[EM Announcement] Atlantic Event Schedule for April 2014!

April 01, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Atlantic Event Schedule for April 2014

(In Addition to the events listed here, many/several unannounced mini-events will also be taking place throughout Sosaria, these are flavor events to bring background fiction to the listed events as well as provide a constant stream of happenings in the lands. They will ONLY be announced via the town criers and are done on an ‘EM has some free time available’ basis. Don’t Panic.)


Saturday April 5th @ 6pm East (Balthazar Event)
“Horse Race in Nujelm”

Tuesday April 8th @ 1pm East (Taweret Event)
“On the Run!” – Crux Ansata Event

Wednesday April 16th @ 8pm East (Bennu Event)
“The Find” *See Notes Below!

Saturday April 19th @ 6pm East (Balthazar Event)
“Knowledge & Scavenger Hunt”

Tuesday April 22nd @ Midnight East (Taweret Event)
“The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen!”

Thursday April 24th @ 8pm East (Bennu Event)
“The Long Goodbye”

Sunday April 27th @ 8pm EST – Conseil du Roi


Notes for ‘the Find’ will follow soon.

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