(Player Event) Election Night Hoopla III [transcript of the interviews edited for content]

March 15, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

I would like to thank my partner in the interview area Lady Andrasta, without her these interviews wouldn’t have been such a success!!!!

[20:21:38] [Soar]: heya Sir John :]
[20:21:41] [SirJohn]: hi
[20:21:44] [Soar]: ready for your interview?
[20:21:47] [SirJohn]: aye
[20:21:53] [Soar]: follow me :]
[20:22:06] [Soar]: these ladies will take care of you
[20:22:10] [Soar]: have a seat
[20:22:17] [Inigo Montoya]: *claps*
[20:22:18] [SirJohn]: evening ladies
[20:22:34] [Tahani]: Evening
[20:22:40] [Flair]: evening
[20:22:57] [SirJohn]: happy to be here tonite
[20:23:03] [Soar]: starting in 5 mins :]
[20:23:18] [Sammy]: Activities will begin in 5 minutes at the main stage!
[20:23:30] [Sammy]: Get your raffle tickets here! (ask Sammy at the bar, north wall)Drawings every half hour!
[20:24:16] [Sammy]: Get your raffle tickets here! (ask Sammy at the bar, north wall)Drawings every half hour!
[20:24:16] [Soar]: in game channel is Election Hoopla
[20:24:24] [Soar]: you can also listne in on uoradio.com
[20:24:52] [Sammy]: Get your raffle tickets here! (ask Sammy at the bar, north wall)Drawings every half hour!
[20:26:23] [Soar]: Welcome to another Election Night Hoopla all!! 😀
[20:26:33] [Talisin]: *claps*
[20:26:35] [Soar]: We have a lot of things going on around the place as you can see
[20:26:45] [Soar]: on the main stage here we have candidate interviews
[20:26:58] [Soar]: as well as raffle draws every 30 mins
[20:26:58] [Felix]: *claps
[20:27:03] [Felix]: *claps*
[20:27:05] [Soar]: the first will be going off at 10pm EST
[20:27:10] [Felix]: *claps*
[20:27:11] [Soar]: then 30 mins after that
[20:27:15] [Soar]: up to midnight
[20:27:23] [Soar]: when we will have 3 grand prizes
[20:27:34] [Soar]: don’t forget to pick up your tickets form the bar on the north wall
[20:27:34] [Sammy]: Get your raffle tickets here! (ask Sammy at the bar, north wall)Drawings every half hour!
[20:27:44] [Soar]: out side we have the bar and bistro
[20:27:50] [Soar]: with suhi from Zento
[20:27:54] [Soar]: cow tipping
[20:27:58] [Soar]: and drinking games with prizes
[20:28:18] [Soar]: up on the south balcony you can see the totals for all the stone in all the towns
[20:28:24] [Soar]: its updated in realtime
[20:28:40] [Soar]: at the back of the hall there is Captain Hook
[20:28:46] [Soar]: he is gating out to the Scalis pen
[20:28:54] [Soar]: where you can go for some battling
[20:29:05] [Soar]: and some chances to get some high seas artifacts
[20:29:30] [Soar]: over to my left we have Ozog Ice Cream :]
[20:29:37] [Soar]: thats one you really have to try
[20:29:43] [Soar]: but perhaps not the yellow ;]
[20:30:06] [Soar]: finally we have some mystery events throughout the night
[20:30:10] [Soar]: they will be announced here
[20:30:16] [Soar]: the first at 10pm with the raffle draw
[20:30:28] [Sammy]: Get your raffle tickets here! (ask Sammy at the bar, north wall)Drawings every half hour!
[20:30:33] [Soar]: those are sponsored by Toad Town and Jhelom
[20:30:41] [Soar]: We hope you enjoy your night :]
[20:30:52] [Soar]: and I shall turn the stage over to our lovely interview ladies
[20:30:56] [Soar]: have fun all :]
[20:31:04] [Inigo Montoya]: woot!
[20:31:08] [Smoke]: you to Soar
[20:31:09] [Peter]: *claps*
[20:31:14] [Flair]: SirJohn from Skara is gonna start us off. How are you this eveing?
[20:31:20] [SirJohn]: fine ty
[20:31:27] [SirJohn]: hot atm
[20:31:34] [Flair]: What motivated you to run for office?
[20:32:00] [SirJohn]: Ithought it was time to give back
[20:32:10] [SirJohn]: to the people of skara
[20:32:36] [Flair]: Are you planning any events in your term, should you be elected?
[20:33:10] [SirJohn]: Ithink that any and all governors should serve the community and plan as many exents as they can
[20:33:22] [SirJohn]: *events*
[20:33:53] [Flair]: so then what are your plans for future city imporvements?
[20:34:34] [SirJohn]: service should be the goal but i would like to see a donation area esecialy and only accesable by yo
[20:34:44] [SirJohn]: to young players
[20:36:44] [SirJohn]: would help to clean up extra dropped items
[20:37:31] [Flair]: What is you opinion of our king and the way he runs the kingdom?
[20:37:35] [SirJohn]: maybe a few chest near bank where donations can be made
[20:38:23] [SirJohn]: i think a monarch should be respected for the choices that have to be made
[20:38:34] [SirJohn]: and agree or not support them
[20:40:16] [Flair]: Is there anything else you would like to say to your city citizens?
[20:40:39] [SirJohn]: id like to thank them for the oppurtunity to run for office
[20:40:58] [SirJohn]: and win lose or draw offer my help to the community
[20:41:19] [Flair]: and as a first time candidate what do you think about the system?
[20:41:38] [SirJohn]: i respect the current governor and just feel like change is important
[20:42:39] [Flair]: well what did you enjoy yhte most about hte exprience
[20:43:58] [SirJohn]: im humbled that they would give me such support
[20:43:59] [Flair]: i thank you for coming to talk with me tonight.. and hopefully some of your voters were listening
[20:44:12] [SirJohn]: ty ty
[20:44:35] [SirJohn]: i appreciate your tme
[20:44:41] [SirJohn]: have fun
[20:44:46] [Flair]: you have a good night
[20:46:09] [Soar]: so we will have a short break until 10, when we will have our first raffle draw
[20:46:10] [Sammy]: Get your raffle tickets here! (ask Sammy at the bar, north wall)Drawings every half hour!
[20:46:19] [Soar]: have alook around and enjoy :]
[20:57:07] [Soar]: Alrighty!
[20:57:37] [Soar]: Lets have our first raffle draw
[20:57:40] [Sammy]: It’s time to choose another raffle winner!
[20:57:44] [Soar]: get your tickets ready
[20:57:53] [Sammy]: Get ready to check your tickets!
[20:58:22] [Sammy]: The winning number is…..
[20:58:27] [Sammy]: 19
[20:58:32] [Soar]: who has number 19?
[20:58:33] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[20:58:43] [Sammy]: Tune in to UO Radio! Raffle winners will be announced every half hour!
[20:59:09] [Soar]: if the prize is not collected
[20:59:15] [Soar]: we will draw twice the next time
[20:59:25] [Soar]: so number 19 you have 30 mins to collect :]
[20:59:33] [Adezaar]: I I have 19
[20:59:53] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[20:59:55] [Soar]: head on over to the bar to collect your prize
[21:00:23] [Soar]: Next we have a couple of things on the program
[21:00:41] [Soar]: Nails Warstien will be out next guest
[21:00:57] [Soar]: he is running for New Magincia
[21:01:00] [Soar]: also
[21:01:16] [Soar]: UORADIO.COM will be doing a radio tour
[21:01:29] [Soar]: so be sure to open the site on your browser in the background
[21:01:34] [Soar]: and listen in to the live broadcast
[21:01:41] [Soar]: hosted by DJNet
[21:01:51] [Soar]: with myself fumbling through the tour ;]
[21:01:52] [DJNet]: ty
[21:01:54] [Sammy]: We have a winner, the first raffle prize whent to Adezaar!
[21:02:07] [Soar]: Nails Warstien can you come on up
[21:02:13] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[21:02:51] [Nails Warstein]: Goodevening everyone!
[21:02:59] [Flair]: Evening
[21:02:59] [Tahani]: `Good Evening Nails Warstein
[21:03:07] [Nails Warstein]: I want to congratulate all the voters and the governors for participating in this fledgling democracy.
[21:03:12] [Tahani]: Welcome to Election Night Hoopla
[21:03:21] [Nails Warstein]: thank you, happy to be here.
[21:03:51] [Tahani]: You are running for Governor of New Magincia we understand
[21:04:21] [Tahani]: What are your plans for future city improvements?
[21:04:23] [Nails Warstein]: Yes I decided to take up the flag for Magincia
[21:04:27] [Nails Warstein]: for Andrasta
[21:04:45] [Nails Warstein]: I have always had the vision of New Magincia building on its commercial aspects by adding an in-game auction house system where only citizens can sell their wares there, anyone can bid, and the citizens would pay less commission on sta
[21:05:05] [Nails Warstein]: commission on stalls and auctions fees the higher their loyalty rating is.
[21:05:35] [Nails Warstein]: I would like New Magincia to be the trade capital of Britannia
[21:05:59] [Nails Warstein]: We are centrally located between all the virtue cities.
[21:06:22] [Tahani]: That is very interesting…
[21:06:40] [Tahani]: New Magincia is uniquely situated for trade
[21:06:57] [Nails Warstein]: I agree whole heartedly
[21:07:20] [Tahani]: Will you be involving your citizens in the running of the town and if so how?
[21:07:51] [Nails Warstein]: I would very much like to attract the interest of citizens and create a guild that would support my vision and leadership for improving New Magincia as this new trading capital.
[21:08:31] [Nails Warstein]: If people like to vendor their wares, I want New Magincia to be the premiere place for trade.
[21:09:24] [Tahani]: Some competition for Luna eh?
[21:09:57] [Tahani]: i want to know why you are passionate about the Atlantic community Nails….
[21:10:03] [Nails Warstein]: At least rival luna as a place to vendor, but offer more in terms of the stalls and hopefully, the King willing a permenant auction hall.
[21:10:40] [Nails Warstein]: I am passionate about the people of Sosaria in general. I’ve been hosting silent auctions in Zento, and the past Atlantic Silent Auction. I like to network, get to know guilds of all types. Broker and mediate trade on Atlantic.
[21:11:01] [Nails Warstein]: The Rares Festival Silent Auction that is.
[21:11:16] [Nails Warstein]: I also enjoy participating in the EM events.
[21:12:35] [Tahani]: and we look forward to seeing what you will bring to New Magincia
[21:12:46] [Nails Warstein]: Thank you, I am hopefully, the future is looking bright.
[21:12:49] [Tahani]: Good Luck with your Election Nails Warstein
[21:12:59] [Nails Warstein]: My pleasure
[21:13:00] [Flair]: have a good evening
[21:13:00] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[21:13:07] [Nails Warstein]: Fond farewell for now
[21:13:19] [Soar]: Our next interview is with Johnny LeVene who is running for Trinsic
[21:13:20] [Nails Warstein]: thank you
[21:13:25] [Soar]: come on up Johnny
[21:13:36] [Soar]: now before we start i have an interesting announcement
[21:13:59] [Soar]: Queen Arya of Toad Town and Jhelom has begun the first of the mystery events
[21:14:15] [Soar]: in this event
[21:14:25] [Soar]: there are hidden treasures all around the city
[21:14:29] [Soar]: of serpents hold
[21:14:42] [Soar]: so if you are ina a treasure hunting mood
[21:14:47] [Soar]: see if you can find those ‘\
[21:15:02] [Flair]: Johnny come take a seat
[21:15:03] [Johnny LeVene]: Way to clear the room before my interview. *laughs*
[21:15:05] [Soar]: over to the ladies :]
[21:15:17] [Johnny LeVene]: Hello, thank you for having me.
[21:15:21] [Flair]: good evening and thanks for joining us
[21:15:39] [Johnny LeVene]: Glad to be here. *smiles*
[21:15:47] [Flair]: so what motivated you to run for office?
[21:16:01] [Johnny LeVene]: Interesting story. I had been thinking about running for office after I saw Trinsic’s beloved, Lew, stand up to the king and offer suggestions of actions to be taken on different topics.
[21:16:16] [Johnny LeVene]: The other governors and governesses seemed to simply stand around and placate the king. Shortly after, I was lucky enough to have a Valentine’s date with one of the previous governesses and she suggested I run.
[21:16:16] [Flair]: a fan of Lew huh
[21:16:32] [Johnny LeVene]: After attending meetings, I continued to see what I consider weak governorship. Trinsic has had strong governorship and I believe that for the benefit of the city, this needs to continue.
[21:16:39] [Johnny LeVene]: And yes, I am a big fan of Lew.
[21:16:51] [Flair]: *chuckles*
[21:17:06] [Johnny LeVene]: Although I only recently met him.
[21:17:06] [Flair]: So then tell us why should the people choose you?
[21:17:49] [Johnny LeVene]: Well, as I said, the people of every city deserve a strong governor. A governor with ideas. A governor with passion that will actually take action and stand up to the King.
[21:18:02] [Flair]: you do know that
[21:18:04] [Johnny LeVene]: It has been my experience that the King is very open to suggestions, yet no governors make suggestions.
[21:18:14] [Flair]: governor Lew was arrested
[21:18:24] [Flair]: for standing up for the people
[21:18:47] [Johnny LeVene]: Are you implying that governors should kowtow to the king as they have been?
[21:19:02] [Johnny LeVene]: The time for that has passed, and I will take issue with those governors during meetings.
[21:19:14] [Johnny LeVene]: Being arrested for doing the right thing for your people is a small price to pay.
[21:19:21] [Flair]: just that simply the people are very passonite about there governor
[21:19:31] [Johnny LeVene]: As was I.
[21:19:35] [Johnny LeVene]: And still am.
[21:19:39] [Flair]: i was refering to how the people stood up for him in his trial
[21:19:58] [Flair]: What are your plans for future city imporvements?
[21:20:01] [Johnny LeVene]: *smiles*
[21:20:21] [Johnny LeVene]: Well, attracting more visitors to Trinsic is paramount.
[21:20:32] [Johnny LeVene]: My main goal as governor will be to clear more land around the city so more houses can be placed and the citizens can sell their wares. This has been a problem for Trinsic and needs to be fixed.
[21:20:45] [Johnny LeVene]: . I would also like to increase tourism to Trinsic. Trinsic is the most beautiful city in the land.
[21:20:54] [Johnny LeVene]: Showing the citizens of Britannia how lovely our city is by improving the beach front and making it a nice vacation getaway would improve travel to the city and show people how great a city it actually is.
[21:21:17] [Flair]: Are you planning any events in your term, should you be elected?
[21:21:38] [Johnny LeVene]: The fishing event is always a great event and I would never get rid of that.
[21:21:48] [Flair]: yes that is quite popular
[21:21:50] [Johnny LeVene]: Soar has done such a great job at events and has been such a blessing to the city.
[21:22:14] [Flair]: the whole trinisc city guild and sos guild
[21:22:21] [Johnny LeVene]: Since Easter will fall during the next term, I would make a big push for Trinsic to host a large Easter event.
[21:22:27] [Flair]: have done a lot for trinisic
[21:22:58] [Johnny LeVene]: I would also like to hold bi-weekly gatherings on the beach for the citizens of Trinsic, and citizens of other cities to gather and mingle.
[21:23:17] [Johnny LeVene]: Yes, Trinsic City guild was here working all day, and SOS has also done a great job.
[21:23:38] [Flair]: What is you opinion of our king and the way he runs the kingdom?
[21:24:18] [Johnny LeVene]: I respect the King and his office. However, he is just one man and makes errors as we all do.
[21:24:26] [Flair]: *nods*
[21:24:32] [Johnny LeVene]: That is why he needs strong governors to back him up and help him with the tough decisions.
[21:24:58] [Flair]: and finally is there anything else you would like to say to your city citizens?
[21:25:54] [Johnny LeVene]: I would like to say that Trinsic has had one of the strongest governorships of any city. Let us keep that going by voting for me. I vow never to back down when it comes to the needs and desires of my fellow citizens.
[21:26:13] [Johnny LeVene]: Let us usher in, whether I win, or Sammy does, a new era of prosperity for Trinsic.
[21:26:20] [Flair]: trinisc is a very passonite city…
[21:26:30] [Flair]: of that i can atest to
[21:26:31] [Johnny LeVene]: And that is why I joined up.
[21:26:47] [Johnny LeVene]: *smiles* I appreciate your time very much.
[21:26:58] [Flair]: thank you so much for joining us
[21:27:06] [Flair]: and good luck in your race tonight
[21:27:10] [Johnny LeVene]: The pleasure was mine.
[21:27:14] [Johnny LeVene]: Thank you. *smiles*
[21:27:41] [Soar]: We have another Raffle to draw
[21:27:48] [Soar]: over to you Sammy, get those tickets out :]
[21:27:51] [Sammy]: It’s time to choose another raffle winner!
[21:27:56] [Sammy]: Get ready to check your tickets!
[21:28:02] [Sammy]: The winning number is…..
[21:28:11] [Sammy]: 16
[21:28:21] [Soar]: Who got number 16! 😀
[21:28:30] [Sammy]: does anyone have lucky number 16?
[21:28:45] [Soar]: anyone got 16?
[21:28:58] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[21:29:09] [Sammy]: Tune in to UO Radio! Raffle winners will be announced every half hour!
[21:29:26] [Soar]: Alrighty we have 2 things atrting at 10:20
[21:29:30] [Soar]: 10:30 even
[21:29:45] [Soar]: another two mystery boxes have appeared hidden around the town
[21:29:52] [Soar]: so if you after those now is the time :]
[21:30:04] [Soar]: also there are drinking games starting outside at the bar and bistro by vesper
[21:30:20] [Soar]: and I’ve just been told Scalis is up at the scalis pen :]
[21:30:27] [Soar]: but on stage here we have our next guest
[21:30:34] [Soar]: Aulbrey who is running for Yew
[21:30:37] [Raina Cold Eyes]: one bazillion pay me
[21:30:45] [Soar]: come on up Aulbrey
[21:30:54] [Tahani]: Good Evening Aulbrey
[21:30:54] [aulbrey]: *smiles*
[21:30:59] [aulbrey]: hi
[21:30:59] [Tahani]: *smiles*
[21:31:04] [Flair]: *winks at Alubrey*
[21:31:09] [Tahani]: Welcome to Election Night Hoopla
[21:31:17] [aulbrey]: thanks good to be here
[21:31:19] [Luka Melehan]: wooo Aubrey
[21:31:34] [Tahani]: We understand that you are an uncontested contestant for Yew
[21:31:41] [aulbrey]: apperantly
[21:31:43] [aulbrey]: *giggles*
[21:31:43] [Tahani]: What motivated you to run for office?
[21:31:47] [Flair]: *gigles*
[21:31:50] [aulbrey]: well
[21:31:58] [aulbrey]: to be honest it was the winery
[21:32:13] [aulbrey]: everyone always forgets about the wine
[21:32:19] [aulbrey]: yew is famouse for it
[21:32:29] [aulbrey]: i wanted to protect it
[21:32:38] [aulbrey]: this is the best way i know how
[21:32:48] [aulbrey]: *grins showing a single tooth*
[21:33:08] [Tahani]: What are your plans for future city imporvements?
[21:33:29] [aulbrey]: well like i said before wine is important in yew
[21:33:29] [Tahani]: make that improvments sorry
[21:34:05] [aulbrey]: i hope to bring that into view with possibly a tavern focused around the winery
[21:34:13] [aulbrey]: or perhaps a place for wine tasting
[21:34:45] [Tahani]: So Wine is your primarily motivation for running for Governor..
[21:34:54] [Sammy]: Still looking for lucky winner number 16 for the raffle! If you have 16 come see me at the bar!
[21:34:56] [Tahani]: are you going to share any of this wine?
[21:35:14] [aulbrey]: if you asked me this questin in the past i would say no
[21:36:42] [aulbrey]: but since my time in yew i have learned one thing
[21:37:00] [aulbrey]: sharing is something they taught me
[21:37:16] [aulbrey]: so i would say people will share
[21:37:20] [aulbrey]: *nods*
[21:37:49] [Tahani]: Is there anything else you would like to say to your city citizens?
[21:38:17] [aulbrey]: well all i wanna say is if a drunk like me can be governor
[21:38:25] [Talisin]: *holds up Beer to Aulbrey*
[21:38:28] [aulbrey]: then anyone can
[21:38:35] [Peter]: *claps*
[21:38:37] [Joseph Frostmore]: *claps wildly*
[21:39:02] [Tahani]: Lastly
[21:39:11] [Tahani]: everyone is very interested to know…
[21:39:21] [Tahani]: how many husbands you will collect during your term
[21:39:27] [aulbrey]: well lets see
[21:39:27] [Queen Arya]: lol
[21:39:29] [Joseph Frostmore]: *laughs*
[21:39:30] [Tahani]: and if you will ask the King to marry you?
[21:39:33] [Luka Melehan]: hehe
[21:39:37] [aulbrey]: is there anyone around that i havent asked
[21:39:43] [aulbrey]: and as far as the king
[21:39:50] [aulbrey]: well you will have to wait and see
[21:39:52] [aulbrey]: *winks*
[21:39:57] [Tahani]: *smiles*
[21:40:09] [Sammy]: Still looking for lucky winner number 16 for the raffle! If you have 16 come see me at the bar!
[21:40:29] [Tahani]: What is you opinion of our king and the way he runs the kingdom?
[21:40:58] [aulbrey]: well from the last meeting i attended
[21:41:10] [aulbrey]: i think he is doing fine as long as he has his asperin
[21:41:18] [Tahani]: *laughs*
[21:41:44] [Tahani]: he did seem perplexed didnt he?
[21:41:50] [aulbrey]: *giggles*
[21:41:51] [aulbrey]: yes
[21:42:00] [Flair]: perhaps he needs a wife…
[21:42:06] [Flair]: *winks at Aulbrey*
[21:42:11] [aulbrey]: wait what
[21:42:14] [aulbrey]: oh right yes
[21:42:24] [Tahani]: Well we look forward to what you will bring to Yew this next term Aulbrey…
[21:42:36] [Tahani]: Perhaps a chapter of AA…
[21:42:43] [Flair]: *chuckles*
[21:42:44] [aulbrey]: uhh
[21:42:44] [Tahani]: or more Wine!
[21:42:48] [aulbrey]: yessss
[21:42:51] [aulbrey]: more wine
[21:42:56] [aulbrey]: i mean maybe
[21:43:01] [Tahani]: Good Luck with your race!
[21:43:08] [aulbrey]: *smiles*
[21:43:13] [Tahani]: *smiles*
[21:43:38] [Flair]: who’s next?
[21:43:53] [aulbrey]: *trips over the chair*
[21:44:11] [Soar]: our next guest is from Minoc
[21:44:23] [Soar]: Beldin Brightaxe
[21:44:26] [Soar]: come on up :]
[21:44:38] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *stomps up the stairs*
[21:44:49] [Flair]: Evening Master Dwarf
[21:44:50] [Sammy]: pardon me a moment
[21:44:53] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[21:44:57] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Hail lad
[21:45:23] [Flair]: so what motivated you to return to run for minoc?
[21:45:36] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *scratches his beard*
[21:45:40] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *shrugs*
[21:45:46] [Beldin Brightaxe]: seems nae one else was
[21:46:05] [Flair]: seem minoc is plagued a bit.. with what happened to Yosef and all
[21:46:23] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah cannae say
[21:46:23] [Flair]: What are your plans for future city imporvements?
[21:46:33] [Beldin Brightaxe]: oh
[21:46:38] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aye, well…
[21:46:45] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Last time Ah were governor
[21:46:55] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah tried ter poosh fer mair docsk
[21:46:59] [Beldin Brightaxe]: err, docks
[21:47:01] [Flair]: *nods*
[21:47:25] [Beldin Brightaxe]: boot thae folks ae Yew wouldnae allow anyone tae chop doon enough trees
[21:47:40] [Flair]: perhaps they will this time
[21:47:45] [Beldin Brightaxe]: an’…
[21:48:10] [Beldin Brightaxe]: As mooch as Ah though thae lad Yosef a guid job…
[21:48:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: he couldnae seem tae git enou gold in thae treasury
[21:48:32] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah’m goin’ tae fix tha’
[21:48:34] [Flair]: *nods*
[21:48:50] [Flair]: Will you be involving your citizens in the running of the town, and if so, how?
[21:48:58] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An’ thae Governors office needs a bit ae help
[21:49:11] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aye, if Ah kin find any…
[21:49:17] [Flair]: *nods*
[21:49:24] [Flair]: minoc seems to have that problem
[21:49:30] [Beldin Brightaxe]: perhaps wit’ a full treasury mair folk will come ter Minoc.
[21:49:39] [Flair]: I certainly hope so
[21:49:54] [Flair]: Are you planning any events in your term, should you be elected?
[21:49:58] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *glares at the goblin*
[21:50:23] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah think Ah’m already elected…
[21:50:30] [Flair]: that is true
[21:50:33] [Flair]: you are aren’t you
[21:50:39] [Beldin Brightaxe]: boot Ah think Minoc needs a few events
[21:50:44] [Flair]: but tell us what events you are planning
[21:50:46] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *scratches his bald head*
[21:50:57] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah jist need tae come oop wit a few.
[21:51:02] [Ajiba]: *hic*
[21:51:06] [Broken]: *hic*
[21:51:09] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Mebbe some sort ae crafting event
[21:51:22] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An’ drinkin’ ae course
[21:51:40] [Flair]: you might like yew then
[21:51:45] [Flair]: and Aulbreys wine
[21:51:51] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *frowns*
[21:51:58] [Beldin Brightaxe]: they kin keep thier wine
[21:52:14] [Beldin Brightaxe]: err
[21:52:19] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aulbrey kin keep her wine…
[21:52:56] [Flair]: What is you opinion of our king and the way he runs the kingdom?
[21:53:11] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *shrugs*
[21:53:20] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Seems tae be a fair king.
[21:53:54] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An’ as long as he kin keep Honor an’ Justice in thae lands Ah’ll support him;
[21:55:18] [Flair]: Is there anything else you would like to say to your city citizens?
[21:55:33] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *ponders for a moment*
[21:55:43] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah’d jist like ter say,
[21:55:53] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Tha’ Ah’m also Thane ae Kraggen Cor
[21:56:16] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An independant kingdom ae dwarf folk
[21:56:37] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Oor gates are open fer any folks tae visit
[21:56:43] [Beldin Brightaxe]: except for orc folk…
[21:56:46] [Sammy]: Time has ended for number 16 we will draw two numbers this round
[21:56:52] [Flair]: well thank you for talking with us tonight… i hope that we seem some more fom minoc in the future
[21:57:03] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *nods*
[21:57:07] [Beldin Brightaxe]: thank ye lad.
[21:57:15] [Flair]: you have been wonderful
[21:57:21] [Flair]: and i wish you luck
[21:57:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *stomps down the stairs*
[21:57:34] [Inigo Montoya]: *claps*
[21:57:43] [Beauty]: *claps*
[21:57:49] [Felix]: *claps*
[21:57:49] [Soar]: thank you Beldin
[21:58:03] [Soar]: we have anther draw for you
[21:58:08] [Soar]: Sammy if you would be so kind :]
[21:58:11] [Sammy]: It’s time to choose another raffle winner!
[21:58:17] [Sammy]: Get ready to check your tickets!
[21:58:27] [Sammy]: The winning number is…..
[21:58:41] [Sammy]: 35
[21:59:04] [Sammy]: and because no one claimed the last prize, I will draw again…
[21:59:10] [Sammy]: The winning number is…..
[21:59:19] [Sammy]: 3.
[21:59:46] [Sammy]: 35 and 3 are the winning numbers
[21:59:53] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[21:59:53] [Soar]: pls bring your winning tickets to the bar on the north wall
[22:00:00] [Sammy]: Tune in to UO Radio! Raffle winners will be announced every half hour!
[22:00:13] [Soar]: alrighty
[22:00:24] [Soar]: once again we some mystery boxes hidden around the city
[22:00:34] [Soar]: that sneaky frog is at it again
[22:00:40] [Soar]: so go grab those while you can
[22:00:45] [Soar]: on stage we have something special too
[22:00:49] [Soar]: a debate, no less
[22:01:06] [Soar]: between the candidates for Jhelom
[22:01:22] [Soar]: Dante
[22:01:26] [Soar]: and Queen Arya
[22:01:30] [Soar]: come on up
[22:01:50] [Tahani]: *smiles* Welcome Queen Arya
[22:01:50] [Dante Darkheart]: *smiles*
[22:01:54] [Queen Arya]: Hail
[22:02:02] [Flair]: Welcome Dante
[22:02:07] [Dante Darkheart]: Thank you
[22:02:13] [Dante Darkheart]: I’m glad to be here
[22:02:20] [Flair]: I’m sure you both are
[22:03:00] [Tahani]: You both are Candidates for Jhelom
[22:03:06] [Queen Arya]: aye
[22:03:08] [Tahani]: We are going to ask you a question
[22:03:12] [Dante Darkheart]: *nods*
[22:03:21] [Tahani]: and if you would both please answer one at a time
[22:03:34] [Tahani]: for this question Queen first
[22:03:55] [Tahani]: What are you going to bring to Jhelom that will be better for Jhelom than your rival?
[22:04:11] [Queen Arya]: hmmm
[22:04:14] [Queen Arya]: better?
[22:04:20] [Tahani]: yes
[22:04:20] [Dante Darkheart]: *smiles*
[22:04:57] [Queen Arya]: no so sure
[22:04:59] [Queen Arya]: better
[22:05:05] [Queen Arya]: would be
[22:05:09] [Queen Arya]: what i would use
[22:05:21] [Queen Arya]: Dante just needs time
[22:05:25] [Tahani]: ok what will you bring to Jhelom this term?
[22:05:25] [Queen Arya]: to play on atlantic
[22:05:29] [Queen Arya]: for us to get to know him
[22:05:37] [Dante Darkheart]: *quirks brow*
[22:05:46] [Queen Arya]: last term
[22:05:54] [Queen Arya]: Jhelom held
[22:05:55] [Queen Arya]: a community day
[22:06:02] [Queen Arya]: Medieval faire
[22:06:07] [Queen Arya]: I try
[22:06:09] [Queen Arya]: to show
[22:06:12] [Queen Arya]: all the players
[22:06:18] [Queen Arya]: different aspects
[22:06:22] [Queen Arya]: of the game
[22:06:25] [Queen Arya]: pvp
[22:06:30] [Queen Arya]: fish bowl contest
[22:06:33] [Queen Arya]: kings meeting
[22:06:37] [Queen Arya]: this term
[22:06:44] [Queen Arya]: we will do
[22:06:48] [Queen Arya]: a pvp contest
[22:06:54] [Queen Arya]: capture the flag
[22:06:57] [Dante Darkheart]: *rolls eyes*
[22:06:57] [Queen Arya]: along
[22:07:01] [Queen Arya]: with another faire
[22:07:10] [Queen Arya]: i open
[22:07:12] [Queen Arya]: our town
[22:07:15] [Queen Arya]: to all players
[22:07:20] [Queen Arya]: not just RP
[22:07:31] [Queen Arya]: all aspects of the game
[22:07:49] [Tahani]: *smiles*
[22:07:54] [Tahani]: Dante
[22:08:03] [Tahani]: what will you bring to Jhelom?
[22:08:32] [Dante Darkheart]: Well ideally what I would bring would compliment all of what Arya mentioned
[22:08:52] [Dante Darkheart]: I too would like to show all players different aspect of the game
[22:09:11] [Dante Darkheart]: however where we differ is what aspeft to focus on more
[22:09:31] [Dante Darkheart]: if you noticed she mentioned pvp twice before she sneered at the merits of RP
[22:09:48] [Dante Darkheart]: persoanlly i would like to keep the Ultima in Ultima Online
[22:10:04] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:10:08] [Dante Darkheart]: the best way to do that is to honor the history that has been established
[22:10:27] [Dante Darkheart]: maybe its because she herself doesnt actually live
[22:10:33] [Dante Darkheart]: in Jhelom
[22:10:47] [Dante Darkheart]: or maybe its just not as taught these days
[22:11:07] [Dante Darkheart]: but there are many holidays for all the towns that were once celebrated
[22:11:25] [Dante Darkheart]: during Spring time in Jhelom there is a celebration called the Fall of Jhel
[22:11:43] [Dante Darkheart]: in which a hero is defeated by an Ancient Wyrm
[22:12:00] [Dante Darkheart]: Thus many of the events I have planned will focus on that holiday
[22:12:12] [Dante Darkheart]: will it be RP? Yes
[22:12:23] [Dante Darkheart]: will it be PvM? yes
[22:12:50] [Dante Darkheart]: furthermore I would also like to hold weekly town meetings in which sparring and PvP
[22:12:55] [Dante Darkheart]: will be highlighted
[22:13:12] [Dante Darkheart]: i hope that answers your question
[22:13:20] [Tahani]: Jhelom has a rich history….Thank you Dante
[22:13:28] [Flair]: We all want to know what motivated you both to run run for office?
[22:13:35] [Flair]: Dante first on this question
[22:14:01] [Dante Darkheart]: Well Lady Khaleesi was a big inspiration for me
[22:14:22] [Dante Darkheart]: she always told me that it was a lot of work and she was happy to do it
[22:14:31] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:14:34] [Dante Darkheart]: I felt like I was ready for a comparable challenge
[22:14:40] [Dante Darkheart]: but I also knew
[22:14:54] [Dante Darkheart]: that Arya had a strong base of support
[22:15:02] [Dante Darkheart]: she is likely slotted to win
[22:15:19] [Flair]: and Queen what motivated you for a second term?
[22:15:23] [Dante Darkheart]: so this election for me is more publicity than anything if I’m just being honest
[22:15:53] [Queen Arya]: ready?
[22:15:54] [Flair]: Queen?
[22:15:57] [Flair]: sure
[22:15:58] [Queen Arya]: heh
[22:16:22] [Queen Arya]: I dont feel
[22:16:26] [Queen Arya]: three months
[22:16:29] [Queen Arya]: is long enough
[22:16:32] [Queen Arya]: many players
[22:16:36] [Queen Arya]: have said the same
[22:16:49] [Queen Arya]: I dont feel I have accomplished
[22:16:54] [Queen Arya]: all I would like to do
[22:17:10] [Queen Arya]: I like to help people
[22:17:17] [Queen Arya]: new an vets players alike
[22:17:30] [Queen Arya]: and The crux
[22:17:34] [Queen Arya]: keeps me going also
[22:17:39] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:18:16] [Tahani]: What would you like to see added to the current council?
[22:18:25] [Tahani]: Queen first please
[22:18:30] [Queen Arya]: sanity?
[22:18:37] [Queen Arya]: the last meeting was
[22:18:38] [Dante Darkheart]: *nodding smiling*
[22:18:45] [Queen Arya]: how do i say this nicely
[22:18:47] [Flair]: interesting?
[22:18:53] [Queen Arya]: carzy
[22:19:39] [Tahani]: ok Dante?
[22:19:58] [Tahani]: What would you like to see added to the Council?
[22:20:15] [Dante Darkheart]: Well I have always considered myself a creature of Chaos but yes the meetings are easily disrupte
[22:20:18] [Dante Darkheart]: d
[22:20:29] [Dante Darkheart]: i suppose that is the nature of the beast
[22:20:43] [Dante Darkheart]: personally id like to see other cities
[22:20:45] [Dante Darkheart]: on the council
[22:21:03] [Dante Darkheart]: it would ideally provide a wider samplng of opinions
[22:21:33] [Dante Darkheart]: *smiles*
[22:21:44] [Flair]: We want to know what your plans and events are for the town should either of you be elected
[22:21:49] [Flair]: dante first please
[22:23:19] [Queen Arya]: someone wake him?
[22:23:28] [Dante Darkheart]: sorry
[22:23:40] [Dante Darkheart]: well as I said in my opening statements
[22:24:03] [Dante Darkheart]: on thursdays I would like to do a town meeting in the Fighter Aerna
[22:24:21] [Dante Darkheart]: ideally it will be a night for sparring and dueling
[22:24:27] [Dante Darkheart]: but also an exchange of ideas
[22:24:42] [Dante Darkheart]: also i have a monthly hunt planned
[22:24:57] [Dante Darkheart]: at least monthly
[22:25:05] [Dante Darkheart]: the first will be to Destard to fight an Ancient Wyrm
[22:25:20] [Dante Darkheart]: again this is all in celebration of the Fall of Jhel
[22:25:40] [Dante Darkheart]: the second month will be to the Cold Blood Champ Spaawn in Destad
[22:25:53] [Dante Darkheart]: hopefully we’ll have a larger group to attend by then
[22:26:21] [Dante Darkheart]: and then finally on the third hunt will be to Ilshenar for again the Cold Blood Champ Spawn there
[22:26:37] [Flair]: wow
[22:26:47] [Flair]: and queen what are your plans
[22:26:51] [Dante Darkheart]: also I’d like to host a tavern night on Fridays that opens with a boat race
[22:27:27] [Dante Darkheart]: will someone wake her
[22:27:37] [Queen Arya]: heh
[22:27:39] [Queen Arya]: cute
[22:27:45] [Dante Darkheart]: *smirks and winks*
[22:27:47] [Queen Arya]: waiting til ur words
[22:27:52] [Queen Arya]: disapear off my screen
[22:28:03] [Queen Arya]: well flair
[22:28:10] [Queen Arya]: an andrasta
[22:28:15] [Queen Arya]: i have found
[22:28:21] [Queen Arya]: while out campaigning
[22:28:26] [Queen Arya]: everyne is tired
[22:28:31] [Queen Arya]: of doom an gloom
[22:28:39] [Queen Arya]: they want to have fun
[22:28:42] [Flair]: doom and gloom?
[22:28:46] [Queen Arya]: aye
[22:28:49] [Dante Darkheart]: *looks confused*
[22:28:51] [Queen Arya]: I read the posts
[22:28:56] [Flair]: what do you mean by that exactly
[22:29:01] [Queen Arya]: i see all the turmoil
[22:29:06] [Flair]: ahhh
[22:29:14] [Queen Arya]: mhmm
[22:29:21] [Flair]: i have found there is always turmoil
[22:29:24] [Queen Arya]: Jhelom is looking forward
[22:29:36] [Queen Arya]: brighter days
[22:29:45] [Queen Arya]: no sickness
[22:29:47] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:29:49] [Queen Arya]: no wars
[22:29:55] [Queen Arya]: good times
[22:30:38] [Flair]: well i’d personally like to thank you both…
[22:30:43] [Dante Darkheart]: *smiles*
[22:30:50] [Dante Darkheart]: thank you for this opportunity
[22:31:00] [Queen Arya]: my pleasure
[22:31:02] [Tahani]: Very interesting answers…
[22:31:05] [Flair]: it’s not often we get two candidates from the same city
[22:31:08] [Tahani]: *smiles*
[22:31:30] [Flair]: so thanks for being good sports and best of luck to you both
[22:31:39] [Queen Arya]: thank you!
[22:31:41] [Dante Darkheart]: thank you
[22:32:05] [Soar]: now that was exciting
[22:32:14] [Soar]: and before we have our last interview
[22:32:19] [Soar]: we have a raffle draw
[22:32:21] [Soar]: Sammy? :]
[22:32:25] [Sammy]: Get ready to check your tickets!
[22:32:30] [Sammy]: It’s time to choose another raffle winner!
[22:32:37] [Sammy]: The winning number is…..
[22:32:51] [Sammy]: 27
[22:33:04] [Soar]: number 27
[22:33:09] [Johnny LeVene]: I would like to announce my withdrawl from the race in Trinsic
[22:33:30] [Soar]: you need to give that to sammy
[22:33:30] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[22:33:33] [Sammy]: Tune in to UO Radio! Raffle winners will be announced every half hour!
[22:33:35] [Johnny LeVene]: Congratulations Sammy. I hope I can help in any way necessary for the future of Trinsic.
[22:33:38] [Soar]: over at the bar
[22:33:46] [Soar]: Johnny?
[22:33:54] [Soar]: did you just withdraw?
[22:33:55] [Johnny LeVene]: Yes, sir?
[22:33:56] [Johnny LeVene]: I did.
[22:34:03] [Soar]: then come on up
[22:34:03] [Johnny LeVene]: The governorship show go to Sammy.
[22:34:07] [Johnny LeVene]: She will be a good leader.
[22:34:08] [Soar]: and tell us about it :]
[22:34:39] [Johnny LeVene]: I did not do my job getting to know the citizens of Trinsic. Sammy was the right person for the job.
[22:34:55] [Johnny LeVene]: Instead of wating for the final results, I have decided to conceed victory to Sammy.
[22:35:09] [Soar]: *applauds*
[22:35:12] [Johnny LeVene]: I hope she leads Trinsic as well as Lew did. I am sure she will.
[22:35:13] [Soar]: very honorable
[22:36:42] [Sammy]: May I ask why you withdrew?
[22:36:51] [Johnny LeVene]: Thank you to the citizens of Trinsic that voted for me, and let’s all work with Sammy to make Trinsic the best city in the land.
[22:37:16] [Johnny LeVene]: Sammy, you had the votes, I did not. You have more connections and you will be a great governess.
[22:37:17] [Sammy]: Johnny?
[22:37:23] [Sammy]: ahh
[22:37:24] [Johnny LeVene]: You have my full support.
[22:37:39] [Johnny LeVene]: Please call on me or any of my men for anything that can help the city.
[22:37:44] [Sammy]: I will do my best and hope that you will join us in helping to make Trinsic the best it can be
[22:37:48] [Sammy]: *smiles*
[22:37:58] [Johnny LeVene]: If you do not mind, I may organize some events myself. Checking with you before, of course.
[22:38:14] [Sammy]: Certainly
[22:38:30] [Sammy]: We are always looking for event organizers
[22:38:46] [Johnny LeVene]: *bows* It was a great experience, and I know Trinsic will once again have the best leadership in the land.
[22:38:59] [Sammy]: Also visit cityof trinsic.com
[22:39:06] [Sammy]: to see what is coming up
[22:39:07] [Johnny LeVene]: I will be in touch. *Smiles and extends his hand*
[22:39:09] [Sammy]: and how you can help
[22:39:12] [Sammy]: *smiles*
[22:39:27] [Sammy]: *shakes hand*
[22:39:31] [Soar]: aww just kiss and get off stage you two :]
[22:39:39] [Sammy]: *chuckles*
[22:39:44] [Sammy]: Soar.. it’s all yours
[22:39:48] [Soar]: thank you
[22:39:55] [Sammy]: *bows to Johnny*
[22:39:58] [Johnny LeVene]: Great race. *smiles* Trinsic shall continue to prosper with a great leader and the best citizens.
[22:40:20] [Soar]: okay that was a surprise
[22:40:48] [Soar]: now before we move to our last interview
[22:40:53] [Soar]: we have some quick announcements
[22:41:04] [Soar]: Scalis is up again in his pen and killing people
[22:41:08] [Soar]: incliding our healer
[22:41:23] [Soar]: and there are more hidden boxes in the city courtesy of Toad Town
[22:41:37] [Soar]: our final raffle draws will happen after our last interview
[22:41:43] [Soar]: 3 grand prizes of 2 million each
[22:41:54] [Soar]: but now we have the honorable Quacklebush
[22:41:58] [Soar]: come on up Quack
[22:42:03] [Joseph Frostmore]: *Claps*
[22:42:07] [Fire-Kitten]: *claps her paws*
[22:42:07] [Inigo Montoya]: vv*cheers*
[22:42:22] [Soar]: Quack?
[22:42:26] [Quacklebush]: woot woot
[22:42:27] [Soar]: there he is
[22:42:34] [Flair]: evening Quack
[22:42:37] [Quacklebush]: the interview u all been waiting for
[22:42:40] [Flair]: Thanks for joining us
[22:42:43] [Quacklebush]: ello sir
[22:42:58] [Flair]: You have to tell us what motivated you to run for governor?
[22:43:11] [Quacklebush]: well it was the people realy
[22:43:19] [Quacklebush]: it was my choice to at first
[22:43:25] [Quacklebush]: but we have a good comunity
[22:43:30] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:43:36] [Quacklebush]: and they all wanted to help suport me
[22:44:16] [Tahani]: Evening Quackle…Tell us how it feels to follow in Lady Khaleesi’s footsteps?
[22:44:30] [Quacklebush]: those are huge footseps
[22:44:34] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:44:38] [Quacklebush]: i dont plan to follow them
[22:44:46] [Quacklebush]: i could never be as good as her
[22:44:56] [Quacklebush]: but i plan to deligate
[22:45:01] [Quacklebush]: and bring all the comunity in
[22:45:16] [Quacklebush]: and help me spell
[22:45:18] [Quacklebush]: arrrr
[22:45:19] [Dr Hawk]: Yeah Q!!
[22:45:24] [Fire-Kitten]: *giggles*
[22:45:24] [Dr Hawk]: *Cheers*
[22:45:46] [Flair]: So what is your take on our king and the kingdom?
[22:45:55] [Quacklebush]: hrmm
[22:46:09] [Quacklebush]: well far as the kingdom goes its bout to change up a bit with all the new govs
[22:46:15] [Quacklebush]: so not so sure there
[22:46:25] [Flair]: *nods*
[22:46:32] [Quacklebush]: our king
[22:46:39] [Quacklebush]: well i realy dont know a better king
[22:46:40] [Quacklebush]: hah
[22:46:44] [Flair]: *chuckles*
[22:47:12] [Tahani]: We know that you and Lady Khaleesi worked very hard to build the Community of Vesper..
[22:47:25] [Tahani]: what kind of events will you bring to this term?
[22:47:44] [Quacklebush]: well we do have a few things planed
[22:47:48] [Quacklebush]: another festival
[22:48:01] [Quacklebush]: and we have an areana in the works
[22:48:19] [Quacklebush]: other then that i dont want to give to much away
[22:49:01] [Flair]: what about future city improvents? Anything spetacular planned for Vesper this term?
[22:49:32] [Quacklebush]: well someone did just mention we should have beer in our city fountain
[22:49:37] [Quacklebush]: that sounds like a good un
[22:49:38] [Quacklebush]: arrrr
[22:49:40] [Flair]: *chuckles*
[22:50:20] [Quacklebush]: other then things weve all asked for before none realy
[22:50:29] [Quacklebush]: should i ask for a trashcan?
[22:50:30] [Quacklebush]: haha
[22:50:33] [Tahani]: Will there be any Chaos caused by Vesper this term?
[22:50:34] [Flair]: *chuckles*
[22:50:37] [Tahani]: *laughs*
[22:50:41] [Fire-Kitten]: *smirks*
[22:50:44] [Flair]: i was waiting for the trash can to come out
[22:50:49] [Quacklebush]: haha
[22:50:52] [Tahani]: go for it
[22:51:01] [Quacklebush]: i belive chaos is in the future
[22:51:09] [Quacklebush]: near future
[22:51:09] [Fire-Kitten]: *winks mischieveously*
[22:51:19] [Tahani]: *smiles* we look forward to it
[22:51:30] [Tahani]: people like excitement and fun
[22:51:41] [Tahani]: no wars = no fun
[22:51:45] [Quacklebush]: tis tru
[22:51:46] [Dr Hawk]: *cheers*
[22:51:49] [Flair]: would you like to say anything to your citizens?
[22:52:16] [Quacklebush]: we have a meeting tomoro at 5pm
[22:52:37] [Quacklebush]: we will talk bout all the changes then
[22:52:40] [Quacklebush]: oh sorry
[22:52:41] [Quacklebush]: sunday
[22:53:02] [Quacklebush]: so thank u citizens
[22:53:13] [Quacklebush]: and lets all get drunk! see ya sunday
[22:53:14] [Quacklebush]: arrr
[22:53:21] [Flair]: Thanks Quack
[22:53:30] [Flair]: good luck
[22:53:30] [Joseph Frostmore]: *cheers and claps*
[22:53:30] [Smoke]: *Claps*
[22:53:33] [Fire-Kitten]: *grins*
[22:53:33] [Tahani]: *smiles* thank you
[22:53:35] [Dante Darkheart]: *claps*
[22:53:38] [Fire-Kitten]: Nice job sweets
[22:53:42] [Soar]: thank you Quack :]
[22:53:44] [Quacklebush]: haha thnks
[22:53:51] [Soar]: now before we get into our final draws for the night
[22:54:03] [Soar]: I would like to thank our two fantastic interviwers!
[22:54:08] [Soar]: step up ladies
[22:54:10] [Flair]: *smiles*
[22:54:10] [Inigo Montoya]: *cheers*
[22:54:15] [Smoke]: yes good job
[22:54:20] [Adeka]: *claps*
[22:54:24] [Soar]: Lady Tahani and Flair!
[22:54:29] [Soar]: *applauds*
[22:54:34] [Talisin]: *claps*
[22:54:34] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[22:54:35] [Tahani]: *smiles and curtesies*
[22:54:36] [Marilyn Monroe]: *claps*
[22:54:37] [Dr Hawk]: *does not clap*
[22:54:38] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps and cheers*
[22:54:39] [Sammy]: *cheers*
[22:54:39] [Marilyn Monroe]: *claps*
[22:54:40] [Marilyn Monroe]: *claps*
[22:54:40] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps and cheers*
[22:54:40] [Marilyn Monroe]: *claps*
[22:54:40] [Fire-Kitten]: *claps paws together*
[22:54:41] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps and cheers*
[22:54:41] [Flair]: *bows*
[22:54:41] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps and cheers*
[22:54:42] [Joseph Frostmore]: *claps*
[22:54:42] [Tatiana Thorn]: *claps and cheers*
[22:54:43] [Talisin]: *whisltes*
[22:54:46] [Viinturuth]: clap
[22:54:54] [Soar]: thanks so much for doing those tonight
[22:55:00] [Soar]: its was a great job :]
[22:55:22] [Soar]: Now we have the final draws for the night
[22:55:30] [Soar]: 3 grand prizes, each one worth 2 million
[22:55:36] [Soar]: Samyy if you please :]
[22:55:51] [Sammy]: Get ready to check your tickets!
[22:55:56] [Sammy]: It’s time to choose another raffle winner!
[22:56:03] [Sammy]: The winning number is…..
[22:56:18] [Sammy]: 34
[22:56:37] [Sammy]: The second prize goes to….
[22:56:49] [Sammy]: Number 18
[22:56:57] [Inigo Montoya]: An Grav
[22:57:02] [Sammy]: and the final prize of the evening goes to….
[22:57:11] [Sammy]: 23
[22:57:23] [Soar]: *kicks table leg*
[22:57:27] [Soar]: rigged!
[22:57:30] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[22:57:32] [Soar]: :]
[22:57:45] [Sammy]: *chuckles at soar*
[22:57:49] [Smoke]: if I had the number youd know !
[22:57:57] [Soar]: thank you sammy
[22:58:05] [Soar]: great job tonight with those raffle tickets
[22:58:16] [Sammy]: Thank you, I had a great time!
[22:58:22] [Talisin]: Three cheers for Soar!
[22:58:26] [Soar]: congrats on your win in Trinsic
[22:58:30] [Queen Arya]: ty Soar
[22:58:32] [Queen Arya]: claps*
[22:58:35] [Inigo Montoya]: *cheer*
[22:58:37] [Sammy]: Thank you for all of your work in organizing this evening!
[22:58:45] [Soar]: and thank you to all our organizers tonight
[22:58:52] [Talisin]: Thank you to all involved
[22:58:54] [Soar]: you did fantistically in putting this together
[22:59:08] [Smoke]: made for long day
[22:59:13] [Soar]: hope I can worked with you again :]
[22:59:14] [Smoke]: good job
[22:59:15] [Sammy]: 34, 18, and 23….
[22:59:18] [Talisin]: there is still a scalis out there
[22:59:28] [Sammy]: If you have the winning ticket, bring it to Sammy at the bar along the north wall to claim your prize!
[22:59:30] [Soar]: the night is not over though we are closing the main stage area
[22:59:37] [Soar]: Scalis is still up I believe
[22:59:38] [Sammy]: 34, 18, and 23….
[22:59:45] [Soar]: and voting is still opn on the stones
[22:59:57] [Sammy]: those are the only winning numbers remaining unclaimed
[23:00:06] [Soar]: njoy the rest of your evening folks
[23:00:09] [Sammy]: 34, 18, and 23….
[23:00:10] [Soar]: and go kill scalis
[23:00:16] [Soar]: he is making a mess of everyhitng :[


(Player Event) Election Night Hoopla III

March 11, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

All citizens of Sosaria are respectfully invited to…

Election Night Hoopla!
9:00pm – Midnight (EST)
March 14th

Serpent’s Hold Counselor Hall


A : Candidate Interviews. Raffle Drawings. Announcements.
B : Real Time Voting Display
C : Bar & Bistro (Vesper)
D : Zento Sushi & Cow Tipping
E : Raffle Ticket Booth
F : Ozog’s Ice Cream Stand
G : The Scalis Pen (Gate to the Trinsic Star)
:mf_prop: : Serpent’s Hold Hidden Secrets (Toad Town and Jhelom)

Everyone is invited to the party in Serpent’s Hold as we burn through the final hours of voting. This round we have an especially packed program in store, thanks to all our fantastic player event organizers who have banded together to make this night something very special.

It is exactly because of those efforts made by so many different communities on the shard, and because we have kept it alive through every term, that Mesanna has been kind enough to bless us with permanent lock-downs of key items. From all of us on Atlantic, thank you Mesanna for supporting our efforts!

Live Radio Coverage
The party will be covered live on…
Be sure to tune in for a play by play commentary, as well as information on where to be for all the hotspots that flare throughout the night!

Candidate Interviews
(Andrasta & Flair)
The main stage is the place to meet and learn more about the many candidates running for governorship across the nine cities. We are sending out invitations to all players nominated on the stones, and will try to interview as many as we have time for. We may even be fortunate enough to have a special guest drop by. ;)

Real Time Voting Display
(Tazar, Malice, Earl Grey)
Perfectly positioned over-looking the main hall, we will be running our regular voting tally display. As we count down the last few hours of the election, books will show the real-time numbers from voting stones in all nine cities.

Bar & Bistro
The city of Vesper will be taking care of all your liquor and victuals for the night. They will be setting up a bar & bistro right at the entrance to the event hall. It is said they are able to cater for everything from the primal bar crawl to a classy dinner experience for two. There will also be an audio link to the interviews taking place on the main stage via comm-crystals, so you can enjoy the show in comfort.

Zento Sushi & Cow Tipping
(Zento & Blue Crane)
Dr. Hawk will be bringing the fish on rice and serving it up inside the Plenty O’ Dough. And what sushi bar would be complete without the ancient tradition of Cow Tipping? Certainly not this one!

Serpent’s Hold Hidden Secrets
(Toad Town and Jhelom)
Toad Town and Jhelom have put together something tantilizing and top secret for our enjoyment. Check the event program book on the night for details on how you can take part in this mysterious mystery!

The Scalis Pen
For the full duration of the event we will maintain a containment in the waters beside the hall where you can bring your battle characters to fight Scalis and Leviathan. Resurrection will be available, and you’ll need it! Over 100 white nets have been gathered for the occasion. Let there be no end to the chances of scoring yourself a High Seas Artifact!!

The Hoopla Raffle
(Sennah T’ Nae)
Sennah T’ Nae will be running a raffle open to all party-goers of the night. Be sure to head straight to this booth as soon as you arrive on the island and get your mitts around some tickets. There are several fabulous prizes to be had, and a new draw will be made on the main stage every 30 minutes!

Ozog’s Ice Cream Stand
(Ozog & The Goblins)
If there is one thing goblins do better than french kissing, it’s ice cream making, and Ozog is the ice-master! He has all your favorite flavors: yellow, green, blue, pink… trust me, that’s about as much detail as you’re gunna want.

Looking forward to seeing you there, and good luck to all candidates!


(Player News) Dr Hawk’s Election Times Coverage

March 04, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

It’s that time again!!
Kissing Babies and Shaking Hands

Nominations will last for a week till Saturday March 8th (around 1 am est)
Then Voting from Saturday March 8th till Saturday March 15th (around 1 am est)

So far we have in…​

Business Man [BUSINESS]
Daphnie [Black Flag Aramada]
Alagos Galadrim [Faith of the Fallen]

Johnny LeVene [Old_School]
Lew [Goodman’s Rune Library]
Sammy [Trinsic City]

Beldin Brightaxe [Dwarves of Kraggen-Cor]

Quacklebush [Black Flag Armada]

Oogugbu [URK!]
DeAtH tAx [Wall of Warriors]
True Love
Mr.Jmg [You Only Live Once]
Bacchus [Rage For Order]

Aulbrey [The Town Of Yew]

Dante Darkheart [The Crimson Shadow Syndicate]
Queen Arya [Toad Town]

New Magincia
Nails Warstein
Ma Nerva [Ordo Templi Orientis]

Tatiana Thorn [United Blacksmiths of Britannia]

*List will be up-dated on a 12:00 hour bases 

Follow the updates here:   http://uo2.stratics.com/community/threads/dr-hawks-election-times-coverage.312476/


Help Needed – 3rd Election Night Hoopla Planning Thread

March 04, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Heya All

Three months already? Where have the days gone?

It’s time for another election, and that means time for another Election Night Hoopla!

Last term Queen Arya and Andrasta did an excellent job coordinating the 2nd Hoopla party, so I will step up and tackle the 3rd. If you have time I would love your assistance with it, ladies. Who knows, perhaps this will become an Atlantic tradition.:beer:

It’s all happening from 9:00pm to midnight on Saturday 15th, and we need many helping hands to put together the party. The usual suspects will be there, the candidate interviews, the voting tally board, and I do believe we’ll have an open bistro this time around. UO Radio (www.uoradio.com) will also be giving us live coverage for the evening.

But we need some party games!

We are putting out a call to all cities, player towns, guilds, event coordinators, and candidates to come forward and add to the night of festivities. We need some mini-events such as competitions, games, or even personal campaign centers. We are open to all ideas and will support you in any way we can.

If you are a candidate, running a mini-event is a great way to spread your name and show the community that you will be a governor of action.

The location will be the same as last time, the neutral grounds of the Counselor’s Hall in Serpent’s Hold. The goal is to have activities running inside, outside, and perhaps the roof. Here are some screenshots of the location.

Main Floor


Bistro Area

I’ll coordinate the program and space usage for the night in this thread. If all goes well, we’ll have our party plan locked down and an official news post released by early next week.

Please reply below if you can help, or need help with making your idea happen. You can also contact me via forum conversation, or on ICQ 78409004 (Soar).

Thank you to all who come forward.

– Soar
*puts on his workin’ apron & dancing shoes*:hula: