The Investigation of Minoc

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The back story as was provided by the governor of Minoc, Yosef…

It was a brisk cold night within the mountains of Minoc. The afternoon shift just ended and the night was on site. All the duties were being given out by the night supervisor and normal operations were conducted.
Early into the shift, two miners were seen running into the camp from the north most tunnels. At once Yosef appeared like a bat out of hell, demanding why miners were sent into the top tunnel. Ordering that the north most tunnel be closed and not entered.
*Posted a Minoc Mine*
“On the Order Of Yosef…The North most tunnels shall not be entered by any persons.
Yosef Governor of Minoc “
Miner One Log: *With shaking hand* everything was normal till…We found that crack within the rock….It was glowing white….Then these voices….”You shall not enter our Sanctuary”…At once a white flash and white figure appeared…. I do not recall after that….
Miner Two Log: The voices are still in my head….The white light……The White figure…..

The Vampric Sanctuary…this sacred island is a safe haven for vampires of the realm. Within the boards of the island you’ll find 2 buildings; The Hub and The Ancients Crypt.
The Hub:
At this location you will find a 2 story building:
On the first floor, you’ll see a tavern like area. This area is used for social events, as well a starting point for hunting parties.
A stair case within the building will take you into the second floor. On this floor you’ll find the elder’s table where important matters are discussed, as well the elder’s work table.
The Ancients Crypt:
At this location you will find a 3 story building:
On the first floor you’ll find the “tunnel” (tele portal) that links Minoc to the Vampric Sanctuary.
Climbing the ladder outside will take you onto the second floor where you’ll find three coffins that hold the Ancients.
“Ancients are those that have lived for thousands of generations, there are only three within The Vampric Sanctuary that reside asleep within tombs and are only called on during times of need, otherwise Elders handle the governing of the Sanctuary.”
Another ladder within the Crypt will take you onto the roof, where rituals take place.
Any vampires in need of a safe Haven; are welcomed into the Sanctuary. Within the Sanctuary you will be provided with all the care you need. We hold some of the most trained medical personal within the realm. Once in the Sanctuary you’ll be required to help protect and build our sacred island.

Minocians blood has been shed…The mines have collapsed… There has been a direct attack to the people of Minoc and the realm…Capture all the Orcs you wish…Give them a fair trial…My Orders stand for the people of Minoc
“By the decree of Governor Yosef…All Orcs are order to death…
All Citizens Of Minoc have the right of law to the execution of any orc found within the surrounding borders of Minoc. Shall Orcs…be found outside the boarders of Minoc…Execution shall be of cause…”

[King Blackthorn]: Lord Yosef of Minoc, a new face.
[King Blackthorn]: What can we do for Minoc this evening?
[Yosef]: *nods*
[Yosef]: I come with Information about the mines and the town…
[King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[Yosef]: Due to the resent contained flooding within Minoc mines….
[Yosef]: The mines are now at 95% operation statues,
[Yosef]: I am sure you have heard about this…
[King Blackthorn]: A fine achievement considering the size of the issue.
[King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[Yosef]: the mines…they are such at 95%
[Yosef]: due to the high content of waste and not away to disposes of it.
[Yosef]: But an more important manner….
[Yosef]: During the operations “our” Sanctuary has come into the light….
[Yosef]: within Minoc mines….the discovery of the tunnel to the Vampric Sanctuary…
[Yosef]: this being a sacred location.
[King Blackthorn]: *shifts in his seat a bit*
[Yosef]: We request that the location on Blanche Island be under the protection of the king and his guards
[Yosef]: If or ever this island is under attack by person’s who do not have the kings interest in mind.
[Yosef]: *looks at the king*
[King Blackthorn]: *strokes his beard a moment*
[Sofia Elias]: *lowers her voice*
[Sofia Elias]: Did he say Vampire?
[Corinthian]: The vampires have a stake in this?
[Khaleesi]: *looks intently at the king*
[Alexander]: VAMPIRE?!?!?
[King Blackthorn]: I share the concerns of the crowd.
[Yosef]: *looks back and back at king*
[Lew]: *looks nervously at Yosef*
[King Blackthorn]: However…
[Corinthian]: Someone should shed more light on this matter
[King Blackthorn]: Lord Lew.
[King Blackthorn]: *looks to his left*
[Galathan]: you did say to extend friendship this coming year…
[King Blackthorn]: Lord Lew?
[Lew]: aye my Liege
[King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
[Lew]: oh my turn
[King Blackthorn]: I task you with investigating these, people that the Governor of Minoc is speaking of.
[King Blackthorn]: As a neutral party.
[Lew]: *shivers*
[Galathan]: *looks at Lew*
[Lew]: I am at your service my Liege
[King Blackthorn]: I would like to know the type of people they are, their morals, their issues both good and bad.
[Lew]: ummm
[King Blackthorn]: Governor Yosef, you will permit my investigation of the issue before adopting it as my own?
[Lew]: *looks around*
[Lew]: Sire given my past with the undead, are you sure you would like me to do this?
[Galathan]: *whispers*
[Yosef]: if that is what is need to be done
[Galathan]: is he serious?
[Lew]: I will not make the same mistake I did last time
[King Blackthorn]: Do you feel that you can be impartial?
[19:34:21] [Galathan]: *nods*
[19:34:37] [Lew]: I can be impartial yes
[19:34:49] [King Blackthorn]: A group of people is asking for protection from within my lands.
[19:35:00] [King Blackthorn]: It is something that needs to be investigated.
[19:35:14] [Lew]: I will gather my wardens sire, and investigate for you
[19:35:15] [King Blackthorn]: Then the task is yours Lord Lew.
[19:35:18] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:35:23] [King Blackthorn]: My thoughts exactly.
[19:35:25] [King Blackthorn]: *broad smile*
[19:35:28] [Yosef]: *nods*
[19:35:32] [Lew]: It will be done sire
[19:35:38] [King Blackthorn]: Have you anything else Governor Yosef?
[19:35:44] [Yosef]: Lew shall be allowed within the Sanctuary.
[19:35:46] [Yosef]: yes..
[19:35:58] [Yosef]: The first Minoc meeting will take place this Wednesday at 9pm est within the Town hall.
[19:36:11] [Yosef]: that is all…

It was settled then.. we were to go to this meeting and investigate these “vampires”. What kind of people are they? Are they friend or foe? We hoped to find those answers at the meeting.
Lord Lew and I, along with Captn Norrington and some of his guild mates, went to investigate. The meeting was very ordinary.. same as any other towns until just before the end when a gentleman ran in screaming “The Sanctuary is under attack…They have taken everything and burnt the rest…”
What that meant no one knew but Yosef ran off to investigate so we followed. What we found when we got there was horrific..
house 2
house 1
We all felt we needed to investigate this further and upon walking around the island this ship was spotted. It was of orc design but barred no obvious markings of a clan. Yosef was so distraught he ordered the ship sank…
A complete search of the island was ordered.. and this orc head, heart, and latern were found on the northeastern corner of the island…
orc head
At that point we all knew that something foul was a foot here and that the King was to be brought up to speed at once…
Lord Lew ordered me to carry this message and put it straight into the hands of the King and no one else..

My Liege,

This evening a small group from Trinsic attended the new Governors meeting in Minco for his first term. The meeting started normally with the basic diplomacy, but was interrupted by a runner from the Sanctuary that you sent me to investigate. The runner brought news of an attack on the sanctuary, and the meeting was quickly ended, as we accompanied Governor Yosef to the sanctuary island. He took us there though a freshly cleared area in the mines outside of Minco that the Orcs attempted to destroy and flood.
Within the mine, Yosef located and moved a rock, revealing a hidden passage. On the other side of the hidden passage we found a small island in chaos, the sanctuary and vault had been utterly destroyed. As we searched the island, we came upon an orc ship anchored in a small bay on the north side. After a cursory search of the vessel, the decision was made to sink the ship, to keep the responsible party from leaving the island. We began a search of the island moving from west to east, finding nothing in the search at first. Oddly, the island was devoid of life, neither human nor animal roamed it. We were about to give up the search when one of Yosef’s guards called out from coast behind the Sanctuary itself.
As the group gathered, the guard led us to a small peninsula to show us what he found. The ground here was stained red the only thing left was an Orc Head, and a heart, eerily illuminated by a lantern.
It seems that the Orcs themselves may be responsible for this destruction. There was no sign of the vampires you asked me to investigate, we are under the assumption that they were kidnapped, but this will require further investigation.

I await your reply with instructions of how we should proceed.

Lord Lew
Governor of Trinsic

Galathan mounted the fastest steed in Trinsic and set off for Castle Blackthorn at a gallop.

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