April 02, 2014 By: Aulbrey Category: Atlantic News

The Yew Town Council is going to run a week long 50/50 lottery. Starting Thursday at 8 eastern ( April 3rd) at the Empath Abbey bank, Governor Aulbrey and myself aswell any other Yew tagged members will be selling numbers for a 50/50 drawing.

You will recieve a runebook with your numbers on it just for something to take home, and you will be asked to fill out a book and return it to us with your contact information on how you wished to be contacted if you win. Icq,Stratics name, email your preference. Each number will cost one million gold or 11 numbers for 10 million.

Half of the total profit will be put on the Yew Town Stone for the town buff and the other half will be given to a random winner using a random number generator online. There will be only one winner though. Also the book that you have the contact information, if you are a Yew citizen, list what the town buff you wish on the town, since your gold is going to help pay for it, and ssi is all over it seems now, or if you wish to keep it at ssi, just list ssi.

If you wish to buy a number and you are unable to find any of us, please post here and we can communicate aswell on this forum.

It will run till Friday April 11th, and a number will be drawn at 10:30 eastern, no numbers will be accepted after 10pm eastern on that date aswell.




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1 Comments to “YEW’S 50/50 LOTTERY”

  1. Kain Elderan says:

    OMG, Sunwolf? Seriously, you’re still kicking around in Yew? Wowza.