Political storm erupts in capital

September 14, 2013 By: Alcor Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

Hugibear accused of underhand tactics in victory

Controversy marred the final hours of the election campaign in Britain when new governor, Hugibear, was accused by rivals of using dirty tricks to swing the contest in his favour. The claims came from Sprago’s campaign manager, Baby Doll, who asserted that her opposite number, Bo, had brought in dozens of foreign labourers with dubious citizenship eligibility in order to swell his vote count to an unassailable lead.

It has been a dramatic end to a day which began with pirate Hugi holding a narrow 20-17 advantage over the current governor. But by late in the day, Sprago’s appeal to friends and supporters had seen him almost double his vote to take a 32-20 lead, mostly thanks to allies Legion of Honor. But in the last five hours, the pirates added an amazing thirty-eight votes to bring the final figure to an impressive 58-33 margin in their favour.

Pirate guild leader, Parium the Black, was quick to scotch the accusations, insisting that almost all the votes had come from Arrr members or their allies. But Baby Doll insisted that Bo and his supporters were openly admitting that they had used outsiders to rig the election. No doubt the political back-biting will continue for some time to come, but election officers in Britain proclaimed that no rules and been broken and that all those who had voted were eligible to do so.

“The city of Britain has declared that Hugibear is the new legitimate governor of the city, “ announced the voting supervisor, “there will be no recounts or reruns.”

And so it is that the citizens of Britain are preparing themselves for what is likely to be an interesting and very different style of government for the next three months, although for some it is too much.

“I’m disgusted,” said Goliath, “I’m a citizen of Britain, but not for much longer. We have witnessed some true political garbage today.”

For others, though, it will be business as usual. “Everyone knows how politics gets dirty in the big cities,” shrugged one passer-by.

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