[20:11:39] [King Blackthorn]: *laughs*
[20:11:42] [King Blackthorn]: Conquest is not on our mind.
[20:11:53] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods in agreement*
[20:11:54] [Khaleesi]: *smirks a bit*
[20:12:12] [Jonathan]: yet you send troops into malas?
[20:12:13] [Andrasta]: I wish the Lands of Britannia well my King
[20:12:49] [King Blackthorn]: The crown wishes you the best Lady Andrasta.
[20:12:58] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Arya of Jhelom.
[20:12:59] [Andrasta]: I would like to see a vote this evening on Falling Waters
[20:13:04] [King Blackthorn]: The Floor is yours.
[20:13:11] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Andrasta*
[20:13:19] [Queen Arya]: Aye Sire
[20:13:54] [Queen Arya]: is it not possible to send a royal agent into malas
[20:14:06] [Queen Arya]: to speak with an emmissary
[20:14:18] [Queen Arya]: aboout deporting Lord Tazar?
[20:14:23] [Shinigami]: of course it is Arya there is an entire royal army there now
[20:14:26] [Ivory Skyfire]: *nods in agreement*
[20:14:32] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Tazar, fled to Malas and walled up his fortress the day of the attack.
[20:14:50] [King Blackthorn]: He affords no contact to the agents of Britannia.
[20:15:05] [Queen Arya]: well the way I see it
[20:15:09] [Jonathan]: tazar is at the end of the maze
[20:15:11] [Jonathan]: go find him
[20:15:25] [Queen Arya]: it could have very well been any one being hit by those arrows
[20:15:31] [Queen Arya]: I am still in shock
[20:15:40] [King Blackthorn]: He has taken the cowards course and resorted to assassination and rebellion…
[20:15:40] [Queen Arya]: I have known Lord Tazar along time
[20:15:47] [King Blackthorn]: Because he lost a political argument.
[20:16:02] [King Blackthorn]: *shakes his head*
[20:16:08] [aulbrey]: *rubs belly*
[20:16:18] [Queen Arya]: hmm
[20:16:20] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Yer know him tae shoot random arrows which slay innocent folk?
[20:16:26] [Jonathan]: Bring it to a vote!
[20:16:33] [Queen Arya]: nay
[20:16:41] [Queen Arya]: why I stated i am in shock
[20:16:50] [Queen Arya]: that arrow could have killed a small child
[20:16:51] [Tatiana Thorn]: *pets ribbit*
[20:16:57] [Queen Arya]: if in the wrong place
[20:17:06] [A Ribbit]: *sees andresta*
[20:17:09] [Ghajulgaah]: noobody to make say *sigh
[20:17:09] [Queen Arya]: not like him
[20:17:20] [Beldin Brightaxe]: So, whit are yer sayin’ Lady Arya?
[20:17:23] [Andrasta]: *pets Ribbit*
[20:17:26] [Queen Arya]: but I stand behoind the crown
[20:17:39] [Queen Arya]: majority rules
[20:17:40] [Ghajulgaah]: shakes head*
[20:17:40] [A Ribbit]: *sits be hind andresta*
[20:17:50] [aulbrey]: Oops.
[20:17:55] [Ghajulgaah]: quit farting
[20:18:07] [King Blackthorn]: Other than the businees with Tazar, have you anything for us for Jhelom?
[20:18:18] [Queen Arya]: I wanted to report
[20:18:33] [Queen Arya]: our community day medievil faire was terrific
[20:18:47] [A Ribbit]: *wiggles nose and looks cute*
[20:18:58] [Queen Arya]: and have many questions
[20:19:12] [Queen Arya]: on the townships also
[20:20:10] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:20:22] [Daphnie]: *feels the wind*
[20:20:25] [Queen Arya]: I have seen several odd guards
[20:20:30] [King Blackthorn]: I think we shall make clarifications as time goes on.
[20:20:31] [Queen Arya]: at this meeting tonight
[20:20:36] [Cauchemar]: smells the “wind” geze
[20:20:42] [Queen Arya]: and wanted to ask if they are recognized by the crown?
[20:20:52] [King Blackthorn]: It seems everyone has a side or a piece to add on this Tazar business.
[20:21:03] [Jonathan]: Bring it to a vote!
[20:21:15] [King Blackthorn]: As for the guards, people take the guise of many things.
[20:21:20] [King Blackthorn]: I know not.
[20:21:31] [King Blackthorn]: Lets put this Occupation of Falling Waters to a Vote.
[20:21:46] [King Blackthorn]: First, allow me to make a statement.
[20:22:01] [King Blackthorn]: I consider the matter of Solus and Trinsic to be closed.
[20:22:17] [King Blackthorn]: Solus was banished and put to trial by his peers here in this very chamber.
[20:22:31] [King Blackthorn]: He was censures and issued harsh punishment in regards to his crimes.
[20:22:36] [Lew]: *scratches head*
[20:22:41] [Pink Panther]: Solus was not tried by his peers…
[20:22:43] [King Blackthorn]: While some may contend it was not harsh enough.
[20:22:48] [King Blackthorn]: It is a matter of opinion.
[20:22:51] [Pink Panther]: and there are more recent murders in Britain.
[20:22:56] [Pink Panther]: to be answered for.
[20:23:02] [King Blackthorn]: I trust my judgment and stad by it in the matter.
[20:23:07] [King Blackthorn]: In the case of Lord Lew…
[20:23:22] [King Blackthorn]: My affection for my friend could not afford me to trust my own judgment.
[20:23:34] [King Blackthorn]: So he was put to trial in Yew and found innocent.
[20:23:37] [Lew]: *looks back at Galathan*
[20:23:42] [King Blackthorn]: I am satisfied in both matters.
[20:23:45] [Lew]: *whispers thank you*
[20:23:50] [Galathan]: *nods*
[20:23:50] [King Blackthorn]: However.
[20:23:50] [aulbrey]: It’s hot in here…
[20:24:01] [aulbrey]: damn wind elementals
[20:24:12] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Tazar isn’t and instead of moving politically or diplimatically…
[20:24:29] [King Blackthorn]: He resigned his governorship, made an assassination attempt on the crown…
[20:24:35] [King Blackthorn]: And murdered a Governor in the process.
[20:24:43] [King Blackthorn]: He did not stand at the gates afterwords…
[20:24:47] [Pink Panther]: If only he had succeeded… *sighs*
[20:24:54] [Tatiana Thorn]: *shudders*
[20:24:57] [King Blackthorn]: Waving a flag of justice and champion freedom and liberty…
[20:25:09] [King Blackthorn]: Instead he fled like a scared dog to his castle
[20:25:15] [King Blackthorn]: Walled it up, and waited for a response.
[20:25:22] [King Blackthorn]: Well he got one!
[20:25:40] [Pink Panther]: The fortress was walled up long before that… it is a fortress afterall.
[20:25:51] [King Blackthorn]: This council represents an Order to the Chaos and diversity of our lands.
[20:25:59] [King Blackthorn]: We must protect it from all enemies.
[20:26:11] [King Blackthorn]: We have two proposals this evening.
[20:26:12] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods in agreement*
[20:26:21] [King Blackthorn]: The proposal of the Crown is as follows.
[20:26:29] [aulbrey]: …I’m not wasted…
[20:26:42] [King Blackthorn]: That the Kingsguard of Britannia remain in siege at Falling Waters in Malas…
[20:27:02] [King Blackthorn]: Until such time that Lord Tazar seeks to make amends for his actions.
[20:27:08] [A Ribbit]: *run back to titi*
[20:27:13] [King Blackthorn]: And submits to Justice.
[20:28:33] [King Blackthorn]: The second proposal…
[20:28:39] [aulbrey]: *looks up*
[20:28:44] [King Blackthorn]: Is that of our Noble Lord Lew.
[20:28:46] [aulbrey]: *rubs eyes*
[20:28:59] [King Blackthorn]: In that an Arrest Warrant for Lord Tazar be issued…
[20:29:12] [Tatiana Thorn]: *scratches ribbit on the ears*
[20:29:14] [King Blackthorn]: And the Kingsguard be recalled to assist in Britain.
[20:29:29] [Balamaethor]: That seems silly. I’m sure the first proposal will work fine. Why wouldn’t he turn himself in? Evil men do that all the time.
[20:29:31] [Cauchemar]: tries to catch rabbit by ears
[20:29:37] [Khaleesi]: *sneaks a hand through the chair to pat Ribbit*
[20:29:43] [King Blackthorn]: I would add, that in addition to Lord Lew’s proposal…
[20:30:09] [King Blackthorn]: All Britanian lands, funds and titles belonging to Lord Tazar…
[20:30:24] [King Blackthorn]: Would be siezed by the Crown.
[20:30:37] [Tatiana Thorn]: *chews her lip*
[20:30:38] [King Blackthorn]: So we shall go through the line.
[20:30:47] [aulbrey]: wait your taking his booze *looks shocked*
[20:30:56] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Corintian, if you can pull yourself away from your drink.
[20:31:05] [Queen Arya]: heh
[20:31:08] [King Blackthorn]: And choose either the Crown, or Trinsic in this matter.
[20:31:11] [Corinthian]: Sire?
[20:31:38] [Corinthian]: Crown, sire
[20:31:44] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:31:51] [King Blackthorn]: Dear Lady of Vesper.
[20:31:54] [King Blackthorn]: Where do you stand?
[20:31:58] [aulbrey]: *hic*
[20:32:07] [Khaleesi]: I stand by Vesper’s vote of neutrality. Lew’s proposal supports that..
[20:32:09] [Lew]: My liege
[20:32:24] [King Blackthorn]: YEs?
[20:32:26] [Tatiana Thorn]: *chews her lip thinking*
[20:32:27] [King Blackthorn]: *coughs*
[20:32:29] [Jonathan]: burn the falling waters to the ground!
[20:32:33] [Lew]: Trinsic does not stand against the Crown
[20:32:33] [King Blackthorn]: Yes, Governor?
[20:32:45] [King Blackthorn]: no no… just for the proposals.
[20:32:50] [Khaleesi]: I stand for Trinsic Sire..
[20:33:02] [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Khaleesi*
[20:33:02] [Lew]: ok, just wanted clarification, before I am arrested yet again
[20:33:08] [King Blackthorn]: *winks*
[20:33:11] [Queen Arya]: heh
[20:33:12] [King Blackthorn]: Fear not my friend.
[20:33:15] [A Goddess]: *chuckles at Lew*
[20:33:26] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Thorn, Trinsic or Crown?
[20:33:45] [Tatiana Thorn]: i fear i sort of think our troops belong at home
[20:33:50] [Tatiana Thorn]: so if i understand all correctly
[20:33:54] [Tatiana Thorn]: i side with trinsic?
[20:33:56] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:34:06] [King Blackthorn]: Lady of Moonglow, where do you stand?
[20:34:15] [Daphnie]: Trinsic, sir.
[20:34:19] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:34:29] [Ghajulgaah]: idk what the word is I would of chosen the crown
[20:34:31] [Alagos Galadrim]: *shakes head*
[20:34:31] [King Blackthorn]: I assume Trinsic stands with its own proposal?
[20:34:36] [Ghajulgaah]: dem beasty are vial >_<
[20:34:37] [Lew]: I sire
[20:34:44] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:34:48] [Lew]: err Aye
[20:34:51] [Khaleesi]: *smirks at Lew*
[20:34:57] [King Blackthorn]: The Crown stands with the Crowns proposal.
[20:35:07] [Ghajulgaah]: they seek for more of our blood
[20:35:09] [King Blackthorn]: As I also speak for Britain at the moment…
[20:35:14] [Ghajulgaah]: its like feast
[20:35:22] [King Blackthorn]: Britain stands with the Governor of Trinsic’s proposal…
[20:35:30] [King Blackthorn]: As it is in the best interest of Britain.
[20:35:47] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Beldin, you speak for Minoc.
[20:36:01] [Worf Son of Mog]: *contemplates the new plot twist on the walking dead*
[20:36:25] [Beldin Brightaxe]: As Ah cannae support a free man runnin’ aroon, shootin’ random arrows
[20:36:25] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Brightaxe?
[20:36:31] [aulbrey]: …I’m not wasted…
[20:36:32] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:36:32] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ slaying innocent folk.
[20:36:36] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah support thae Crown
[20:36:38] [Beldin Brightaxe]: bar…
[20:36:44] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[20:36:47] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah also support
[20:36:52] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Andrasta.
[20:36:54] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ arrest warrant
[20:36:57] [King Blackthorn]: Crown or Trinsic?
[20:37:11] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ confiscation
[20:37:20] [Andrasta]: oh boy
[20:37:33] [Khaleesi]: *chuckles at Andrasta*
[20:37:36] [Andrasta]: i like neither prosposal
[20:37:51] [Balamaethor]: Yet you did not propose one yourself, so vote with the city that has a spine.
[20:37:51] [Jonathan]: a man was killed!
[20:37:57] [Jonathan]: tazar should die!
[20:37:59] [Beldin Brightaxe]: yer would huv thae manlin’ run free?
[20:38:02] [Ghajulgaah]: I want to join the brotherhood of assassins
[20:38:09] [Ghajulgaah]: or darkness, sumtin
[20:38:13] [Andrasta]: I will not be a Governor next time
[20:38:23] [Andrasta]: i will be a Banner town
[20:38:44] [Andrasta]: Will you treat us all like this?
[20:38:53] [Shinigami]: Yes he will
[20:38:56] [King Blackthorn]: Andrasta, I can assure you…
[20:39:06] [Ivory Skyfire]: *nods in concern*
[20:39:10] [King Blackthorn]: Should you burst into this chamber, shoot an arrow at me, and instead kill Lew.
[20:39:19] [King Blackthorn]: Then run off to Zento…
[20:39:23] [A Ribbit]: *wiggles nose*
[20:39:24] [A Goddess]: poor Lew…
[20:39:25] [Andrasta]: Is this my fate should I do something to upset you.
[20:39:28] [Ghajulgaah]: sniff*
[20:39:32] [Cauchemar]: wiggles fingers
[20:39:42] [King Blackthorn]: It wont be me that comes after you, it will be your empress.
[20:39:42] [Lew]: Glathan would jump infront of the arrow sire
[20:39:43] [Andrasta]: today its arrow
[20:39:49] [Andrasta]: tomorrow it is?
[20:39:53] [Galathan]: *looks at Lew*
[20:40:02] [Lew]: *smiles*
[20:40:05] [King Blackthorn]: Have I ever shown contempt for discourse or dissagreements?
[20:40:14] [King Blackthorn]: I find them healthy.
[20:40:15] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *grumbles*
[20:40:16] [Andrasta]: then show mercy to Tazar
[20:40:17] [Ghajulgaah]: sigh*
[20:40:23] [King Blackthorn]: Mercy?
[20:40:25] [Andrasta]: he suffers the loss of his friend too
[20:40:34] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ who will bring Justice ter Josef?
[20:40:41] [King Blackthorn]: *shakes his head*
[20:40:42] [Andrasta]: you are a great King no?
[20:40:42] [Jonathan]: justice for yosef!
[20:40:52] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Arya.
[20:40:57] [King Blackthorn]: Where do you stand?
[20:40:58] [Queen Arya]: the crown sire
[20:41:00] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:41:19] [A Ribbit]: . * cries
[20:41:34] [King Blackthorn]: At my count, Lady Andrasta stands with Tazar.
[20:41:44] [King Blackthorn]: the Crown stands with 4 votes.
[20:41:45] [Istari]: *yawn*
[20:41:52] [King Blackthorn]: And Trinsic stands with 5 votes.
[20:42:09] [Tatiana Thorn]: i dont think she stands with Mr Tazar so much as not wantitng ot be invaded
[20:42:12] [King Blackthorn]: Therefore, the Siege of Falling Waters will be lifted.
[20:42:14] [Yosef]: This cannot be…. Tazar is a good friend and must have had reason for his actions
[20:42:21] [Yosef]: This action on Tazar has brought me out of hiding.
[20:42:26] [deckard]: *claps*
[20:42:28] [Shinigami]: Hush dead person!
[20:42:29] [Andrasta]: *claps*
[20:42:31] [Lew]: *gasp*
[20:42:33] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Whit thae…?
[20:42:34] [Khaleesi]: *eyes widen in shock*
[20:42:34] [King Blackthorn]: *looks across the table*
[20:42:39] [Yosef]: *looks at the king*
[20:42:41] [Ronnie Van Zant]: Kill it!
[20:42:46] [Ghajulgaah]: hey look its yosef
[20:42:49] [Lew]: *scraches head*
[20:42:51] [Andrasta]: *smiles*
[20:42:52] [Yosef]: I had sent a double to the meeting. Fearing my life was in danger, after the attack on my Island
[20:42:56] [Lew]: who was murdered?
[20:42:58] [woody]: WOW
[20:42:58] [Queen Arya]: another fake toon?
[20:43:03] [Yosef]: after i asked for your guards to help my island
[20:43:05] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my word
[20:43:08] [Corinthian]: It’s a zombie! Kill it with fire!!!
[20:43:24] [Khaleesi]: *chuckles happily*
[20:43:26] [Shinigami]: Minoc is an island?
[20:43:32] [King Blackthorn]: *looks behind him to Galathan*
[20:43:33] [Yosef]: *looks across*
[20:43:37] [Yosef]: i am not a fake person
[20:43:39] [King Blackthorn]: Have you another of those… ?
[20:43:44] [King Blackthorn]: What did Lew call them?
[20:43:47] [King Blackthorn]: Asprin?
[20:43:49] [Andrasta]: Free Tazar!
[20:43:51] [Galathan]: asprin Sire
[20:43:53] [Akera]: hehe
[20:43:53] [Sinful Obsession]: *laughs*
[20:43:55] [Lew]: its made from willow bark sire
[20:43:55] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[20:43:57] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah need another drink….
[20:43:57] [Galathan]: *hands him one*
[20:43:57] [Khaleesi]: *laugh*
[20:44:02] [Queen Arya]: who died?
[20:44:04] [Corinthian]: I want to change my vote, sire!
[20:44:05] [Yosef]: So…
[20:44:06] [King Blackthorn]: It sounds lovely right now.
[20:44:12] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’ a few mair after tha’…
[20:44:13] [woody]: give him some booze
[20:44:14] [Andrasta]: Free Tazar
[20:44:15] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my goodness
[20:44:24] [Daphnie]: no takesies backsies
[20:44:27] [Beldin Brightaxe]: So…
[20:44:34] [Beldin Brightaxe]: was there anyone slain?
[20:44:38] [Yosef]: All action on tazar should stop
[20:44:53] [Queen Arya]: retreating back to jhelom where there is sanity*
[20:45:12] [King Blackthorn]: So, Yosef, you allowed your country to go to war…
[20:45:13] [Sinful Obsession]: It’s on me!
[20:45:13] [aulbrey]: Wow!
[20:45:13] [Yosef]: hello
[20:45:13] [Ivory Skyfire]: so i can understand…… the dead guy isn;t dead?
[20:45:17] [Andrasta]: *hugs*
[20:45:20] [Corinthian]: Drinks on the house! Yosef is alive!!
[20:45:20] [King Blackthorn]: This entire meeting to fall to chambles…
[20:45:21] [Andrasta]: Free Tazar
[20:45:28] [King Blackthorn]: *sighs*
[20:45:33] [aulbrey]: *holds her flask up and chugs*
[20:45:34] [King Blackthorn]: Good evening everyone.
[20:45:35] [Yosef]: *look at the king*
[20:45:37] [King Blackthorn]: Good evening.
[20:45:38] [Khaleesi]: *hugs her friend*
[20:45:42] [Pagan]: Free Tazar
[20:45:43] [Akera]: wow
[20:45:49] [Lew]: *shakes head*
[20:45:51] [King Blackthorn]: Yosef.
[20:45:53] [woody]: is there any more booze?
[20:45:55] [King Blackthorn]: Glad to see you alive.
[20:45:55] [Yosef]: yes
[20:46:00] [King Blackthorn]: Your timing though, is poor.
[20:46:00] [aulbrey]: i drank it all
[20:46:06] [Yosef]: i do what i must to live
[20:46:07] [King Blackthorn]: But it is good to see you living.
[20:46:08] [Yosef]: as do you
[20:46:14] [Shinigami]: Kill Yosef he got an innocent murdered!
[20:46:25] [Balamaethor]: Lew, thank you for having more spine than the King and all other governors combined.
[20:46:30] [Corinthian]: Group hug!!!
[20:46:32] [Khaleesi]: *pinchs him to be sure he is alive*

[EM Announcement] Atlantic’s March 2014 Event Schedule

March 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Will update with Balthazar’s scheduled events soon.

Atlantic’s March 2014 Event Schedule

Thursday March 6th @ 1pm EST – Blackthorn Castle Courtyard – Crux Ansata Event
“Rogue Elements” – A Rogue Group of Kingsguard try and occupy Trinsic and must be dealt with.

Friday March 14th @ 8pm EST – Blackthorn Castle Courtyard
“A Fairies Tail” – Sheon drops a hint as to things to come.

Monday March 24th @ 8pm EST – Blood Dungeon Ilshnear at the Wisp Inside. – Blood Chosen Event
“Elements” – Are the Blood Chosen simply pawns of the Xorinite?

Thursday March 27th @ 1pm EST – Blackthorn Castle Courtyard – Crux Ansata Event
“Death from Above” – The Invasion of Vesper

Sunday March 30th @ 8pm EST – Conseil du Roi


NEWS The Occupation of Falling Water Fortress and Malas

February 17, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Here you can all see the extend of the occupation. Every red circle on this map is Banner of Blackthorn. From these banner spawn these:


Kingsguard Occupation Force.  

These guys are ruthless and pursue anyone in the area.  This is uncalled for and upsurd.  This is the work of a tyrant king who prefers to let murders roam our lands free and punish the lawful citizens.  We are calling all free citizens to aid Falling Waters Fortress and the people of Malas against this injustice.

Come and fight this tyranny and oppression and show the King we will not stand for this injustice and we will fight for our freedom!!!

Election Night Interview with Lord Kyronix

December 18, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News, Community News

The Election Night Hoopla II was held Sunday December 15th. It included all the candidates for interviews as well as Mesanna and Lord Kyronix. Lord Kyronix took some time to do an interview and interact with some of the candidates and reporters. Tahani(Andrasta) held the first interview and then it continues with Flair from Stratics. There was some good information put out and here is some of the transcripts from these conversations. Good information both on the community of Atlantic and the governor system and how it works so I hope you all enjoy.

Flair: Mr. Kyronix your interview is this way
Kyronix: ok
Flair: the interviewer is ready
Flair: in the white area please
Tahani: *smiles*
Kyronix: Hello
Kyronix: Do I get to sit here?
Kyronix: Yayyy
Yosef: hello sir
Kyronix: Hello
Yosef: I am Yosef the miner
Yosef: nice to meet you
Kyronix: Nice to meet you as well
Yosef: I will be taking over Minoc next term
Kyronix: How exciting
Tahani: Welcome to Election Hoopla Night II
Kyronix: Excited to be here, thanks for the invitation
Kyronix: *smiles*
Tahani: I’m wondering how you feel about all this
Kyronix: Warm and Squishy
Kyronix: But that’s how I normally feel
Kyronix: *pokes self*
Tahani: they tell me you are the designer responsible for all this
Tahani: are you happy with the results?
Kyronix: So far I think it’s been exciting to see what players across all the shards have done
Kyronix: And I’m very happy with it, particularly when I see things like this
Kyronix: This is extraordinary
Kyronix: It purposely was left very open ended, because we wanted to see what players would do with it
Kyronix: From that it allows us to examine what needs to be changed
Kyronix: And what we can add moving forward
Tahani: This world has always been a world where creativity is the best part
Kyronix: Indeed
Tahani: all the Governors want to know
Tahani: how will you support them
Tahani: will you give them the tools they need to create this over and over?
Tahani: without grief?
Kyronix: It’s something we have to be very careful with
Kyronix: Because implementing something that is designed to prevent people from grieving
Kyronix: Can very quickly and unfortunately turn into a tool just to grief
Kyronix: That being said though, I think there were some great ideas from the global governor’s thread
Kyronix: And we’ll be looking to implement some of those in a future publish
Kyronix: The important thing to remember is this isn’t going to become abandonware
Kyronix: So we’ll be making updates so long as there is interest
Tahani: The Governors will put in extraordinary effort if you support them
Tahani: I think I can say that for all of them
Tahani: will you be adding more additions like Vesper’s stables?
Tahani: for other towns?
Kyronix: The requests portion of the system is something we’ve been kind of navigating our way through
Kyronix: And as you may suspect is a very popular feature
Kyronix: Something’s are pretty easy for us to do, others not so much
Kyronix: What appears to be simple on the surface, like removing some trees for example
Kyronix: is a little more complicated
Kyronix: Anything that is a worldbuilding change like that is always tricky
Kyronix: We are trying to find ways to streamline that process for the future
Kyronix: So we can get additions added to more cities in a more efficient manner
Kyronix: Since those changes are going to be across all shards anyway
Kyronix: The worldbuilding ones I mean, like the Vesper stables
Tahani: Will you be including the Player towns and other towns like Sepent’s Hold?
Tahani: we held this here for a reason
Kyronix: Player towns gets tricky
Kyronix: There are some that are strongly rooted in the shard and its history
Kyronix: And have become pillars of the shards very existence
Kyronix: Others come and go very quickly
Kyronix: That being said giving more for those in player towns to do is definitely something
Kyronix: That’s been kicked around before
Kyronix: One of the things that makes Britannia come alive
Kyronix: And adds such a unique feel to the shards
Kyronix: As for other NPC towns
Kyronix: Like Serp’s and the like
Kyronix: Where it’s appropriate given the current state of the Kingdom
Kyronix: Not sure the Sultan of Nujel’m would be keen to have a King’s Governor Stomping about his island
Tahani: but there are a lot of Player towns
Tahani: that have put in years of effort
Tahani: and would love to be included
Tahani: A lot has been said regarding the voting system
Tahani: will there be any more changes to it?
Kyronix: Sorry I missed that last question
Kyronix: What was it again?
Tahani: will there be any more changes to the voting system?
Kyronix: We’ll continue to see how things play out and if adjustments need to be made
Kyronix: We’ll make them
Kyronix: I saw there was a call for longer voting terms
Kyronix: erm governor terms rather
Kyronix: Which I think has some merit
Kyronix: So we’ll see how it goes
Tahani: *smiles*
Tahani: Any thought to Felucca?
Kyronix: For right now Felucca is under the jurisdiction of the faction warlords
Kyronix: So a King’s Governor doesn’t really fit there just yet
Kyronix: Depends how things play out in the future
Kyronix: *grins*
Tahani: *smiles*
Tahani: one last question Lord Kyronix
Tahani: and we’ll let you enjoy the evening
Kyronix: Go for it
Tahani: what would you like to tell us about the system
Tahani: perhaps new upcoming things?
Tahani: I need a scoop *grins*
Kyronix: Nothing to report just yet
Kyronix: Our next step is to kind of evaluate
Kyronix: What has gone on so far
Kyronix: And see what changes we can make, what tidbits we can pull from the Governors and citizens
Kyronix: As to what they would like to see
Kyronix: And then execute on a plan for the future
Tahani: I would like to say on my own behalf
Tahani: that it’s important that you don’t make everything the same
Tahani: each shard is proud of their own unique history
Tahani: it’s what make us love our shards
Tahani: I’ve been an Atlantean for 16 years
Tahani: our history is important to us
Kyronix: That’s great
Tahani: on behalf of all the citizens of Atlantic
Tahani: I’d like to thank you for your hard work Lord Kyronix
Kyronix: Well I can’t take all the credit
Tahani: I’m happy you get to come see it for yourself
Tahani: *smiles*
Kyronix: None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of our Event Moderators
Kyronix: And of course you guys who participate in it
Kyronix: So a huge kudos to them and you all
Tahani: we appreciate all you have done as well *smiles*
Kyronix: Yayyyy
Tahani: you are free to go have fun *smiles*
Kyronix: Thanks for having me
Tahani: it was our pleasure
Tahani: *claps*
Kyronix: I like the white chairs
Tahani: Three cheers for Lord Kyronix?
Tahani: hehe thanks
Kyronix: Natural dyes?
Tahani: yes
Kyronix: Neat!
Tahani: that’s my best seller
Tahani: ok it’s time to turn the interviews over to Flair from Stratics
Tahani: Welcome Flair
Kyronix: Do you have more questions for me?
Flair: evening
Flair: we just thought you liked our chair
Kyronix: I think this is all awesomesauce
Kyronix: Pretttty
Flair: and how do you feel about how things were run?
Queen Arya: we are stronger
Queen Arya: as one
Queen Arya: and not divided
Queen Arya: so I stand behind the king
Queen Arya: but
Queen Arya: I am not a puppet
Flair: *nods*
Queen Arya: if there are things
Queen Arya: I don’t agree with
Queen Arya: he will hear me
Flair: So then tell Kyronix if you could change anything about the system what would you change?
Queen Arya: make elections
Queen Arya: the governorships
Queen Arya: Stratics
Queen Arya: more popular
Queen Arya: get them noticed
Queen Arya: more information
Queen Arya: needs to get out
Queen Arya: many still don’t know of it
Queen Arya: gates from Luna
Queen Arya: for the two week election period
Queen Arya: a chat channel
Queen Arya: for elections
Flair: That seems to be the hot spot this election cycle
Lew: I’m afraid to close to call at the moment
Flair: wow
Lew: yes Trinsic is a rising star
Lew: its community continues to grow
Lew: and the ranks for the Trinsic Wardens as well
Flair: Kyronix I’m sure things like this is what you like to see from the system?
Kyronix: Absolutely
Flair: Did you have something to add Solus?
Solus: Uh
Flair: So anyways…
Kings: can we look forward to some faction change in the upcoming publish?
Kyronix: Working on prototyping something right now
Kings: that’s cool
Flair: *looks to Kyronix*
Flair: Governor Lew would you like to ask something?
Lew: Kyronix have you ever considered a change to the vote rules to only allow one per 6+ month account period?
Kyronix: Across all shards?
Lew: I know there is no perfect system
Lew: aye
Lew: one vote per account period
Kyronix: Unlikely, at that point we have to get databases involved so that we can access that information
Kyronix: From across all shards like we do with housing
Lew: ahh understood
Flair: sounds difficult
Lew: Just thinking of ways to augment the system
Flair: I’d like to know what your thoughts are on these close races like Lew’s
Lew: to avoid the vote buying and such
Flair: exactly
Kyronix: I think close races are a great sign that there is interest
Kyronix: Makes things more exciting
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: you have no idea
Flair: So Lew how do you feel about your close race…
Lew: I for one would like to thank you Kyronix, you brought life back to Trinsic
Flair: I know that in the past it hasn’t always been so
Lew: I enjoy the competition I just wonder where Norrington is?
Flair: I dunno
Kyronix: Excuse me a moment
Flair: I asked for him… perhaps he is busy
EM Bennu: *psst Kyronix, tell them of our plans to turn Luna into a volcano*
Kyronix: I’ll be right back
Flair: Hello Solus..
Lew: Solus?
Solus: Helloooooo
Flair: How goes your race in Britain
Solus: Oh hello there
Kyronix: I have returned
Solus My sword is poking you *winks*
Flair: I missed you…
EM Bennu: Solus is gonna end up in the moat again.
Flair: *chuckles at Bennu*
Kyronix: Hello Bennu
Flair: Step up here and tell us Bennu
EM Bennu: Howdy
Flair: Don’t be shy
EM Bennu: Remember my short list sir. Luna = Volcano, and X level of elevation +50
EM Bennu: *winks*
EM Bennu: err, z level
Flair: *chuckles*
Kyronix: Well I live on the coast
Kyronix: I don’t think that’d do well for my garden *chuckles*
Flair: *chuckles*
EM Bennu: We could call the xpack Ultima Waterworld!
Flair: So Bennu tell us have you been following the race in Trinsic?
EM Bennu: Or.. Ultima Venice Edition.
EM Bennu *laughs*
Lew: with a collapsible sail?
Flair: *smacks Lew*
Flair: no boats
EM Bennu: To be honest, to avoid conflicts when the elections hit I try and stay out of everything.
Flair: Ahhh
EM Bennu: And let things fall where they will.
Flair: I understand
EM Bennu: I don’t want to sound bad.
Flair: It doesn’t
EM Bennu: But it avoids conflict, especially in races that are close.
Flair: It is extremely close in Trinsic]
EM Bennu: If I came across as preferring one candidate over another, it would look bad.
Flair: and both are former governors
EM Bennu: I just like to see how things work out in the end.
Flair: *nods*
EM Bennu: I do know the Trinsic race is close.
EM Bennu: And goes back and forth.
Flair: We see how you feel about Solus though…
EM Bennu: Solus I fear is a necessary evil.
EM Bennu: but it works out well.
Flair: Perhaps he should wear his swimming trunks instead of his armor
EM Bennu: *grins*
Flair: *chuckles*
Lew: I actually rather enjoy that
Lew: he brings a fun level of roleplay
EM Bennu: Exactly Lew
Lew: *glares at Solus*
EM Bennu: Without conflict, things would be very boring.
Flair: I must admit… it was funny
Lew: *thinks did I just say that out loud*
EM Bennu: I do need to figure out what we are doing for the holidays.
EM Bennu: I have a reputation to think of.
Flair: although I heard Lew got off on his charges
Flair: Any thoughts on that…
Lew: I had a good defense council
Flair: *nods*
EM Bennu: I think the King was relieved that Lew was found not-guilty.
Lew: as was Lew himself
Flair: My brother was his defense
Lew: it’s quite unnerving when you see a bloody head infront of you
Flair: I think everyone was
Flair: *nods*
Flair: I do have a question for Kyronix…
EM Bennu: The King found himself split between his faith in the Governor, and what he saw as a mistake.
Kyronix: fire away
EM Bennu: The trial was a necessity to settle the issue.
Flair: was this governors system intended as a rp system mostly to bring back communities
Kyronix: That was part of it
Flair: Trinsic was very very busy
Kyronix: the main goal was to provide a way for players to have a way to interface with the newly
Kyronix: crowned King of Britannia
Kyronix: We all know that for a long time the King was absent within the realm
Lew: aye
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: Then we had a Queen. she didn’t last very long unfortunately
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: And before that we had Casca
Kyronix: And that was a whole bag of terrible
Flair: *shakes head yes*
Kyronix: So when we finally had a true Britannian as our sovereign again
Kyronix: We wanted a way for that to be real for the players
Kyronix: And give them a way to see that he was a real part of the realm
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: So the governor’s council was a conduit for the citizenry to do just that
Flair: this community has really grown and come together
Flair: because of this system… I’m sure your very proud of it
Kyronix: When it gives rise to great events like this
Kyronix: It’s really hard not to be
Kyronix: *grins*
Flair: *chuckles*
EM Bennu: Seems like a success to me!
Flair: So Lew.. what grand plans are in the works should you win this battle?
Lew: we have a unique set of players there
Lew: my plan is always the same
Lew: to serve the citizens of Trinsic
Lew: I would like a carpenters shop in Trinsic
Lew: but I think that has been tabled
Flair: Khaleesi…jump up in here too
Flair: I’m sure you have lots of questions
Flair: running around
Khaleesi: Evening!
Flair: Since you are uncontested.. how do you feel about this election?
Khaleesi: Well it’s been a quiet week… *laughs*
Flair: and about Kyronix’s system
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: I was planning all sorts of stuff to campaign
Khaleesi: it’s part of the fun..
EM Bennu: Looks like a nice mix of new and old with the election so far.
Flair: *nods it does*
Flair: I bet your excited to work with everyone
EM Bennu: Maybe we can get Skara Brea their governor office this term.
EM Bennu: *sticks his tongue out*
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: I want to thank you, Lord Kyronix and all who helped you
Kyronix: You’re welcome
Khaleesi: It has truly brought a wonderful touch to logging in every day
Kyronix: Yayyy
EM Bennu: Alright, I am being called away by Mrs. Bennu.
EM Bennu: Have a good night everyone.
EM Bennu: Be nice to Kyronix, he is shy.
Khaleesi: Its truly brought the community out in front and I am projecting a Roleplay Revival this term
Khaleesi *giggles*
Flair: night Bennu
Flair: Thanks for chatting with us
Flair: So you have been with this from the start Khaleesi…
Flair: Tell us how it has grown
Khaleesi: *nods*
Flair: and you thoughts for changes
Khaleesi: Well at the onset of this… the towns were barren… people seems to just go about their business
Khaleesi: and not really engage with one another
Khaleesi: *motions around the room tonight*
Khaleesi: This birthed from this I believe
Flair: *nods*
Khaleesi: People putting aside their differences
Khaleesi: and coming together for a cause
Flair: So then.. what would you add or change to the system?
Khaleesi: well there has already been some wonderful suggestions
Khaleesi: Keeping the towns unique..
Khaleesi: is definitely one high on my list and keeping things in line historically
Khaleesi: My biggest thing that I have encountered
Khaleesi: when doing events is the trouble with grievers
Khaleesi: I don’t know the easy answer to that but would be on top of my list
Flair: We have had trouble all night
Flair: * nods*
Khaleesi: Aye, as we have countless times
Khaleesi: hours of setting up to be ruined in five minutes
Flair: *nods*
Flair: Kyronix.. do you know exactly when the voting stops by any chance?
Flair: is it midnight EST?
Kyronix: It’s different for every shard
Kyronix: The way it works is the internal clock for the stones is not updated in real time
Kyronix: It’s on a one hour loop
Flair: ahh
Kyronix: Every hour it checks to see if it is later then the time for the election to end
Kyronix: it also does it on server up
Flair: ahh
Kyronix: so it depends
Flair: interesting…
Flair: never knew that really
Flair: I was curious
Kyronix: Doing anything in real time is expensive for the server in terms of resources
Flair: I’m sure
Flair: so we are hoping voting wraps up soon then
Flair: as it is still very heated in Trinsic
Flair: So Khaleesi… what events do you have planned
Flair: for this term
Khaleesi: Well let’s see
Khaleesi: We are planning a few things… that are in talks that I think will bring a unified front
Khaleesi: with all the towns and hope that it peaks some interest
Khaleesi: We will be starting the “Chicken Fight” extravaganza in January
Khaleesi: *smirks*
Khaleesi: We have had a lot of interest
Khaleesi: we are planning a lot of “Vesper” things as well with the Vesper Vanguard
Flair: nice
Khaleesi: of course Valentine’s day
Khaleesi: we will need some “volunteers”
Khaleesi: for our Date Night Auction
Khaleesi: *grins*
Flair: you see where Volunteering leads me too…
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: So stay tuned…
Khaleesi: I know there are many lined up for a date with you
Khaleesi: *winks*
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: Seems like it’s slowing down a bit it’s late….
Flair: unless I am just that popular all of a sudden
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: So Lew update us on Trinsic
Lew: it’s still just too tight to call
Lew: I’m hearing its 52.3 to 47.6
Flair: *nods*
Lew: I have a slight margin
Flair: close still
Lew: it will be till the stone cuts off
Lew: I have a question
Khaleesi: it’s not over till it’s over.. We know that from experience
Flair: Anyone else have any questions for Kyronix about our governors system
Lew: Kyronix
Kyronix: Yes?
Lew: how hard is it work on code so old
Lew: and well
Lew: crammed together
Kyronix: hehe
Flair: *chuckles*
Kyronix: It is definitely challenging at times
Lew: it must be a challenge
Lew: do you have any plans to let us ride a dolphin?
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: Lew…
Kyronix: Hehe they tried that with sea horses
Lew: what
Kyronix: Didn’t work out too well
Lew: wait
Flair: *facepalm*
Lew: *looks around*
Atlantic: People Eating Tasty Animals?
Lew: hey I did not ask for dolphin steaks
Atlantic: JK
Whitefire: could companions ever come back into game
Whitefire: I was one
Flair: what an evening…
Lew: I doubt legal will allow that
Whitefire: one guy messed that up
Lew: I may need to get back to Trinsic
Kyronix: Not sure what you mean, companies coming back?
Flair: sometimes that is all it takes
Lew: Companions
Khaleesi: we were talking about that other night
Whitefire: companions to the young
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: Ohhh
Kyronix: Companions
Khaleesi Was very popular back in the early 2000s
Whitefire: yes
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: he’s getting tired too
Whitefire: I was one
Whitefire: loved it
Khaleesi: *giggles and hands him two strong toothpicks for his eyes*
Khaleesi: these work great!
Whitefire: one wanted to get paid it folded
Flair: Hey Yosef.. get up here and chat with us… you’re a first time governor
Lew: three cheers for Yosef
Yosef: well hello there
Khaleesi: Yes Yosef, it’s not like you to be so quiet hehe
Flair: Tell us your experience with the system from a first time perspective
Yosef: *flex*
Yosef: if you don’t know people you can’t win
Flair: *chuckles*
Daphnie: that’s not true Yosef!
Yosef: *laughs*
Flair: well come on up here and chat with us too then
Flair: aren’t you running in Moonglow
Daphnie: yes sir
Flair: Tell us about your experiences
Daphnie: I’m sort of new to Atlantic
Daphnie: so I went the route of reaching out to passersby within the city
Daphnie: asking for support, talking about plans to bring people back to the city
Khaleesi: *nods*
Flair: and how did you find our community?
Daphnie: Julianna introduced me to Quack and then I met the amazing community of Atlantic
Daphnie: and Khaleesi
Kyronix: Well it has been so much fun talking with you tonight
Kyronix: But I must take my leave
Flair: Well thank you so much for joining us tonight
Kyronix: good luck to all the candidates
Khaleesi: Thank you for your time, Kyronix
Yosef: *bye*
Flair: *waves*
Flair: wow
Flair: very cool…
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: Thank you Flair
Flair: Give everyone here credit… it takes a very large group to put this on
Flair: and the candidates
Flair: Things like this happen with the whole community
This was a fun night for all. I will say that this transcript was edited for spelling and the like and I know there are a few holes in it but no one is perfect. I hoped that I brought you all the bulk of the information and I would like to personally thank everyone involved with this evening and Mesanna, Lord Kyronix, and EM Bennu for coming out and joining us and participating. Until next time….

Governor Norrington and Former Governor Sunwolf – Friend or Foe

October 06, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

     There has been a lot of activity in Yew it certainly seems with rumors flying everywhere about the new Governor Norrington and the Former Governor Sunwolf. Since I attended the King Blackthorns Conseil du Roi and got to see first hand some of the tensions and controversy surrounding Yew I thought I should do a bit of investigating. With that I packed up and decided to wonder around Yew for a while and see what I could find out. Boy was I shocked when I saw this…

     Amid all the rumors and such there they were and working together. I just had to find out what was up for myself. There was quite a few folks just outside the Abby so I joined the discussion, voicing my opinions and concerns to the new governor. Wasn’t too long after that till a very strange thing happened. As we were standing there chatting, a harpsichord fell seemly from the sky and was accompanied by an interesting musician…
     I was quite amazed really as I didn’t believe our EM Bennu could sing, but there he was singing away to us…
     After the serenade he stayed around and and chatted with everyone about Yew and the plans for the future. I could almost say he was glad to see the new and old governors getting together for the benefit of Yew despite all the nasty rumors that have been floating around.
     As we all got to talking about various topics EM Bennu actually asked us all to do him a favor for one of the other governors…
     Of course all of us agreed, anything to help out and foster this new relationship. A relationship that also was apparent the following evening at the Yew meeting when all were joking laughing and having a very good time as it were, seeming to be working together for the benefit of Yew and her people.
     As the evening got on there were even jokes made from the Conseil du Roi about a certain trashcan….
trash can
     Seems someone is still upset about the trashcans though, however both sides enjoyed a good laugh. There were great ideas presented on both side for plans to move forward in Yew. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow and foster in the coming months, but as for my vote, I am voting friends.

From The Sparrow’s Nest – September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013 By: Flair Category: The Sparrow's Nest

     I have lots of election news and 16th aniversary gifts to cover so here goes…
Siege election news…

Atlantic election coverage…

Napa Valley election results…

Interesting things from the new publish and anniversary gifts…

Europa’s Em event was busy…

Great Lakes had some fun…

Drachenfels also saw some action…

Character transfers are back up…

Last but not least, Shroud of the Avatar news…

That’s all for today. Until next time safe journeys and happy hunting.

From The Sparrow’s Nest – August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013 By: Flair Category: The Sparrow's Nest

     Just flying by for a quick update…
I am really starting to enjoy our new Siege reporter, Deadbob…

I mean come on the GMs as cannibals, and “blah”declaring war on everyone, what hoot. I absolutely love it, don’t you?
There’s also talk of an EM event on Asuka…

GHOSTS… enough said there I think
Here’s an interesting tweet about some recent events on Siege…

Now that looked like a lot of fun.
And to round us out EM Bennu was tweeting away about the feast on Atlantic last night

Look’s like everyone there had a good time!!
Until next week Safe journeys and happy hunting!!