City Election Results are In

September 14, 2013 By: kirthag Category: Napa Valley News

Thanks to everyone who participated in the City Elections for Napa Valley’s Governors!
Results are in and here are the standings. It is up to the Governors Elect to claim their duties now.

Britain: Governor Elect – Gilanthis
Jhelom: Governor – Seona
Minoc: Pending King’s Choice
Moonglow: Governor Elect – Lisa Van Sithi
New Magincia – Governor Elect: Cephas
Skara Brae: Governor Elect – Osyn-Dal
Trinsic: Pending King’s Choice
Vesper: Pending King’s Choice
Yew: Governor – Kirthag DiOrsae

Governors are able to enact City Trade Deals for citizens to enjoy certain benefits if there are enough funds in the city’s coffers. There are also City Message Boards for communicating with the Governors. Some Governors may start polls to learn more about what their citizens want and expect in their cities. The Governors are also expected to sit in council with King Blackthorn. Governors will hold their post for 90 days.

Congratulations to all who participated in the City Elections!

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