Governor Elects Convene As Tempers Flare In Castle Blackthorn!

December 23, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


     The end of the current election period has brought to Britannia the newly courted Governors of the lands held under the rule of the crown. His majesty hosted the council in thier chambers this past week to convene on the status of the cities as well as any upcoming plans in the works. Those in attendance were incumbents Lady Phoenix of Trinsc, Lord Vic II of Minoc, Lord Tehan of Yew, Lord Gareth of New Magencia and Lady Lauren of Moonglow. Newly elected offcials joining the council were Lady Tina of Skara Brae, Lord Murdock of Britain,  and Scabby of Jhelom. Vesper’s Lady Ivy was not present.


ScreenHunter_25 Dec. 22 21.03


    The King would call upon each as cities discussed thier plans for various improvements and goals set forth for the upcoming months. Notable remarks were made as several cities still await construction of offices for elected officials.  Pleas for additional manpower for desired projects were duely noted by his majesty.  Peace reigns across the lands as no reports of violence were said to have taken place in recent weeks.  It didn’t take long as civility would soon be tested as Governor Phoenix ended her report with complaints of excrement ruining her boots from the nights pet parade earlier in the city limits exclaiming the Governor of Britian would soon recieve the invoice for thier replacement. The events host Niva the Savage in attendance, angrily exited the session while screaming she would Not stand for such insult! That was only the appetizer for the nights fireworks to come.


ScreenHunter_42 Dec. 22 21.25


    Pitmuck Islands leader Ozog Giantfart, whom we were informed has been appointed the city of Jhelom’s “Deputy Mayor” began to lose control of his tongue ranting in his indigenious dialect towards the King and in henderance to the nights proceedings. After being warned on several occasions the King would quickly reach his patiences limit with the Goblin.  Guards were called as the King lashed out to the Goblin threatening him and his people as Giantfart was drug from the halls of Castle Blackthorn.  Barely regaining his demeanor from this the King would soon turn his attention to Vic II from Minoc as he requested to relenquish his remaining time to a citizen of his represented lands. This citizen affiliated with a group known as “Minoc First” would be granted the floor to which she would stand in silence. Angering the King,  he reminded those who would seek succession or faulter in the will of the Crown would be suffer the consequences as he saw fit wether it was Minoc, Pitmuck Island or any land other than Nu’jelm and Buccaneers Den, the only lands not under the rule of the crown.  With that the King ended the nights ongoings.

    No word as of yet out of Pitmuck to the expulsion of it’s leader. What is this “Minoc First” group about?  More to know on these interesting happenings among the lands.  Keep your eyes peeled!

[News] Another class graduating from NEW2!

March 22, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

As some know there is a guild on Siege – originally NEW, now NEW2 – which offers 30 days of help, supplies, a place to log out, and so forth to players who have just created a character on Siege.  Even if a player is an old veteran on another shard, there are peculiarities to the Siege ruleset which sometimes takes a little time to get adjusted to.  Most PKs will not kill a player who is running with the NEW2 guild tag – or if they do, they often will not loot and will offer a rez and perhaps some friendly advice (like: “People don’t bank sit on Siege – if you need something, ask in General Chat”).

A player is only allowed to be a member of NEW2 for 30 days and after that the player “graduates.”  Tina Tink/Freja, who is leading NEW2, has set up “graduation parties” each month so that all can come and meet the new players and perhaps even recruit one or two into their guild or faction.  There will be a graduation TOMORROW – MARCH 23rd!  Her information concerning the graduation is below.  We thank Tina/Freja so very much for helping our community by running NEW2, despite the challenge of her living in Europe and yet working with many who play here in the U.S.  The times for this will be a little flexible – if you choose tomorrow to create a new player on Siege yourself, ask in general chat if it is still going on.  In fact, this would be a *great* time to create a new player on Siege – you can meet those who have gone through the 30 day process of learning about Siege, and perhaps join NEW2 yourself!

From Freja:

Hey All.  We will do this once a month, this time it’s our active members, who started 2013 feb month, who will be graduated. A list over the active members will come later. Feb members who already left to join a guild will be on the list too.
The event will be in 2 parts, to give all a chance to make it.

First part will start very early Saturday March 23, may still be friday for some. It will start 2 am Est, 8 am EU time and end at server down (4 hours)

Second part will start 2 pm est, 8 pm EU time and will last 4 hours too The event will be hold in my castle in Safe Haven and it will be public, all doors open. All are welcome and I hope all will have a nice day with our new Siege players.

It may also be the day for guilds to meet the NEW2 members and mayby recruit some for their guild.

If someone get bored and feel the need for fighting, the road outside is perfect for that. If someone not know, where to find my castle, just ask in gen chat, most know.

I really hope to see alot of the community find your way to my castle this day. The easy way to get there, at least if blue is to go to the NEW2 shop – Young Travelers Inn – in New Magincia and use the teleporter to my castle on second floor near the stair.

My castle is placed in Safe Haven, an old player town in east Brit, near the desert and the swamp. Follow the road from the desert east and when it turn south, you are near my castle, owner Freja.

Come in peace and hang out with us and your enemies. I ask nicely to take the fights outside, some duels on the road will be cool too.

There will be an event each month, 4th saturday in the month.

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[RP News] Acoyltes of the Defiler

March 08, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

A new roleplaying guild is forming on Siege Perilous!  The description given by its leader is as follows:

Greeting Siege Perilous,

We are a small band of murderous gargoyles who reject the Queens rule and her tolerance of outsiders in Ter Mur. We have exiled ourselves to the temple that houses the abyss entrance on your world and intend to use that area as a staging ground to protect our ancestral hunting grounds in the abyss. We have also linked our home there to the dungeon shame in an effort to recover the stolen artifacts of our people that are closely guarded by the elementals that reside therein. It is our intention to guard and hunt these areas as well as to gather other like minded gargoyles to our cause. We refuse to align ourselves with any of your warring factions and will engage all equally but hold a special place in our heart for the false servitors of the the defiler who have allied thierselves with the lesser demons that inhabit Hythloth.

More information may be found on this thread:

In addition to the return of many players, this new guild is welcomed to Siege!  All Hail Siege Perilous!

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[EM News] Honors Granted to Distinguished Royal Spies

January 15, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

This evening, Sarah Paumera and Royal Spymaster Magnus Grey announced that several of the Royal Spies had been granted honors that are recorded upon the . These honors currently consist of three different Orders and Honors: The Most Noble Order of the Ivy, the Most Ancient Order of the Trail, and the Most Honourable Order of the Bloodhound.

According to Spymaster Grey, the Most Noble Order of the Ivy is bestowed upon those who have handled among the most difficult of spy missions, the infiltration of the enemy. The Order of the Ivy has four ranks: Knight Grand Sword of the Ivy, Knight of the Ivy, Commander of the Ivy, and Officer of the Ivy. The Most Ancient Order of the Trail is awarded, according to Spymaster Grey, to those Royal Spies who have performed activities in the arena of scouting and other activities. The Order of the Trail has four ranks which are, from highest to lowest, Knight Grand Ankh of the Trail, Knight of the Trail, Commander of the Trail, and Officer of the Trail. Finally, Spymaster Grey noted that the Most Honourable Order of the Bloodhound is granted upon those who have excelled at investigation and detective work. The four ranks of the Order of the Bloodhound are Exalted Bloodhound, Distinguished Bloodhound, Accomplished Bloodhound, and Recognized Bloodhound.

Spymaster Grey indicated that these honors are for “activities above and beyond normal spy missions,” often taking place “between missions.” Grey added that there are likely to be future honors added to the list, but that these three distinguishments are in line with the most recent activities of the Royal Spies. Among those honored, there are a few who have, according to Grey, “gone above and beyond the call of duty, time and time again,” and have been recognized with higher ranks and multiple honors.

Distinguished names on the honors list presently are: Galen, CI, OT, RBH; Malag aste, CI, OT, RBH; Martyna Z’muir, CI, OT, RBH; and Neptune, OI, OT, RBH. Galen, Malag aste, and Martyna have each achieved the second rank in the Order of the Ivy, and first rank in both the Order of the Trail and Order of the Bloodhound. Neptune has achieved the first rank in all three orders. Several others recognized have achieved ranks in two of the three orders.

The Royal Spies meet on most Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (Central) beneath the Britain Counselors Hall in West Britain (near the bridge leading to King Blackthorn’s Castle). Everyone is invited to attend these events. The next meeting of the Royal Spies will be on 22 January 2013 at 8:00 PM (Central).

[EM Event] Necromancer, Tinker Sought to Repair Blackrock Prism

January 15, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

Damon the Necromancer

Damion the Necromancer

Royal Spymaster Magnus Grey summoned the Royal Spies this evening to follow up on a prior adventure to locate the remains of a blackrock prism that had crashed into Fire Isle near the Demon Temple.  “While the prism didn’t seem to cause any permanent harm when it returned to Britannia, the King believes this is a problem, and has tasked you with working with an expert to repair it,” Grey told the assembled crowd.  When the expert was revealed to be one Damion, a necromancer of ill repute, several of the spies seemed to question the wisdom in relying upon him.  Grey acknowledged that Damion’s Umbran roots were the source of trust issues, he also noted that King Blackthorn believed working with him was “a necessary evil.”

The assembled spies proceeded to Blackthorn’s Castle, and met up with the necromancer.  After a lengthy conversation with initial suggestions of time travel or hundreds of years searching Fire Isle for the remaining fragments in order to restore the prism, Damion finally noted that he had an idea that seemed to be of merit.  Experimenting with a small piece of blackrock, Damion noted, “For a moment, the blackrock [prism fragments] on the table seemed to transfer the spell to this other piece.”  While that piece eventually exploded, it gave Damion hope that were a new prism grown from crystalline blackrock and formed in the appropriate shape, the spell within that prism might transfer into the new one.

Vas-Lap-Lem of Minoc

Vas-Lap-Lem of Minoc

With that information in hand, the Royal Spies were tasked with accompanying Damion into Malas to locate a pure heart from a greater crystalline elemental or two.  Although the task seemed daunting, the spies quickly performed the task, and then accompanied Damion to Minoc in order to secure a mining claim for blackrock.  Vas-Lap-Lem, the gargoyle in charge of claims in and around Minoc, responded to the request for a blackrock claim, noting, “That is unusual and restricted.”  However, learning that the assembled spies were a part of the Ministry of Security, Vas-Lap-Lem acquiesced to the request.  Damion seemed excited to be owner of a blackrock mine, but Martyna Z’muir, a member of the spies, reminded him, “You do not [own the mine].  You are an agent of the crown.”

The mine itself was located through the Minoc pass into the Lost Lands, where a huge deposit of crystalline blackrock was found.  Damion quickly realized that something was eating the deposit, and in short order, huge, mutated beasts returned for another meal.  With coordinated effort, the Royal Spies easily dispatched them, and Damion recovered the necessary blackrock components.

Krett the Tinker

Krett the Tinker

The last stage of the mission turned out to be locating a tinker who could build a mold to shape the crystalline growth.  Vas-Lap-Lem suggested reaching out to Krett, a local tinker at Gears and Gadgets, who seemed at first challenged by the problem, but then came up with an potential solution.  “Did you ever grow crystals as a kid?  From salt or sugar?” Krett asked, “And notice how they grow on everything?”  Noting that power crystals used by creatures inhabiting the Exodus dungeon were likely grown, Krett indicated the method to make them had never been closely studied because getting ahold of them was so easy.  However, a special process was certainly used in creating them, and so an excursion to the home of Exodus was the final step in order to find a device used to create power crystals.  Quickly making their way to the dungeon, the Royal Spies readily dispatched Crystal Growth Overseers within who had exactly the devices that Krett felt necessary to institute his plan.

With everything in hand, Krett set about to work on the device to form the crystal, which Damion will then use to create a duplicate prism.  Work for the evening done, the Royal Spies returned to their base to report in to Spymaster Grey.  The spies reported the details of the mission, with Galen adding “Damion will betray us before this is over,” prompting Grey to set additional guards to watch over Damion’s actions.  Though the future is uncertain, the plan to restore the blackrock prism is well on its way.

The Royal Spies meet on most Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (Central) beneath the Britain Counselors Hall in West Britain (near the bridge leading to King Blackthorn’s Castle).  Everyone is invited to attend these events.  The next meeting of the Royal Spies will be on 22 January 2013 at 8:00 PM (Central).

[EM RP Event] Royal Spies Promotion Ceremony

January 08, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

Magnus Grey and Sarah Paumera convening the meeting of the Royal Spies' promotion ceremony.

Magnus Grey and Sarah Paumera convening the meeting of the Royal Spies’ promotion ceremony.

Lord Magnus Grey and Lady Sarah Paumera convened a special meeting of the Royal Spies in the throne room of King Blackthorn’s castle for the purpose of recognizing the active members of the Royal Spies in a promotion ceremony.  The first order of business was the reading of a declaration from King Blackthorn regarding the Royal Spies.  “By order this day in the year 484,” Lord Grey announced from a royal scroll, “I approve the new charter for the Royal Spies and promote its provisional leader, Magnus Grey, to Royal Spymaster.  May they continue to protect Britannia from all of our enemies.  Signed, King Blackthorn.”

A member of the Royal Spies receiving a special token of promotion.

A member of the Royal Spies receiving a special token of promotion.

With the announcement out of the way, Royal Spymaster Grey and Lady Paumera began calling forth the members of the Royal Spies for promotion.  Each promoted member recieved a special token — a pair of leather ninja pants in the color of the Royal Spies — emblazoned with each member’s individual rank.

After the ceremony concluded, Royal Spymaster Grey and Lady Paumera invited the Royal Spies back to their base located beneath the western Counselors Hall in Britain (reached by secret passage opened via the suit of armor) to discuss some of the great things expected in the days to come.

The Royal Spies meet on most Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (Central) beneath the Britain Counselors Hall in West Britain (just outside of the bridge leading to King Blackthorn’s castle).  Everyone is invited to attend these events.  The next meeting of the Royal Spies will be on 15 January 2013 at 8:00 PM (Central).

[News] Strict RP Guild is Recruiting

November 26, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

Holden Caulfield is starting a new strict roleplaying guild.  Check out his post, below (stolen from the Siege forum):


Looking to start a new guild that is VERY strict RP. Utilizing several existing resources for guidelines. Currently I am the sole member so looking for someone to help co-run if you are agreeable to the terms currently setup on the site or anyone interested in being a recruit.

Once we have a few members (at least two), we will decide with the help of the community on several key factors that we will need to add into our history/storyline. These include faction, mask coloring ranks and chest piece armor.

Have started to setup the website here: Golden Skull Savages – Ultima Online Siege Perilous server – Guild Hosting – GuildPortal – Home
(That is at: – Adrianas)

Please message me here if interested or ICQ at: 129361798 [I generally play evenings PST time zone and weekends at various times].

Also if you would like to help without joining, looking to stock a bunch of extra supplies. In need of Savage Paint, Tribal Masks [Thanks Mollie – (Leather Lucy), Decent throw-away Spears and Bone Armor. Can be dropped off at my termur moongate house mailbox.  Also if there is anyone with cooking skill that I can drop off tribal berries in your mailbox for you to make the paint with, that would also be appreciated.

Thanks and hope to get this going as a community project.

Savage Name: Adrok

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[RP News] The Haunted House Deco Contest

September 23, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

The Kingdom of Dawn is sponsoring a Halloween House Decoration Contest this year. The prize is going to be a Europa Gold Harpsichord Deed. This contest is only for houses on the Baja Shard. The winner will be announced at the October Fest that EM Crysania is planning (date unknown at this time but she said last week of October).

You may put up a small display, decorate the whole house or any range in between. Felucca and Trammel houses are both welcome to enter; however, the judges must be able to see the display for it to be judged.

A container with a book with the name of your house, your character name and an email address or ICQ number where you can be reached and a rune to the house will need to be dropped off in the mailbox at the Dawn Malas Outpost by October 20, 2012 (tentative date). It is the second house west of Umbra West Gate on the north side of the road.

Grand Duchess
Kingdom of Dawn

[RP News] Sea Witch Tavern Night – Friday Nights at 8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST.

March 09, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Sea Witch Tavern
The New Magincian Trading Co.

Tavern night continues tonight at the Sea Witch Tavern in New Magincia. So long as someone doesn’t pull another Cthulhu…

You don’t want to know where that beard has been.

No cover charge. Doors open at 8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST. Foolish Mermaid and Love Potion No. 9 on tap. Leave the Virtues at the door.

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Town of Gargouille Shallows Township Banner Constructed

February 25, 2012 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium, UO Towns & Guild News

Town of Gargouille Shallows Township Banner Constructed, Yew Area Felucca
February 25th 2011 Written By: Chie  Images: Merik/Gareth

The town name was named after this creature Gargouille to remind use were we come from. It is also claimed that the word “gargoyale” is derived from the name of this monster. The word shallows was used for being a small part of the Gargoyale race stretching from Ter Mur. So we call the town Gargouille Shallows.

Being from the Royal City of Ter Mur and living a refugee’s life was not good. Many of us were packed into the camps with really no place to call home. We knew it was time to leave and search for a home. The trail would be hard but in the end a place to call home would be worth the struggles. We started out as a small group of lost Gargoyles befriending a few Humans and Elves on the way. Passing through many regions we found a long abandoned town Duir of Yew. Started to make are home there we found out why it was abandoned so long ago. There are many groups of evil factions which take pleasure in raiding and killing all who stand in their way. It is our home now and we will not leave for any reason. We have traveled long and endured many obstacles to find a place we called home. Now is the time to stand together and fight for our new home. (Taken from the  Information book placed on the banner)

Gargouville The Great

We have traveled long and endured many obstacles to find a place to call home
Town of Gargoville Shallows Founded in 2011