(RP) The Viper Clan Orcs (part 2)

January 02, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News, Taverns & Tales

Since the attacks on the bridges leading into the city of Vesper the orcs had been content running a guerrilla campaign in the forests just outside Vesper and Minoc against small caravans. But since the caravans never made it to Vesper no one successfully came looking. The orcs grew impatient. They were not getting the tribute they expected. Their leader Dan’tub decided to stalk one such caravan until it got to the border of Vesper. This would leave little the imagination to the people of Vesper and the orcs would get the tribute they deserved!

In total twenty innocent lives were lost and their cargo stolen or destroyed.

The Orcs reveled in delight. They disemboweled the corpses and danced with their intestines. they ate the still warm hearts.

The trail of bloodshed soaked into the snow and soil as they killed almost anything that moved.

They nimbly crossed what was left of the North West bridge when they ran into some Zoogi Fungus. Whilst distracted by the intoxicating mushrooms Quacklebush and some other men startled the orcs in what they perceived to be an ambush.

I apologize for the lack of screenshots from here on. By this point I was more concentrating on staying alive and not getting captured since I had live witnesses. Thanks to those that were able to chase us and do some fighting, even if it was just emote fighting to start with.

They took off across the newly reconstructed North Bridge feeing down the path to Minoc. Luckily Dan’tub had thought ahead and had his brute ambush Quacklebush and his men. Quacklebush turned his skin to stone and turned a nearby rock into a juggernaut. The orcs continued to flee until they got to the mines just outside of Minoc.

There they took a begger hostage unless Quackleebush stopped following them. Quackleebush seemed to retreat. Dan’tub killed the begger anyway and created a gate to Umbra. The Orcs made it through to Umbra but so had Quackleebush just before Dan’tub managed to dispel his gate. Dan’tub cast another gate to Dagger Isle in Felucca. Quackleebush had been tricked into going through but somehow Vonak fell in as well. Dan’tub opened a gate to their camp and ordered Krugrak and the rest of the orcs to retreat for now.

They did as ordered and Dan’tub recalled to Dagger Isle in Felucca to see Quackleebush in stone form standing over the unconscious body of Vonak. Dan’tub attacked the towering figure and led him on a chase across the tundra. Dan’tub used the seemingly abandonded buildings to dodge Quackleebush. Dante would duck under homes only to found once more. He dipped into a pile of snow but the stone behemoth followed after. Dan’tub dove into the icy water only to climb out with Quackleebush still on his tail. Dan’tub finally dodged Quackleebush long enough to summon some imps to keep Quackleebush busy as he double backed to rescue Vonak. Throwing the female orc over his shoulder he ran as fast as he could he buried themselves in a pile of snow long enough for him to rest so he could open a gate back to their camp finally giving Quackleebush the slip.

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