Ladra, York win election cliffhangers

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Ironfist crushes Goop

The political controversy in the capital capped what has been a dramatic end to the elections in the contested cities of Minoc and Moonglow, where just a single vote ended up separating the two pairs of candidates.

In Moonglow, inaugural governor Sam’s late rally was not quite enough to overtake York, who ended up winning what has been an enthralling race 24-23. It had actually been a pretty quiet day in the city, with few votes being cast and little active campaigning from the two candidates. Nevertheless, York, a recent immigrant from the Chesapeake area, had spent a nervous last few hours pacing around the bank, desperately trying to swing any remaining floating voters to his cause. But it seemed that most citizens had already cast their lot in a contest which had seen overall turnout increase by around 400% from the previous one.

“I had a feeling it would be close,” York said afterwards, with a palpable expression of relief on his face, “Sam ran a great campaign. However, I am glad to see that we got so many people to vote and made Moonglow such a popular town.”

Reaction to York’s win was generally favourable, even amongst those who had voted for Sam. “He seems to have a lot of enthusiasm and ideas,” said Talia, “and I hope he carries out his plans for the town. I will support him as long as his politics don’t clash with my own.”

The Moonglow campaign was a stark contrast to Minoc, where voting had been sporadic to put it mildly. Ladra, who had started the day 8-4 in arrears and seemed to be having trouble convincing even her fellow thieves to vote for her, found herself at an even worse 10-5 with just over an hour remaining in the contest. But she was boosted by a last-minute rush of votes, headed by a thief who declined to give her name, and finished up squeaking an improbable 11-10 victory.

And lastly, in New Magincia, incumbent governor Morgan Ironfist ended up annihilating challenger Viscount Goop by a whopping margin of 38-1. It had been a puzzling campaign from Goop, who had lost the previous contest by a rather more respectable 33-10, and one wonders why he had chosen to run in the first place.

And so the autumn election campaign has come to an end with a full set of governors on the King’s Council, including six newcomers. And it could scarcely have worked out better for Lord Blackthorn. His penchant is for a state of chaos, arguing that order leads to stagnation, and with such a diverse Council, including a pirate and a thief and no single group dominating, he would have been hard-pressed to hand-pick a better bunch.

Full governor list for autumn ’13

Britain – Hugibear (Prepare to be Boarded)
Jhelom – Salinger (Cereal Killers)
Minoc – Ladra (Barter Town Inc)
Moonglow – York
New Magincia – Morgan Ironfist (Gilfane)
Skara Brae – Hoffs (Gilfane)
Trinsic – Kelmo
Vesper – Victim (Victim’s R Us)
Yew – Samantha (Gilfane)

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