(Player Event) Egg Hunt!

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Happy Easter from us in Yew.

On Tuesday at 8:30 eastern time, please meet inside the Empath Abbey (the yew bank area) for a start of an egg hunt. It will probability last 30 minutes and a chat channel Yew Easter you will have to join in the game to know when to head back. When majority of the people are back (more than half) then the contest will be over and the eggs will be counted. Hope to see you there!

Governor Aulbrey should be there as well, if anyone has anything for her before the 27th King’s Meeting.


April 02, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News

The Yew Town Council is going to run a week long 50/50 lottery. Starting Thursday at 8 eastern ( April 3rd) at the Empath Abbey bank, Governor Aulbrey and myself aswell any other Yew tagged members will be selling numbers for a 50/50 drawing.

You will recieve a runebook with your numbers on it just for something to take home, and you will be asked to fill out a book and return it to us with your contact information on how you wished to be contacted if you win. Icq,Stratics name, email your preference. Each number will cost one million gold or 11 numbers for 10 million.

Half of the total profit will be put on the Yew Town Stone for the town buff and the other half will be given to a random winner using a random number generator online. There will be only one winner though. Also the book that you have the contact information, if you are a Yew citizen, list what the town buff you wish on the town, since your gold is going to help pay for it, and ssi is all over it seems now, or if you wish to keep it at ssi, just list ssi.

If you wish to buy a number and you are unable to find any of us, please post here and we can communicate aswell on this forum.

It will run till Friday April 11th, and a number will be drawn at 10:30 eastern, no numbers will be accepted after 10pm eastern on that date aswell.




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Atlantic Governor Interviews – Yew

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I got together with each of the governors and asked them about their cities and plans. With all the conversarys and rumors about I wanted to give each governor a chance to “clear the air as it where” and give everyone a chance to get to know them and what they intend to do for their respective cities. Each city faces it’s own unique set of challenges and I want to give the governors a chance to address these issues in a nuetral forum so everyone could come to their own conculsions.

Third is the Governor of Yew, Captn Norrington and here is what he had to say…
What are your current plans for Yew?
My current plans for the city of Yew, are to focus on improving the city, hosting events for the citizens, and establishing a good relationship with the other cities.

What obstacles does Yew face if any?
Currently, Yew faces the obstacle of a few citizens having a difference on opinion on whether or not they should work with me, the majority of the citizens are happy to participate, and I will do my best to win over the few citizens who currently do not wish to.

What factors have contributed to Yews growth and success?
Yew has always had a very strong community, and because of this, the citizens have always been very happy to help each other in any way that they can for the betterment of the community, this has caused Yew to grow and succeed very quickly, and remain strong at all times.
How has Yew changed during your term(s) in office?
Yew has changed quite drastically in my term in office, beginning with a riot at our city stone on election day, with anger all around, and slowly but surely changing to a peaceful community which is very active and helpful.
Yew Election

What sets Yew apart from the others?
Yew is set apart from the other cities, because there is so much history around, anywhere you go in Yew, there is history to be found. From Queen Dawn’s grave, to the elven city of Heartwood, to Empath Abbey and the winery, there are memories of good, and bad times, but the city has endured through them all.
queen dawn's grave

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would like to add that I am honored to be able to serve the city of Yew as governor, and will do my best to make sure the city continues to prosper and succeed peacefully.

Governor Norrington and Former Governor Sunwolf – Friend or Foe

October 06, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

     There has been a lot of activity in Yew it certainly seems with rumors flying everywhere about the new Governor Norrington and the Former Governor Sunwolf. Since I attended the King Blackthorns Conseil du Roi and got to see first hand some of the tensions and controversy surrounding Yew I thought I should do a bit of investigating. With that I packed up and decided to wonder around Yew for a while and see what I could find out. Boy was I shocked when I saw this…

     Amid all the rumors and such there they were and working together. I just had to find out what was up for myself. There was quite a few folks just outside the Abby so I joined the discussion, voicing my opinions and concerns to the new governor. Wasn’t too long after that till a very strange thing happened. As we were standing there chatting, a harpsichord fell seemly from the sky and was accompanied by an interesting musician…
     I was quite amazed really as I didn’t believe our EM Bennu could sing, but there he was singing away to us…
     After the serenade he stayed around and and chatted with everyone about Yew and the plans for the future. I could almost say he was glad to see the new and old governors getting together for the benefit of Yew despite all the nasty rumors that have been floating around.
     As we all got to talking about various topics EM Bennu actually asked us all to do him a favor for one of the other governors…
     Of course all of us agreed, anything to help out and foster this new relationship. A relationship that also was apparent the following evening at the Yew meeting when all were joking laughing and having a very good time as it were, seeming to be working together for the benefit of Yew and her people.
     As the evening got on there were even jokes made from the Conseil du Roi about a certain trashcan….
trash can
     Seems someone is still upset about the trashcans though, however both sides enjoyed a good laugh. There were great ideas presented on both side for plans to move forward in Yew. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow and foster in the coming months, but as for my vote, I am voting friends.

[EM RP Event] Brialla’s Journey, Mysterious Golden Hourglass

January 27, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

Gathering at Empath Abbey

Gathering at Empath Abbey

Lady Louisa Clark

Lady Louisa Clark

This year’s journey to honor the memory of Brialla of the Seven Tears began as it has in previous years by meeting up outside of the abbey in Yew, with everyone encouraged to don monk robes and tread barefoot in honor of the journey made by Brialla between Yew and Minoc.  “Today is a bit unusual,” Lady Louisa Clark, host of the festivities, informed the crowd.  “The monks are expecting one of their own, Brother Vintonio, back from Minoc today.  He will be effectively walking the journey in reverse.”  Clark went on to inform the gathering that he was carrying a golden hourglass, a relic of days past with a dark history and perhaps a curse.  With those announcements out of the way, the journey itself began.

Heading from the abbey, the group made its way through downtown Yew, and then circled out toward the Yew Cemetary.  Nearby, the spirit of Brialla stood waiting, watching the entourage as it trekked by, a faint scent of lilac filling the air, a gentle smile upon her face, and a kindly wave as everyone passed by her peaceful visage.  From there, the travellers headed down the road, and began the long walk to Minoc.

Upon reaching the first guard outpost along the trip, the group encountered Jerry the Guard, who asked about the group’s journey along Brialla’s path, revelling in the idea of living during her day, wondering if he would have had the strength to return to Yew with the information of his travels like Brialla chose to do.  Travelling on, the group met up with Paule Steele, the watcher of the second outpost along the way, and here, grim news awaited the travellers.  The presumed corpse of Brother Vintonio had been found, a ruined map in its hands.  Lady Louisa Clark took the opportunity to share more about the hourglass.  “The golden hourglass was reputed to contain a map to a great treasure.  It was said to have a hidden compartment.”  As if to answer the unspoken question of monks’ interest in the hourglass, she added, “Empath Abbey can always use more funds for their good works.”

Brialla of the Seven Tears

Brialla of the Seven Tears

Deciding that the map had been destroyed beyond use, and dismayed that the hourglass had not been found with Brother Vintonio’s corpse, Lady Clark decided it was best to move on.  The entourage moved forth, getting nearer to the Yew/Britain/Minoc crossroads, but stopping first at the crossroads before the river.  There, a young guard named Trev waited to greet the group, and had an interesting tale to tell.  Originally from Cove, and a former member of the Bastion of Light, Trev hoped to one day travel Brialla’s journey.  He spoke of his decision to leave the Bastion of Light, mentioning a creepy mage, but noted he was not against Lucienne; he told too a tale of losing his mother and brother to orcs.  Trev seemed very conflicted in his thoughts, and ultimately decided to return home to Cove where he felt things might make more sense.

Brialla Watching the Pilgrims

Brialla Watching the Pilgrims

The assembly proceeded forward, finally reaching the crossroads on the way to Minoc, passing right through the hub of the Fishing Council of Britannia.  Within the massive guard tower stretching over the road, the company met up with one Robert McFarland, who spoke of having met with Brother Vintonio who was on a journey to Yew.  As the conversation progressed it became obvious that McFarland was rather inebriated, and he began to speak of at least still being on duty, mentioning that other guards had abandoned their posts and run off to join the Bastion of Light.

Approaching the next guard post outside of Cove, the group came to the quick realization that it was abandoned.  “There should be at least one guard manning this outpost,” Lady Clark noted, adding, “It seems… dusty.”  Moving on from the abandoned outpost, the group quickly met up with a strange orc just off the road who told of humans, elves, and gargoyles trying to kill him while he was hunting for squirrels and rats for food.  The assembled group figured from his description that the Bastion of Light was responsible for this too, and after Lady Clark provided the hungry orc with some travel bread, the crowd began the final leg into Minoc.

Mayor Dave of Minoc

Mayor Dave of Minoc

Finally under the protection of Minoc’s guards, the group made their way to the north end of town where Mayor Dave met them outside of The Barnacle.  “Happy Brialla Day!” Dave cried out.  “Good to have visitors in Minoc.  Won’t you all come and share a drink at the tavern?”  Everyone made their way inside, whereupon Lady Clark revealed the golden hourglass had been handed to her during the journey.  “So, anyone want to guess who handed that to me?”  Martyna Z’muir guessed, “The ex-Bastion member?”  Nodding, Clark stated, “Trev handed that to me when I have him the travel bread.”  Placing a note on the table, Clark added, “He also handed me this note.”

The note, titled “Monk, Map, Hourglass,” and penned by an unknown author, read:  Monks of Empath Abbey, Here is your hour glass.  I am very sorry to say that the monk carrying it is dead.  Please, please, please don’t wear orc armor anymore.  It is not safe for humans to wear such things in the woods now!  Guards are abandoning their posts and joining our, my former cause.  Be careful!  My friends, my former friends, killed your monk before I could stop them.  When they hit him, a map popped out of the hourglass he was holding.  After they all went to sleep, I put his body out to see [sic], along with the map.  Whatever treasure it led to could not fall into their hands!  I have brought your hourglass back.  I recognized it from when my parents brought me to Empath Abbey as a child.  I wish my return today had been different.  I am truly sorry and will try to make amends.

The Golden Hourglass

The Golden Hourglass

With discussions about the journey settled down, Lady Clark invited others to speak and share any tales they had.  Ra’Dian Fl’Gith was the first to speak to the assembly to share a tale, telling of a trip from the days of Minax’s assault on Trinsic, speaking of the lich Juo’nar and a boat journey he and another named Edguardo had shared, suggesting that perhaps the non-violent trip with the lich had perhaps in someway altered the outcome of the greater battle.  After his tale finished, a blind traveller, L’loura, spoke briefly about how she used to live in Minoc, and now spends her days among the wonders of nature, she and her animal companions helping each other to get by.

The evening drew to a close in celebration of Brialla’s travels, but also on the grim note that Lady Clark would have to return to the abbey in Yew to inform them of Brother Vintonio’s murder.  What more might arise from the affairs of the day are difficult to guess, but certainly one must wonder what treasures the hourglass kept hidden, and whether the ruined map is beyond use.