(Player Event) Election Night Hoopla III

March 11, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

All citizens of Sosaria are respectfully invited to…

Election Night Hoopla!
9:00pm – Midnight (EST)
March 14th

Serpent’s Hold Counselor Hall


A : Candidate Interviews. Raffle Drawings. Announcements.
B : Real Time Voting Display
C : Bar & Bistro (Vesper)
D : Zento Sushi & Cow Tipping
E : Raffle Ticket Booth
F : Ozog’s Ice Cream Stand
G : The Scalis Pen (Gate to the Trinsic Star)
:mf_prop: : Serpent’s Hold Hidden Secrets (Toad Town and Jhelom)

Everyone is invited to the party in Serpent’s Hold as we burn through the final hours of voting. This round we have an especially packed program in store, thanks to all our fantastic player event organizers who have banded together to make this night something very special.

It is exactly because of those efforts made by so many different communities on the shard, and because we have kept it alive through every term, that Mesanna has been kind enough to bless us with permanent lock-downs of key items. From all of us on Atlantic, thank you Mesanna for supporting our efforts!

Live Radio Coverage
The party will be covered live on…
Be sure to tune in for a play by play commentary, as well as information on where to be for all the hotspots that flare throughout the night!

Candidate Interviews
(Andrasta & Flair)
The main stage is the place to meet and learn more about the many candidates running for governorship across the nine cities. We are sending out invitations to all players nominated on the stones, and will try to interview as many as we have time for. We may even be fortunate enough to have a special guest drop by. ;)

Real Time Voting Display
(Tazar, Malice, Earl Grey)
Perfectly positioned over-looking the main hall, we will be running our regular voting tally display. As we count down the last few hours of the election, books will show the real-time numbers from voting stones in all nine cities.

Bar & Bistro
The city of Vesper will be taking care of all your liquor and victuals for the night. They will be setting up a bar & bistro right at the entrance to the event hall. It is said they are able to cater for everything from the primal bar crawl to a classy dinner experience for two. There will also be an audio link to the interviews taking place on the main stage via comm-crystals, so you can enjoy the show in comfort.

Zento Sushi & Cow Tipping
(Zento & Blue Crane)
Dr. Hawk will be bringing the fish on rice and serving it up inside the Plenty O’ Dough. And what sushi bar would be complete without the ancient tradition of Cow Tipping? Certainly not this one!

Serpent’s Hold Hidden Secrets
(Toad Town and Jhelom)
Toad Town and Jhelom have put together something tantilizing and top secret for our enjoyment. Check the event program book on the night for details on how you can take part in this mysterious mystery!

The Scalis Pen
For the full duration of the event we will maintain a containment in the waters beside the hall where you can bring your battle characters to fight Scalis and Leviathan. Resurrection will be available, and you’ll need it! Over 100 white nets have been gathered for the occasion. Let there be no end to the chances of scoring yourself a High Seas Artifact!!

The Hoopla Raffle
(Sennah T’ Nae)
Sennah T’ Nae will be running a raffle open to all party-goers of the night. Be sure to head straight to this booth as soon as you arrive on the island and get your mitts around some tickets. There are several fabulous prizes to be had, and a new draw will be made on the main stage every 30 minutes!

Ozog’s Ice Cream Stand
(Ozog & The Goblins)
If there is one thing goblins do better than french kissing, it’s ice cream making, and Ozog is the ice-master! He has all your favorite flavors: yellow, green, blue, pink… trust me, that’s about as much detail as you’re gunna want.

Looking forward to seeing you there, and good luck to all candidates!


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