[RP News] Acoyltes of the Defiler

March 08, 2013 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

A new roleplaying guild is forming on Siege Perilous!  The description given by its leader is as follows:

Greeting Siege Perilous,

We are a small band of murderous gargoyles who reject the Queens rule and her tolerance of outsiders in Ter Mur. We have exiled ourselves to the temple that houses the abyss entrance on your world and intend to use that area as a staging ground to protect our ancestral hunting grounds in the abyss. We have also linked our home there to the dungeon shame in an effort to recover the stolen artifacts of our people that are closely guarded by the elementals that reside therein. It is our intention to guard and hunt these areas as well as to gather other like minded gargoyles to our cause. We refuse to align ourselves with any of your warring factions and will engage all equally but hold a special place in our heart for the false servitors of the the defiler who have allied thierselves with the lesser demons that inhabit Hythloth.

More information may be found on this thread:


In addition to the return of many players, this new guild is welcomed to Siege!  All Hail Siege Perilous!

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