Election Night in Yew – A Drama in Red

September 15, 2013 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News


Yew Election


Often times election evenings come and go with very little hoopla. Constituents and Candidates settle in for a long night of watching the results unfold while they take a pause and try to catch their breath from a long, hard fought campaign season. For the majority of the races that was the case. But it was not the case when it came to the tightly contested race in Yew.


The night started off innocently enough, Candidates were out in force in Bucs Den pressing the flesh for a few last minute votes. A carnival type atmosphere hung in the air while people went from place to place seeing what fun events the Candidates had provided for them. However that jovial nature would soon turn in an instant. Those who were paying close attention could feel the intensity begin to swell. They watched as the easy going nature shifted to desperation, despair and anger. Yes, anger.


What could almost be described as a riot broke out at the voting stone in Yew. Empath Abbey was almost overrun with Dragons and Gargoyle wings being strategically placed in front of the Stone making it inaccessible for people to cast those crucial last minute ballots. Each side pointing fingers at the other and supporters of each side shouting unpleasant and rude things at the other side. Supporters of one side accusing the other side of buying votes, the other side vehemently denying the allegations. The tension was so thick everyone in attendance had to think a Civil War was about to break out for the Governorship of Yew. Things became so volatile the office of Granting Majority Selection, or “GMs” for short, dispatched not one, but two of it’s representatives dressed in red robes to the Stone in order to observe the voting process and protect the integrity of the vote along with the outcome of the election. The mere presence of the GMs observers quelled the majority of the situation, but still a few hardliners persisted and tried to ignite the situation again… until King Blackthorn appeared that is.


King Blackthorn’s unscheduled arrival coupled with his words quieted the crowd rather quickly. He called both of the frontrunners to stand before him and asked them to shake hands and part as equals. Once they obliged he reminded them even though the election was over the work had just begun. Before he made his depature the King left absolutely no doubt he had the utmost faith in both of the frontrunners and also left no doubt as to who is in charge as he said, “I have every confidence in *both participants*. And remember, I am the King, if there is a problem, I have the power to fix it.”


The first Conseil du Roi with the newly elected or reelected Governors will be held on Sunday September 29th at 8pm EST. Judging from some of the parting shots some Governors made towards other Governors, it should be more than interesting. The situation between Jhelom and Britain could potentially be the stuff nightmares are made of….. Long live the King.



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