(Player Event) Shard Public Auction

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On Saturday, 10th May at 3pm Eastern, the representatives of the King’s Council will be holding a shard public auction in order to give the people of Siege an opportunity to trade goods, promote shard interaction, and raise money for town treasuries. If successful, the event could become a biannual event at the start of each governorship term of office (or conceivably even twice per term). This thread is intended to give advance notice of the auction; further details and the official list of lots for sale will come in May.

Venue & auctioneer

The auction will take place at Gilfane Arena and I will be acting as auctioneer. Kattasrophe is working as chief assistant and will be organizing complementary activities.

Commission & donations

The auctioneer will levy a charge of 5% on all lots sold and the money so raised [the “Town Fund”] will be split equally between the seven towns involved (Jhelom, Minoc, Moonglow, New Magincia, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper). If any member of the public wishes to contribute further, then they are welcome to make additional contributions in four possible ways:

a) By donating an item(s) entirely to the Town Fund, in which case 100% of the auction sale price will go into the fund.

b) By donating an item(s) to ONE particular town, in which case the remaining 95% of the sale price will go directly to the specified town.

c) By donating an item to York’s new player vendor subsidy program, in which case the remaining 95% of the sale price will go directly to this cause.

d) By donating a lump some of cash to the Town Fund or to specified town(s). This is no different than giving cash directly to the town heralds, except that your donation will appear in the official accounts and will therefore be recorded for posterity.

Reserve Price

Items submitted for sale may be assigned a minimum price that the seller is willing to accept, although items may be rejected if the auctioneer views the reserve as unreasonably high and unlikely to lead to a sale.

Advanced bids

To aid those unable to attend the live event or find a suitable proxy, the auctioneer will take private bids in advance of the sale. Further details on this service will be posted nearer the event.

Submitting items for sale

To raise interest and awareness for the auction, the public is encouraged to announce items for sale as soon as possible. However, as the auction house will not be taking receipt of goods until May, anything so announced/listed is not final and could be withdrawn by the seller.

To submit your items, PM me here. Be sure to include any reserve prices you wish to assign the goods, although these could be changed later. All items are presumed to be for the benefit of the seller unless otherwise stated. If you wish to donate the entire proceeds of an item to one of the causes (Town Fund, individual town, subsidy program), please clearly state this. Items donated to a cause will state the name of the donor unless anonymity is specifically requested. General items for sale will not list the name of the seller unless it is necessary to do so.

If you are intending to sell low-priced items, please try and group them together where possible. What constitutes a “low price” is unclear at this point. Once official submissions are taken in May, we should have a better idea of the amount of items that are likely to be for sale and what to set the minimum requirements at.

Official accounts

A record of sale prices and all monies raised will be published after the auction. The auctioneer will deposit the money raised for each town directly with the heralds in the presence of Kattasrophe and/or another creditable witness.

Confidentiality & liability

All reserve prices, advance bids and other privileged information from sellers will be kept in confidence by the auctioneer except in the event of a new auctioneer having to be appointed due to illness or force majeure.

Final responsibility for items being sold, monies raised thereon, and the conduct of the auction, lies with the auctioneer and not the members of the King’s Council.

If anyone can suggest an amusing name for this type of auction, “Townaid” or something, please do so.

Provisional Sale List (21st April) Shall be updated here weekly, but for a more updated list/more information please see  http://uo2.stratics.com/community/threads/shard-public-auction.314642/#post-2380211d items

Standard items (5% commission to Town Fund, remainder to seller)

120 mysticism scroll
120 focus scroll
120 taming scroll
120 throwing scroll
120 tactics scroll
120 veterinary scroll
120 parrying scroll
120 necromancy scroll
120 anatomy scroll
120 fencing scroll

25 stat scroll x 2
+5 Exodus stat scroll

Hygieia’s Amulet [replica] (+10% alchemy bonus)

Primeval Lich eight piece rack set
Primeval Lich executioner’s axe deed
Primeval Lich glowing red corp rune

Soulstone fragment token x2

Deed to a guildstone – NEWMAN PROVISIONERS [TNP]
Academic Bookcases x 2

Town Fund donations (100% of sale price to Town Fund)

120 magery scroll [donated by Gilfane treasury]

Ethereal Polar Bear (9th year Vet reward) [donated by Kelmo]

Rechargeable teleporter set [donated by Baby Doll]

Mailbox [donated by Sara Dale]
Holiday flowerpot [donated by Sara Dale]

Ladder deed [donated by Sara Dale]
Fountain of Life [donated by Sara Dale]

Anchor, Figurehead, Ship’s Bell of BMV Ararat [donated by Sara Dale]

Deed for 20k arrows [donated by Bucko]

Individual town donations (5% of sale price to Town Fund, remainder to specific town/cause)

120 ninjitsu scroll (Skara Brae) [donated by Gilfane treasury]

Ethereal Tiger (15th year Vet reward) (Trinsic) [donated by Kelmo]​

(RP) The Viper Clan Orcs (part 3)

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The Viper Clan orcs gathered hostages and tied them together in the lower Minoc mine. Vonak helped prepare the chargesfor their next attack. As soon as the hostages were tied down and the blast charges were set the orcs climbed over and out of the mine.

Backing an almost safe distance the orcs threw rocks to detonate the charges.

The intense heat from the fire caused the stone of the mountain to become brittle and began to buckle.

The explosions weren’t finished by the time the rocks fell blocking the entrance to the lower mine.

The rubble continued to burn as the orcs could hear the hostages scream from inside.

Some of the hostages manged to break free of their bonds but were unable to make it out of the mine. With the few tools they have and low light it will be hard for them dig their own way out.

More hostages were gathered and brought to the upper mine. Again they were tied down and left to scream. Dan’tub laughed at them as he climbed over the charges he set.

Again the orcs took turns throwing rocks at the barrels ofhighly volatile explosives.

The blast blew shards of stone and ore from the mountain side and caused an avalanche of fire and stone.

Pieces of rock hit the orcs who cheered in delight.

The orcs danced in revelry for their Bloodgod.

Again inside the hostages were just as injured and trapped.

(RP) The Viper Clan Orcs (part 2)

January 02, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News, Taverns & Tales

Since the attacks on the bridges leading into the city of Vesper the orcs had been content running a guerrilla campaign in the forests just outside Vesper and Minoc against small caravans. But since the caravans never made it to Vesper no one successfully came looking. The orcs grew impatient. They were not getting the tribute they expected. Their leader Dan’tub decided to stalk one such caravan until it got to the border of Vesper. This would leave little the imagination to the people of Vesper and the orcs would get the tribute they deserved!

In total twenty innocent lives were lost and their cargo stolen or destroyed.

The Orcs reveled in delight. They disemboweled the corpses and danced with their intestines. they ate the still warm hearts.

The trail of bloodshed soaked into the snow and soil as they killed almost anything that moved.

They nimbly crossed what was left of the North West bridge when they ran into some Zoogi Fungus. Whilst distracted by the intoxicating mushrooms Quacklebush and some other men startled the orcs in what they perceived to be an ambush.

I apologize for the lack of screenshots from here on. By this point I was more concentrating on staying alive and not getting captured since I had live witnesses. Thanks to those that were able to chase us and do some fighting, even if it was just emote fighting to start with.

They took off across the newly reconstructed North Bridge feeing down the path to Minoc. Luckily Dan’tub had thought ahead and had his brute ambush Quacklebush and his men. Quacklebush turned his skin to stone and turned a nearby rock into a juggernaut. The orcs continued to flee until they got to the mines just outside of Minoc.

There they took a begger hostage unless Quackleebush stopped following them. Quackleebush seemed to retreat. Dan’tub killed the begger anyway and created a gate to Umbra. The Orcs made it through to Umbra but so had Quackleebush just before Dan’tub managed to dispel his gate. Dan’tub cast another gate to Dagger Isle in Felucca. Quackleebush had been tricked into going through but somehow Vonak fell in as well. Dan’tub opened a gate to their camp and ordered Krugrak and the rest of the orcs to retreat for now.

They did as ordered and Dan’tub recalled to Dagger Isle in Felucca to see Quackleebush in stone form standing over the unconscious body of Vonak. Dan’tub attacked the towering figure and led him on a chase across the tundra. Dan’tub used the seemingly abandonded buildings to dodge Quackleebush. Dante would duck under homes only to found once more. He dipped into a pile of snow but the stone behemoth followed after. Dan’tub dove into the icy water only to climb out with Quackleebush still on his tail. Dan’tub finally dodged Quackleebush long enough to summon some imps to keep Quackleebush busy as he double backed to rescue Vonak. Throwing the female orc over his shoulder he ran as fast as he could he buried themselves in a pile of snow long enough for him to rest so he could open a gate back to their camp finally giving Quackleebush the slip.

The Investigation of Minoc

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The back story as was provided by the governor of Minoc, Yosef…

It was a brisk cold night within the mountains of Minoc. The afternoon shift just ended and the night was on site. All the duties were being given out by the night supervisor and normal operations were conducted.
Early into the shift, two miners were seen running into the camp from the north most tunnels. At once Yosef appeared like a bat out of hell, demanding why miners were sent into the top tunnel. Ordering that the north most tunnel be closed and not entered.
*Posted a Minoc Mine*
“On the Order Of Yosef…The North most tunnels shall not be entered by any persons.
Yosef Governor of Minoc “
Miner One Log: *With shaking hand* everything was normal till…We found that crack within the rock….It was glowing white….Then these voices….”You shall not enter our Sanctuary”…At once a white flash and white figure appeared…. I do not recall after that….
Miner Two Log: The voices are still in my head….The white light……The White figure…..

The Vampric Sanctuary…this sacred island is a safe haven for vampires of the realm. Within the boards of the island you’ll find 2 buildings; The Hub and The Ancients Crypt.
The Hub:
At this location you will find a 2 story building:
On the first floor, you’ll see a tavern like area. This area is used for social events, as well a starting point for hunting parties.
A stair case within the building will take you into the second floor. On this floor you’ll find the elder’s table where important matters are discussed, as well the elder’s work table.
The Ancients Crypt:
At this location you will find a 3 story building:
On the first floor you’ll find the “tunnel” (tele portal) that links Minoc to the Vampric Sanctuary.
Climbing the ladder outside will take you onto the second floor where you’ll find three coffins that hold the Ancients.
“Ancients are those that have lived for thousands of generations, there are only three within The Vampric Sanctuary that reside asleep within tombs and are only called on during times of need, otherwise Elders handle the governing of the Sanctuary.”
Another ladder within the Crypt will take you onto the roof, where rituals take place.
Any vampires in need of a safe Haven; are welcomed into the Sanctuary. Within the Sanctuary you will be provided with all the care you need. We hold some of the most trained medical personal within the realm. Once in the Sanctuary you’ll be required to help protect and build our sacred island.

Minocians blood has been shed…The mines have collapsed… There has been a direct attack to the people of Minoc and the realm…Capture all the Orcs you wish…Give them a fair trial…My Orders stand for the people of Minoc
“By the decree of Governor Yosef…All Orcs are order to death…
All Citizens Of Minoc have the right of law to the execution of any orc found within the surrounding borders of Minoc. Shall Orcs…be found outside the boarders of Minoc…Execution shall be of cause…”

[King Blackthorn]: Lord Yosef of Minoc, a new face.
[King Blackthorn]: What can we do for Minoc this evening?
[Yosef]: *nods*
[Yosef]: I come with Information about the mines and the town…
[King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[Yosef]: Due to the resent contained flooding within Minoc mines….
[Yosef]: The mines are now at 95% operation statues,
[Yosef]: I am sure you have heard about this…
[King Blackthorn]: A fine achievement considering the size of the issue.
[King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[Yosef]: the mines…they are such at 95%
[Yosef]: due to the high content of waste and not away to disposes of it.
[Yosef]: But an more important manner….
[Yosef]: During the operations “our” Sanctuary has come into the light….
[Yosef]: within Minoc mines….the discovery of the tunnel to the Vampric Sanctuary…
[Yosef]: this being a sacred location.
[King Blackthorn]: *shifts in his seat a bit*
[Yosef]: We request that the location on Blanche Island be under the protection of the king and his guards
[Yosef]: If or ever this island is under attack by person’s who do not have the kings interest in mind.
[Yosef]: *looks at the king*
[King Blackthorn]: *strokes his beard a moment*
[Sofia Elias]: *lowers her voice*
[Sofia Elias]: Did he say Vampire?
[Corinthian]: The vampires have a stake in this?
[Khaleesi]: *looks intently at the king*
[Alexander]: VAMPIRE?!?!?
[King Blackthorn]: I share the concerns of the crowd.
[Yosef]: *looks back and back at king*
[Lew]: *looks nervously at Yosef*
[King Blackthorn]: However…
[Corinthian]: Someone should shed more light on this matter
[King Blackthorn]: Lord Lew.
[King Blackthorn]: *looks to his left*
[Galathan]: you did say to extend friendship this coming year…
[King Blackthorn]: Lord Lew?
[Lew]: aye my Liege
[King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[Lew]: oh my turn
[King Blackthorn]: I task you with investigating these, people that the Governor of Minoc is speaking of.
[King Blackthorn]: As a neutral party.
[Lew]: *shivers*
[Galathan]: *looks at Lew*
[Lew]: I am at your service my Liege
[King Blackthorn]: I would like to know the type of people they are, their morals, their issues both good and bad.
[Lew]: ummm
[King Blackthorn]: Governor Yosef, you will permit my investigation of the issue before adopting it as my own?
[Lew]: *looks around*
[Lew]: Sire given my past with the undead, are you sure you would like me to do this?
[Galathan]: *whispers*
[Yosef]: if that is what is need to be done
[Galathan]: is he serious?
[Lew]: I will not make the same mistake I did last time
[King Blackthorn]: Do you feel that you can be impartial?
[19:34:21] [Galathan]: *nods*
[19:34:37] [Lew]: I can be impartial yes
[19:34:49] [King Blackthorn]: A group of people is asking for protection from within my lands.
[19:35:00] [King Blackthorn]: It is something that needs to be investigated.
[19:35:14] [Lew]: I will gather my wardens sire, and investigate for you
[19:35:15] [King Blackthorn]: Then the task is yours Lord Lew.
[19:35:18] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:35:23] [King Blackthorn]: My thoughts exactly.
[19:35:25] [King Blackthorn]: *broad smile*
[19:35:28] [Yosef]: *nods*
[19:35:32] [Lew]: It will be done sire
[19:35:38] [King Blackthorn]: Have you anything else Governor Yosef?
[19:35:44] [Yosef]: Lew shall be allowed within the Sanctuary.
[19:35:46] [Yosef]: yes..
[19:35:58] [Yosef]: The first Minoc meeting will take place this Wednesday at 9pm est within the Town hall.
[19:36:11] [Yosef]: that is all…

It was settled then.. we were to go to this meeting and investigate these “vampires”. What kind of people are they? Are they friend or foe? We hoped to find those answers at the meeting.
Lord Lew and I, along with Captn Norrington and some of his guild mates, went to investigate. The meeting was very ordinary.. same as any other towns until just before the end when a gentleman ran in screaming “The Sanctuary is under attack…They have taken everything and burnt the rest…”
What that meant no one knew but Yosef ran off to investigate so we followed. What we found when we got there was horrific..
house 2
house 1
We all felt we needed to investigate this further and upon walking around the island this ship was spotted. It was of orc design but barred no obvious markings of a clan. Yosef was so distraught he ordered the ship sank…
A complete search of the island was ordered.. and this orc head, heart, and latern were found on the northeastern corner of the island…
orc head
At that point we all knew that something foul was a foot here and that the King was to be brought up to speed at once…
Lord Lew ordered me to carry this message and put it straight into the hands of the King and no one else..

My Liege,

This evening a small group from Trinsic attended the new Governors meeting in Minco for his first term. The meeting started normally with the basic diplomacy, but was interrupted by a runner from the Sanctuary that you sent me to investigate. The runner brought news of an attack on the sanctuary, and the meeting was quickly ended, as we accompanied Governor Yosef to the sanctuary island. He took us there though a freshly cleared area in the mines outside of Minco that the Orcs attempted to destroy and flood.
Within the mine, Yosef located and moved a rock, revealing a hidden passage. On the other side of the hidden passage we found a small island in chaos, the sanctuary and vault had been utterly destroyed. As we searched the island, we came upon an orc ship anchored in a small bay on the north side. After a cursory search of the vessel, the decision was made to sink the ship, to keep the responsible party from leaving the island. We began a search of the island moving from west to east, finding nothing in the search at first. Oddly, the island was devoid of life, neither human nor animal roamed it. We were about to give up the search when one of Yosef’s guards called out from coast behind the Sanctuary itself.
As the group gathered, the guard led us to a small peninsula to show us what he found. The ground here was stained red the only thing left was an Orc Head, and a heart, eerily illuminated by a lantern.
It seems that the Orcs themselves may be responsible for this destruction. There was no sign of the vampires you asked me to investigate, we are under the assumption that they were kidnapped, but this will require further investigation.

I await your reply with instructions of how we should proceed.

Lord Lew
Governor of Trinsic

Galathan mounted the fastest steed in Trinsic and set off for Castle Blackthorn at a gallop.

[EM RP Event] Brialla’s Journey, Mysterious Golden Hourglass

January 27, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

Gathering at Empath Abbey

Gathering at Empath Abbey

Lady Louisa Clark

Lady Louisa Clark

This year’s journey to honor the memory of Brialla of the Seven Tears began as it has in previous years by meeting up outside of the abbey in Yew, with everyone encouraged to don monk robes and tread barefoot in honor of the journey made by Brialla between Yew and Minoc.  “Today is a bit unusual,” Lady Louisa Clark, host of the festivities, informed the crowd.  “The monks are expecting one of their own, Brother Vintonio, back from Minoc today.  He will be effectively walking the journey in reverse.”  Clark went on to inform the gathering that he was carrying a golden hourglass, a relic of days past with a dark history and perhaps a curse.  With those announcements out of the way, the journey itself began.

Heading from the abbey, the group made its way through downtown Yew, and then circled out toward the Yew Cemetary.  Nearby, the spirit of Brialla stood waiting, watching the entourage as it trekked by, a faint scent of lilac filling the air, a gentle smile upon her face, and a kindly wave as everyone passed by her peaceful visage.  From there, the travellers headed down the road, and began the long walk to Minoc.

Upon reaching the first guard outpost along the trip, the group encountered Jerry the Guard, who asked about the group’s journey along Brialla’s path, revelling in the idea of living during her day, wondering if he would have had the strength to return to Yew with the information of his travels like Brialla chose to do.  Travelling on, the group met up with Paule Steele, the watcher of the second outpost along the way, and here, grim news awaited the travellers.  The presumed corpse of Brother Vintonio had been found, a ruined map in its hands.  Lady Louisa Clark took the opportunity to share more about the hourglass.  “The golden hourglass was reputed to contain a map to a great treasure.  It was said to have a hidden compartment.”  As if to answer the unspoken question of monks’ interest in the hourglass, she added, “Empath Abbey can always use more funds for their good works.”

Brialla of the Seven Tears

Brialla of the Seven Tears

Deciding that the map had been destroyed beyond use, and dismayed that the hourglass had not been found with Brother Vintonio’s corpse, Lady Clark decided it was best to move on.  The entourage moved forth, getting nearer to the Yew/Britain/Minoc crossroads, but stopping first at the crossroads before the river.  There, a young guard named Trev waited to greet the group, and had an interesting tale to tell.  Originally from Cove, and a former member of the Bastion of Light, Trev hoped to one day travel Brialla’s journey.  He spoke of his decision to leave the Bastion of Light, mentioning a creepy mage, but noted he was not against Lucienne; he told too a tale of losing his mother and brother to orcs.  Trev seemed very conflicted in his thoughts, and ultimately decided to return home to Cove where he felt things might make more sense.

Brialla Watching the Pilgrims

Brialla Watching the Pilgrims

The assembly proceeded forward, finally reaching the crossroads on the way to Minoc, passing right through the hub of the Fishing Council of Britannia.  Within the massive guard tower stretching over the road, the company met up with one Robert McFarland, who spoke of having met with Brother Vintonio who was on a journey to Yew.  As the conversation progressed it became obvious that McFarland was rather inebriated, and he began to speak of at least still being on duty, mentioning that other guards had abandoned their posts and run off to join the Bastion of Light.

Approaching the next guard post outside of Cove, the group came to the quick realization that it was abandoned.  “There should be at least one guard manning this outpost,” Lady Clark noted, adding, “It seems… dusty.”  Moving on from the abandoned outpost, the group quickly met up with a strange orc just off the road who told of humans, elves, and gargoyles trying to kill him while he was hunting for squirrels and rats for food.  The assembled group figured from his description that the Bastion of Light was responsible for this too, and after Lady Clark provided the hungry orc with some travel bread, the crowd began the final leg into Minoc.

Mayor Dave of Minoc

Mayor Dave of Minoc

Finally under the protection of Minoc’s guards, the group made their way to the north end of town where Mayor Dave met them outside of The Barnacle.  “Happy Brialla Day!” Dave cried out.  “Good to have visitors in Minoc.  Won’t you all come and share a drink at the tavern?”  Everyone made their way inside, whereupon Lady Clark revealed the golden hourglass had been handed to her during the journey.  “So, anyone want to guess who handed that to me?”  Martyna Z’muir guessed, “The ex-Bastion member?”  Nodding, Clark stated, “Trev handed that to me when I have him the travel bread.”  Placing a note on the table, Clark added, “He also handed me this note.”

The note, titled “Monk, Map, Hourglass,” and penned by an unknown author, read:  Monks of Empath Abbey, Here is your hour glass.  I am very sorry to say that the monk carrying it is dead.  Please, please, please don’t wear orc armor anymore.  It is not safe for humans to wear such things in the woods now!  Guards are abandoning their posts and joining our, my former cause.  Be careful!  My friends, my former friends, killed your monk before I could stop them.  When they hit him, a map popped out of the hourglass he was holding.  After they all went to sleep, I put his body out to see [sic], along with the map.  Whatever treasure it led to could not fall into their hands!  I have brought your hourglass back.  I recognized it from when my parents brought me to Empath Abbey as a child.  I wish my return today had been different.  I am truly sorry and will try to make amends.

The Golden Hourglass

The Golden Hourglass

With discussions about the journey settled down, Lady Clark invited others to speak and share any tales they had.  Ra’Dian Fl’Gith was the first to speak to the assembly to share a tale, telling of a trip from the days of Minax’s assault on Trinsic, speaking of the lich Juo’nar and a boat journey he and another named Edguardo had shared, suggesting that perhaps the non-violent trip with the lich had perhaps in someway altered the outcome of the greater battle.  After his tale finished, a blind traveller, L’loura, spoke briefly about how she used to live in Minoc, and now spends her days among the wonders of nature, she and her animal companions helping each other to get by.

The evening drew to a close in celebration of Brialla’s travels, but also on the grim note that Lady Clark would have to return to the abbey in Yew to inform them of Brother Vintonio’s murder.  What more might arise from the affairs of the day are difficult to guess, but certainly one must wonder what treasures the hourglass kept hidden, and whether the ruined map is beyond use.