[EM News] “A Fisherman’s Tale.”

January 16, 2013 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

“Argh ye landlubbers”, said Capt’n Armondo, ” who be ye to say you’re the best fishermen in these here lands? Prove ye selves worth of that name! Bear me proof!
Startin’ today.(1/16). ye will have till the sunsets on the Saturday (1/19) to prove ye are! Now to prove ye selves, ‘ere’s what ye need to do!”

Starting Date Wed. 16th. Ending Saturday at 7pm PST.

To prove to Capt’n Armondo and get bragging rights a fishing tournament is being held!

Anything caught must have the date between 1/16-1/19 and the name of your fisher.
Your Fisher must be the one turning in the catch.

Winners will be chosen in the following catagorys:

1) Biggest Fish

2) Biggest Crab

3) Biggest Lobster

4) Rarest Fish

Meet Capt’n Armondo at New Magincia Docks at 7pm 1/16 to turn in your catch!

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