[News] Producer Letter!

April 16, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

This important letter from Mesanna is absolutely news-worthy for Siege players!  Take note.  And I have marked in bold the two items of most interest to Siege players – we have *not* been forgotten!

Producer Letter

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2013 Apr 16 21:50 -0400 GMT

I wanted to take a few moments to fill everyone in on a few things we are doing.  I have heard rumbling from the community that the  sky is falling.  I promise that is not true.  We still have a team that is dedicated to UO and is excited about what is to come.    The Event moderator program is here and still going strong.
As for the future of UO, I would like to share with you some of the ideas we have and want to see happen this year.
• New Theme Pack “The Kings Collection”
• Vendor Search
• New Story Arc
• Revamping Vet Reward – You have to be x age to get it but we are making vet rewards so anyone can use it.
• Revamping Fishing and Pirate Loot
• Adding a Gargoyle Horn Stylist
• Adding Fey Slayers to dungeon loot
• Reopening shard of the dead for Halloween
• Coming up with our Christmas and new Vet Rewards and Anniversary Rewards
• Adding new begging items for Trick or Treating
• Adding additional items to the clean up Britiannia turn ins
2nd House option on Siege
• Still working on High Res Art that has not been dropped, the housing wall tiles are numerous and takes a while to redo.  I highly doubt we will be able to get this in game this year, we are shooting for the beginning of next year.
• Fix Bugs
I would also like to address the issue of King Blackthorns Counsel on Siege.  Originally we did not put it on Siege due to the fact that the towns are Faction towns and we know griefing will happen.  If Siege accepts that fact we will be more than happen to add the voting system to Siege.
Next week we will once again put Shadow Strike on Clubs for all the Stealth Macers out there.
We are putting out a publish for a few bug fixes that you will get tomorrow during maintenance:
• Players that are co-owned to a house can once again use house teleporters properly
• Orc Helms now provide the expected 3% LMC.
See everyone in game !!

[News] Another class graduating from NEW2!

March 22, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

As some know there is a guild on Siege – originally NEW, now NEW2 – which offers 30 days of help, supplies, a place to log out, and so forth to players who have just created a character on Siege.  Even if a player is an old veteran on another shard, there are peculiarities to the Siege ruleset which sometimes takes a little time to get adjusted to.  Most PKs will not kill a player who is running with the NEW2 guild tag – or if they do, they often will not loot and will offer a rez and perhaps some friendly advice (like: “People don’t bank sit on Siege – if you need something, ask in General Chat”).

A player is only allowed to be a member of NEW2 for 30 days and after that the player “graduates.”  Tina Tink/Freja, who is leading NEW2, has set up “graduation parties” each month so that all can come and meet the new players and perhaps even recruit one or two into their guild or faction.  There will be a graduation TOMORROW – MARCH 23rd!  Her information concerning the graduation is below.  We thank Tina/Freja so very much for helping our community by running NEW2, despite the challenge of her living in Europe and yet working with many who play here in the U.S.  The times for this will be a little flexible – if you choose tomorrow to create a new player on Siege yourself, ask in general chat if it is still going on.  In fact, this would be a *great* time to create a new player on Siege – you can meet those who have gone through the 30 day process of learning about Siege, and perhaps join NEW2 yourself!

From Freja:

Hey All.  We will do this once a month, this time it’s our active members, who started 2013 feb month, who will be graduated. A list over the active members will come later. Feb members who already left to join a guild will be on the list too.
The event will be in 2 parts, to give all a chance to make it.

First part will start very early Saturday March 23, may still be friday for some. It will start 2 am Est, 8 am EU time and end at server down (4 hours)

Second part will start 2 pm est, 8 pm EU time and will last 4 hours too The event will be hold in my castle in Safe Haven and it will be public, all doors open. All are welcome and I hope all will have a nice day with our new Siege players.

It may also be the day for guilds to meet the NEW2 members and mayby recruit some for their guild.

If someone get bored and feel the need for fighting, the road outside is perfect for that. If someone not know, where to find my castle, just ask in gen chat, most know.

I really hope to see alot of the community find your way to my castle this day. The easy way to get there, at least if blue is to go to the NEW2 shop – Young Travelers Inn – in New Magincia and use the teleporter to my castle on second floor near the stair.

My castle is placed in Safe Haven, an old player town in east Brit, near the desert and the swamp. Follow the road from the desert east and when it turn south, you are near my castle, owner Freja.

Come in peace and hang out with us and your enemies. I ask nicely to take the fights outside, some duels on the road will be cool too.

There will be an event each month, 4th saturday in the month.

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[RP News] Acoyltes of the Defiler

March 08, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

A new roleplaying guild is forming on Siege Perilous!  The description given by its leader is as follows:

Greeting Siege Perilous,

We are a small band of murderous gargoyles who reject the Queens rule and her tolerance of outsiders in Ter Mur. We have exiled ourselves to the temple that houses the abyss entrance on your world and intend to use that area as a staging ground to protect our ancestral hunting grounds in the abyss. We have also linked our home there to the dungeon shame in an effort to recover the stolen artifacts of our people that are closely guarded by the elementals that reside therein. It is our intention to guard and hunt these areas as well as to gather other like minded gargoyles to our cause. We refuse to align ourselves with any of your warring factions and will engage all equally but hold a special place in our heart for the false servitors of the the defiler who have allied thierselves with the lesser demons that inhabit Hythloth.

More information may be found on this thread:


In addition to the return of many players, this new guild is welcomed to Siege!  All Hail Siege Perilous!

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[News] NEW2 guild to graduate over 18 new players!

February 16, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

As many know, the guildleader of the NEW guild has had to step away from UO for an extended period due to real life concerns.  But in the meantime, our very own favorite vampire, the wonderful Freja (aka Tina Tink), stepped up and formed NEW2 to carry on the tradition of helping players new to Siege learn how to face the unique challenges that Siege Perilous brings.  Those who enter the NEW2 guild have 30 days to train and learn all about how Siege works.

I am thrilled to report that Freja will be graduating over 18 new players on Saturday, February 23, 2013!   The event will take place a Freja’s castle.  If you wish to attend, but do not know where her castle is, please just ask in general chat.

WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS to these new players!

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[EM Announcement] From EM Aurora

February 13, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

Dear Siege,

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[EM Event] Siege Historical Homes and Towns Society

February 04, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

News from EM Aurora!

If you are interested in participating in the Siege Historical Homes and Towns Society, please meet Cora at the Reward Hall in Malas this Thursday, February 7th at 4pm EDT.

This will be the first of many meetings so if you cannot make it this week there will be more opportunities in the near future, at least once a week for the time being.

The Historical Society will discuss ways to record towns that are unique to Siege from a historical standpoint. There are many areas too that while not considered towns, have been established as an important part of the community.

There are also homes that have been awarded a Historical plaque for being a long term (currently 10+ yrs) part of Siege. Not everyone may want to opt in to have their personal home cataloged and this will be factored in with record keeping at the Reward Hall.

I hope this is a great start to sharing our history with new and returning players as they find themselves on Siege with us. Last edited by EM Aurora, Today at 6:56 PM

[EM Event] Siege Meet and Greet (Sunday January 20th)

January 11, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

More from EM Aurora – A great chance for the players new to Siege to get to meet her!


[EM Event] Aurora’s Pit Fight Nights

January 11, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

EM Aurora needs your input:

Without getting too complicated I’d like to start arranging monthly player on player battles.
I also do not want to interrupt good fight nights with champs or factions.
Help me out a bit by answering the following if you are interested in duels and battles hosted at the Aurora’s Pit.

[EM News] Treasure Hunt Challenge…accept?

January 10, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

From EM Aurora!

2013 brings the continued Treasure Hunting Competition against other shards. I believe the next competition will be Izumo and Europa (date to be announced).
If there is interest in participating this year we’ll need representatives from Siege to come forward with treasure hunting skills. I will have the rules outlined here and on Siege’s EM site. We will also set up some discussion and practice dates to prepare as a team. I have included a poll for 7 days for your input.
I hope there is enough interest to accept the challenge in the near future!

[News] Congratulations to the New Miss Siege!

December 18, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

This past Saturday the Miss Siege Pageant was held at the Moonglow Lyceum.  The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Hoffs, and the current Miss Siege, Sara Dale, was also in attendance.

Hoffs   Sara Dale

The imminently qualified impartial judges were Kahlan, the Manager of UOforums and Associate Editor of UOguilds; Rupert Avery, of UOForums, Ultima Auctions, Ultima Gallery, and UOguilds fame; and . . . ; Ug Rankbreath, an orphaned orc who was taken in and raised by Tazar, Senior Moderator at Stratics:

Kahlan  Rupert Avery  Ug Rankbreath

The fabulous contestants were:

Leawyn  Freja  Tanager

Ariana  Lady Raja  Branwyn of Errol

An amazing pool of gifts were graciously donated by the CEO of the Malnurished Corporation, Mr. Famine.  It was announced that all contestants would receive a prize.

A prize for each contestant

As the event progressed, the crowd began to grow, and even our EM, Aurora, stopped by to watch!

As the event continued

After the evening wear competition, the talent competition began!  Tanager demonstrated special flower arranging techniques.


Ariana displayed her taming talents and also recited a poem.


Lady Raja demonstrated how she is so recognizable – on all shards.

Lady Raja

Branwyn of Errol had some special brew for the judges which she had made herself!  (It was labeled Miss Siege 2012…. hmmm, trying to bribe the judges?)  Leawyn performed tricks for the judges.


And finally, Feja demonstrated how she commands mortals to follow her commands and serve her.


Next was the combat wear competition, followed by questions from the judges.

Branwyn  Leawyn  Freja

Tanager  Ariana

And Lady Raja had a special form of ‘combat wear':

Lady Raja

Then began the scientific process of choosing who would be the next Miss Siege. . . .


And the decision was, in reverse order…..

Third Place:

Lady Raja

Second Place:


And finally, First Place: