Curious Feud Ends With Golden Goose!

March 24, 2013 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

     A bitter feud was perhaps laid to rest this weekend as Farmer Jaffrey’s farm lands along the southern shores of Moonglow were under attack by infamous vorpal bunnies. The farmer showed up at the Moonglow counselors guild demanding help dispersing the attackers and find those repsonsible. Attuning his vigilante idea of justice upon the the local town guard Ulric, he threatened to visit his long hated rival Farmer McCoy and put an end to what he knew was McCoy’s treachery.

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    Soon gathering a crowd, Ulric had no choice but to beckon the help of onlookers present and go see first hand what this old cratchety farmer spoke of. Little did he suspect the farm was overun and it’s crops decimated by the waves of colorful bunnies.

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   After dispatching the group of vorpal invaders the guardsman did his best to calm Jaffrey down, promising he would visit McCoy and find the source of this hoppity incursion. The crowd soon ventured west to the lands of McCoy to find him in the middle of his supper both unapologectic and even happy about his neighbors misfourtune. All the while maintaining his innocence, he volunteered to parade those responsible around town claiming it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow.

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    Left with no answers for the beleaguered farmer, we sought further council where else but the town council themselves in Moonglow. Happing upon a lone member of the council thumbing through the tombs of the towns history, we found many gripes and conflicts involving not only the Farmers Jaffrey and McCoy but ones logged by Jaffrey on nearly every citizen on the isle for every imaginable accusation!

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    After brainstorming with the Councilman we were able to only find one possible method of the invasion. The gem research of late by the recently departed Balandar was the nearest possible cause of the occupation. It was off to Balandars residence we went!

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    After several attempts to locate any documentation, we soon took to looking for anything that seemed new or out of place on the property. After a lenghty search a glowing blue statue was uncovered in the home adjacent gardens. We found it best to bring Jaffrey himself to the site to try and quell the flow of bunnies now attacking us!

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   After trying everything we could imagine to shut off what was now seen as an ill placed curse upon Jaffrey, we even had the citizen stand and apologize repeatidly to the statue. Having no luck the councilman thought, knowing Balandar there must be a crafty, cunning spellword to end this occupation. Many tried before the final speaking of “prestidigitations” brought an end to the vorpal arrivals.

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   Proven wrong after his quick tongued accusations, Jaffrey thanked those who helped and ventured back to his land to begin anew after lossing all his crops. McCoy contrite and openly happy about the days happening rested easy this night as the old coot had gotten what he deserved. Ulric and the town councilman soon headed back to the main city, glad to lay to rest yet another civil matter. Tired and weary after the quick paced slaughter, those in attendance were enamoured to find that touching the statue in the gardens rewarded them with the Golden Goose of easter! One that when opened produced a finely colored holiday egg!

   Happy Easter Everyone!


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