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March 22, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

As some know there is a guild on Siege – originally NEW, now NEW2 – which offers 30 days of help, supplies, a place to log out, and so forth to players who have just created a character on Siege.  Even if a player is an old veteran on another shard, there are peculiarities to the Siege ruleset which sometimes takes a little time to get adjusted to.  Most PKs will not kill a player who is running with the NEW2 guild tag – or if they do, they often will not loot and will offer a rez and perhaps some friendly advice (like: “People don’t bank sit on Siege – if you need something, ask in General Chat”).

A player is only allowed to be a member of NEW2 for 30 days and after that the player “graduates.”  Tina Tink/Freja, who is leading NEW2, has set up “graduation parties” each month so that all can come and meet the new players and perhaps even recruit one or two into their guild or faction.  There will be a graduation TOMORROW – MARCH 23rd!  Her information concerning the graduation is below.  We thank Tina/Freja so very much for helping our community by running NEW2, despite the challenge of her living in Europe and yet working with many who play here in the U.S.  The times for this will be a little flexible – if you choose tomorrow to create a new player on Siege yourself, ask in general chat if it is still going on.  In fact, this would be a *great* time to create a new player on Siege – you can meet those who have gone through the 30 day process of learning about Siege, and perhaps join NEW2 yourself!

From Freja:

Hey All.  We will do this once a month, this time it’s our active members, who started 2013 feb month, who will be graduated. A list over the active members will come later. Feb members who already left to join a guild will be on the list too.
The event will be in 2 parts, to give all a chance to make it.

First part will start very early Saturday March 23, may still be friday for some. It will start 2 am Est, 8 am EU time and end at server down (4 hours)

Second part will start 2 pm est, 8 pm EU time and will last 4 hours too The event will be hold in my castle in Safe Haven and it will be public, all doors open. All are welcome and I hope all will have a nice day with our new Siege players.

It may also be the day for guilds to meet the NEW2 members and mayby recruit some for their guild.

If someone get bored and feel the need for fighting, the road outside is perfect for that. If someone not know, where to find my castle, just ask in gen chat, most know.

I really hope to see alot of the community find your way to my castle this day. The easy way to get there, at least if blue is to go to the NEW2 shop – Young Travelers Inn – in New Magincia and use the teleporter to my castle on second floor near the stair.

My castle is placed in Safe Haven, an old player town in east Brit, near the desert and the swamp. Follow the road from the desert east and when it turn south, you are near my castle, owner Freja.

Come in peace and hang out with us and your enemies. I ask nicely to take the fights outside, some duels on the road will be cool too.

There will be an event each month, 4th saturday in the month.

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