Governors Election Near Complete!

December 14, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

   The current election cycle for the Governship of the major cities of the realm draws near its conclusion as today is the final day to cast your votes. The week long event takes place at each cities respective stone located near it’s main vault. Votes will be tallied at sun up tommorrow and winners declared. Citizens need be respected in thier cities in order to vote. Donation of materials is seemingly the popular method of garnering such title.

  The Paxlair Statehood continues to flourish in past and present elections and stand to win the seats of every city with most incumbents running unopposed and those that are opposed are done so by another statehood representative. The lone exception is the city of New Magencia where incumbent Lord Gareth remains firmly in the lead.  Sovereignty indeed still has a place in Sosaria.  The most current up to date exit polls as of noon est show the following standings in all the major elections:


Britain :                  Tinky Footz (Pitmuck) 53.8%

                                         Murdoc Redbone (DWxC) 46.1%

Jhelom:                    Scabby (PItmuck) 100%

Minoc:                       Victor II (NCC) 100%

Moonglow:             Lauren (DWxC) 100%

New Magencia:  Gareth (EVI) 72.2%

                                          Squirt (Pitmuck) 27.7%

Skara Brae:           Tina (L&L)  73.6%

                                          Gunga Din (Pax SotA) 26.3%

Trinsic:                     Phoenix (DWxC) 100%

Vesper:                      Ivy (NCC) 100%

Yew:                             Tehan (DWxC) 100%


   With the closing of the election period Governors will preside over thier respective cities for the coming months. With time running short and pride on the line these elections will surely go down to the wire. Reports come as eyewitnesses claim votes are purchased and corruption thrives as citizens of far away lands are aplenty skewing the voting process tipping the scales in the favor of those whose vote they have pledged.  The game of thrones is indeed underway here on Chesapeake!




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