Governors Election Near Complete!

December 14, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

   The current election cycle for the Governship of the major cities of the realm draws near its conclusion as today is the final day to cast your votes. The week long event takes place at each cities respective stone located near it’s main vault. Votes will be tallied at sun up tommorrow and winners declared. Citizens need be respected in thier cities in order to vote. Donation of materials is seemingly the popular method of garnering such title.

  The Paxlair Statehood continues to flourish in past and present elections and stand to win the seats of every city with most incumbents running unopposed and those that are opposed are done so by another statehood representative. The lone exception is the city of New Magencia where incumbent Lord Gareth remains firmly in the lead.  Sovereignty indeed still has a place in Sosaria.  The most current up to date exit polls as of noon est show the following standings in all the major elections:


Britain :                  Tinky Footz (Pitmuck) 53.8%

                                         Murdoc Redbone (DWxC) 46.1%

Jhelom:                    Scabby (PItmuck) 100%

Minoc:                       Victor II (NCC) 100%

Moonglow:             Lauren (DWxC) 100%

New Magencia:  Gareth (EVI) 72.2%

                                          Squirt (Pitmuck) 27.7%

Skara Brae:           Tina (L&L)  73.6%

                                          Gunga Din (Pax SotA) 26.3%

Trinsic:                     Phoenix (DWxC) 100%

Vesper:                      Ivy (NCC) 100%

Yew:                             Tehan (DWxC) 100%


   With the closing of the election period Governors will preside over thier respective cities for the coming months. With time running short and pride on the line these elections will surely go down to the wire. Reports come as eyewitnesses claim votes are purchased and corruption thrives as citizens of far away lands are aplenty skewing the voting process tipping the scales in the favor of those whose vote they have pledged.  The game of thrones is indeed underway here on Chesapeake!




The winners are:

June 19, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

The elections are over and our winning governors are :

Jhelom                    Garion

Minoc                      Convi

Moonglow             Nathael Monroe

New Magincia      Markus

Skara Brae            Rowan

Trinsic                  Jahajx Jov

At this time Britain, Vesper, and Yew are still in need for governors.  Present your request at the next town council.

Coming soon interviews with each governor.

Elections for Governors

May 28, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Reminder that it is election time.  Starting June 1st, you will be able to go to the town stones and nominate yourself.  To do this click on the stone to get the election menu, write in your name and confirm your nomination.  After that you need to find a citizen to second your nomination.  Last step is the actual election.   All cities are now considered open.

What does a governor do:  the main job of the governor is to set trade deals.  As these as expensive (2 mil. for 1 week), all banners and titles bought will now go to the city treasury.  You can donate to the city of your choice even if you are not a citizen.  Give the Herald the money.  They are trust worthy.   Governors can also grant titles and hold events.

How long is my term as  Governor:   The terms are now 180 days (6 months).  This is to allow Governors more time to  develop events to fund the treasury and for fun.

Special note: the bulletin boards will now allow postings by the Governors to update their citizens

(Player News) Who is Dante Darkheart? – I’m running for Governor of Jhelom

March 11, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Campaign Promises

It is not important that you know me or not prior to this election. What is important is what I plan to do after the election. The Trade Deals I am considering are with Society of Clothiers (+1% Resist bump to all resists) or with the Maritime Guild (+2 Hit Point Regeneration) as either Trade Deal will benefit all and not just warrior and other melee based professionals but everyone. After that win or lose I have several events planned. Why win or lose? Because I believe in Ultima Online and this Shard are more important than a governor’s seat. I believe in lending a helping hand to new players and providing a supportive environment to fellow veteran players. I’m not going to hold the fun hostage unless I get my way.

What is my background? This is a question I am frequently asked. I started playing Ultima Online during the second phase of the beta way back when. I mostly notoPKed at the crossroads. I then started Catskills on the day it launched and continued my notoPK ways until I came across of a group of Role Players playing as orcs, they called themselves the Shadow Clan Orcs. Some of them were red so I attacked them. Then they called over some of their undead buddies to help kill me. I eventually got along with them really well. It was fascinating how they played their parts. So I joined them and have been Role Playing ever since. I have Role Played a Guardian worshipping vampire named Dante Darkheart ever since September of 1999. About two years ago the population started dying on Catskills so I made the switch to Atlantic after some friends said some good things about the community. Its been a fun 17 years that I’ve devoted to Ultima Online and I hope for another fun 17 years if we’re lucky.

Because I am a Role Player many of my decisions are driven out of an In Character (IC) motivation. Furthermore, I firmly believe in keeping the Ultima in Ultima Online. So again I try to do my research from the past single player Ultima games and help that guide many of my decisions as well.

Two Excellent resources about the world we are born, live, and die in are…

Historical Background of the Shattered Worlds from Ultima Online Stratics

Ultima Wiki

Many of the events I have planned will be with themed around The Fall of Jhel, a spring time holiday of Jhelom.
The Fall of Jhel, the day upon which Jhel was slain by the Ancient Wyrm, which coincides with the beginning of spring. Visitors are often curious as to why they would celebrate his death, but to Jhelomites, he was the culmination of their personal ethos, a valiant death in the face of great adversity. Typically there is a large festival, and at the end of the day a great reenactment of the final battle, following the script of The Fall of Jhel, a recently written play.

History of Jhelom

The celebration of The Fall of Jhel will be observed in three events throughout the term.

Fighter Pit Sparring – First will be the Weekly Sparring Events on Thursdays. This will be for new warriors to train against one another as well as veteran warriors to show them how its done. I will have a guild anyone can join called the Library of Scars that will assist in allowing highlight status. Crafters and mages will be welcomed in order to provide healing, arms, and armor to the warriors. This will obviously be held at the Jhelom Fighting Pit.

Hunting – Second there will be a Monthly hunt on the third Saturday of each month of the term. The first will be a dungeon crawl through Destard (Trammel) in hopes of slaying an Ancient Wyrm or two. The second hunt will be a Cold Blood Champ Spawn in Destard (Felucca). The third hunt will take us to the Cold Blood Champ Spawn in Ilshenar. The meeting place will be the Jhelom Fighting Pit

Play – The third event will be a play of The Fall of Jhel by the orphans of the Ophiophagus Foundation Orphanage. Leading up to the play will be several acts of skit or song. After the play will be a ball. This will be held at the Jhelom Theater.

Of course there will be other event not solely tied to The Fall of Jhel. Many of which have already been in place for some time now.

Tavern Night – I have always made sure the Redrum Casino of Red Fang Pointe is opened and well stocked on Friday nights. Two sources of entertainment will be provided. First will be friendly card games, so be sure to be a few thousand gold for placing bets. The Second source will be a boat race around the three islands of Jhelom and back. This will be held at my personal tavern at Red Fang Pointe.

Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies – Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies these are private events for followers of the Guardian to attend. These are roleplaying events and will be later at night on first and third Sundays of every month. We will be on the look out for new members The location will be made availible by invitation only.

Haven Fest – Haven Fest will be held on the second Sunday of each month. This has been quite a big hit. It was developed by Sennah (my co-GM) to help new players get used to their new world. So we will continue


Previous Week
Saturday 03/01/14 – Governor nominations begin.

Week One 
Sunday 03/02/14 – Full Moon Ceremony at 11pm EST 
Monday 03/03/14 –
Tuesday 03/04/14 –
Wednesday 03/05/14 –
Thursday 03/06/14 –
Friday 03/07/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/08/14 – Governor nominations end. Governor voting begins.

Week Two
Sunday 03/09/14- Atlantic Haven Fest 9pm-12am est.
Monday 03/10/14 –
Tuesday 03/11/14 –
Wednesday 03/12/14 – The Traveling Store, Britain to Skara Brae
Thusday 03/13/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 03/14/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/15/14 – Governor voting Ends. Third Election Night Hoopla (Trammel Serpent’s Hold) 9pm-12am est 

Week Three 
Sunday 03/16/14 – New moon ceremony at 11pm EST
Monday 03/17/14 –
Tuesday 03/18/14 –
Wednesday 03/19/14 –
Thursday 03/20/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 03/21/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/22/14 – Destard Dungeon Crawl of Trammel 9pm-12am est

Week Four
Sunday 03/23/14 –
Monday 03/24/14 –
Tuesday 03/25/14-
Wednesday 03/26/14 – The Traveling Store, Skara Brae to Britain 
Thursday 03/27/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 03/28/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 03/29/14 – Conseil du Roi (Castle Blackthorn Trammel) 8pm est

Last Week
Sunday 03/30/14 –
Monday 03/31/14 –


Week One
Tuesday 04/01/14 –
Wednesday 04/02/14 –
Thursday 04/03/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/04/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/05/14 –

Week Two
Sunday 04/06/14 – Full Moon Ceremony at 11pm EST 
Monday 04/07/14 –
Tuesday 04/08/14 –
Wednesday 04/09/14-
Thursday 03/10/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/11/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/12/14 –

Week Three
Sunday 04/13/14 – Atlantic Haven Fest 9pm-12am est.
Monday 04/14/14 –
Tuesday 04/15/14 –
Wednesday 04/16/14 –
Thursday 04/17/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/18/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/19/14 – Cold Blood Champion Spawn of Felucca 9pm-12am est

Week Four 
Sunday 04/20/14 – New moon ceremony at 11pm EST
Monday 04/21/14 –
Tuesday 04/22/14 –
Wednesday 04/23/14 –
Thursday 04/24/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 04/25/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 04/26/14 – Conseil du Roi (Castle Blackthorn Trammel) 8pm est

Last Week
Sunday 04/27/14 –
Monday 04/28/14 –
Tuesday 04/29/14 –
Wednesday 04/30/14 –


Previous Week
Thursday 05/01/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/02/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/03/14 –

Week One
Sunday 05/04/14 – Full Moon Ceremony at 11pm EST 
Monday 05/05/14 –
Tuesday 05/06/14 –
Wednesday 05/07/14 –
Thursday 05/08/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday05/09/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/10/14 –

Week Two
Sunday 05/11/14 – Atlantic Haven Fest 9pm-12am est.
Monday 05/12/14 –
Tuesday 05/13/14 –
Wednesday 05/14/14 –
Thursday 05/15/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/16/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/17/14 – Cold Blood Champion Spawn of Ilshenar 9pm-12am est

Week Three
Sunday 05/18/14 – New moon ceremony at 11pm EST
Monday 05/19/14 –
Tuesday 05/20/14 –
Wednesday 05/21/14 –
Thursday 05/22/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/23/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/24/14 –

Week Four 
Sunday 05/25/14-
Monday 05/26/14 –
Tuesday 05/27/14 –
Wednesday 05/28/14 –
Thursday 05/29/14 – Sparring Night in the Jhelom Fighting Pits (Trammel) 9pm-12am est
Friday 05/30/14 – Redrum Casino is open to public. Gambling is encouraged. So bring approximately 10,000gp. 9pm-12am est.
Saturday 05/31/14 – Conseil du Roi (Castle Blackthorn Trammel) 8pm est

Events in White (Atlantic EM)
Events in Green (Events hosted by Other Players)
Events in Red (Crimson Shadow Syndicate) 
Events in Grey (City of Jhelom)


(Player News) Dr Hawk’s Election Times Coverage

March 04, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

It’s that time again!!
Kissing Babies and Shaking Hands

Nominations will last for a week till Saturday March 8th (around 1 am est)
Then Voting from Saturday March 8th till Saturday March 15th (around 1 am est)

So far we have in…​

Business Man [BUSINESS]
Daphnie [Black Flag Aramada]
Alagos Galadrim [Faith of the Fallen]

Johnny LeVene [Old_School]
Lew [Goodman’s Rune Library]
Sammy [Trinsic City]

Beldin Brightaxe [Dwarves of Kraggen-Cor]

Quacklebush [Black Flag Armada]

Oogugbu [URK!]
DeAtH tAx [Wall of Warriors]
True Love
Mr.Jmg [You Only Live Once]
Bacchus [Rage For Order]

Aulbrey [The Town Of Yew]

Dante Darkheart [The Crimson Shadow Syndicate]
Queen Arya [Toad Town]

New Magincia
Nails Warstein
Ma Nerva [Ordo Templi Orientis]

Tatiana Thorn [United Blacksmiths of Britannia]

*List will be up-dated on a 12:00 hour bases 

Follow the updates here:


Election Night Interview with Lord Kyronix

December 18, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News, Community News

The Election Night Hoopla II was held Sunday December 15th. It included all the candidates for interviews as well as Mesanna and Lord Kyronix. Lord Kyronix took some time to do an interview and interact with some of the candidates and reporters. Tahani(Andrasta) held the first interview and then it continues with Flair from Stratics. There was some good information put out and here is some of the transcripts from these conversations. Good information both on the community of Atlantic and the governor system and how it works so I hope you all enjoy.

Flair: Mr. Kyronix your interview is this way
Kyronix: ok
Flair: the interviewer is ready
Flair: in the white area please
Tahani: *smiles*
Kyronix: Hello
Kyronix: Do I get to sit here?
Kyronix: Yayyy
Yosef: hello sir
Kyronix: Hello
Yosef: I am Yosef the miner
Yosef: nice to meet you
Kyronix: Nice to meet you as well
Yosef: I will be taking over Minoc next term
Kyronix: How exciting
Tahani: Welcome to Election Hoopla Night II
Kyronix: Excited to be here, thanks for the invitation
Kyronix: *smiles*
Tahani: I’m wondering how you feel about all this
Kyronix: Warm and Squishy
Kyronix: But that’s how I normally feel
Kyronix: *pokes self*
Tahani: they tell me you are the designer responsible for all this
Tahani: are you happy with the results?
Kyronix: So far I think it’s been exciting to see what players across all the shards have done
Kyronix: And I’m very happy with it, particularly when I see things like this
Kyronix: This is extraordinary
Kyronix: It purposely was left very open ended, because we wanted to see what players would do with it
Kyronix: From that it allows us to examine what needs to be changed
Kyronix: And what we can add moving forward
Tahani: This world has always been a world where creativity is the best part
Kyronix: Indeed
Tahani: all the Governors want to know
Tahani: how will you support them
Tahani: will you give them the tools they need to create this over and over?
Tahani: without grief?
Kyronix: It’s something we have to be very careful with
Kyronix: Because implementing something that is designed to prevent people from grieving
Kyronix: Can very quickly and unfortunately turn into a tool just to grief
Kyronix: That being said though, I think there were some great ideas from the global governor’s thread
Kyronix: And we’ll be looking to implement some of those in a future publish
Kyronix: The important thing to remember is this isn’t going to become abandonware
Kyronix: So we’ll be making updates so long as there is interest
Tahani: The Governors will put in extraordinary effort if you support them
Tahani: I think I can say that for all of them
Tahani: will you be adding more additions like Vesper’s stables?
Tahani: for other towns?
Kyronix: The requests portion of the system is something we’ve been kind of navigating our way through
Kyronix: And as you may suspect is a very popular feature
Kyronix: Something’s are pretty easy for us to do, others not so much
Kyronix: What appears to be simple on the surface, like removing some trees for example
Kyronix: is a little more complicated
Kyronix: Anything that is a worldbuilding change like that is always tricky
Kyronix: We are trying to find ways to streamline that process for the future
Kyronix: So we can get additions added to more cities in a more efficient manner
Kyronix: Since those changes are going to be across all shards anyway
Kyronix: The worldbuilding ones I mean, like the Vesper stables
Tahani: Will you be including the Player towns and other towns like Sepent’s Hold?
Tahani: we held this here for a reason
Kyronix: Player towns gets tricky
Kyronix: There are some that are strongly rooted in the shard and its history
Kyronix: And have become pillars of the shards very existence
Kyronix: Others come and go very quickly
Kyronix: That being said giving more for those in player towns to do is definitely something
Kyronix: That’s been kicked around before
Kyronix: One of the things that makes Britannia come alive
Kyronix: And adds such a unique feel to the shards
Kyronix: As for other NPC towns
Kyronix: Like Serp’s and the like
Kyronix: Where it’s appropriate given the current state of the Kingdom
Kyronix: Not sure the Sultan of Nujel’m would be keen to have a King’s Governor Stomping about his island
Tahani: but there are a lot of Player towns
Tahani: that have put in years of effort
Tahani: and would love to be included
Tahani: A lot has been said regarding the voting system
Tahani: will there be any more changes to it?
Kyronix: Sorry I missed that last question
Kyronix: What was it again?
Tahani: will there be any more changes to the voting system?
Kyronix: We’ll continue to see how things play out and if adjustments need to be made
Kyronix: We’ll make them
Kyronix: I saw there was a call for longer voting terms
Kyronix: erm governor terms rather
Kyronix: Which I think has some merit
Kyronix: So we’ll see how it goes
Tahani: *smiles*
Tahani: Any thought to Felucca?
Kyronix: For right now Felucca is under the jurisdiction of the faction warlords
Kyronix: So a King’s Governor doesn’t really fit there just yet
Kyronix: Depends how things play out in the future
Kyronix: *grins*
Tahani: *smiles*
Tahani: one last question Lord Kyronix
Tahani: and we’ll let you enjoy the evening
Kyronix: Go for it
Tahani: what would you like to tell us about the system
Tahani: perhaps new upcoming things?
Tahani: I need a scoop *grins*
Kyronix: Nothing to report just yet
Kyronix: Our next step is to kind of evaluate
Kyronix: What has gone on so far
Kyronix: And see what changes we can make, what tidbits we can pull from the Governors and citizens
Kyronix: As to what they would like to see
Kyronix: And then execute on a plan for the future
Tahani: I would like to say on my own behalf
Tahani: that it’s important that you don’t make everything the same
Tahani: each shard is proud of their own unique history
Tahani: it’s what make us love our shards
Tahani: I’ve been an Atlantean for 16 years
Tahani: our history is important to us
Kyronix: That’s great
Tahani: on behalf of all the citizens of Atlantic
Tahani: I’d like to thank you for your hard work Lord Kyronix
Kyronix: Well I can’t take all the credit
Tahani: I’m happy you get to come see it for yourself
Tahani: *smiles*
Kyronix: None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of our Event Moderators
Kyronix: And of course you guys who participate in it
Kyronix: So a huge kudos to them and you all
Tahani: we appreciate all you have done as well *smiles*
Kyronix: Yayyyy
Tahani: you are free to go have fun *smiles*
Kyronix: Thanks for having me
Tahani: it was our pleasure
Tahani: *claps*
Kyronix: I like the white chairs
Tahani: Three cheers for Lord Kyronix?
Tahani: hehe thanks
Kyronix: Natural dyes?
Tahani: yes
Kyronix: Neat!
Tahani: that’s my best seller
Tahani: ok it’s time to turn the interviews over to Flair from Stratics
Tahani: Welcome Flair
Kyronix: Do you have more questions for me?
Flair: evening
Flair: we just thought you liked our chair
Kyronix: I think this is all awesomesauce
Kyronix: Pretttty
Flair: and how do you feel about how things were run?
Queen Arya: we are stronger
Queen Arya: as one
Queen Arya: and not divided
Queen Arya: so I stand behind the king
Queen Arya: but
Queen Arya: I am not a puppet
Flair: *nods*
Queen Arya: if there are things
Queen Arya: I don’t agree with
Queen Arya: he will hear me
Flair: So then tell Kyronix if you could change anything about the system what would you change?
Queen Arya: make elections
Queen Arya: the governorships
Queen Arya: Stratics
Queen Arya: more popular
Queen Arya: get them noticed
Queen Arya: more information
Queen Arya: needs to get out
Queen Arya: many still don’t know of it
Queen Arya: gates from Luna
Queen Arya: for the two week election period
Queen Arya: a chat channel
Queen Arya: for elections
Flair: That seems to be the hot spot this election cycle
Lew: I’m afraid to close to call at the moment
Flair: wow
Lew: yes Trinsic is a rising star
Lew: its community continues to grow
Lew: and the ranks for the Trinsic Wardens as well
Flair: Kyronix I’m sure things like this is what you like to see from the system?
Kyronix: Absolutely
Flair: Did you have something to add Solus?
Solus: Uh
Flair: So anyways…
Kings: can we look forward to some faction change in the upcoming publish?
Kyronix: Working on prototyping something right now
Kings: that’s cool
Flair: *looks to Kyronix*
Flair: Governor Lew would you like to ask something?
Lew: Kyronix have you ever considered a change to the vote rules to only allow one per 6+ month account period?
Kyronix: Across all shards?
Lew: I know there is no perfect system
Lew: aye
Lew: one vote per account period
Kyronix: Unlikely, at that point we have to get databases involved so that we can access that information
Kyronix: From across all shards like we do with housing
Lew: ahh understood
Flair: sounds difficult
Lew: Just thinking of ways to augment the system
Flair: I’d like to know what your thoughts are on these close races like Lew’s
Lew: to avoid the vote buying and such
Flair: exactly
Kyronix: I think close races are a great sign that there is interest
Kyronix: Makes things more exciting
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: you have no idea
Flair: So Lew how do you feel about your close race…
Lew: I for one would like to thank you Kyronix, you brought life back to Trinsic
Flair: I know that in the past it hasn’t always been so
Lew: I enjoy the competition I just wonder where Norrington is?
Flair: I dunno
Kyronix: Excuse me a moment
Flair: I asked for him… perhaps he is busy
EM Bennu: *psst Kyronix, tell them of our plans to turn Luna into a volcano*
Kyronix: I’ll be right back
Flair: Hello Solus..
Lew: Solus?
Solus: Helloooooo
Flair: How goes your race in Britain
Solus: Oh hello there
Kyronix: I have returned
Solus My sword is poking you *winks*
Flair: I missed you…
EM Bennu: Solus is gonna end up in the moat again.
Flair: *chuckles at Bennu*
Kyronix: Hello Bennu
Flair: Step up here and tell us Bennu
EM Bennu: Howdy
Flair: Don’t be shy
EM Bennu: Remember my short list sir. Luna = Volcano, and X level of elevation +50
EM Bennu: *winks*
EM Bennu: err, z level
Flair: *chuckles*
Kyronix: Well I live on the coast
Kyronix: I don’t think that’d do well for my garden *chuckles*
Flair: *chuckles*
EM Bennu: We could call the xpack Ultima Waterworld!
Flair: So Bennu tell us have you been following the race in Trinsic?
EM Bennu: Or.. Ultima Venice Edition.
EM Bennu *laughs*
Lew: with a collapsible sail?
Flair: *smacks Lew*
Flair: no boats
EM Bennu: To be honest, to avoid conflicts when the elections hit I try and stay out of everything.
Flair: Ahhh
EM Bennu: And let things fall where they will.
Flair: I understand
EM Bennu: I don’t want to sound bad.
Flair: It doesn’t
EM Bennu: But it avoids conflict, especially in races that are close.
Flair: It is extremely close in Trinsic]
EM Bennu: If I came across as preferring one candidate over another, it would look bad.
Flair: and both are former governors
EM Bennu: I just like to see how things work out in the end.
Flair: *nods*
EM Bennu: I do know the Trinsic race is close.
EM Bennu: And goes back and forth.
Flair: We see how you feel about Solus though…
EM Bennu: Solus I fear is a necessary evil.
EM Bennu: but it works out well.
Flair: Perhaps he should wear his swimming trunks instead of his armor
EM Bennu: *grins*
Flair: *chuckles*
Lew: I actually rather enjoy that
Lew: he brings a fun level of roleplay
EM Bennu: Exactly Lew
Lew: *glares at Solus*
EM Bennu: Without conflict, things would be very boring.
Flair: I must admit… it was funny
Lew: *thinks did I just say that out loud*
EM Bennu: I do need to figure out what we are doing for the holidays.
EM Bennu: I have a reputation to think of.
Flair: although I heard Lew got off on his charges
Flair: Any thoughts on that…
Lew: I had a good defense council
Flair: *nods*
EM Bennu: I think the King was relieved that Lew was found not-guilty.
Lew: as was Lew himself
Flair: My brother was his defense
Lew: it’s quite unnerving when you see a bloody head infront of you
Flair: I think everyone was
Flair: *nods*
Flair: I do have a question for Kyronix…
EM Bennu: The King found himself split between his faith in the Governor, and what he saw as a mistake.
Kyronix: fire away
EM Bennu: The trial was a necessity to settle the issue.
Flair: was this governors system intended as a rp system mostly to bring back communities
Kyronix: That was part of it
Flair: Trinsic was very very busy
Kyronix: the main goal was to provide a way for players to have a way to interface with the newly
Kyronix: crowned King of Britannia
Kyronix: We all know that for a long time the King was absent within the realm
Lew: aye
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: Then we had a Queen. she didn’t last very long unfortunately
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: And before that we had Casca
Kyronix: And that was a whole bag of terrible
Flair: *shakes head yes*
Kyronix: So when we finally had a true Britannian as our sovereign again
Kyronix: We wanted a way for that to be real for the players
Kyronix: And give them a way to see that he was a real part of the realm
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: So the governor’s council was a conduit for the citizenry to do just that
Flair: this community has really grown and come together
Flair: because of this system… I’m sure your very proud of it
Kyronix: When it gives rise to great events like this
Kyronix: It’s really hard not to be
Kyronix: *grins*
Flair: *chuckles*
EM Bennu: Seems like a success to me!
Flair: So Lew.. what grand plans are in the works should you win this battle?
Lew: we have a unique set of players there
Lew: my plan is always the same
Lew: to serve the citizens of Trinsic
Lew: I would like a carpenters shop in Trinsic
Lew: but I think that has been tabled
Flair: Khaleesi…jump up in here too
Flair: I’m sure you have lots of questions
Flair: running around
Khaleesi: Evening!
Flair: Since you are uncontested.. how do you feel about this election?
Khaleesi: Well it’s been a quiet week… *laughs*
Flair: and about Kyronix’s system
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: I was planning all sorts of stuff to campaign
Khaleesi: it’s part of the fun..
EM Bennu: Looks like a nice mix of new and old with the election so far.
Flair: *nods it does*
Flair: I bet your excited to work with everyone
EM Bennu: Maybe we can get Skara Brea their governor office this term.
EM Bennu: *sticks his tongue out*
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: I want to thank you, Lord Kyronix and all who helped you
Kyronix: You’re welcome
Khaleesi: It has truly brought a wonderful touch to logging in every day
Kyronix: Yayyy
EM Bennu: Alright, I am being called away by Mrs. Bennu.
EM Bennu: Have a good night everyone.
EM Bennu: Be nice to Kyronix, he is shy.
Khaleesi: Its truly brought the community out in front and I am projecting a Roleplay Revival this term
Khaleesi *giggles*
Flair: night Bennu
Flair: Thanks for chatting with us
Flair: So you have been with this from the start Khaleesi…
Flair: Tell us how it has grown
Khaleesi: *nods*
Flair: and you thoughts for changes
Khaleesi: Well at the onset of this… the towns were barren… people seems to just go about their business
Khaleesi: and not really engage with one another
Khaleesi: *motions around the room tonight*
Khaleesi: This birthed from this I believe
Flair: *nods*
Khaleesi: People putting aside their differences
Khaleesi: and coming together for a cause
Flair: So then.. what would you add or change to the system?
Khaleesi: well there has already been some wonderful suggestions
Khaleesi: Keeping the towns unique..
Khaleesi: is definitely one high on my list and keeping things in line historically
Khaleesi: My biggest thing that I have encountered
Khaleesi: when doing events is the trouble with grievers
Khaleesi: I don’t know the easy answer to that but would be on top of my list
Flair: We have had trouble all night
Flair: * nods*
Khaleesi: Aye, as we have countless times
Khaleesi: hours of setting up to be ruined in five minutes
Flair: *nods*
Flair: Kyronix.. do you know exactly when the voting stops by any chance?
Flair: is it midnight EST?
Kyronix: It’s different for every shard
Kyronix: The way it works is the internal clock for the stones is not updated in real time
Kyronix: It’s on a one hour loop
Flair: ahh
Kyronix: Every hour it checks to see if it is later then the time for the election to end
Kyronix: it also does it on server up
Flair: ahh
Kyronix: so it depends
Flair: interesting…
Flair: never knew that really
Flair: I was curious
Kyronix: Doing anything in real time is expensive for the server in terms of resources
Flair: I’m sure
Flair: so we are hoping voting wraps up soon then
Flair: as it is still very heated in Trinsic
Flair: So Khaleesi… what events do you have planned
Flair: for this term
Khaleesi: Well let’s see
Khaleesi: We are planning a few things… that are in talks that I think will bring a unified front
Khaleesi: with all the towns and hope that it peaks some interest
Khaleesi: We will be starting the “Chicken Fight” extravaganza in January
Khaleesi: *smirks*
Khaleesi: We have had a lot of interest
Khaleesi: we are planning a lot of “Vesper” things as well with the Vesper Vanguard
Flair: nice
Khaleesi: of course Valentine’s day
Khaleesi: we will need some “volunteers”
Khaleesi: for our Date Night Auction
Khaleesi: *grins*
Flair: you see where Volunteering leads me too…
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: So stay tuned…
Khaleesi: I know there are many lined up for a date with you
Khaleesi: *winks*
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: Seems like it’s slowing down a bit it’s late….
Flair: unless I am just that popular all of a sudden
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: So Lew update us on Trinsic
Lew: it’s still just too tight to call
Lew: I’m hearing its 52.3 to 47.6
Flair: *nods*
Lew: I have a slight margin
Flair: close still
Lew: it will be till the stone cuts off
Lew: I have a question
Khaleesi: it’s not over till it’s over.. We know that from experience
Flair: Anyone else have any questions for Kyronix about our governors system
Lew: Kyronix
Kyronix: Yes?
Lew: how hard is it work on code so old
Lew: and well
Lew: crammed together
Kyronix: hehe
Flair: *chuckles*
Kyronix: It is definitely challenging at times
Lew: it must be a challenge
Lew: do you have any plans to let us ride a dolphin?
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: Lew…
Kyronix: Hehe they tried that with sea horses
Lew: what
Kyronix: Didn’t work out too well
Lew: wait
Flair: *facepalm*
Lew: *looks around*
Atlantic: People Eating Tasty Animals?
Lew: hey I did not ask for dolphin steaks
Atlantic: JK
Whitefire: could companions ever come back into game
Whitefire: I was one
Flair: what an evening…
Lew: I doubt legal will allow that
Whitefire: one guy messed that up
Lew: I may need to get back to Trinsic
Kyronix: Not sure what you mean, companies coming back?
Flair: sometimes that is all it takes
Lew: Companions
Khaleesi: we were talking about that other night
Whitefire: companions to the young
Flair: *nods*
Kyronix: Ohhh
Kyronix: Companions
Khaleesi Was very popular back in the early 2000s
Whitefire: yes
Flair: *chuckles*
Flair: he’s getting tired too
Whitefire: I was one
Whitefire: loved it
Khaleesi: *giggles and hands him two strong toothpicks for his eyes*
Khaleesi: these work great!
Whitefire: one wanted to get paid it folded
Flair: Hey Yosef.. get up here and chat with us… you’re a first time governor
Lew: three cheers for Yosef
Yosef: well hello there
Khaleesi: Yes Yosef, it’s not like you to be so quiet hehe
Flair: Tell us your experience with the system from a first time perspective
Yosef: *flex*
Yosef: if you don’t know people you can’t win
Flair: *chuckles*
Daphnie: that’s not true Yosef!
Yosef: *laughs*
Flair: well come on up here and chat with us too then
Flair: aren’t you running in Moonglow
Daphnie: yes sir
Flair: Tell us about your experiences
Daphnie: I’m sort of new to Atlantic
Daphnie: so I went the route of reaching out to passersby within the city
Daphnie: asking for support, talking about plans to bring people back to the city
Khaleesi: *nods*
Flair: and how did you find our community?
Daphnie: Julianna introduced me to Quack and then I met the amazing community of Atlantic
Daphnie: and Khaleesi
Kyronix: Well it has been so much fun talking with you tonight
Kyronix: But I must take my leave
Flair: Well thank you so much for joining us tonight
Kyronix: good luck to all the candidates
Khaleesi: Thank you for your time, Kyronix
Yosef: *bye*
Flair: *waves*
Flair: wow
Flair: very cool…
Flair: *chuckles*
Khaleesi: Thank you Flair
Flair: Give everyone here credit… it takes a very large group to put this on
Flair: and the candidates
Flair: Things like this happen with the whole community
This was a fun night for all. I will say that this transcript was edited for spelling and the like and I know there are a few holes in it but no one is perfect. I hoped that I brought you all the bulk of the information and I would like to personally thank everyone involved with this evening and Mesanna, Lord Kyronix, and EM Bennu for coming out and joining us and participating. Until next time….

City Election Results are In

September 14, 2013 By: kirthag Category: Napa Valley News

Thanks to everyone who participated in the City Elections for Napa Valley’s Governors!
Results are in and here are the standings. It is up to the Governors Elect to claim their duties now.

Britain: Governor Elect – Gilanthis
Jhelom: Governor – Seona
Minoc: Pending King’s Choice
Moonglow: Governor Elect – Lisa Van Sithi
New Magincia – Governor Elect: Cephas
Skara Brae: Governor Elect – Osyn-Dal
Trinsic: Pending King’s Choice
Vesper: Pending King’s Choice
Yew: Governor – Kirthag DiOrsae

Governors are able to enact City Trade Deals for citizens to enjoy certain benefits if there are enough funds in the city’s coffers. There are also City Message Boards for communicating with the Governors. Some Governors may start polls to learn more about what their citizens want and expect in their cities. The Governors are also expected to sit in council with King Blackthorn. Governors will hold their post for 90 days.

Congratulations to all who participated in the City Elections!