Atlantic Home Spotlight!

September 13, 2014 By: Faeryl Category: Homes and Castles


First of all, I’d like to thank all of those who nominated a house for Atlantic’s first Home Spotlight! I got to explore a range of unique and wonderful homes and witness the results of the time and dedication their owners have put into every detail of their designs.

It was a difficult choice in the end, but the first Spotlight goes to There’s Snow Place Like Home, owned by Evianne! This lovely winter themed home is located at 105*34’N, 176*38’W on Dagger (Ice) Island in Trammel. The main floor features a kitchen, living area and a bathroom, a workshop is located on the second floor and the bedroom can be found on the third. It even has a closet! The fourth floor, accessible by teleporter, boasts a large and inviting hot tub for those cold, snowy nights.

Each room is decorated with layers upon layers of winter related items that will leave you exploring this festive yet cozy home for hours. Great job Evianne!


Until next time!

~ Faeryl



Luna Invaded

April 18, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News

Once the peaceful city of Luna a place where merchants could sell their goods. People come to Luna looking for that one item that they feel they can get no where else. Suddenly the loud growls are heard through out the city. They surround the bank their eyes glowing, wings flapping in unison. dragon’s and daemons surround the people. Fear is the first thing experienced on that day. This was not a lone incident, recently  winged beasts invaded this very city yet again.  Luna has become a target for invasion.

What will become of this bank sitters paradise?

What will happen next?

Is this the end?

We can only wait and see.

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April 02, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News

The Yew Town Council is going to run a week long 50/50 lottery. Starting Thursday at 8 eastern ( April 3rd) at the Empath Abbey bank, Governor Aulbrey and myself aswell any other Yew tagged members will be selling numbers for a 50/50 drawing.

You will recieve a runebook with your numbers on it just for something to take home, and you will be asked to fill out a book and return it to us with your contact information on how you wished to be contacted if you win. Icq,Stratics name, email your preference. Each number will cost one million gold or 11 numbers for 10 million.

Half of the total profit will be put on the Yew Town Stone for the town buff and the other half will be given to a random winner using a random number generator online. There will be only one winner though. Also the book that you have the contact information, if you are a Yew citizen, list what the town buff you wish on the town, since your gold is going to help pay for it, and ssi is all over it seems now, or if you wish to keep it at ssi, just list ssi.

If you wish to buy a number and you are unable to find any of us, please post here and we can communicate aswell on this forum.

It will run till Friday April 11th, and a number will be drawn at 10:30 eastern, no numbers will be accepted after 10pm eastern on that date aswell.




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Haven Fest Feb.9th

February 06, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News

Are you a new player to Atlantic?

Haven Fest hosted by Sennah T’ Nae
Bringing new players in the realm to show them the Ultima Online Community
Each new player will receive a care package (suggested by Dag Nabbit)
The care packages include books on training skills as well as other training items
The various items are from various towns in Sosaria giving a unique bit of Ultima lore.
In the future Haven Fest is hoped to show players the history of Ultima and Promote exploration of other towns.
Place: New Haven
Time: 9pm Eastern
Date: February 9th
For more information you can contact Sennah T’ Nae through icq # 176782236