[EM News] Honors Granted to Distinguished Royal Spies

January 15, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

This evening, Sarah Paumera and Royal Spymaster Magnus Grey announced that several of the Royal Spies had been granted honors that are recorded upon the . These honors currently consist of three different Orders and Honors: The Most Noble Order of the Ivy, the Most Ancient Order of the Trail, and the Most Honourable Order of the Bloodhound.

According to Spymaster Grey, the Most Noble Order of the Ivy is bestowed upon those who have handled among the most difficult of spy missions, the infiltration of the enemy. The Order of the Ivy has four ranks: Knight Grand Sword of the Ivy, Knight of the Ivy, Commander of the Ivy, and Officer of the Ivy. The Most Ancient Order of the Trail is awarded, according to Spymaster Grey, to those Royal Spies who have performed activities in the arena of scouting and other activities. The Order of the Trail has four ranks which are, from highest to lowest, Knight Grand Ankh of the Trail, Knight of the Trail, Commander of the Trail, and Officer of the Trail. Finally, Spymaster Grey noted that the Most Honourable Order of the Bloodhound is granted upon those who have excelled at investigation and detective work. The four ranks of the Order of the Bloodhound are Exalted Bloodhound, Distinguished Bloodhound, Accomplished Bloodhound, and Recognized Bloodhound.

Spymaster Grey indicated that these honors are for “activities above and beyond normal spy missions,” often taking place “between missions.” Grey added that there are likely to be future honors added to the list, but that these three distinguishments are in line with the most recent activities of the Royal Spies. Among those honored, there are a few who have, according to Grey, “gone above and beyond the call of duty, time and time again,” and have been recognized with higher ranks and multiple honors.

Distinguished names on the honors list presently are: Galen, CI, OT, RBH; Malag aste, CI, OT, RBH; Martyna Z’muir, CI, OT, RBH; and Neptune, OI, OT, RBH. Galen, Malag aste, and Martyna have each achieved the second rank in the Order of the Ivy, and first rank in both the Order of the Trail and Order of the Bloodhound. Neptune has achieved the first rank in all three orders. Several others recognized have achieved ranks in two of the three orders.

The Royal Spies meet on most Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (Central) beneath the Britain Counselors Hall in West Britain (near the bridge leading to King Blackthorn’s Castle). Everyone is invited to attend these events. The next meeting of the Royal Spies will be on 22 January 2013 at 8:00 PM (Central).

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