(RP) The Viper Clan Orcs (part 3)

January 02, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News, Taverns & Tales

The Viper Clan orcs gathered hostages and tied them together in the lower Minoc mine. Vonak helped prepare the chargesfor their next attack. As soon as the hostages were tied down and the blast charges were set the orcs climbed over and out of the mine.

Backing an almost safe distance the orcs threw rocks to detonate the charges.

The intense heat from the fire caused the stone of the mountain to become brittle and began to buckle.

The explosions weren’t finished by the time the rocks fell blocking the entrance to the lower mine.

The rubble continued to burn as the orcs could hear the hostages scream from inside.

Some of the hostages manged to break free of their bonds but were unable to make it out of the mine. With the few tools they have and low light it will be hard for them dig their own way out.

More hostages were gathered and brought to the upper mine. Again they were tied down and left to scream. Dan’tub laughed at them as he climbed over the charges he set.

Again the orcs took turns throwing rocks at the barrels ofhighly volatile explosives.

The blast blew shards of stone and ore from the mountain side and caused an avalanche of fire and stone.

Pieces of rock hit the orcs who cheered in delight.

The orcs danced in revelry for their Bloodgod.

Again inside the hostages were just as injured and trapped.

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