[News] Congratulations to the New Miss Siege!

December 18, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

This past Saturday the Miss Siege Pageant was held at the Moonglow Lyceum.  The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Hoffs, and the current Miss Siege, Sara Dale, was also in attendance.

Hoffs   Sara Dale

The imminently qualified impartial judges were Kahlan, the Manager of UOforums and Associate Editor of UOguilds; Rupert Avery, of UOForums, Ultima Auctions, Ultima Gallery, and UOguilds fame; and . . . ; Ug Rankbreath, an orphaned orc who was taken in and raised by Tazar, Senior Moderator at Stratics:

Kahlan  Rupert Avery  Ug Rankbreath

The fabulous contestants were:

Leawyn  Freja  Tanager

Ariana  Lady Raja  Branwyn of Errol

An amazing pool of gifts were graciously donated by the CEO of the Malnurished Corporation, Mr. Famine.  It was announced that all contestants would receive a prize.

A prize for each contestant

As the event progressed, the crowd began to grow, and even our EM, Aurora, stopped by to watch!

As the event continued

After the evening wear competition, the talent competition began!  Tanager demonstrated special flower arranging techniques.


Ariana displayed her taming talents and also recited a poem.


Lady Raja demonstrated how she is so recognizable – on all shards.

Lady Raja

Branwyn of Errol had some special brew for the judges which she had made herself!  (It was labeled Miss Siege 2012…. hmmm, trying to bribe the judges?)  Leawyn performed tricks for the judges.


And finally, Feja demonstrated how she commands mortals to follow her commands and serve her.


Next was the combat wear competition, followed by questions from the judges.

Branwyn  Leawyn  Freja

Tanager  Ariana

And Lady Raja had a special form of ‘combat wear':

Lady Raja

Then began the scientific process of choosing who would be the next Miss Siege. . . .


And the decision was, in reverse order…..

Third Place:

Lady Raja

Second Place:


And finally, First Place:




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