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By: Whiterabbit of Pitmuck



  • Murdock – Running for Britain
  • Victor II – Governor of Minoc
  • Squrit – Currently the Envoy of New Magincia, running for Governor
  • Gunga Din – Running for Skara Brae
  • Scabby – Governor of Jhelom
  • Tina – Running for Skara Brae
  • Tinky Feets – Running for Britain
  • Ivy – Governor of Vesper
  • Lauren – Governor of Moonglow

The platforms were as follows:

Murdock stated that he would bring true representation to the King and harsh punishment to the rogues who enter the city.

Victor II who is an incumbent will continue to protect the northeast coast, building docks, and helping Gypsies. (Help get a Player owned Movable Gypsy Wagon by posting here! Sorry for the shameless plug but it needs to be added into the game!)

Squrit stated he is the Envoy and that the the longstanding governor is never around so all should vote for Squrit.

Gunga Din stated ZZZZZZZZ because he was very tired (something going on IRL)

Scabby who is an incumbent stated in very eloquent goblinese that his platform was the coal warmers that he was standing on. He will keep Jhelom safe from pirates and bad hummies by peein on everyone. He also stated that he was Scabby and he approved his message so all should vote for Scabby. Scabby ended his opening speech with a resounding fart and the room erupted in cheers!

Tina stated that she wishes to represent the fine people of Skara Brae and bring in change. She will fight for it’s people and be there to protect and serve.

Tinky Feets stated that Tinky would keep the trade deals going for the new players and bond the Goblins with the King. Tinky even had some nice campaign posters walking around:


so all should vote for Tinky Feets!

Ivy who is the incumbent stated that she would increase the city defenses against pirate attacks and protect the animals in and around Vesper. She will also increase trade in the city.

Lauren stated that she would protect Moonglow and all the land from evil while continuing to keep the trade deals open and citizens safe.

Next came the question and answer stage
Brian DeSpell asked how the candidates planned on funding the trade deals.

Murdock who was unprepared and lost his notes so Victor stepped in.

Victor stated that he would not give a dime but he will be running trade deal events to help fund the coffers. He stated that citizens would also be given a chance to donate and even run champ spawn events to help out.

Mudock who found his notes recovered and brought his A game. Murdock stated that he would promote the city and then sell titles to fund the city. He would also talk to the King about getting better trade deals for Britain since it was the capital city. Tinky Feets fell asleep during this reply.

Squrit stated that he would fund the city by donations from the many vendors and trade deals so all should vote for Squrit.
Gunga Din was still sleeping (still dealing with something IRL)

Scabby stated that he would fund trade deals by peeing on trade ministers in other cities that way Jhelom would have the best trade deals in Britannia because they would be clean and not wet. Scabby stated that he approved his message and then let out another thunderous fart which brought tears to the eyes of all, so all should vote for Scabby!
Tina then gave a fabulous and long account of her upbringing and stated that she would bring in funds by hard work and loyalty to the people to include cleaning up the harbors.

Tinky Feets stated that there would be tavern crawls, excursions, and events to help fund Britain so all should vote for Tinky Feets!
Ivy stated that she held city meetings but was met with little interest. Trade deals were expensive but if there was interest then she would keep them going.

Ozog who was the moderator reminded participants that they can throw mud so Scabby threw dirt at everyone and shouted “YAY fer trowin dert!”

The rest of the event was very long winded by Murdock, Ivy and Lauren and I fell asleep. :(

Edit: I tried to keep this as true as possible but apparently Scabby hacked in and changed some things around!

Dreadlord Lestat

an Scabby!

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