Governor Norrington and Former Governor Sunwolf – Friend or Foe

October 06, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

     There has been a lot of activity in Yew it certainly seems with rumors flying everywhere about the new Governor Norrington and the Former Governor Sunwolf. Since I attended the King Blackthorns Conseil du Roi and got to see first hand some of the tensions and controversy surrounding Yew I thought I should do a bit of investigating. With that I packed up and decided to wonder around Yew for a while and see what I could find out. Boy was I shocked when I saw this…

     Amid all the rumors and such there they were and working together. I just had to find out what was up for myself. There was quite a few folks just outside the Abby so I joined the discussion, voicing my opinions and concerns to the new governor. Wasn’t too long after that till a very strange thing happened. As we were standing there chatting, a harpsichord fell seemly from the sky and was accompanied by an interesting musician…
     I was quite amazed really as I didn’t believe our EM Bennu could sing, but there he was singing away to us…
     After the serenade he stayed around and and chatted with everyone about Yew and the plans for the future. I could almost say he was glad to see the new and old governors getting together for the benefit of Yew despite all the nasty rumors that have been floating around.
     As we all got to talking about various topics EM Bennu actually asked us all to do him a favor for one of the other governors…
     Of course all of us agreed, anything to help out and foster this new relationship. A relationship that also was apparent the following evening at the Yew meeting when all were joking laughing and having a very good time as it were, seeming to be working together for the benefit of Yew and her people.
     As the evening got on there were even jokes made from the Conseil du Roi about a certain trashcan….
trash can
     Seems someone is still upset about the trashcans though, however both sides enjoyed a good laugh. There were great ideas presented on both side for plans to move forward in Yew. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow and foster in the coming months, but as for my vote, I am voting friends.

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