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Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting January 18th, 2015

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Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting

Blackthorn’s Castle Council Room

January 18th, 2015 6:00 pm EST

The Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting started out like any other, the King discussed ongoing issues in the Kingdom, the governor’s discussed events in their cities, onlookers looked on with keen interest or slept noisily. When all of a sudden, out of thin air, black specters appeared. They were quickly dispatched by the governors and onlookers. While the King and governors discussed the incident, trying to figure out how they got through the magic enchantment defenses, an unknown figure appeared. The King recognized the voice and was distraught on the implications.


The unknown stranger moved dangerously close to the King!! The governors quickly surrounded him in a defensive posture, hoping to protect him from danger.

ghost 2

The King soon discovered that he was correct on who the voice sounded like…Nystul!!

Ghost 3

Nystul’s image faded in and out as he spoke, at one point he assumed the form of a former man named David. King Blackthorn tried desperately to keep Nystul from fading, even working some magic of his own.

ghost 4

As quickly as he appeared and in the same manner, he disappeared in a huge flash of flames and  a loud explosion!

ghost 5

The King and governors are left with many questions as they try and ponder what happened and the message Nystul was trying to convey. Hopefully we will learn more at next month’s Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting.

Chesapeake Community Tree Lighting, Dinner & Giveaway 12/24/14 @8:30pm ET

December 23, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Ethereal Void Imperium

Chesapeake Community

Tree Lighting, Dinner & Giveaway


(Tree from 2012)

Governor Gareth of New Magincia
Ozog of Pitmuck
Lady Angelica of Luna

Wednesday, December 24th at 8:30pm ET

New Magincia, Trammel

This year the Community Holiday/Christmas Tree event will consist of a few mini events. The night will start off with the Community Tree Lighting by Ozog, followed by a delicious dinner prepared by Lady Angelica of Luna And will end with a little mini event giveaway called “Win Gareth’s Gold” Hope to see you there!

Gareths Test Page

April 22, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium

Gareths Test Page

NM Bank 1of4NM Bank 2of4
NM Bank 3of4NM Bank 4of4

Governors Council Meeting – March 18, 2014

April 01, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium

King Blackthorn – Welcoming
Governors new and returning alike, welcome. Citizens, Good Eve. Please, take your seats. I see that it has been a bit of a shakeup in this councils members And it remains to be seen whom shall see to Skara Brae’s needs as well. For now, let us address old business.
Old Business
King Blackthorn – Old Business
We have a bit of old business to tend to first. I have been informed that all of those cities who have procured the necessary armor…Have now had their guards assigned, informed, and stationed properly Save for the city of Yew, as when they went to their posts…
There were apparently already unwanted visitors there. Unable to turn them back in such small numbers, they reported to Governor Tehan. Governor Tehan has requested assistance in this matter from the Crown…And the Royal Guards next mission will be to assist in quelling this uprising. Moving on…It appears that the mission to Buccaneers Den met with some high measure of success Though none of the Captains of the various forces were apprehended Royal Guard units managed to detain, route, and even slay a large gathered force And to uncover intelligence that suggests that the pirates of the Den are working…
With the criminals who reside in Tokuno and appropriated part of Travesty’s lair. I plan to send an emissary to meet with Empress Arikiko to see if she has anything to add. She has become a bit more reclusive after that incident, but seems well otherwise I have also heard…or rather not heard…some things that offer ill portent.
It seems that there are a few citizens of the realm who have not been seen of late *takes out a sheaf of paper* Reported as missing and with no leads…Sir Taelon of Jhelom; Duchess Lora of Cove; Lady Vasheri of Trinsic; and Baron Ed of Magincia. There seems to be no connection between these, and those who had…servants and the like, the servants are at a loss. It would seem Sir Taelon of Jhelom has been missing the longest, for five weeks now. It’s only now come to my attention due to the suspicion that the incidents are connected. Which would make it a matter transcending each towns own guards and forces.
It would also seem that the temporary materials utilized in the construction….Of the marketplace at Trinsic’s town square are beginning to show their age so if you have any plans for them, Governor Phoenix, I would suggest they be utilized soon.
With that out of the way I have also been told that Minoc has been making impressive progress, despite setbacks on their clearing of the bay. The Royal Surveyor, Miss Kildare, will be looking to check the viability of docks soon.
And finally…The towns may of course add on to their own specific rules within reason But I have instructed the Royal Guard and other guard forces To more closely monitor the docks of the realms And to enforce the penalties for smuggling across the realm. Hopefully, along with the recent action at Buccaneer’s Den It should be enough to stamp out any lingering pirate activity. Any of our previous governors have old business before we continue?
Governor Gareth of New Magincia – Old Business
I am still waiting for my office to be constructed and the Elephant Ear Trees are ready to be planted with help from the crown. All Fees have already been paid thanks to an unnamed donator Umm… yes of course they have….And last, has Miss Kildare inspected the sites for Lighthouse additions in New Magincia and Vesper? Yes that sounds wonderful! And I have one more last thing… The Armor for the guards, is it to late to turn in? I must have slept past the due date….
King Blackthorn
Ah, yes. I was told by Miss Kildare she’d be sending the crews out soon. The trees…She wanted to know if they have been checked to make sure they will not spread? While I am an alchemist, I must confess being less of a botanist. Once someone with a bit more experience at botany or gardening can assure…her of their inability to spread and plague nearby areas, her crews will be ready. Yes, I believe she has; She’s ready to test construction this evening if that is possible.
Of course not, Governor, you can have your cities crafts folk construct them and turn them in… whenever you would like. Your cities uniform can be found adorning the guard outside the chamber, Governor.
New Business
King Blackthorn – New Business
A final note…The first shipment of supplies requested by those lobbying for Cove…Was able to be transported, quietly, from Vesper to Cove without incident by land. Coves walls should see a bit more refurbishing. With that out of the way let us move on to new business
Holly Bloodhand – Introduction
I be Holly Bloodhand, longtime citizen of Cove and Vesper. I got plans fer me city Vesper’s a fine port town. Been a sailor all me life, so this’ll be an interestin’ transition fer me Thank ye
King Blackthorn
Welcome to this Council, then, Governor Holly. For tonight, due to the Governor of Jhelom running late. We’ll start with you, and work our way down to see if he can make it in time. Governor Holly, have you anything to bring to the Council?
Loyal City Reports
Governor Holly Bloodhand of Vesper
Just a bit, as it happens Ferst, things are pretty good in Vesper, but the PREVIOUS governor placed a trade embargo against foods from Trinsic I be liftin’ that effective immediately.
Secondly, this be a matter of more general nature I ‘spose Since the previous governor tried so hard te make Vesper animal-friendly, I’d like te offer Vesper as a more suitable place te keep that parrot down in yer basement It be cold down there, and I be concerned fer his health with all them nasties about. Well, there be plenty o’ Vesper folk good with parrots So I urge ye te think on it We’d take right proper care o’ him, fresh air and good food. Maybe a nip every now and then otherwise, all’s well in Vesper!
King Blackthorn
I fear that’s a matter you’ll have to take up with Commander Irina. She’s dubbed it a prisoner. I guess we’ll find out if she can make a chained bird sing after all. I’ve given her jurisdiction over the matter, and she’s assured me the parrot is being fed. However, I will check on the situation myself. I will make sure that your offer reaches the Commanders ears.
Governor Lauren of Moonglow
All is well in the city of Moonglow. Nothing to report sire
King Blackthorn
Good, good. I believe that Court Mage Pro Tempore Baelgard shall soon…Be taking up residence at Balandars former home. Thank you, Governor Lauren
Governor Phoenix of Trinsic
I would first like to thank Governor Holly for lifting the embargo placed by the previous Governor And welcome all the new faces to the council. I find it quite alarming that Lady Vasheri seems to have disappeared; it now makes sense why I did not see her at my reelection party. She has always been a strong supporter If the King’s Royal craftsman can tell me when he may be available to finish up the square I will see that the citizens of the realm are there with the goods.
Holly might be of help acquiring some of the goods also! Just one item that the citizens are hoping to see done this quarter. Perhaps some improvements to the central park, it was destroyed when Minax and Jou’nar tried to take over the city. The benches and light posts will be provided but it will take time to gather them so not an immediate situation. We will get some local craftsman to the square That is all m’Lord Blackthorn
King Blackthorn
Lady Kildare should be available this very eve, or her assistant will after surveying the Lighthouse issue in Vesper and New Magincia. I believe that lighting the area would be most beneficial. I don’t see any reason such a thing wouldn’t be able to be done swiftly. Thank you, Governor Phoenix.
Governor Dark Writter of Britain
Thank you my king I will speak now. Due to the events that have had happened in Vespy when former Governor Ivy was in office., Britain however will keep restrictions on Trinsic ships coming into port I feel cautionary measures must be taken so my people are safe here
-=Governor Phoenix of Trinsic=-
I object! We have done trade with Britain for years do you have anything to prove *mutters to self about rumors spread about by other cities*
Governor Dark Writter of Britain
Phoenix this is my city these are not your people! With that out of the way i have one more thing and I’m done. I would like to call a meeting for all current and past Gov’s I have a proposal for them that I would like them all to hear. The meeting will be on 3-20-14 at 2000 hours eastern time and we will meet in haven, from there arrive at my house. If you can’t make it have someone represent you *smiles* thanks that’s all for me.
King Blackthorn
With regards to your objection, Governor Phoenix…The matter of trade deals, embargoes, and taxes on imports and exports…within reason…Is entirely in the Governors hands. IF, however, any of you cause your cities to suffer due to such things Then the Crown will step in Which I’m sure you will understand are kept private to avoid any issues. With the issues regarding poison and Elise Symeria who was in close contact…With quite a bit of food preparation, it is my belief That offering a tempting target for poison would be the height of foolishness. And in any event, in an emergency I can simply utilize the scores of reagents and create my own food. I did not mean any slight; It is not as if Trinsicians were the only ones she fooled.
Governor Gareth of New Magincia
Our City Council will be hosting its first meeting sometime next week to discuss City beautification, Vineyard Construction, Acquiring permission to begin brewing Savage Berry Wine for export, Naming the newly commissioned ships that will be joining our city fleet, City Adventures and testing our Newly implemented Magincia Emergency Communication System (M.E.C.S)
Our city has sent Britannia Class Ships as gifts to the Governors of Britain and Yew for them to use to secure their waters and keep citizens safe. And Construction has been completed on Several Establishments in the city and we are ready to open The Public Community Gardens, Britannia Mage Tower and Mini Arcane Library along with the City Hall and Marketplace
The Sleeping Sickness is still under investigation in our city and Pitmuck, however our city has turned most of the investigation over to the Goblins of Pitmuck so I will let them fill you in. *nudges ozog* Anything new on the Sleeping sickness investigation?
Ozog Giantfart of PITMUCK
alla da goblins dat was on da island last week beees sleeping where dey stood cant wake dem we habe had robert da healer and aliexis da alchemist come to help so far nuffin we did find 2 clues 2 black feathers and wierd feetz prints wees tink might beees dark angels doing weees tink herz werks wif orks investigashun on going
King Blackthorn
If you acquire any information as to a culprit, the Guard should be informed Orcs? Hmm….I wonder if it’s tied into the Yew issue. We’ll have to see if there’s a connection And as I’ve said to others, if you wish to accuse anyone of anything Bring proof.
Speaking of…and moving on… The investigators who were sent to Trinsic did note that there IS a population…There -is- indeed a population of stray animals in the city However, it is not at the epidemic levels some have stated Nor is it at the nonexistent levels others have. Governor Phoenix, I would request that for a period of one week. You step up your efforts against the dogs in the area, and that those who are caught…Are either immediately placed into homes or immediately eradicated. If your efforts do NOT produce the intended results And the stray population continues to present a problem despite your best efforts Then I will personally have the city inspected top to bottom to find the source. I hope you understand that I am quite tired…Of hearing these accusations and personal attacks on all sides due to this issue.
Creator of BIG Issues has a Statement!
-=Red Alert!All Hands To Battle Stations! No, Wait! All Hands Abandon Ship, I Repeat All Hands Abandon Ship Prep The Escape Pods For Launch! Throw The Goblins In The Brig! Red Alert!=-
Fallen Governor Ivy
As I was a major player in this issue, may I speak?
Thank you, your highness. Physical evidence has been gathered by Robert, a healer from Vesper investigating the sleeping sickness in Vesper and New Magincia regarding the contents of various foods from Trinsic. Unfortunately, I do not have it with me today as Robert is still investigating HOWEVER At a recent spay/neuter effort in Vesper, MANY people present here today witnessed Governor Phoenix’s own statements that not only was dog being sold in Trinsic, but also goblin, orc, and gargoyle I was not the only witness. The issue seems to be more serious than previously thought And I’m sure Queen Zhah would not be pleased with the gargoyle situation. I will contact Robert and ask him to bring evidence for next time if needed, but I should
Governor Phoenix of Trinsic Response
None the worse than watching the Governor of Yew eradicate Orcs. I have watched the Governor of Yew kill orcs for visiting the city of Yew. I have seen puppy skinned gloves made in the city of Vesper itself
Ivy: hope that the word of many loyal citizens who overheard the Governor’s own words should treated as more than mere hearsay
King Blackthorn
SILENCE! Governor. This is not about the others. This is not about Yew. This is not about Orcs. The next person who speaks without my leave will be scrubbing the dungeon by hand For the next month. Governor Phoenix, without any obfuscation, misdirection, or words about anyone else How do you respond to this accusation?
Governor Phoenix of Trinsic
I will provide proof at the next meeting that there is a demand for these foods… and that no passive animals, orcs, goblins or gargoyles are killed in the procurement of such I have seen what roams in your dungeon m’Lord
King Blackthorn
Proof of your innocence? There is, in my Kingdom, no legal source for foodstuffs made from sentient beings. Yes. And I do not send their remnants to be fed to the citizens! *turns slightly red with anger*  I suggest for your sake Governor Phoenix that the next time you speak to me On ANY matter That you do so after you have immediately removed any trade from your city In the flesh of sentient beings whom this Kingdom do not recognize as fodder!
If you do not, and if you DARE to try and question -me- again to excuse your own actions I will have you not only removed from your position but placed under arrest! I suggest you either remain in your seat, silently, unless asked to speak again or if you cannot, to leave immediately to rectify this. Now, with only a yes or no, have I made my position and intent clear
Governor Victor II of Minoc
Nothing as… exciting Minoc recently had several great alchemists attend a showing of skill, and although a few limbs were lost… We have a solid plan for addressing our Slag issue. Next week we hope to have a full scale attack on Lost Hope Bay by our alchemists, and we invite you to attend, or at least a Royal Architect For those who may not be in the know, this “attack” is on a minor pollution problem preventing docks from being built in the bay and… Oh yes, speaking of attacks I’d like to file a formal petition to have Holly Bloodhand of Vesper removed from office. At the very least we demand a recount of votes for several reasons:
+ One, I have had bounties placed on my head signed by Holly Bloodhand

+ Two, Minoc is currently on fire due to an attack upon myself and the citizens of Minoc by a ship piloted by Holly Bloodhand

+ And Three, A recent attack on your own ship, the Aurora, while I was bringing it into port.
(A Detailed Write-up For The Britannia Drama “Bloody Election Stolen From The I.V Don’t, Know, How” Performed By Your Elected Officials Can Be Found Below This Article)
Governor Tehan of Yew
Events are evolving rapidly in Yew. Surely you have had words on the full scale attack unleashed upon our city recently? If we did not have a meeting attended with seasoned adventurers in town that night, the city would now be in the hands of those filthy orcs.
Literally hundreds of them, archers, led by brutes covered every inch of snow between the Empath Abbey, and the Yew moongate. We managed to repel them, at great cost; a lot of our blood was spilled that night. I have put together a punitive expedition, to eradicate whatever orcs we could find in the nearby forts and caves But it’s clear we need to secure our southern border, with great urgency!
I’ll make contact with your officers at once, this needs to be addressed now! Well, I have received some intelligence from my scouts regarding those orcs. But that is sensible information, I will not discuss with people of disputable reputation present. I will pass the information to the Royal Guard and they shall do what needs to be done.
King Blackthorn
I agree. While I have tried to make peace with the orc clans, this act of aggression must be dealt with. Also, as I spoke of before you arrived the newly trained guards whom you provided equipment for were sent to their posts And were forced to return due to the very same orcs having taken some of those positions. I’ll offer the assistance of the Royal Guard to root out the intruders when Yew is ready to move.
With that, I am afraid that there are MANY tasks I must see to and that I must ponder…On how to deal with, should they not be swiftly resolved *spares a glance to Governor Phoenix for a bare moment* So I will hear you either soon or at the next council meeting. If your issue is important you can write it up and leave it to be collected at the Hall of Commons I will make sure the mail is checked there tomorrow. For tonight, we are adjourned.
Governors, Citizens. Long Live Britannia.
“Bloody Election Stolen From The I.V Don’t, Know, How”
“Bloody Election Stolen From The I.V Don’t Know How”
Rapture: Hm
Holly Bloodhand: Ye know, I see the problem here…
Holly Bloodhand: Yer kingness, this has happened te me before.
Holly Bloodhand: Ye see, me old man were a sailor too, had a gal in every port.
Rapture: *Listens*
Holly Bloodhand: His name were Hollis Bloodhand, and he had many daughters.
Holly Bloodhand: And they all be named Holly in his honor.
Holly Bloodhand: He were quite the charmer ye see.
Holly Bloodhand: There be at least two Holly Bloodhands in Britain, one in New Magincia, one in Papua…
Holly Bloodhand: though last I heard she joined savages and changed her name te Nina or Nova er somethin’
Holly Bloodhand: There be a Holly the Sailor in the Homare-Jima Rune LIbrary as well
King Blackthorn: *takes a deep, deep inhalation of breath, and lets it out slowly*
Victor II: Tales! Falsehoods! This are only yarns a Pirate Captain could spin!
Holly Bloodhand: It be true!
Holly Bloodhand: Go check the rune library, me half sister be there!
King Blackthorn: Without any proof that she is the one you claim, Governor Victor
King Blackthorn: Her word is as good as yours.
Holly Bloodhand: *grins*
Tehan: I was a witness to at least one of these attacks !
King Blackthorn: The Vesperian nobles are the ones you need to petition for a recount.
Holly Bloodhand: I’m tellin’ ye, it must o’ been one o’ the other Hollys
Victor II: Granted they still live….
King Blackthorn: And can you tell me how you identified her as the captain?
Holly Bloodhand: I be innocent
Tehan: She, on the bridge, with the captain helm, firing a cannon at us ?
Victor II: Her vessel, the Rum Runner, was present, and this was after a wanted poster was signed in her hand
Victor II: Many witnesses saw her on board the vessel when she attacked Minoc
King Blackthorn: If you are so certain it was her
King Blackthorn: Tell me why she was not apprehended upon her entering her name as a candidate?
King Blackthorn: Because I would personally find it hard to identify most people
King Blackthorn: While attempting to  dodge cannonfire.
You have disbanded the party.
Victor II: As a fair democracy, we allowed the citizens to decide. However, on the night of hte final voting Lady Ivy was in a solid lead before the Herald’s proclaimed Holly as the winner.
Holly Bloodhand: Clearly she warn’t
King Blackthorn: Then the votes can be looked into and counted.
Ivy: *sighs helplessly*
King Blackthorn: I’ll request such from the Vesper nobles. I believe Lord Con Wec handles such matters.
Phoenix: *sucks on a sour grape*
Victor II: Then I shall lay my trust in Lord Con Wec’s investigatoin
Holly Bloodhand: Ye’ll see everything were aboveboard!
King Blackthorn: As for these accusations of her attacking…
King Blackthorn: I’m aware there was an attack on Minoc, but the reports that I saw
King Blackthorn: Said it was by an unidentified, shrouded captain, of whom only female gender could be assured
King Blackthorn: Now…
King Blackthorn: You said that her ship was identified?
Tehan: Then I guess we can tell what this person who did that report was looking at…
King Blackthorn: *turns to Governor Holly*
King Blackthorn: What do you have to say to that? Is the Rum Runner your ship?
Holly Bloodhand: Never heard of it
Victor II: Actually small correction My Lord, in my anger I mispoke
King Blackthorn: *turns with a curious look to Governor Victor*
Rapture: *eye’s*
King Blackthorn: By all means, correct away.
Victor II: The ship involved in the attack was … *looks at notes*…. The Bloody Hand of Fate
King Blackthorn: *looks to Governor Holly*
Holly Bloodhand: Never heard o’ that either
King Blackthorn: Very well.
King Blackthorn: With nothing else to go by…
Holly Bloodhand: Here be me ship key
King Blackthorn: I’ll have both all town guards as well as Royal Naval units…
Holly Bloodhand: The Widomaker
King Blackthorn: Seize and impound any vessel found under either of those two names.
Holly Bloodhand: Ye see, this clearly be a set up
Holly Bloodhand: *takes note*
King Blackthorn: Congratulations on your efforts with the slag, Governor Victor
King Blackthorn: But as much as I loathe to say it
King Blackthorn: It is difficult to proclaim you as unbiased
King Blackthorn: With the ties you hold to Lady Ivy.
Holly Bloodhand: *nods*
King Blackthorn: If you find proof of your accusations
King Blackthorn: By all means
King Blackthorn: Present it
King Blackthorn: However
King Blackthorn: I do not wish anything spoken of without proof.
King Blackthorn: We are here to serve Britannia, not squabble like children.
King Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor Victor.
Victor II: Yes, Understood M’lord.
Tinky Footz: aarp
Phoenix: *sucks on another sour grape*

The Gincia Herald

February 24, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium

The Gincia HeraldThe Gincia Herald Page 2animationThe Gincia Herald Page 3The Gincia Herald Page 4

Trinsic City Fishing Tournament (Open to the Public)

January 28, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Ethereal Void Imperium

Trinsic Fishing Turnament

January EM Event Schedule

January 09, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Ethereal Void Imperium

January EM Event Schedule
Posted By: EM Dramnar

*from somewhere in the distant distance you hear a whisper resembling a schedule of sorts..*

Sun 12th – 6:00pm – Sosarian Solstice Faire (fun n games for all!).
Sun 19th – 6:00pm – HoC.
Tue 21st – 7:00pm – Council Meeting (a lovely wee chinwag for those governor-folks).
Fri 24th – ?:??pm – RBG (we dunno yet.. give us a few days to think up summin!).
Fri 31st – 7:00pm – Ding dong the witch is.. (rabbit pie anyone?).

Blackthorn Dungeon Raid

December 31, 2013 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium

Blackthorn Dungeon Raid

By: Dark Writter

Hello everyone I would like to make an official announcement that the PaxLair Alliance and also EVI alliance will be participating in a duel alliance raid on blackthorn’s Dungeon. The co-host for this event is Gareth, this event will take place on 10 January 2014 at 2030 hours eastern time I would also like to add anyone that is not in either alliance is more than welcome to join. Loot and Plunder for all who join :) if you have any questions please feel free to PM me. We will be meeting at the Tea House for a head count @ 2015 hours happy New Years everyone.

Chesapeake Community Christmas Tree Lighting 2013

December 27, 2013 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Ethereal Void Imperium

Chesapeake Community Christmas Tree Lighting & Dinner

The City of New Magincia, Trammel – December 24th 2013

Video By: Victor Speranza II – Governor of Minoc


Governor Gareth of New Magincia
Governor Phoenix of Trinsic
Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch
Lady Angelica of Luna

This years Community Christmas Tree was literally built by the players of the Chesapeake. The tree was constructed using Elephant Ear plants grown by the players in the City of New Magincia. The night consisted of a tree lighting by Governor Pheonix of Trinsic and Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch, followed by a delicious dinner prepared by Lady Angelica of Luna. Those in attendence received a special gift bag which appeared in their backpack after yelling “PRESSIES” at the Santa statue. We hope you all had a great time at the event and enjoyed the wonderful video recorded by Victor, Happy Holidays!!!

Item Image Walk Through (For Nails Warstein)

December 07, 2013 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium

Item Image Walk Through (For Nails Warstein)

File New

TransparencyEraser Tool

Select by Color

New Layer

Drag Item

Drag Item Prnt Screen

Drag Item Prnt Screen No UOHandpng.