[News] Pirate Threat Eliminated!

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On Friday, January 10th a special Governor’s Meeting was held to discuss the pirate threat to Serpent Holds. 




A book was found near the boat with the following number series in it:  5220254204.  It was suspected to be a set of coordinates or even a city name and orders were issued to have it deciphered. 





It was further reported that pirates had been spotted in Britain. This lead to concern that every city might be in danger and the King ordered the Governor’s to put their citizens on alert for the pirates but to be cautious.  A KOS (Kill on Sight) was issued for all pirates.  The King also asked that Yew and Trinsic be checked on as they do not have Governors.  The meeting was adjourned and we were to up again the next day on Saturday, January 11th at 7 PM PST.


We meet up with Lord Dupre the next day at West Britain Bank Trammel.  He reported that his scouts had spotted a possible camp of pirates off of Serpents Hold and informed us that the number series was determined to be the word “Trinsic”.




We departed from Serpent’s Hold following Lord Dupre’s boat to the reported camp.




We eventually landed on Bald Island, which is located North West of Serpent’s Hold.




After defeating the pirates in battle, we discovered a book at the camp which seemed to be threatening the Governors and expressed an interest in the city treasuries.







One governor suggested guards for the City Herald, who hold the funds for the cities. 




Lord Dupre urged the Governors and citizens to be careful while traveling in the cities.  The crowd departed as Dupre went to report the events to the King.  The next day, a single Royal Guard was found posted at each of the Governors Offices.




All of the Royal Guards at the Governors Offices were found dead on Friday, January 24th.




On Saturday, January 25th, we gathered at West Britain Bank Trammel where Grindylow the Hag meet us.  She had information on the pirate leader, Longbeard. 




She reported that there was a snitch in a bank, the threat against the governors had been ploy, and she knew which bank had the leak.  She led us to the Bank of Brittania:  Trinsic Bank.  There we talked to Marco the Bank President.




Marco gave us information that took us to the Secret Valley south of Trinsic.  As we were leaving the bank, he was placed under arrest for extortion of bank funds. 




After fighting our way to the hidden teleporter inside the western mountain of the valley, we took the gate in the bottom floor of the mage shop to the pirate’s lair.  There we encountered more pirates and the leader, Longbeard, himself.




After defeating Longbeard and his pirates, the missing gold and gems was found.




From The Sparrow’s Nest – September 17, 2013

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     I have lots of election news and 16th aniversary gifts to cover so here goes…
Siege election news…

Atlantic election coverage…

Napa Valley election results…

Interesting things from the new publish and anniversary gifts…

Europa’s Em event was busy…

Great Lakes had some fun…

Drachenfels also saw some action…

Character transfers are back up…

Last but not least, Shroud of the Avatar news…

That’s all for today. Until next time safe journeys and happy hunting.

From The Sparrow’s Nest – September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013 By: Flair Category: The Sparrow's Nest

     I have some more election coverage to get out as well as some other good things going on, so here goes…
Some more of Deadbob’s Perlious Inquirer…

Also from Siege some of the election coverage…

And it looks like Atlantic has something planned for the elections too…

Seems Drachenfels had an interesting week…

and they have this coming up…

Sonoma was busy too…

There’s also this nice article about Shroud of the Avatar…

That rounds us out and catches us up with the election coverage so far. Until next time safe journeys and happy hunting.

From The Sparrow’s Nest – September 05, 2013

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      I have a lot of interesting tidbits to cover as it seems everyone has been busy and the new publish coming out, as well as the new elections and player run events to cover.
And the story arc begins..

Can’t wait for part 2.
Seems Siege candidates are capaigning for votes…

that should be an interesting race to watch
Ultima Forever article about how there are missing women warriors

Interesting article
Shroud of the Avatar had a picture update…

Neat looking housing there
Drachenfels has another Knuckhead Auction…

Come buy or sell there and also they are Battling the Behemoths…

Looks like Drachenfels is in for a treat
Sonoma also posted an EM event…

Come out and have some fun
The Atlantic shard governor of Skara Brae is also hold a series of events…

Looks like a lot of fun planned there
And today is Mesanna’s Birthday….

Everyone please go wish her a happy birthday
And I’ll end this with a tweet from Starr Long aka Lord Blackthorn…

Safe journeys and happy hunting!!!

From The Sparrow’s Nest – August 30, 2013

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      I ran across a few events that I thought everyone would enjoy as well as my new favorite author, our own Deadbob. Seems Atlantic is gonna be busy next week and wanted to pass the word around so everyone can make plans to enjoy the festivities.
There’s an archery contest going on in Yew on the Atlantic shard this next week…

Time to dust off the old archer and see what he’s got.
Then there seems to be and Election night Hoopla on Atlantic..

That could be a great way to get your name out and get lots of votes.
Then there’s another of Deadbob’s Perilous Inquirer out..

I love the King Blackthorn/zombie thing – cracks me up. Looking forward to more from him, and with that it concludes this set of quick updates. Until next time safe journeys and happy hunting!!!

From The Sparrow’s Nest – August 29, 2013

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     Just flying by for a quick update…
I am really starting to enjoy our new Siege reporter, Deadbob…

I mean come on the GMs as cannibals, and “blah”declaring war on everyone, what hoot. I absolutely love it, don’t you?
There’s also talk of an EM event on Asuka…

GHOSTS… enough said there I think
Here’s an interesting tweet about some recent events on Siege…

Now that looked like a lot of fun.
And to round us out EM Bennu was tweeting away about the feast on Atlantic last night

Look’s like everyone there had a good time!!
Until next week Safe journeys and happy hunting!!