[EM Event] Hunger Games, UO Style!!!

March 21, 2013 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

It’s finally here! The First EVER Origin UO Hunger Games! Please join us this Saturday, March 23rd for a fight to the death! Do you have what it takes to be the last person standing while starting with only your wits? This is an event for fun and bragging rights only. If you’ve ever wanted to try to PvP, here’s your chance. You literally have NOTHING to lose! Supplies and armor will be provided.

Please be sure to read the information for Players and Spectators. All end times listed are hard end times. We are trying to allow plenty of time for everyone who wants to come to join but once the end time is reached, no one else will be allowed in this round to play or to watch.

**Please remember, this is our FIRST attempt at this so if there are any problems, we will work them out before trying again. We are hoping to run this regularly if it’s something people enjoy enough.

Allowed for players and spectators:
1 ethy or charger. If you do not have one of these, we will provide a regular horse (players only).
1 rune book to get home


If you are coming to play: Gates will be provided to the registration location from Yew gate, both Tram and Fel
Gates will be available from either Yew Gate beginning at 6:00 PST until 6:35 PST
Registration begins at 6:15 PST
Game scheduled to begin at 7:00 PST (or as soon as we get everyone searched and qualified)
Murder Counts – we cannot control, but we are ASKING to please not give counts
Must be present 30 minutes before event (esp if in factions). This is so that you can get out of stat loss should you happen to die prior to the beginning of the contest.
Players will be friended to the EM PvP house and required to log out and in to demonstrate they have no pets out anywhere. Once this is confirmed and they are searched, they will be sent to a “clean room” holding area.
Complete rules will be explained prior to the start of the contest.
Game ends when one person is left alive.

Spectators ARE allowed but they must be dead (we’ll take care of that part) and are subject to the same search procedures as the contestants. Spectators are not allowed to self rez or interfere with the games in any fashion. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the dungeon. Spectators are also limited to the same items as players and will be searched prior to be allowed into the dungeon.

If you are coming to watch: Please gather at the PvP house first floor. You can get there by hopping through the vortex at the Buc’s Den gate. We would suggest you come with an empty pack except as noted above. It will save time. Spectators will remain downstairs and outside until contestants are moved to the clean room. We will then search you, kill you and send you off to watch the fun.

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