An Icy Investigation Part Deux

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An Icy Investigation Part Deux


January 29th, 2015

Governor Scabby put out a call to arms, as he continued the investigation into the mysterious icy patches and moongate. It did not take long for a motley crew of roughnecks to descend on to the Hand of Death Guild Hall in Jhelom.

Duck Goose II

Duck Goose

As the menacing group awaited the arrival of the Governor of Jhelom, they played a rousing game of Duck-Duck-Goose! 

Rallying the Troops

Governor Scabby arrived shortly after and got everyone into place, He started barking out orders of the soon to be raid on Ice Dungeon looking for clues about the mysterious happenings.

Attack on Jhelom

As the rowdy group was preparing to leave, they suddenly found themselves under siege by a group of unknown arctic creatures. 

Mysterious Gate

The deadly fight quickly headed towards the mysterious moongate. The arctic creatures put on a valiant fight but were eventually defeated.

Mysterious Gate II

The exhausted group gathered at the moongate to regroup and catch their breath. It was there that they noticed that the gate had changed. It seemed alive yet gave off an icy cold aura, almost as if it were oozing death itself. As they looked for clues, they came across a book that had a strange an eerie sentence written inside. “All Hail the Arctic Tyrant” As Governor Scabby read aloud the cryptic message, he was suddenly transported from Jhelom to another area. After a quick recon, they found that they were outside Ice Dungeon, the very place that they had been about to raid. The coincidence was not missed by Governor Scabby and he quickly order his defenders inside the dungeon.

Ice Creem Page

Once inside they quickly found a clue, it was a page torn our of a book!

Ice Creem Page II

After seeing the fiendish claw marks, they decided to head to the heart of the dungeon. Rumor has it that the a fiendish creature lives there and they needed to find out for sure. They battled their way through countless creatures and finally made it to the area they were looking for. Little did they know that the Ice Fiend had company!

Ice Dungeon

After dispatching, the Ice Fiends and other creatures, the Arctic Ice Tyrant showed his face again and attacked the weary group. They put up a valiant fight and vanquished him with a vengeance! They started to explore the remainder of the rooms looking for clues when they came across something very strange. It was an ice cream recipe book owned by the Jhelom Ice Creem Shoppe located at the docks on the N/E side of the main island.

Ice Dungeon II

As they pondered on how and why it was removed from the ice cream shoppe. they were startled by the sudden appearance of another creature, the Glacial Lich. He let them know that he would never return the book and that they would suffer. As he disappeared, he left a small army of unfrozen mummies to keep the adventurers busy.

Ice Creem Shoppe

The worn out band of adventurers returned to Jhelom and decided to rest at the scene of the crime, the Ice Cream Shoppe. After recapping the events, they deduced that the Glacial Lich had stolen the recipe book from the Ice Cream Shoppe. They discovered that Governor Scabby had obtained the book from a wandering gypsy in Minoc who gave it to him in return for rotten food. It was also brought to light that the freezer had been designed and built by a tinker from Trinsic who had obtained the ice for the freezer directly from Ice Dungeon itself. Governor Scabby has pledged to find this gypsy by asking Governor Vic II of Minoc to assist. He and Governor Phoenix of Trinsic will attempt to locate and interrogate the tinker that had designed and built the freezer.

On a side note, it was commented  on that the cobblestone in Ice Dungeon was in much better shape than the loosely fitted stones that pass for pavement in Britain, Travelers in Britain beware!

An Icy Investigation

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An Icy Investigation


January 21st, 2015

Icy Investigation

Strange things were afoot in Jhelom. Governor Scabby had found a path of icy patches leading from the Hand of Death Guild Hall in South/East Jhelom that led to a mysterious moongate. Scabby called in for reinforcement in case of danger. Many adventurers showed up including Lt. Governor of Jhelom Ozog, Governor Ivy of Vesper, Governor Vic II of Minoc, Governor Murdock of Britain, Governor Lauren of Moonglow,  Ashlyn of Cove, Nanoc, Red Snapper, Giggles, Nubby, OC,  Sparrow and others. Governor Pheonix could not make it but sent her Alchemist, Walt, to assist.

The group noticed  that Jhelom’s temperature, which was normally hot and humid, seemed to be cooling off and the ice did not appear to be melting. Walt analyzed the ice to determine that it was made up of some sort of magical essence and had an oily substance to it. They followed the trail to the mysterious moongate which had ice seeping out of the bottom of it. There was a strange force field protecting the gate and not letting anyone through it. Walt the Alchemist warned everyone to stand back, if anyone were to get some of the icy substance on their skin, they would become delirious and would eventually become paralyzed.

Icy Investigation 2

The group weighed their options and chose to go in search of clues to the origin of the mysterious moongate and the ice. They quickly gated to Dagger Island, locally referred to as Ice Island. Walt took some samples, while the ice was similar to that of Jhelom, it lacked the magical essence and oily texture. Governor Scabby noted that he was getting a strange feeling that they were being watched, and Walt informed the group that he had come across some readings that suggested that the ice may have originated in Tokuno.

The group quickly departed and traveled to Winter Spur on Isamu-Jima Island in Tokuno. As soon as they arrived to a location right outside of Winter Spur, they were attacked by Ronins which the group quickly dispatched. They traveled into Winter Spur and were immediately attacked by Ice and Snow Elementals. A large battle ensued and eventually the Lady of the Snow attacked. Things were rough but the group prevailed and Walt was able to get his samples.

Icy Investigation 4

Walt inadvertently touched some ice identical to that near the moongate and quickly became delirious. He left the safety of the group and wandered out of Winter Spur and was quickly attacked by Rune Beetles and Evil Mages. A rescue party was formed and Walt was saved from danger. Exhausted, the adventurers left and regrouped in PaxOku to review the finding and implications. They decided to get some rest and plan a visit to Kos Heb West in The Lost Lands and into Ice Dungeon to see if they can find any answers there.

An Exodus Encounter Sponsored by the City of Jhelom

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January 01, 2015


Hand of Death Guild Hall

Governor Scabby of Jhelom  and Deputy Governor Ozog started off 2015 with a bang! The City of Jhelom sponsored an Exodus run, with the help of the Paxlair Community, provided keys for all who attended. There was a large turn out and approximately 20 brave adventures journeyed into the real of The Exodus clockwork and defeated him swiftly and decisively.

Attack on the Exodus Clockwork


Exodus 1 600 x 476


Continuing the attack!


Exodus 2 600 x 425

Exodus Slain!


Exodus 3 600 x 401

(Player Event) Shard Public Auction

April 21, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News

On Saturday, 10th May at 3pm Eastern, the representatives of the King’s Council will be holding a shard public auction in order to give the people of Siege an opportunity to trade goods, promote shard interaction, and raise money for town treasuries. If successful, the event could become a biannual event at the start of each governorship term of office (or conceivably even twice per term). This thread is intended to give advance notice of the auction; further details and the official list of lots for sale will come in May.

Venue & auctioneer

The auction will take place at Gilfane Arena and I will be acting as auctioneer. Kattasrophe is working as chief assistant and will be organizing complementary activities.

Commission & donations

The auctioneer will levy a charge of 5% on all lots sold and the money so raised [the “Town Fund”] will be split equally between the seven towns involved (Jhelom, Minoc, Moonglow, New Magincia, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper). If any member of the public wishes to contribute further, then they are welcome to make additional contributions in four possible ways:

a) By donating an item(s) entirely to the Town Fund, in which case 100% of the auction sale price will go into the fund.

b) By donating an item(s) to ONE particular town, in which case the remaining 95% of the sale price will go directly to the specified town.

c) By donating an item to York’s new player vendor subsidy program, in which case the remaining 95% of the sale price will go directly to this cause.

d) By donating a lump some of cash to the Town Fund or to specified town(s). This is no different than giving cash directly to the town heralds, except that your donation will appear in the official accounts and will therefore be recorded for posterity.

Reserve Price

Items submitted for sale may be assigned a minimum price that the seller is willing to accept, although items may be rejected if the auctioneer views the reserve as unreasonably high and unlikely to lead to a sale.

Advanced bids

To aid those unable to attend the live event or find a suitable proxy, the auctioneer will take private bids in advance of the sale. Further details on this service will be posted nearer the event.

Submitting items for sale

To raise interest and awareness for the auction, the public is encouraged to announce items for sale as soon as possible. However, as the auction house will not be taking receipt of goods until May, anything so announced/listed is not final and could be withdrawn by the seller.

To submit your items, PM me here. Be sure to include any reserve prices you wish to assign the goods, although these could be changed later. All items are presumed to be for the benefit of the seller unless otherwise stated. If you wish to donate the entire proceeds of an item to one of the causes (Town Fund, individual town, subsidy program), please clearly state this. Items donated to a cause will state the name of the donor unless anonymity is specifically requested. General items for sale will not list the name of the seller unless it is necessary to do so.

If you are intending to sell low-priced items, please try and group them together where possible. What constitutes a “low price” is unclear at this point. Once official submissions are taken in May, we should have a better idea of the amount of items that are likely to be for sale and what to set the minimum requirements at.

Official accounts

A record of sale prices and all monies raised will be published after the auction. The auctioneer will deposit the money raised for each town directly with the heralds in the presence of Kattasrophe and/or another creditable witness.

Confidentiality & liability

All reserve prices, advance bids and other privileged information from sellers will be kept in confidence by the auctioneer except in the event of a new auctioneer having to be appointed due to illness or force majeure.

Final responsibility for items being sold, monies raised thereon, and the conduct of the auction, lies with the auctioneer and not the members of the King’s Council.

If anyone can suggest an amusing name for this type of auction, “Townaid” or something, please do so.

Provisional Sale List (21st April) Shall be updated here weekly, but for a more updated list/more information please see items

Standard items (5% commission to Town Fund, remainder to seller)

120 mysticism scroll
120 focus scroll
120 taming scroll
120 throwing scroll
120 tactics scroll
120 veterinary scroll
120 parrying scroll
120 necromancy scroll
120 anatomy scroll
120 fencing scroll

25 stat scroll x 2
+5 Exodus stat scroll

Hygieia’s Amulet [replica] (+10% alchemy bonus)

Primeval Lich eight piece rack set
Primeval Lich executioner’s axe deed
Primeval Lich glowing red corp rune

Soulstone fragment token x2

Deed to a guildstone – NEWMAN PROVISIONERS [TNP]
Academic Bookcases x 2

Town Fund donations (100% of sale price to Town Fund)

120 magery scroll [donated by Gilfane treasury]

Ethereal Polar Bear (9th year Vet reward) [donated by Kelmo]

Rechargeable teleporter set [donated by Baby Doll]

Mailbox [donated by Sara Dale]
Holiday flowerpot [donated by Sara Dale]

Ladder deed [donated by Sara Dale]
Fountain of Life [donated by Sara Dale]

Anchor, Figurehead, Ship’s Bell of BMV Ararat [donated by Sara Dale]

Deed for 20k arrows [donated by Bucko]

Individual town donations (5% of sale price to Town Fund, remainder to specific town/cause)

120 ninjitsu scroll (Skara Brae) [donated by Gilfane treasury]

Ethereal Tiger (15th year Vet reward) (Trinsic) [donated by Kelmo]​

(Player News) Who is Dante Darkheart? – I’m running for Governor of Jhelom

March 11, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Campaign Promises

It is not important that you know me or not prior to this election. What is important is what I plan to do after the election. The Trade Deals I am considering are with Society of Clothiers (+1% Resist bump to all resists) or with the Maritime Guild (+2 Hit Point Regeneration) as either Trade Deal will benefit all and not just warrior and other melee based professionals but everyone. After that win or lose I have several events planned. Why win or lose? Because I believe in Ultima Online and this Shard are more important than a governor’s seat. I believe in lending a helping hand to new players and providing a supportive environment to fellow veteran players. I’m not going to hold the fun hostage unless I get my way.

What is my background? This is a question I am frequently asked. I started playing Ultima Online during the second phase of the beta way back when. I mostly notoPKed at the crossroads. I then started Catskills on the day it launched and continued my notoPK ways until I came across of a group of Role Players playing as orcs, they called themselves the Shadow Clan Orcs. Some of them were red so I attacked them. Then they called over some of their undead buddies to help kill me. I eventually got along with them really well. It was fascinating how they played their parts. So I joined them and have been Role Playing ever since. I have Role Played a Guardian worshipping vampire named Dante Darkheart ever since September of 1999. About two years ago the population started dying on Catskills so I made the switch to Atlantic after some friends said some good things about the community. Its been a fun 17 years that I’ve devoted to Ultima Online and I hope for another fun 17 years if we’re lucky.

Because I am a Role Player many of my decisions are driven out of an In Character (IC) motivation. Furthermore, I firmly believe in keeping the Ultima in Ultima Online. So again I try to do my research from the past single player Ultima games and help that guide many of my decisions as well.

Two Excellent resources about the world we are born, live, and die in are…

Historical Background of the Shattered Worlds from Ultima Online Stratics

Ultima Wiki

Many of the events I have planned will be with themed around The Fall of Jhel, a spring time holiday of Jhelom.
The Fall of Jhel, the day upon which Jhel was slain by the Ancient Wyrm, which coincides with the beginning of spring. Visitors are often curious as to why they would celebrate his death, but to Jhelomites, he was the culmination of their personal ethos, a valiant death in the face of great adversity. Typically there is a large festival, and at the end of the day a great reenactment of the final battle, following the script of The Fall of Jhel, a recently written play.

History of Jhelom

The celebration of The Fall of Jhel will be observed in three events throughout the term.

Fighter Pit Sparring – First will be the Weekly Sparring Events on Thursdays. This will be for new warriors to train against one another as well as veteran warriors to show them how its done. I will have a guild anyone can join called the Library of Scars that will assist in allowing highlight status. Crafters and mages will be welcomed in order to provide healing, arms, and armor to the warriors. This will obviously be held at the Jhelom Fighting Pit.

Hunting – Second there will be a Monthly hunt on the third Saturday of each month of the term. The first will be a dungeon crawl through Destard (Trammel) in hopes of slaying an Ancient Wyrm or two. The second hunt will be a Cold Blood Champ Spawn in Destard (Felucca). The third hunt will take us to the Cold Blood Champ Spawn in Ilshenar. The meeting place will be the Jhelom Fighting Pit

Play – The third event will be a play of The Fall of Jhel by the orphans of the Ophiophagus Foundation Orphanage. Leading up to the play will be several acts of skit or song. After the play will be a ball. This will be held at the Jhelom Theater.

Of course there will be other event not solely tied to The Fall of Jhel. Many of which have already been in place for some time now.

Tavern Night – I have always made sure the Redrum Casino of Red Fang Pointe is opened and well stocked on Friday nights. Two sources of entertainment will be provided. First will be friendly card games, so be sure to be a few thousand gold for placing bets. The Second source will be a boat race around the three islands of Jhelom and back. This will be held at my personal tavern at Red Fang Pointe.

Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies – Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies these are private events for followers of the Guardian to attend. These are roleplaying events and will be later at night on first and third Sundays of every month. We will be on the look out for new members The location will be made availible by invitation only.

Haven Fest – Haven Fest will be held on the second Sunday of each month. This has been quite a big hit. It was developed by Sennah (my co-GM) to help new players get used to their new world. So we will continue


Previous Week
Saturday 03/01/14 – Governor nominations begin.

Week One 
Sunday 03/02/14 – Full Moon Ceremony at 11pm EST 
Monday 03/03/14 –
Tuesday 03/04/14 –
Wednesday 03/05/14 –
Thursday 03/06/14 –
Friday 03/07/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/08/14 – Governor nominations end. Governor voting begins.

Week Two
Sunday 03/09/14- Atlantic Haven Fest 9pm-12am est.
Monday 03/10/14 –
Tuesday 03/11/14 –
Wednesday 03/12/14 – The Traveling Store, Britain to Skara Brae
Thusday 03/13/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 03/14/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/15/14 – Governor voting Ends. Third Election Night Hoopla (Trammel Serpent’s Hold) 9pm-12am est 

Week Three 
Sunday 03/16/14 – New moon ceremony at 11pm EST
Monday 03/17/14 –
Tuesday 03/18/14 –
Wednesday 03/19/14 –
Thursday 03/20/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 03/21/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/22/14 – Destard Dungeon Crawl of Trammel 9pm-12am est

Week Four
Sunday 03/23/14 –
Monday 03/24/14 –
Tuesday 03/25/14-
Wednesday 03/26/14 – The Traveling Store, Skara Brae to Britain 
Thursday 03/27/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 03/28/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/29/14 – Conseil du Roi (Castle Blackthorn Trammel) 8pm est

Last Week
Sunday 03/30/14 –
Monday 03/31/14 –


Week One
Tuesday 04/01/14 –
Wednesday 04/02/14 –
Thursday 04/03/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/04/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/05/14 –

Week Two
Sunday 04/06/14 – Full Moon Ceremony at 11pm EST 
Monday 04/07/14 –
Tuesday 04/08/14 –
Wednesday 04/09/14-
Thursday 03/10/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/11/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/12/14 –

Week Three
Sunday 04/13/14 – Atlantic Haven Fest 9pm-12am est.
Monday 04/14/14 –
Tuesday 04/15/14 –
Wednesday 04/16/14 –
Thursday 04/17/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/18/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/19/14 – Cold Blood Champion Spawn of Felucca 9pm-12am est

Week Four 
Sunday 04/20/14 – New moon ceremony at 11pm EST
Monday 04/21/14 –
Tuesday 04/22/14 –
Wednesday 04/23/14 –
Thursday 04/24/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/25/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/26/14 – Conseil du Roi (Castle Blackthorn Trammel) 8pm est

Last Week
Sunday 04/27/14 –
Monday 04/28/14 –
Tuesday 04/29/14 –
Wednesday 04/30/14 –


Previous Week
Thursday 05/01/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/02/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/03/14 –

Week One
Sunday 05/04/14 – Full Moon Ceremony at 11pm EST 
Monday 05/05/14 –
Tuesday 05/06/14 –
Wednesday 05/07/14 –
Thursday 05/08/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday05/09/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/10/14 –

Week Two
Sunday 05/11/14 – Atlantic Haven Fest 9pm-12am est.
Monday 05/12/14 –
Tuesday 05/13/14 –
Wednesday 05/14/14 –
Thursday 05/15/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/16/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/17/14 – Cold Blood Champion Spawn of Ilshenar 9pm-12am est

Week Three
Sunday 05/18/14 – New moon ceremony at 11pm EST
Monday 05/19/14 –
Tuesday 05/20/14 –
Wednesday 05/21/14 –
Thursday 05/22/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/23/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/24/14 –

Week Four 
Sunday 05/25/14-
Monday 05/26/14 –
Tuesday 05/27/14 –
Wednesday 05/28/14 –
Thursday 05/29/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/30/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/31/14 – Conseil du Roi (Castle Blackthorn Trammel) 8pm est

Events in White (Atlantic EM)
Events in Green (Events hosted by Other Players)
Events in Red (Crimson Shadow Syndicate) 
Events in Grey (City of Jhelom)


(Player Event)Mike & Ike Wrestling Tournament – Jhelom Player Event

October 10, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Greetings Players of Britannia,

I, the Governor of Jhelom, would like to announce that the ‘Mike & Ike Wrestling Tournament’ will be held next Thursday, the 17th of October.

Location: Jhelom Fighting Pits
Prize: ??

DESCRIPTION of the event:
The competing players will go in their assigned compartments in the pits when the event begins. (Mikes on the East – Ike’s on the West) I will have a master list of who will be matched up with who, based on the player templates. Once the two enter the match, there is no turning back. The winner will move on and the looser will be asked to join the audience. NEWLY MADE TOONS ONLY – WITH NEW PLAYER GEAR/WEAPONS!!

There will be two (2) temporary guilds that will be made. People who enter must be willing to be guilded on their new toon. Once the winner is proclaimed, I will then deliver the prize to him/her and that will conclude that event.

All entries will have to be private messaged to me on this forum. Entries will be closed on Monday, the 14th of October. I encourage every city to participate in this event, it is a pre set-up for my Big event in November. Here is what needs to be sent to me via PM:

  • Main Character Name On Atlantic
  • ICQ Number If You Have One
  • Town you represent (If any)
  • Your Newly Made Toons Name (Mike or Ike)

Requirements and Rules:

  • No Cheating – If you are cheating, you will automatically be disqualified from the event.
  • Must follow instructions when given. To many people to keep track of and we don’t need and confusion.
  • Be willing to be temporarily guilded by one of our two guilds.
  • No Harassing other players – Automatic disqualification and a page to the GM

(All data can change at random. Will post if this happens. If there are any questions, feel free to contact me)

Atlantic Governor Interviews – Jhelom

October 09, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

I got together with each of the governors and asked them about their cities and plans. With all the controversies and rumors about I wanted to give each governor a chance to “clear the air as it where” and give everyone a chance to get to know them and what they intend to do for their respective cities. Each city faces it’s own unique set of challenges and I want to give the governors a chance to address these issues in a neutral forum so everyone could come to their own conclusions.

First is the Governor of Jhelom, Alexander and here is what he had to say…

What are your current plans for Jhelom?
My current plans for Jhelom is to unite all warriors alike and build a strong community in the City. The Symbol of Jhelom is the Virtue: Valor. Some plans I have in prepared is to train our warriors to the maximum, provide spar-matches to perfect battle techniques, declare ‘Hunt Days’ so our warriors can experience what it is like on the battle field.

What obstacles does Jhelom face if any?
Currently, Jhelom doesn’t face any obstacles. However, recently we were at war with a diverse clan of Pirates. They had bombed the bank of Jhelom as a threat. Although the reason of the bombing was unknown, I found it crucial to prepare the city for whatever may come our way. Whether it be war, alliances with other cities, preparing an Army etc.
If it weren’t for the City of Yew aiding in this matter, Jhelom would have suffered another blow from the Pirates. The Governor of Yew sent a ‘Supply Crew Ship’ to Jhelom. Our Carpenters worked night and day on our bank but needed the extra help. While unloading the ship, we spotted the sails of the Pirates. Both Yew and Jhelom sent out Combat-ships to confront the Pirates. We tried negotiating but came to the conclusion that the Pirates had no intention to make peace. Giving the order, we fired our cannons at the Pirates until their fleet were no more.

What factors have contributed to Jhelom growth and success?
Jhelom has grown into a City of Honor. The citizens are pleased to have a Governor as myself and I am pleased to have such loyal citizens. Even though there is still much more to do for the city, I believe the city as a whole has became more than what it once was. I am honored to represent the citizens of Jhelom and will absolutely do the best I can when it comes to making my citizens happy.

How has Jhelom changed during your term(s) in office?
As everyone knows, this time of year is very bad when thinking of safety. A plague of souls manifest from the living, thus bringing us Zombie Skeletons. Because of that reason and of course Jhelom’s Warrior training, and with the help of King Blackthorn, we have established many ‘Medical Supply Units’ throughout the city in-case of an emergency.
Fountain of Life
King Blackthorn has began constructing Offices for the sitting Governors, I am happy to announce that Jhelom will have one of these installed soon. Also, for my second in command: Queen Arya. I have placed an Office for her outside the Jhelom animal pen. I feel that these offices will provide a better communication system between other Governors, Citizens of Jhelom, and Citizens of other Cities.
The City has benefited from the Trade agreement deal. At our meeting, we discussed what the Trade deal for the month of October will be. The citizens that attended couldn’t think of just one trade deal so we will alternated between four choices:
1) Spell Damage Increase
2) Swing Speed Increase
3) Mana Regeneration
4) Hit Chance Increase

What sets Jhelom apart from the others?
The thing about a single person that is different from another is the personalities between them both. Same thing with the Cities. Not one City is the same as another; therefore, all cities are equal because not one is better than the other. Jhelom’s main priority is to establish a firm training center for all Warriors. My main goal is to make the city become the home and default place for all warriors to come to and become what they wish to become: An Assassin, Archer, Sword-Swinger, etc.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Keep watch for the month of November. Jhelom has something big planned, for ALL Cities.