The Search for the Lucky Ducks!

May 01, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


   EM Drosselmeyer gathered any and all who would venture out to the Chesapeake Fairgrounds last eve to play a most interesting game of hide and seek. It seemed as if the majestic golden bird along side the robed one had lost it’s offspring in various locations about the realm.


ScreenHunter_10 Apr. 30 21.02


ScreenHunter_13 Apr. 30 21.42


   Those who took challenge sped off to seek out and note the location of any and all ducklings they could find in the lands. 45 minutes were aloud as the top three seekers would place and have thier respective feat rewarded by having the newly disovered blaze birds guard thier homes. The mad dash was on! Travelers were everywhere and then some spanning the globe in search of the missing offspring. Those smart enough to follow the instructions were given hints to the pattern of whereabouts in the events chat channel. Two good hints were given that they were not in Felucca, and that they seemed to gravitate to important areas within a location.


ScreenHunter_15 Apr. 30 21.49


   The bell for times end would soon ring as the ensemble raced to return to the fairgrounds lake to register thier finds. In the end, Ivy took first place with 15, Ashlynn second with 9, and a Beautiful Maiden for whose name I can not remember from the KFC guild took home 3rd. My polaroid slayer spellbook did not capture your namesake! The challenge was not over however! There was an announcement of 25 total ducklings to be found and The robed one promised the mother duck as a household guardian to the first to send via email all 25 locations! Better Get Searching!



ScreenHunter_16 Apr. 30 21.51



Hall of Commons Recap!

February 13, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

  Players gathered for the “Hall of Commons” meeting hosted by EM Drosselmeyer on Tuesdays eve just outside the city of Britain. Herein Drosselmeyer began the night by going over the months schedule followed by announcements.


ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 11 19.05


  Proceeding along, it was noted that City Guards were all up and running inside the various election cities in the realm. Player cities were also granted the opportunity to place a city guard if they wish by submitting a completed “uniform” to the mailbox of the Hall of Commons. A bag with the uniform and a book detailing its location was suggested.

  Also noted were long overdue municipal works in the town belonging to the Action guild and the need for repairs of both the city banner and healers hut in Silvervale. The Royal Surveyor will be notified.

  Briefly discussed with great hope and elation was the recently announced partnership between Mythic, EA, and Broadsword furthering the longevity of this game we all call home. All were assured both Mesanna and the EM program would be continuing here on Chesapeake!

  A lengthy Q&A then occurred regarding events and story arc’s dating back to the days of Poseidon’s Fury and beyond up to the recent events held last week. All questions regarding storylines were answered by EM Drosselemeyer in the attempts to get everyone up to date on the on goings here on Chesapeake. A library of event lore was also notably suggested by the crowd in attendance.

  Ushering us out to the realm, EM Drosselmeyer bid us adue for the evening until tonights Governor’s council meeting at Castle Blackthorn at 9pm est. Stay Tuned!